Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner Review – Is it better than E10

Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner Review

Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner is the supreme addition of Dolphin. This robotic above ground pool cleaner consumes 90% less power compared to the old-fashioned pool cleaner. Without a booster pump and filter it cleans all sorts of above ground pools. From swiping to vacuuming and scrubbing this pool cleaner is proficient. To know in detail about this hold your concentration over Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner Reviews.

At a Glance Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner

  • Dolphin escape pool cleaner has a smart navigation and scanning software.
  • This pool cleaner has a fast water release system and is perfect for above ground pool.
  • This pool cleaner offers you hyperbrush scrubbing brush and hyper grip rubber tricks.
  • Dolphin escape pool cleaner runs on ultra efficient 24 volt DC motors and It’s capable of cleaning and scrubbing the floor.
  • This pool cleaner has easy clean and oversized filtration cartridges.
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Compare Dolphin Escape Vs Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Cleaner​

Dolphin Escape Pool CleanerDolphin E10 Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Escape Pool CleanerDolphin E10 Robotic Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner has appeared with a massive top-load filter for complete cleaning. This cleaner is capable of cleaning all sizes of debris.Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is designed particularly for above ground swimming pools for providing you the perfect solution.
This pool cleaner has continuous tracks between wheels and pool surface. It never wastes much energy. It doesn’t slip.This automatic robotic pool cleaner can clean your pool up to 30 foot. You can clean the pool within 1.5 hour.
This Dolphin pool cleaner has an active scrubbing brush for removing algae and other stubborn build-ups that is attached to the pool’s floor.This robotic pool cleaner never assumes you to use additional pumps or hoses as well as booster pumps.
Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner has launched with a new benchmark. It has a groundbreaking technology to make sure that your pool is cleaning properly.Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is capable of tracking all sorts of debris and wreckage no matter how small or big they are.
This very pool cleaner’s onboard DC motors that works on nearly 90% less power compared to other pool cleaners.This Robotic Pool Cleaner releases the water quickly and it’s basket traps the stuff of the pool.
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What Users Are Saying About Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner

Dolphin escape pool cleaner is optimal for above-ground pool. To clean the pool formerly customers contact service providers with a huge bulks of money. But after manufacturing Pool Cleaner the customers mostly count on these. Amongst all of them Dolphin pool cleaner is the pick of the bunch. For cleaning effortlessly and hassle-free this pool cleaner is incomparable.

Customers are genuinely satisfied with this pool cleaner. It meets your cleaning requirements by removing debris and wreckage. The best part of this pool cleaner is it doesn’t use a pump or filter on the pool.

Most of the so-called pool cleaner brands aren’t capable enough to remove leaves and debris. Owing to the fact that most of the pools are full of algae. Considering all these robotic cleaners are top-notch. Being above ground pool cleaner it can clean the stairs and corners spontaneously. For cleaning this pool cleaner you don’t need to use chemicals. So, Dolphin escape above ground pool cleaner is highly recommended. 

Key Features of Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner

Key Features of Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner


Dolphin escape pool cleaner has the best efficiency to clean your pool exquisitely. Being manufactured with the state-of-the-art technology the best pool vacuum cleaner uses scrubbing brush as sometimes vacuuming isn’t enough to remove algae. For cleaning the corners, steps and surface this pool cleaner is efficient.

Energy-Saving Performance

Most of the pool cleaner loses much electricity to clean the pool. But in this terms dolphin escape pool cleaner is exceptional and saves maximum energy. Without losing plenty of energy this pool cleaner cleans the pool authoritatively. It’s double jets assist you to climb up on the wall for cleaning inside properly.


Durability is considered as the most significant consequence when you went to purchase a Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner. Within 3 hours it cleans the pool properly. According to its user it lasts for 7-8 years. Though its average lifespan is 3-4 years.

FAQs of Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner

Does Dolphin Escape pool cleaner allow you to leave it in the water?

Yes. You can leave this pool cleaner in the water even when it is not in use. To be trustworthy it is safe to run the whole day. You should run the Dolphin when you add chemicals for gaining proper Chlorine and pH balance. 

Should I run it regularly?

No. You shouldn’t run this pool cleaner regularly if you do not swim in it everyday. In that case, you can run it once a week or after two weeks. But if you swim regularly then you can run it once in a day. For avoiding frequent cleaning you can use the swimming pool cover. In this way, you can clean the pool once in a month.

Are they worth the money?

Yes. This pool cleaner is best with a standardness. After being expensive it’s truly effective owing to the fact that it cleans small to large debris, leaves and wreckage. So it is worth your every penny.
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Final Verdict

Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner is second to none for its groundbreaking technology. It makes you sure that your pool is cleaned to a new level. This pool cleaner adds a new dimension in cleaning your pool efficiently. Robotic pool cleaners are exoteric for cleaning the pool automatically like a pro.

So, you don’t need to lose your energy and waste your time. Over and above it minimizes your cost. So, you can consider buying this pool cleaner within a threepenny price. It is highly recommended by use. You can know more by our dolphin escape pool cleaner review.