Polaris Pool Cleaner 380 Review – Why its worth every penny?

Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 pressure side pool cleaner

The Polaris Vac-Sweep  380 pressure cleaner is the most powerful, durable pressure pool cleaner that works on all in-ground pools. Polaris pool cleaner 380 is designed for all indoor residential pools.

This Polaris pool cleaner has an all-wheel, belt drive mechanism that provides greater vacuum power. Polaris pool cleaner 380 is able to shake and scrub the pool floor and walls of the pool according to the required size shape.

It also has a separate booster pump, which works independently of all your other pool systems. The Polaris pool cleaner 380 comes with three venturi jets. 

Its unique filter bag is capable of removing all debris and debris before contaminating the pump and filter. Pressure pumps are designed to handle the Polaris pool cleaner 380 for maximum cleaning purposes.

At A Glance Polaris 380 pool cleaner

  • Powered by Triple Jet
  • The pool cleaner is compatible with Tailsweep Pro
  • The cleaner provides vacuum power and quick cleaning
  • Capable of running individual booster pumps
  • Works in-ground pools of any size
  • Have a single chamber filter bag with 31 feed hoses attached.
  • All-Wheel Belt Drive technology
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Compare Polaris pool cleaner 380 and Pentair LL505G Pool Cleaner​​

Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 Pool CleanerPentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner
Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 pressure side pool cleanerPentair LL505G Pool Cleaner
This cleaner usually uses a booster pump. However additional booster pumps can be installed if required.Purchased separately with this cleaner, a booster pump is installed which allows the Creepy Crowley to use water pressure to empty the pool in just 24 hours.
A filter bag with Polaris Pool Cleaner 380 to remove debris before reaching the basket or filter which prolongs the life of the filter system.The Pentair LL505G cleaner comes with a large bag that has a twist and lock feature for waste removal.
The Polaris Pool Cleaner 360 comes with an in-line back-up valve that automatically frees the cleaner as well as keeps it clean without any interruptions.The Pentair LL505G Kreepy Crowley Legend Pool Cleaner comes with a pressure relief valve Used to regulate water flow and maintain regular travel speeds.
To pull the scuffs from all the hidden corners and edges of the pool, the Polaris 360 cleaner has an advanced sweep pool known as the Taleswap Pro.This pool cleaner features a powerful vacuum action, which makes it easy to easily remove dirt, large debris, and pebbles.
The Polaris Pool Cleaner 380 has a smooth belt drive system that can be used to easily turn the wheel.Its four-wheel design helps maintain stability and allows the front-wheel-drive to operate well on inclined surfaces.
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Key Features Of Polaris pool cleaner 380

Key Features Of Polaris pool cleaner 380

Belt-Drive Mechanism

The Polaris pool cleaner 380 has a smooth belt-drive system for turning wheels efficiently and easily. Once the belt is worn out, it can be easily replaced. If your machine shuts down suddenly, you need to know if there is a problem with the belt. So you may have to install a new belt.

Large Filter Bag Capacity

The Polaris 380 pool cleaner comes with a filter bag, which retains debris during the cleaning process. The large size of the bag is enough to hold almost all the debris. The filter bag attached to the best Polaris pool cleaner 380 prolongs the life of the filter system by removing the debris before it reaches the basket or filter.

Booster Pump Required

A booster pump is required to use the Polaris pool Cleaner 360. When there is water all over the pool area, the booster pump powers the cleaner to remove the largest debris.

31-Foot Hose Kit

The Polaris Pool Cleaner 360 includes a fairly long 31-foot hose. This allows the entire debris from the pool to be smoothed and pulled back to the back of the machine body.

in-Line Back-Up Valve

If the pool becomes angled, the Polaris Pool Cleaner 360 automatically frees the cleaner with an in-line backup valve and keeps it clean without interruption. This backup valve reverses the cleaner every 3 minutes to ensure that the cleaner does not get stuck.

What Users Are Saying About Polaris 380 Pool Cleaner

Polaris pool cleaner 380 is a popular and expensive pool cleaner. The Polaris 380 pool cleaner is in high demand due to its long-lasting properties. Polaris 380 pool sweep is very effective for cleaning. It is able to clean everything from the floor to the walls.

The Polaris pool cleaner 380 comes with three jets attached which help in greater vacuum power and faster cleaning. However, when purchasing a Polaris 380 cleaner, sometimes you need to buy a booster pump with it, for which the customer has to bear the additional cost.

The Polaris 380 pool cleaner is the best pressure side pool cleaner.  Due to the fact that this cleaner has some sophisticated features and its operation is easy, none of its customers have complained about its price.

FAQs About Polaris pool cleaner 380

Which booster pump matches the Polaris 380?

You need to buy and install a booster pump to control excess water pressure with Polaris Pool Cleaner 360. In this case, The PB4-60 booster pump works well with this cleaner.

What is the warranty?

Polaris manufacturers usually offer a one-year warranty for all pool cleaners, including the Polaris Pool Cleaner 360. This means that the pool cleaner comes with a limited warranty from its manufacturer. Pool-specific vinyl liners can be scratched or damaged by any object for any reason so keep in mind that the vinyl liners in the warranty pool will not compensate.

Where can I download a Vac-Sweep 380 manual?

To download the Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 manual you can visit the Polaris website as well as search the “Brochures and Manuals” section.

Is this suction-side?

No. The Polaris Pool Cleaner 360 uses water next to the pressure of the pool circulation system. That means it is a pressure-side pool cleaner.
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Final Verdict

Polaris Cleaners is the number one recognized pool cleaner brand in the world and has been known as the top sales center cleaner for over 40 years. Polaris manufacturers have brought to the market some pool cleaners developed by their high-quality engineering, one of which is Polaris pool cleaner 380.

Due to the advanced features attached to the best pool cleaner, its operation is much easier. Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 is very useful for keeping your pool clean and tidy.