Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner Review

Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner Review

There is a saying “Your pool says who you actually are”. What does your pool say about you, then? Is it safe to say, you are humiliated to take your visitor to the spa zodiac t5 duo pool cleaner near your pool?

I know, I know, large pools look extraordinary and engage colossal groups altogether. But keeping them clean is also a colossal weight.

Along these lines, in this article, I accompanied Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner, which is an extremely robust and efficient gadget, intended for large pools.

Its design incorporates two independent discs to upgrade the mobility of the machine where the vast majority of cleaners have only one disc. 

The double duo disc also conveys more noteworthy suction to get rid of all those pesky debris. The installation is easy and accompanies by a DVD to guide you step-by-step. The DVD likewise contains tips and tricks about how to carry out basic maintenance. 

Without making the introduction longer, let’s proceed onward with the highlight features of the Zodiac T5 pool cleaner. 

At A Glance Of Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner

  • Zodiac T5 Pool Cleaner supported by DuraLife diaphragm, which ensures durability and work without sound.
  • The new Cyclonic Leaf Catcher captures leaves and debris before it can reach the skimmer and filter. 
  • The Twist-locking Hose made the connection simple and reduced the chance of vacuum loss.  
  • The combination of two separated duo disc systems ensured better flexibility and adhesion.
  • The Duo Disc System enables maximum cleaning coverage.
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Compare Zodiac T5 Duo and Polaris 380 Pool Cleaner

Zodiac T5 Duo Pool CleanerPolaris 380 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner
Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner ReviewPolaris 380 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner
To ensure T5 diaphragm durability, this model is designed with a DuraLife diaphragm, which is an over-molded reinforcement.Supported by triple jets, Polaris 380 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner comes with first-class vacuum power and faster cleaning speed.
The two separated discs enhance pool coverage and provide better pool adhesion and flexibility when cleaning the pool.It sweeps, scrubs and vacuums the bottom of your pool, and it can also climb and clean walls.
The Twist Locking Hose made the connection simple and reduces the vacuum loss which ultimately enhances cleaning speed.With its large opening, it can capture big debris like leaves, acorns, and pebbles to suck in. And, the dual venturi jet vacuum enhances the power intake of it.
To clean the remote areas like the corners, steps and ladders,This model of Polaris 380 can collect debris before it reaches the pump basket and filter.
adjust the wheel deflector and clean with fluid navigation.It reduces filter cleaning and prolongs the life of your pool’s filtration system.
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What Users Are Saying Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner

The users are quite happy with Zodiac T5 for its outstanding performance. And at the same time, some are quite annoyed with it too. The durable diaphragm is mostly loved by users. And, also the parts are replaceable which increases its longevity. 

What Users Are Saying Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner

It is flexible while dealing with uneven pool surfaces, so it takes less time while ensuring better cleaning performance. Connecting the hose is very simple and, as the vacuum loss rate is low it cleans faster.

But the flaws are not something to overlook. The biggest problem in my opinion is, the replaceable parts are fairly expensive. And it sometimes hung up on the rough surfaces.

Rather than that, I didn’t find any noteworthy issues. But there are other problems people, complain about on Amazon.

Most of them are installation problems. I said it a thousand times and said again if you can do the installation process properly, ninety percent of issues will be solved. So, read the manual properly and get technical help if you are stuck. 

However, the majority of users are recommend this model strongly. Some are even using this model 3 times straight without switching to other models. Also In my view, it is fine with the price you can get it. 

Key Features of Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner

Last Longer

To ensure the best mobility of the diaphragm, Polaris design it with molded reinforcement. The design makes it flexible and agile in corners. For that, the best suction pool cleaner is longer-lasting and cleans across the pool surface with ease. Normally, diaphragms boost its agility of it, so you can use the Zodiac t5 duo baracuda pool cleaner faster than any other way.

Disc Suction Cleaner

It comes with a duo disc system which enhances its adhesion and flexibility. Dou disc system is two individual controllers over the original moving part. The flapper can provide finer mobility and can reach an inch of the pool surface.

Hard Build

The durability of this model is a level higher than its competitors. Like the diaphragm enhanced more mobility and the duo disc ensured the flexibility, every part which comes to your vision or the invisible inside parts, made of high-quality materials so that it can last for years.

Adjustable Wheel Deflector

The Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner comes with a super flexible wheel deflector that is adjustable. Crack it in and out with ease whenever you need it. With its fluid navigation across the corners, ladders, and steps, its motion range has been enhanced.

FAQ About of Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner

How to remove/replace the diaphragm on the T5 Zodiac pool cleaner?

The yellow cap comes off, and you can pull the blue sleeve out. The blue cylinder at the top part is mobile. There is a plastic band that is holding the diaphragm in.

Be careful not to break it when removing the band. Then replace the diaphragm and reverse assemble the T5. The whole process will take about 5 minutes. 

Can I only buy a T5 engine without the hoses?

This is unfortunate to tell you, no. The item comes as a kit. Zodiac doesn’t have a model without hoses. If the hoses are leaking, consider replacing hoses with cleaner.

How to replace the fin(blue mat) for Zodiac T5?

You can replace the fin. The part number of the blue disc is R0563600, and if you need a front disc, it’s R0563500. If you are considering replacing by yourself, do it carefully.
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Final Verdict

Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner is a profoundly developed machine with a shockingly straightforward design. It is offering more than what you are giving. A durable built, flexible design, everything is made out of the ordinary range of pool cleaners. 

For your large pool, there are several pool cleaners. Be that as it may, not many can fulfill requirements and more importantly, can clean effectively. T5 Duo is one of them. So, if next time unexpected guests drop by, why not invite them in for a swim in your sparkling clean pool.