Top 12 Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental Providers 2023

Any celebration without ice cream is likely unimaginable nowadays. It is the presence of ice cream that turns an event more enjoyable and entertaining. Regardless of age, people love the taste of ice cream. However, buying an ice cream machine can be very expensive. That is why a lot of people would prefer soft serve ice cream machine rental.

Renting a soft serve ice cream machine is not as simple as how you perceive it. Some providers offer one type of ice cream machine, while others offer an array of selections.

Furthermore, many providers only offer a single kind of ice cream. Farther, other rental providers offer many kinds of ice cream according to your preference.

12 Best Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental Providers

To help you find the best soft serve ice cream machine rental providers, here are some that could meet your criteria.

1. DooDilly’s Soft Serve Machine Rental Provider

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental Providers - DooDilly’s Soft Serve Machine Rental

DooDilly’s is one of the best soft server ice cream machine rental providers. The company offers different kinds of ice cream machines. However, you just have to make an earlier reservation to get your item. When you pick a machine, you will then be prompted with a calendar where you can assign your schedule. 

Moreover, you will see how many days your chosen machine is available. You can choose to pay the entire rent amount if that is what you like. Also, you can make a deposit or do an advance payment if you like. However, you will be required to settle the minimum amount or pay the entire deposit.

DooDilly’s will charge $125 for every rental. They also implement some stipulations when picking up and returning the item. If you like to rent their machine, you should be able to pick it up between 10:00 to 11:00 in the morning and should bring it back by 9:00 on the morning of the following day. If you wish to have your item delivered, DooDilly’s also offers free delivery. Just know that the company is close on Sundays.

If by any chance, you decide to cancel due to a canceled event, you can have a partial refund if the cancellation is done within seven days after the reservation was done. However, if the cancellation is made seven days after making the reservation, $50 from your deposit shall serve as your cancellation fee. 

Why should you consider DooDilly’s?

  • DooDilly’s is the best soft serve ice cream machine rental Utah Offers machines that are both easy-to-use and easy to set up
  • May also accept some accommodations depending on the situation

2. Steak Shop Catering Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental Providers - Steak Shop Catering

Are you organizing a party? Why not consider ice cream rental for party from Steak Shop Catering? This machine will make a perfect addition to your upcoming event.

Steak Shop Catering is the best provider of party needs in Winona. If you are planning to rent a soft-serve ice cream machine, the pickup and delivery of the rental items within the area of Winona are $40. There is an initial deposit of $25 when reserving the machine. If your location is outside Winona, a travel time fee is imposed and that is $30 per hour. There is a mileage fee, too, which is $0.60 for every mile. All rental items are subjected to long-term rates. You can contact the company if you wish to rent the machine for a longer period. 

Steak Shop Catering can reach you out whether your event will be held in a community center, church, a local park, or a family farm. Other businesses and caterers are renting equipment from Steak Shop Catering for their events.

Why should you consider Steak Shop Catering?

  • Have many types of equipment available to make your event successful
  • Also caters outside Winona
  • Offers reasonable rental rates

3. Ice Cream and Ice Cream Machine Rental Provider

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental Providers - Ice Cream and Ice Cream

 Ice Cream and Ice Cream provides soft serve ice cream machines for rental to cater to your party need. The machines here are patented technology and they can dole out various flavors with a single machine.

The dispensing allocations are consistent and uniform, eliminating mess and dissipation. Furthermore, soft serves are utilizing a pre-frozen ice cream. It is more hygienic, more reliable, and more doable to top up ice cream.

Why should you consider Ice Cream and Ice Cream?

  • Premier ice cream machine provider in cafes, restaurants, and hotels
  • Offers a wide range of soft serve ice cream machines
  • Staffs are well-trained and professional, making sure that all customers are given proper assistance

 4. KWIPPED Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental Providers - KWIPPED

Nothing spikes the taste buds of your customers similar to the delectable zest of ice cream made from a soft serve ice cream machine. This kind of machine is best for cafeterias and buffets but is also adaptable in other settings. You can also rent these machines if you want to put more life into your next occasion. 

At KWIPPED, soft serve ice cream rental is available. However, you should know that these machines are available in floor or countertop models. Hence, how much available space you have is one thing you should consider when processing your rental.

Renting these machines is recommended for momentarily short-term needs. This could also give you enough time to test the performances of their different models and makes before you proceed with your purchase.

Why should you consider KWIPPED?

  • Competently source difficult-to-obtain equipment from an all-encompassing network of leading equipment suppliers
  • Organize the flow of your cash with reasonable lease options and monthly rent
  • Analyze prices and options from many equipment suppliers all in one site

5. Indy Party Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental

Indy Party Rentals also offer commercial soft serve ice cream machine rental. These machines offer all famous soft serve innovations from non-fat to low-fat ice creams to sorbet, yogurt, and custards. The machines are also easy-to-use so you won’t hesitate to rent it for your special event. It only takes ten to fifteen minutes to create the ice cream; this is after the mix is set and has been placed into the machine.

The rental of a soft serve ice cream machine is good for 24 hours. Pick up of item is scheduled between 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM on the same date of your rental and should be returned the following day between 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Full payment is required during the time of reservation. Remember that payments and deposits are non-refundable. However, all payments and deposits can still be used pointing to other supplies or equipment for a maximum of one year.

You can use your pre-paid credit card when settling the payment of your item, however, a true credit card or will be needed on file. If you have no credit card at all or you only get a pre-pay, then you will be asked to make a $100 cash deposit for every rental.

The rest of your balance should be settled before the morning of the scheduled delivery. If you decide to settle your balance on the exact date of delivery, then you will have to give the exact cash. Money orders or checks will be not accepted.

Just important information, when renting a soft serve ice cream machine with Indy Party Rentals – the ice cream mix is not delivered together with the machine. It should be picked up from the office before the day of your event. This is except if you are going to pick up the machine. That is then that you can collect the mix and the machine simultaneously.

If your reservation is canceled after the processing of your payment, you will get a refund through store credit. Refunjd is given thirty to ninety days after the day of the event

Why should you consider the Indy Party Rentals?

  • Soft serve ice cream machines are easy to user
  • Promo codes can be used during the rental
  • Rental rates are very competitive.

6. Castle Party Rental Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental Providers - Castle Party Rental

Everyone enjoys the taste of ice cream so why don’t you consider having a soft serve ice cream machine on your next occasion? Castle Party Rental has available machines for rent. These machines are high-output and come in stainless steel similar to the machines you commonly see in Cold Stone, Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, and more.

Having cones, you will commonly make three servings per minute while two servings per minute when in a bowl considering that the serving size is bigger. The use of bowls can be so much fun as it lets the guests make their version of ice cream sundae by putting on sprinkles, crushed candy, chocolate chips, gummy treats, and more.

No rules are applied when making your ice cream sundae bar. If you are not particular about getting a skilled person to do the task, you can choose to simplify things and rent a soft serve ice cream machine. Serve the excellent ice cream to your visitors.

Why should you consider Castle Party Rental?

  • Premier rental provider
  • Offers high-output and stainless steel soft serve ice cream machines
  • Create your sundae bar without any rules to follow

7. Taylor Rental Party Plus Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental Providers - Taylor Rental Party Plus

Taylor Rental Party Plus is an excellent choice for your party needs. The company is proud to provide service to the people in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut as they offer a huge selection of equipment rentals and party rentals. 

Reserve the ice cream machine for your target event. The staff of Taylor Rental Party Plus will get the machine set before you arrive to pick it up. Taylor Rental Party Plus also makes sure that its customers are properly oriented so you will be taught how to operate the machine as well as how to clean it. Staffs here are very professional so you know that you are in good hands.

You can contact Taylor Rental Party Plus should you experience difficulty or trouble in using the machine. They will send somebody in to help you solve the problem.

 Why should you consider Taylor Rental Party Plus?

  • Has been in the industry for nearly 40 years, creating enough experience and a solid reputation
  • Always assure that they send the equipment in excellent condition
  • Professional road crew can also pick up and deliver your order

8. Burns Rentals Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental Providers - Burns Rentals

Are you looking for the best soft serve ice cream machine rental provider somewhere in the South Bend-Mishawaka Metro Area? Check the rental items of Burns Rental and you might just find the best machines for soft serve ice cream. 

Burns Rentals would have to require a 25 percent deposit that is non-refundable to keep the machines for you. Any balance will be due two weeks before your event.

If you want to secure your reservation, it is suggested that you settle the initial deposit as soon as you confirm the date of your event to guarantee the availability of your item. However, for bigger events, it is recommended that give Burns Rentals the notice at least six months before the event.

For weekend rental, Burns Rentals can hand you your machines anytime from Monday to Friday to give you time for setting up and it will only be for one-day pricing. They also offer delivery but it should come with an additional charge. But if you do not want to be burdened with the additional fees, you can always pick up your machines from the warehouse and initiate the return, too.

If by any chance you decide to cancel your reservation, know that the 25 percent deposit is non-refundable. If your cancellation is done within 14 days or more before the event, there will be a fifty percent cancellation fee. 

Why should you consider Burns Rentals?

  • Offers favorable weekend rental to give customers the time to do an earlier set up
  • Deliver items for the convenience of the customer
  • Also caters to bigger events

9. Conrad’s Concessions Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental Providers - Conrad’s Concessions

Renting a machine for soft serve ice cream has never been more manageable and cost-efficient. If you are searching for the best way to add sweets to your party, Conrad’s Concessions can help you.

The company offers a huge array of soft serve ice cream flavors along with a make-your-own sundae bar package. With more than 10 flavors of ice cream plus sorbets and frozen yogurt, your guests will surely be delighted.

Conrad’s Concessions machine rentals boast an easy-to-use electronic touchpad and a dispensing system to dole out allocated servings. The machines are handy and lightweight and only consume minimal counter space.

The soft serve ice cream machines of Conrad’s Concession assure ultimate hygiene for water-based and milk-based products. Kosher flavors are also available. 

You can place your rental through the online inquiry system of Conrad’s Concession. Choose the machine you want to rent and someone in the company will reach you out to give you more details. Rentals can be done anytime. It is suggested that you process your rental as soon as you determine the date of your event to see whether your preferred machine is available.

Common customers will make a reservation three to six weeks before the scheduled events. Last-minute reservations can also be accommodated provided that there are enough staff and machines to accommodate you.

Why should you consider Conrad’s Concession?

  • Conrad’s Concession is insured
  • Machines are very user-friendly
  • Rental rates are fair and acceptable

10. Nolan’s Rental Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental Providers - Nolan’s Rental

If you are looking for a soft serve ice cream machine rental provider, Nolan’s Rental can be perfect for you.

The price of the machines in Nolan’s Rental comprises a 7000-W Honda Whisper generator. The soft serve ice cream machines could work either with a 208-V or 220-V service and they are lined with a 20-AMP plug. If you got a 20-AMP outlet intended for this plugin at your work or home, then that is all you would need and you are all good!

If not, Nolan’s Rental can offer you an extension cord matched with an adapter that could be used when plugging the ice cream machine and it has a 30-AMP bend-suiting that could plug into the 7000-W Honda generator to create enough power for the machine. If this would be the scenario, you may also have to rent the generator except if you got one with 30-AMP, 4-prong bend-suiting 42 to 61 inches, and a height of 17 inches and width of 32 inches.

The rental rates are good for 48 hours. There could be a special arrangement when it comes to weekend rental to give customers time for set up. Delivery or pick-up is done on Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and should be returned by Monday afternoon. Full payments are required before the day of delivery through credit card, cash, or check. However, if you will pay through check, it should be received two weeks before the scheduled delivery.

Why should you consider Nolan’s Rental?

  • 48-hour rental period
  • Special arrangement for a weekend rental
  • Different payment modes available

11. AZ Party Rents Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental Providers - AZ Party Rents

Soft serve ice cream machines along with other party needs are made available for rent in AZ Party Rents. These machines are the perfect addition to any special occasion in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and other nearby areas. They are most suitable for any festival, party, or carnival.

The soft serve ice cream machine is a pre-blended product that has a resemblance to what you will normally see in Dairy Queen. It is user-friendly and you simply put in the mix over the machine. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes and begin serving. 

The machines in AZ Party are devised to generate a maximum of forty to fifty cones every hour and they need a 20-Amp 110-V circuit for its power. If you cannot find an extremely solid table where you can place the machine, you can also rent an extremely strong wooden table from AZ Party. Plastic tables are not enough to sustain the weight of their machines.

AZ Party also offers a lot of flavors. They also provide a selection between cups/spoons and cones for service. Moreover, they offer full-service soft serve and sundae bars stations when requested.

Why should you consider AZ Party?

  • One of the best machine providers
  • Machines are user-friendly
  • Affordable rental rates

12. Four Star Rental Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental Providers - Four Star Rental

Your upcoming event couldn’t be completed if you don’t have an available soft serve ice cream. Rent a soft serve ice cream machine now in Four Star Rental. The company commits to providing superior service and reliability. It is one of the best rental providers in Elkhart Country.

The rate for their ice cream machine is very reasonable. The minimum rental fee is $130.35 which is good for one day. You can also choose to rent the machine for a longer period but at a different rate. You can rent the machine for a week and the fee will be $391.05 or rent it for one month at $782.09.

Four Star Rental imposes some rental policies, too. First, customers are informed that the rental rates could change even without prior notice. Pickup and delivery of an item are made available only upon the request of the customer and it comes with an additional fee. To rent, Four Star Rental will also ask you to present a valid driver’s license. ID cards are not accepted. 

However, if you are located outside of the Elkhart Country or outside Indiana, Four Star Rental would have to keep your credit card until the machine is returned.

Why should you consider Four Star Rental?

  • Commits superior service
  • Reasonable rental rates
  • Serves outside Indiana

Final Verdict

 Choosing an ice cream machine would depend on your needs. Firstly, you should consider your requirements. What is your reason for getting the machine? How many variations of ice cream would you prefer? What flavors? These are just some things that you will have to consider when renting a soft serve ice cream machine. 

It could be a tough task given the fact that there are numerous soft serve ice cream machine rental providers. But with the top 12 rental providers that are listed here, hopefully, you can shrink your choices and could make you decide easier.

Now, you just have to decide and pick the one that is most suitable for you. You can then have a tasty, smooth, and soft ice cream at your upcoming event. 

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