Qomotop Robotic Pool Cleaner Review – Is it really worthy?

Qomotop Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Where robotic pool cleaners are on-demand, a smart robot cleaner is all that pool-owners need. But it’s not as simple as you think. Most of the owners who already brought pool cleaners a couple of times know this very well.

However, tension not, in this Qomotop robotic pool cleaner review, I am going to discuss this wonderful pool cleaner you’re sure to like. 

Comes with different abilities like climbing the wall, rotating the brushes to clean the corner of your pool, earning it on the top of my best robotic pool cleaners

The basic design, easy to operate, and cost-effectiveness may consider you to get this right on. So, stick with the guide and I am going to show you everything about this cleaner.

At A Glance of Qomotop Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • Clean any types of pools without regard to concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl liner.
  • With its four scrubbing brushes, it scrubs debris from every single corner of your pool.
  • Work without supervision with three cleaning modes- 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours.
  • For its waterproof feature, you don’t even need to put it out from the water every time.
  • With smart detection, automatically remove all dirt and debris.
  • The lightweight makes it easy to carry.
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Compare Qomotop robotic pool cleaner And Aquabot ABREEZ4WD Breeze 4WD Pool Cleaner​​

Qomotop Robotic Pool Cleaner
Qomotop Robotic Pool Cleaner ReviewAquabot ABREEZ4WD Breeze 4WD Pool Cleaner
Because of the lightweight of 22 lbs, it is easy to carry and pull out from the water.Aquabot Breeze 4WD Robotic Pool Cleaner is light-weighted, and you can carry it effortlessly.
A powerful dual motor with 4 scrubbing brushes, it makes your life comfortable by automatically removing tough dirt and debris.The Breeze 4WD brushes will automatically vacuum and micro-filter dirt, debris, and contaminants from the pool.
The 50-feet long power cable is swivel, not tangled up in the way of cleaning, and supports doing its task interruption-free.4WD’s newly-introduced AquaSmart Technology cleans your pool automatically and reduces cable tangling easily.
The Qomotop pool cleaner can clean all shapes of pools and all types of pools regardless of concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl liner pools.Any type of in-ground pool of all shapes can be cleaned by this pool cleaner.
It cleans your floors, wall up to the waterline, filter water. But you have to clean your steps by yourself.It can climb walls, clean the bottom of the pool, and even automatically clean the steps.
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What Users Are Saying About Qomotop Robotic Pool Cleaner

A robotic pool cleaner is the most beneficial pool cleaner for the users without any doubt. It has not been long since Robotic Pool Cleaners were introduced in the industry and the users are quite blessed with the performance of this type of pool cleaners. As they can chill without caring about the cleaner and the cleaner does the task by itself.

What Users Are Saying About Qomotop Robotic Pool Cleaner

The best part of the best vacuum pool cleaner that users mostly loved is that it has 4 scrubbing brushes that can rotate to clean and also comes with 2 filler baskets. Operating this cleaner is simpler than other cleaners plus this is easy to port from one place to another which impresses the users.

Some users are exclaiming this is the most effective pool cleaner they’ve used so far. Also, they consider this cleaner as a smart robot cleaner as it can clean the pool itself without monitoring. 

It has the ability to climb the walls of the pool, plus it cleans very well. It is saving both the time and the effort of the users if the users had to put in when they manually clean the pool.

But there are some flaws in this robotic cleaner too. The thing users do dislike about this pool cleaner is- it works slowly and intermittently stops working. Furthermore, the price is quite handsome and the warranty is 2 years for this where some Robotic Pool Cleaners come with 3, even with 4 years of warranty. That said, the users recommend others to purchase who need a pool cleaner.

Key Features of Qomotop Robotic Pool Cleaner

Simple Set-Up

It is a plug-in and plays cleaner which means plug in the power supply then placing the cleaner in the pool. Next, press the button that you need for the method you want to clean. This comes with three types of cleaning modes. Press the Cycle button first, then press 1, 2 or 3 – whichever you like.


No matter what type of material your pool is made of, this can clean all pool types. Such as vinyl liner, fiberglass or concrete. Besides, this cleaner has 4 powerful scrubbing brushes that can also rotate, clean the floor, sidewalls, and waterline.

Lightweight & Hand

The weight makes this a portable and user-friendly pool cleaner. It is only 22 lbs of weight – it has a friendly designed handle, and you do not need a caddy cart to lift it out of the water. And, you don’t need to purchase any items separately. As most things come with it in the box.

FAQs of Qomotop Robotic Pool Cleaner

Is the power cord of this cleaner swivel?

Yes. The power supply cord of this printer is a swivel which doesn’t tingle when cleaning the pool. You can worry less about it.

Will it work with my fiberglass pool?

This little machine is perfectly suitable for fiberglass pools.

My cleaner is not sinking to the bottom of the pool. How can I fix this?

At your first use give it some time for the sponge roller to absorb water and the air inside the cleaner to exhaust.
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Final Verdict

Qomotop robotic pool cleaner without no doubt is one of the best pool cleaners which can fulfill all your demand when it comes to pool cleaning.

Yet, I suggest you consider the drawbacks that some users claim to face like slow work which should not be a hassle for most of the users. And, according to my personal test, it takes 3 – 3.30 hours to clean my whole 53-feet pool, which I don’t think was that long. But, for you, it may be different. However, remember this, you don’t have to stick with it as it can automatically do its job.

That being said, the price is very affordable, and it works fantastic with some handy features for me to recommend you to get it. The rest is your choice.