Top 5 Humana Dental Insurance For Seniors (2023 Updated)

When people don’t face any kind of issues with their mouth and gum health, usually they don’t pay any heed to their teeth’s screamings. That’s the tendency of a large group of people. Of their ignorance and carelessness they sometimes fall into serious tooth and gum infections which can’t be undone. Mostly when people are stepping towards their end age, at that time they can feel the pain for not paying heed to their teeths words. Nothing to worry about, Humana is here to help you out from the damage you have done to your teeths so far.

Founded in 1961 at Louisville, Kentucky in the United States; Humana is a popular Health insurance company in America. By providing awesome service to their consumers it has gathered a huge crowd. Side by side their consumers are almost 2 million people country wide. Their service is preferably best in providing online tools for Health Insurance like Medicare, Medicaid and others as well. Moreover, they provide versatile and trustworthy plans to all 50 states and territories including Puerto Rico and District of Columbia. Here are the 5 Humana dental insurance plans for seniors.

Top 5 Humana Dental Insurance Plans For Seniors

We have mentioned that Humana Offers a wide range of reliable plans in an affordable budget range. Their plans are simplified and  they will provide you to choose dentists from a wide range of varieties and you will be able to visit  specialists without the need of referring. Here we have mentioned some of the plans from Humana below.

Top 5 Humana Dental Insurance For Seniors

1. Humana Dental Value Plan

From Humana Health Insurance Company, It is a HMO(Health Maintenance Organization) plan, which provides Health Insurance Service for a fixed Yearly fee. With a $0 deductible fee, this plan offers full preventive coverage. It’s basic part is covering X-ray, fillings and extractions. Dentures, root canals and crowns are included in the Major Dental Services Coverage, which will cost a little amount of deductible. 

Besides, the costs of each service is pretty much reasonable. You can also choose your preferable schedule and dentist from over 225,000 service provider offices available nationwide. With in-network specialist dentists, affordable copays are offered for both Major and Basic Dental Care Plans.

2. Humana Dental Savings Plus Discount Plan

Compared to conventional coverages, this plan is going to be the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare. As it comes with no trouble of filling out papers. Besides that it provides discounts with the value of savings. Humana claims this plan as the simplest and affordable plan offered by themselves. Basically, members have to pay a set of money for individuals, couples or families to claim a discount of up to 40% instantly.

Moreover, this plan offers dental services by in-network dentists with little to no waiting period. Some of their providers offer uninsured patients to enroll in their plan and they assist them by bearing the cost of that particular visiting day. This plan’s facilities are

  • All sorts of patients can qualify for it
  • It gives services with no yearly fees 
  • Service is given without any waiting period
  • For medication, no previous authorization is needed
  • It includes dentures, implants, root canals, diagnosis, X-rays, cleanings and much more

3. Humana Loyalty Plus Plan

Humana’s Loyalty Plus plan provides a huge discount on the basis of a subscription for three years. This plan will allow you to choose in or out networked dentists. Dental Loyalty Plus plan’s main benefit is it’s one time deductible fee which is nearly 150 dollars for each individual and for families it is 450 dollars. For the first time you have to pay a set price and then you no longer have to give copayments and there you will get required services with no waiting period. 

The deductible will be applicable as long as you stay in the plan and the benefits are worthy also. Maximum benefits are- 1000 dollar for your 1st year, 1250 dollars for the second year and 1500 dollars for three years and more. You will be able to enjoy the benefits for care services and coverages like root canals, fillings, routined exams and much more for the time span you are with this plan. 

4. Dental Preventive Plus

You have the flexibility of choosing in or out of network dentists in this plan. Dental preventive plus plan is known and can be described by its name only. This plan specifically focuses on all the preventive services available here with the bonus facility of no co-payments. This is a PPO(Preferred Provider Organization) plan which covers all preventive services like Diagnosis, Cleanings and X-rays and many more.

You have to meet up the deductible to avail the service, which is 50 dollar per person and 150 dollar for each family. Though there are no waiting periods for this plan’s preventive care, but for root canals, fillings and other major services like that you may have to wait for a six month period. It covers preventive services with 100 percent coverage and there is no copay for office visits. This is the best full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period.

5. Humana Complete Dental plan

This is another attractive plan that is worth every cents that comes out of your pocket. This plan offers all preventive services at a lower deductible. Besides that it is a comprehensive plan that covers up all of your preventive needs without any waiting period. It’s pretty similar with the aforementioned plan.

The difference is- after paying your required set of deductible fees you will be able to enjoy a wide range of discounts from basics to major treatments. Basic services(emergency care, extractions, fillings) are 80% covered as well as major services(crowns, root canals, onlays, inlays, dentures, and oral surgeries) are 50% covered when the deductible is met.

Average Pricing Of Humana Dental Insurance Plans

Humana provides a large range of services with all those mentioned above. The Health insurance company is renowned for its reasonable pricings and reliable service. Humana’s most affordable package is Dental Saving plus plan, but the problem rises as this plan is not an insurance. Generally this discount plan has a 15 dollar enrollment charge and the annual pricing typically stands nearly 80 dollar on average.

If anyone combines Vision with Dental Service he or she will be qualified for a bonus discount of 35 dollar no matter which plan he selects. Being a popular plan, the Humana’s Dental Preventive Plus program charges $35 at the time of enrollment. But the cost for the premium program will depend on some factors such as- age, residence or territory, smoking status and the type of coverage one chooses. For individuals this plan will charge nearly 22-40 dollars per month whereas the Dental Loyalty Plus Plan will cost $55-$65 monthly for individuals which is pretty much expensive.

Comparison Of Kaiser Permanente Dental vs Humana Dental Insurance Plan

Kaiser Permanente Dental Insurance PlanHumana Dental Insurance Plan
Kaiser Permanente has over 11 million membersHumana has over 14 millions members
It is one of the biggest Managed Care Organizations in USIt was ranked first as a social responsible health insurance company in USA
Kaiser Permanente provides their services in eight states onlyHumana Serves consecutively in all the 50 states including Puerto Rico and DC
It doesn’t provides Dental and vision separatelyTheir Dental with vision plan purchases gives proper service with discounts

Comparison Of Cigna Dental vs Humana Dental Insurance Plan

Cigna Dental Insurance PlanHumana Dental Insurance Plan
Cigna was founded in 1982 at Bloomfield, ConnecticutHumana was Founded in 1961 at Louisville, Kentucky
They provides personalised Plans for Customers valueIt has some pre-set Plans and Programs
Cigna provides both dental and Vision ServicesHumana also provided vision with dental plans at a huge discount
It was ranked fourth for members and revenue for health insurers in United StatesThey ranked fifth in the United States health insurers by Size and revenue

Final Verdict

When seniors are in need of dental health support, Humana stands out there as a pioneer in front of them. Humana is a large company in the United States and they are pretty old and experienced in the market. As They are leading the Health Sector of the US from front, they surely have to have some unique qualities and attributes for it. So it is, they are not gonna make you upset when you are thinking of purchasing a plan from them. Humana got “A+” with the Better Business Bureau. For their Careplus Health Plans they got 5 a star rating from CMS’s rating system.

If you are a senior citizen and you are concerned about your gum health, then Humana is going to be the perfect partner for you. Their terms and policies will allow you to enjoy a solid and reliable discount and we know that is the thing you need most. They also provide some plans which don’t require any primary care providers. We are your guide for ensuring good health, don’t think twice while purchasing any of Humana’s plans.

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