The 10 Best Dental Insurance For Seniors On Medicare

Taking care of your teeth starts early and continues until your senior years. You must never neglect dental care as strong and healthy teeth and gums are important to overall health. This is also why it’s important that seniors have dental insurance that works for their special needs. This review of the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare can help them find the right coverage.

With the best dental coverage for seniors on Medicare, you can use preventive services like routine cleanings and exams, basic services like fillings and extractions, and even major services like root canals and dentures. Most dental care for seniors on Medicare varies from state to state so check out local information for the best results. Also, no interest credit cards for 24 months may be used to pay for non-covered services.

The 10 Best Dental Insurance For Seniors On Medicare Today

1. United Health Care Dental Insurance Plans

Best Dental Insurance For Seniors On Medicare - United Healthcare dental insurance

United Health Care dental insurance plans bring dental health to all members of the family. Dental plans will help you budget and plan the costs of care and with the different plans, you can choose basic dental coverage or major dental coverage especially if you have implants.

The best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare from United Health Care will vary depending on your state. Coverage includes preventive care, basic services, and major services with access to private and retail dental offices. There are no age restrictions as every family member is covered. If you are on Medicare, there are plans specifically made for senior citizens.

What are the best United Health Care Dental Plans for seniors?

These plans are based on California state policies

United Health Care PlansBest For Seniors
Basic Policy PlanIncludes preventive, basic, and major services: cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals, etc.
Premier Plus PlanIncludes the items in the Basic plan plus implants and orthodontic treatments.

Basic Policy Plan
In the Basic Plan, preventive services like routine exams and x-rays are included. Basic services like fillings, non-surgical extractions, local and general anesthesia. Major services like root canals, crowns, full dentures, bridges, and surgical extractions are part of the plan.

All of these services are subjected to annual maximums and deductibles. You can change your premium coverage in 31 days. Take note that the Basic Plan coverage varies depending on your location. During the time of application, you must be 18 to 64 years old to be eligible.

Premier Plus Plan
In the Premier Plus Plan, seniors will be entitled to all the items included in the basic plan plus a few premier services. Implants are covered under the Major Services with an annual maximum of one time for every tooth every 60 months.

Meanwhile, orthodontic treatments are also covered under the Premium Plus Plan. This is subject to a lifetime maximum and a deductible. As with the Basic plan, the premium coverage may be changed in 31 days and the coverage depends on your state.

2. Humana Dental Insurance

Best Dental Insurance For Seniors On Medicare - Humana dental insurance

At Humana, there are five ways the elderly can get Medicare dental plans for seniors. Because the Original Medicare does not cover for dental exams, fillings, bridges, crowns, plates, and dentures, you may need to pay for other services. Humana helps people best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare.

Humana offers a Medical Advantage plan or Part C with vision, prescription drug, and dental coverage. You may also get a stand-alone or dental-only plan to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. You can also join Humana dental discount plan for discounted rates and services. Finally, seniors can also enroll in their spouses’ dental insurance to qualify.

What are the best Humana Dental Plans for seniors?

Humana Dental PlansBest For Seniors
Preventive Value PlanYou can select any dentist, get unlimited benefits, but teeth whitening is not covered.
Complete Dental PlanNo annual deductibles for preventive services, limited benefits, with waiting periods.

Preventive Value Plan

In the Preventive Value Plan, you can use any dentist but Humana recommends using an in-network dentist. This has a lifetime deductible with unlimited annual benefits. Meanwhile, cleanings and X-rays are fully covered using an in-network dentist.

You don’t need to wait if you’re on the Preventive Value Plan. However, teeth whitening procedures are not covered by this plan. Contact a licensed Humana health insurance agent to find out if the Preventive Value Plan is the right dental insurance plan for you.

Complete Dental Plan

Under the Complete Dental Plan, there is no in-network preventive coverage. Annual benefits are $1,250 for the first year and $1,500 for the second and succeeding years. Meanwhile, routine cleanings and X-days are not covered.

Teeth whitening procedures are not covered by the Complete Dental Plan. There is no waiting period if you need preventive services. You may have to wait up to 6 months for basic services, up to 12 months if you need major services. Just like the Preventive plan, call a Humana agent.

3. Kaiser Permanente Medicare Health Plans

Best Dental Insurance For Seniors On Medicare - Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente offers the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare and personalized plans to meet your needs. You can choose the coverage that will fit your budget and receive care from a wide range of doctors, dentists, and other health specialists. This insurance company has received good ratings from Medicare and Medicaid Service Centers as well as other organizations.

Kaiser Permanente recommends weighing your dental plan options. Dental plans vary from region to region and are purchased or included in some Kaiser plans. For example, California residents enrolled in Delta Dental of California will be covered depending on the assigned contract dental specialist.

What are the best Kaiser Permanente Plans for seniors?

Kaiser Permanente Dental PlansBest For Seniors
Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage IndividualPay only $30 with no annual deductibles. Low doctor’s fees, emergency & urgent care fees.
Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage HighPay only $142, with similar coverage with Advantage plus low MRI, CT, ambulance fees.

Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage Individual

This Kaiser plan is available at a low monthly premium of $30 with no annual deductible. You will only pay $10 for primary and only $40 for a specialist consultation. For hospitalizations, you will only pay $250 per day from day 1 to 5 with no charges for the succeeding days.

Laboratory procedures are for free while X-rays are only $15. Pay only $275 for ambulance service. Also, get a free Fitness Program Silver&Fit. You may add a dental plan.

Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage High

With the Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage High plan, you will pay $142 monthly with no annual deductible. The primary doctor’s office visit fee is only $5 while the specialist’s fee is $30. Pay only $200 per day from day one to 5 if you are hospitalized. No charges for the succeeding days.

There are no lab fees while the X-ray fee is $10. Just like the Advantage Individual plan membership is free for Fitness Program Silver&Fit. Also, you may add a dental plan with this HMO plan. Because of these benefits, this plan is one of the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare.

4. eHealth Medicare Dental Plans

Best Dental Insurance For Seniors On Medicare - EHealth dental insurance

Through eHealth Medicare, you can find dental coverage aside from Medicare through the Advantage plan plus dental benefits. This is one of the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare. Additional benefits may also vision, prescription drug, and routine hearing.

The Advantage plan with dental coverage includes routine dental services, restorative services, diagnostic services, oral or maxillofacial surgery, and endodontic or periodontal services. You may also use a stand-alone plan that’s not under Medicare to pay for your out-of-pocket dental expenses. These plans come with monthly premiums as well as annual maximum benefits. A discount plan is also available where you can get dental services for a discounted price from a particular group of dental specialists.

What are the best eHealth Medicare Dental Plans for seniors?

eHealth Medicare Dental PlansBest For Seniors
Medicare Advantage PlansMost plans have NO monthly premiums with coverage for vision, hearing, Rx drugs, etc.
Medicare Supplement (Medigap)Emergency or complicated procedures do not cover dental checkups, x-rays, cleanings

Medicare Advantage Plans

eHealth Medicare is not an HMO provider. This site only helps people find the right dental with Medicare plans. Advantage Plans cover routine dental services such as X-rays, cleanings, checkups, and preventive services. It also includes diagnostic services, endodontic, extractive, periodontal, and prosthodontic services, and oral or maxillofacial surgery.

To find out the right Advantage Plan provider, visit eHealth Medicare, and get started by entering your zip code. Their online tool will direct you to HMOs and medical/dental health providers in your area.

Medicare Supplement (Medigap)

The Medigap is a Medicare Supplement plan that helps members cover Medicare out-of-pocket expenses such as co-insurance, co-payments, and deductibles. It helps pay for the coverage of Original Medicare with no additional cover for routine dental, vision, hearing, and Rx medications.

Medigap covers emergency dental procedures; for example, if you need oral surgery or you need hospitalization for a dental complication. eHealth Medicare will find you the best Medigap providers in your area by simply entering your zip code.

5. WellCare Plans

Best Dental Insurance For Seniors On Medicare - WellCare Plans

WellCare offers high-quality best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare. Whether you’re looking for a personal health plan or a family plan, WellCare can find a plan according to your region. To start using WellCare, visit their site and input your zip code.

Dental and vision benefits are under Healthy Choice. Members’ dental services are covered by Healthplex. Requirements vary by region, for example, Healthy Choice members in New York must present their Medicaid ID card to get dental coverage. They can only be treated by dental specialists who are under Medicaid. To get tailored-fit health and dental plans, contact a WellCare representative.

What are the best WellCare Plans for seniors?

WellCare Dental PlansBest For Seniors
Healthy ChoiceWith dental and vision coverage. Dental services are under Healthplex

Healthy Choice is the only plan under WellCare with dental coverage as well as vision coverage. With this plan, you have the freedom to select your dentist or dental specialist. Dental coverage is through Healthplex which offers customized dental plans for individuals or families. With Healthplex, you can design your dental plan or you can lower your dental expenses with their many dental plan options.

For more details about Healthplex’s dental plans, contact their agents by phone or email. You may also check out providers in your area as coverage varies depending on your region. Dental plans vary from state to state including policies, deductions, and coverage. Seniors should check this out before taking WellCare Healthy Choice.

6. Cigna Health and Life Insurance

Best Dental Insurance For Seniors On Medicare - Cigna dental insurance

Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company offer Cigna Dental Insurance for individuals and all family members regardless of age. This is considered one of the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare. There are several dental plans and you can take advantage of these even if you don’t have a Cigna medical plan. Cigna’s plans are handled by dental preferred provider organizations or DPPO for affordable plans.

The highest dental coverage level is the Cigna Dental 1500 while the Dental 1000 offers lower premium payments. The Cigna Dental Preventive will help you keep your dental health. Just like other dental insurance providers, you must check your state policies for any exclusions or limitations as these vary per region.

What are the best Cigna Dental Insurance Plans for seniors?

Cigna Dental PlansBest For Seniors
Cigna Dental 1500Offers the highest coverage, lowest deductible, and covers $1,000 lifetime limits on orthodontics
Cigna Dental PreventiveNo restorative coverage, no deductible, and no orthodontic services

Cigna Dental 1500

This dental plan offers the highest dental coverage for any planned or emergency dental services. You don’t pay for preventive services while restorative services are covered up to $1,500 per year. Orthodontia is covered up to $1,000 with a lifetime limit.

The Cigna Dental 1500 starts $35 per person/month. You can consult a Cigna dental plan rep to find out if the Dental 1500 is the right plan for you. You can call or get an instant quote online from their site. 

Cigna Dental Preventive

Cigna Dental Preventive is the coverage for maintaining your dental health. Payments start from $19 per person/month and you pay nothing for preventive care. However, restorative care and orthodontia are not covered by this dental plan.

The Dental Preventive plan is for people who already have good dental health. This plan simply helps you maintain your dental health through regular checks, cleaning, and other preventive measures. Seniors may find this plan affordable but inadequate as they need more restorative care than younger people. To find out if the Preventive plan is the right one for you, consult a Cigna Dental Plan representative.

7. Renaissance Dental Plans

Best Dental Insurance For Seniors On Medicare - Renaissance Dental Plans

Renaissance offers dental, vision, life, and disability insurance. Their Active Lifestyle Dental plans make services less expensive and highlight preventive care. These plans allow Medicare-eligible people to add dental and vision insurance coverage to their existing Medicare Supplement plan.

By including a dental plan to Medicare Supplement, you can be sure that you are covered especially if you live an active and healthy lifestyle. The Active Lifestyle dental plan allows you to visit any dentist or a Renaissance-preferred dentist to save money. There are no waiting periods and you can always tweak your plan and add vision coverage as well.

What are the best Renaissance Dental Plans for seniors?

Renaissance Dental PlansBest For Seniors
In-Network Active Lifestyle PlanFree diagnostic & preventive coverage, partial coverage for basic and major services
Out-of-Network Active Lifestyle PlanPartial coverage for diagnostic & preventive, basic and major services

In-Network Active Lifestyle Plan

Renaissance offers the Active Lifestyle Plan in in-network and out-of-network versions. The in-network plan is under Renaissance-preferred dentists and dental specialists. It offers free diagnostic and preventive services including exams, bitewing X-rays, fillings, and fluoride treatment. Brush biopsy diagnostic procedure to detect cancer is also covered.

Basic services require a 6-month waiting period and it includes partial coverage for imaging and scans, minor restorative, and periodontal services. Emergency treatments are covered 100%. Meanwhile, major services require a 12-month waiting period and this includes oral surgery, major restorative services, and other repairs.

Out-of-Network Active Lifestyle Plan

In the out-of-network plan, you can choose any dentist even outside the Renaissance. However, you will only get partial coverage for all procedures. For diagnostic and preventive services, you’re covered 80% including exams, X-rays, fillings, and fluoride treatments. Brush biopsy coverage is also 80%.

For emergency dental treatments like pain relief, you are covered 80%. Other basic services will cover you 50% to 60%. A 6-month waiting period also applies to this plan. Major services are covered 50% while repairs and relines at 60%. You will also need to wait for 12 months for these procedures. This may not be a good dental plan if you need to have dental repair or relines done right away.

8. Guardian Direct Dental Plans

Best Dental Insurance For Seniors On Medicare - Guardian Direct Dental Plans

Guardian Direct is one of the oldest insurance plans offering dental, vision, and accident plans and is one of the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare. The dental plans offered are used to augment the cost of dental procedures that are not covered by Medicare. All plans vary from state to state so you need to visit Guardian Direct’s official website to get a free quote.

Guardian Direct offers PPO or Preferred Provider Organization services. Their plans, Gold, Silver, and Bronze are all PPO. Meanwhile, Guardian Dental Managed DentalGuard plans are DHMO or Dental Health Maintenance Organization. There are more than 100,000 dental specialists under Guardian Direct therefore it’s easy to find the dentist that you need. 

What is the best Guardian Direct Dental Plans for seniors?

Guardian Direct Dental PlansBest For Seniors
Guardian Dental Advantage Gold, Silver & BronzeThese are PPO plans. Save up to 35% for in-network dentists, regular rates for out-of-network
Guardian Dental Managed DentalGuard PlansThese are DHMO plans with a smaller network of in-network dentists; with a primary care dentist.

Guardian PPO Plans

The Guardian Dental Advantage Gold, Silver, and Bronze are PPO plans. An in-house dentist will save you 35% from the usual rates. An out-of-network dentist will charge you regular rates and Guardian will only pay the regular rates according to state requirements. The difference will be your out-of-pocket expense.

Guardian will pay for only a portion of the basic, preventive, and major services. The type of service and the coverage depends on whether you’re a Gold (the highest), Silver, and Bronze. There are no waiting periods if you need preventive care while basic services have a 6 – month waiting period or less depending on your region.

Guardian DHMO Plans

The Guardian Dental Managed DentalGuard plans are under DHMO. If you don’t have a primary care dentist, one will be assigned to you depending on your state. There are no ways to use an out-of-network dentist. Guardian will pay the difference from the total cost of the service and office charge.

If you choose a DHMO plan, you will know exactly what you will pay before your dental visit. With this plan, there are no claim forms you need to submit to the Guardian. Compared to PPO plans, there is no waiting period for any procedure. You can book for a dental procedure and see a primary care dentist right away.


Best Dental Insurance For Seniors On Medicare - DentalPlans dental insurance is not an insurance provider. It is a site that helps people find the ideal dental provider in their region or state. There are many tools available at the site that will help you locate the right dentist and the ideal dental insurance plans for seniors on Medicare. You can use their Savings Calculator tool to find out how much you can save using a Dental Savings plan whether you’re looking for a family or individual dental plan. will look for dental plans depending on where you’re located. Just enter your zip code on a tool provided on their site to find a dental plan available or a dentist in your area. You can also use the site to find out more about your state coverage, limitations, and policies regarding dental plans.

What are the best Plans for seniors? PlansBest For Seniors
Medigap Dental CoverageSupplementary insurance that pays for dental costs when these intersect with medical needs.
Medicare Advantage PlansSome plans cover dental care. Covers all items on the Original Medicare plan.

Medigap Dental Coverage

Medigap is supplementary insurance that is used to cover annual deductibles under Medicare and co-payment costs. This plan only pays for dental care and dental procedures that intersect your medical needs. The coverage will only pay for non-dental items of the treatment.

Since is not a provider, you can look for insurance companies that accept Medigap. You can also visit the Medicare website or call their hotline. Use DentalPlan’s dental insurance finder tool to locate the best plans available in your state.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans are from private insurance companies that are under the Medicare network. Advantage Plans should cover all the services that are provided by Original Medicare except coverage for hospice care. These plans cover most of the issues such as dental services.

There is a monthly premium for Advantage Plans and the coverage varies. The best way to find the idea of Medicare Advantage Plan for your needs is to compare plans, benefits, and costs through the site. You can tell if a plan has dental, vision, or hearing coverage by looking at colored circles with D, H or V. Check the Medicare website to find out more about the Advantage plan and if this is the right plan for you.

10. Careington Live Healthy Dental Plan

Best Dental Insurance For Seniors On Medicare - Careington Live Healthy Dental Plan

Careington has worked with dental networks for three decades now and has partnered with DenteMax which is a quality network provider. The partnership aims to develop a combination national discount network and thus, the Maximum Care Discount Plus Network was created. This may be the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare you’ve been looking for.

Under this network, you will find the largest national dental network that considers neighborhood or local dentists. Discounts for services like cleaning, routine checkups, oral exams, X-rays, filling, dentures, molar root canals, and extractions are included. And when you get a Careington dental plan, you get unlimited free email access to dental specialists for questions about general dentistry, dental drug interactions, cosmetic surgery, and dental info for children.

What are the best Careington Dental Plans for seniors?

Careington Dental PlansBest For Seniors
Maximum Care Discount PlusThe best dental plan for reducing costs of dental procedures from cleaning to root canals
Live Healthy Dental PlanIs the main dental plan that gives discounts for just $8.95 a month.

Maximum Care Discount Plus

The Maximum Care Discount Plus is combined with Careington and DenteMax coverage. You can take advantage of premium dental services from the best specialists in the country with this plan. This includes discounts on procedures like cleaning, oral exams, fillings, bitewing X-rays, porcelain crowns, upper dentures, molar root canal, and single-tooth extraction.

You can get discounts of up to 60% for single tooth extractions, up to 62% for routine checkups, and 63% for an extensive oral examination. This plan is for unlimited use with no waiting periods. You can be young and old, everyone is accepted. You can also cancel within 30 days and get a full refund if you’re convinced that the Maximum Care Discount Plus plan is not right for you.

Live Healthy Dental Plan

The Live Healthy Dental Plan is the original dental plan offered by Careington. This plan aims to help members save money on routine and all major dental procedures. The Live Healthy can help you receive affordable dental coverage for you and your loved ones. As soon as you enroll for the Live Healthy Dental Plan, you can get discounts ASAP.

By paying only $8.95 a month, you can get coverage for dental procedures like dentures, checkups, crowns and so much more. You can also add coverage for your family, your spouse, and your kids. This can also be used to cover anyone in your home. Talk to a Careington representative to find out if the Live Healthy Dental Plan or the Maximum Care Discount plan is for you.

Final Verdict

Usually, people ask does Medicare cover dental procedures? The simple answer is no. This is why many families, individuals, and seniors forgo dental coverage. It’s also a fact that dental procedures are very expensive. A simple preventive procedure like cleaning may cost around $75 to $200 while simple impacted tooth extractions can go as high as $200. Not to mention prescription medication expenses, transportation expenses, and many more.

The best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare will vary on your specific dental needs. As seniors, you need special dental care as this is the time when our overall health fails. Seniors must look for a dental insurance plan with the following:

  • Coverage for preventive procedures so you can protect your healthy teeth and smile.
  • Coverage for special procedures and diagnostic exams.
  • Coverage for emergency procedures and pain relief procedures.
  • Coverage for all, with no age limit. Seniors can even enroll their spouse, children, or other members of the family.
  • Dental procedures are provided by top dental specialists in the country. If possible, an option for in-network and out-of-network dentists.
  • Easy application process. You can enroll online or in-person and with minimal requirements needed.
  • Dental plan with an option for DMO or PPO dentists and possible hybrid plans.
  • Dental plan with affordable premiums, high annual maximum benefits, and low annual fees.

It’s hard to find the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare that fits. This is why you must first check coverage available in your region or state before you look for the ideal insurance provider. Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions. If you need help, talk to a dental insurance provider representative to get to know your coverage better.

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