Dolphin Quantum Review – Is it worth buying in 2022?

Dolphin Quantum Review

The pool cleaner has become way advanced these days. They are not only offering dozens of features but also providing fast speed and great performance. And, one of these pool cleaners is Dolphin Quantum. 

The Dolphin Quantum is one of the premier top-notch pool cleaner robots of Dolphin, and it deserves its title.

This pool robot comes with advanced SmartNav 2.0 navigation technology, Hypergrip tracks, and dual Hyperbrush scrubbers with PowerJet 3D vectored thrust, and other features make it one of the most advanced pool cleaners in the market.

However, there are several critical reviews following the innovation. So, in this Dolphin Quantum review, I’m going to put a detailed view of this product. And, you will find the answer if it is worth buying in 2021. 

At a Glance of Dolphin Quantum pool Cleaner

  • It comes with a massive 400 square inch top-loading filter basket and can hold all kinds of debris. 
  • The Advanced SmartNav 2.0 cleans your pool using the most efficient path possible for faster cleaning. 
  • Hyperbrush Dual Scrubbing Brushes offer a deep clean of your pool. 
  • The mobility of this device is improved with PowerJet 3D vector thrust. 
  • Hypergrip Tracks offer a superior vertical climbing ability, unlike any other pool cleaner. 
  • You can adjust the robot to clean tougher debris with Variable Micron Filtration.
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Compare Dolphin Quantum With DOLPHIN Triton PS Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Quantum Pool CleanerDolphin Triton PS Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Quantum ReviewDolphin Triton PS Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Quantum Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner is quite compact with a 22.2 x 18.1 x 12.8 inches body.The Dolphin Triton PS Robotic pool cleaner is more compact and lighter than Quantum which is only 16 pounds.
It comes with a massive 400 square inches top-loading filter cartridge which is easy to clean.The top-loading filter of this robotic pool cleaner is large, easy to access and cleaning is effortless.
The 60 feet long cable is not swivel, but the machine moves in a way that it doesn’t tangle.It also has a 60 feet long cable but the cable is swivel to prevent tangling up while cleaning.
Featured with a Variable Micron Filtration system, which allows you to swap between fine and ultra-fine mood for better filtration.With the superior filtering capacity, Triton PS traps and locks in all sorts of dirt and debris.
It comes with a two-year warranty to ensure its durability.Same as most of the premium Dolphin pool cleaners, this model also comes with a 2-year warranty.
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Key Features of the Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Quantum Review

SmartNav 2.0

One of the advanced technologies which part Dolphin Quantum robotic pool cleaner from the rest of inferior pool cleaners is the use of Maytronics’ recently upgraded SmartNav 2.0 cleaning algorithm. This technology allows your robot not to wander in your pool aimlessly missing sections of where the actual debris is. 

The SmartNav 2.0 intelligent scanning system dynamically maps out your entire pool on the fly, shooting out where the device has already cleaned and has yet to clean. This drastically reduces the completion of a deep cleaning cycle in only two and a half hours. 

Powerjet 3D Vectored Thrust Mobility

The Dolphin Quantum robotic inground pool cleaner featured Maytronic’s latest innovation in mobility with PowerJet 3D mobility. Three degrees of vectored thrust which are on the top and sides, offer excellent vertical flexibility and cleaning capability.

Thus it cleans your pool in a way the other pool cleaner can’t, including the floor, walls, and even around the waterline. HyperGrip rubber tracks provide improved traction, super grip, and wall climbing ability. 

Massive Variable Micron Filtration

How do you differentiate a great pool cleaner from a good pool cleaner? For me, by its filtration capability without a doubt. Dolphin Quantum pool cleaner equipped with a massive 400 square inch top-loading filter cartridge which is the largest in the pool cleaning robot up to date.

The variable micron filter allows you to switch filtration between fine and ultra-fine clog-free filters. This filter is able to capture even the smallest particles.

What Users Are Saying About Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Quantum pool cleaner is a super effective advanced pool cleaner but, it doesn’t mean it without any flaws. Rather there are several critical reviews with this robot.

The main thing people love about the Dolphin Quantum is its compact size and outstanding efficiency. Moreover, the top-loading variable micron cartridge filters allow easy removal for cleaning and are capable of handling any kind of debris. The light body, 25 pounds weight, makes it easy to carry around even without a caddy.

Another outstanding feature the Quantum owners enjoy is the competency of this robot’s sizable variable micron filters. People are impressed with how fast it cleans and captures algae and other fine debris.

It also shows its technologically superior advantage in climbing walls thanks to the PowerJet 3D mobility system paired with HyperGrip rubberized tracks. These two technologies ensure the cleaner can reach even the hard-to-reach spots on the walls, up to the waterline.

Lastly, the most splendid ability of Quantum, in my opinion, is the fast speed of this cleaner to scrub the pool. You can save tons of your time with this pool cleaner. And, it doesn’t need that much maintenance which also saves your time and money in some way. 

But, there are several flaws people constantly criticize about this product. The first thing is the warranty. Although Maytronics provides a two-year warranty with this robotic machine, they are not getting any response after complaining about some issues with it.

And, also you have to be careful with it while using as several people reported the product got broken very fast. So, if you think it won’t be okay for you, then look at my other article for the best dolphin pool cleaner.

FAQs About Dolphin Quantum Robotic Pool Cleaner

Does the cord of this robotic pool cleaner is swivel?

No, the Dolphin Quantum doesn’t come with a swivel cord. But, the cleaner is designed in a way that it can move without getting tangled.

How long is the cable?

The cable size is 60 ft.

Do caddy and control come with this?

It only comes with a power supply. No caddy or remote controller comes in the box.
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Final Verdict

Pool cleaner robots have completely changed pool maintenance. What once was boring and back-breaking work, now became an automated process, just needing a few commands. This now only keeps the pool cleaner than before, but also gives you some time to sit back and relax. 

In the new era, the Dolphin is one of the first-timers which is completely different from the other cleaner. And, yes this product has a lot of flaws and you can’t ignore those in any case. But, the company is consistently making it better and better. 

It won’t be very long, the pool cleaners like Quantum are going to replace the recent market’s top pool cleaners and will make them a history. It’s up to you to jump in the advancement now or later.