Pentair 360302 Review – Does it users satisfied?

Pentair 360302 Review

Are you worried? You may consider buying a pool cleaner. But you are thinking a magnificent pool cleaner will cost a lot. Those days are long gone. Now you can get an excellent pool cleaner at a cheap price. 

And Suction-side pool cleaners are best in that case. They are both inexpensive and effective at the same time. In this article, I’m going to review Pentair 360302, which is on the top in the suction-side category.  

Designed with 2-wheel, it is compact and run by the automatic programmed steering cycle. It can move across the whole swimming pool and for the agile design it can clean deep-end corners easily. And there are lots of useful features that come with this pool cleaner. So, delaying no more, let’s have a quick look at the features of this cleaner.  

At A Glance of Pentair 360302 Pool Cleaner

  • Dirt and debris can pass through it without interruption thanks to its Sure-Flow turbine design.
  • With Quick-Release Latch, it’s easy and quick to do servicing. 
  • To clean tight spaces, it offers a two-wheel design which makes it fast and agile.
  • With Roller-Skirt technology, it can work uninterruptedly even in front of obstacles. 
  • The Programmed Steering Cycle makes sure the complete and thorough coverage of your pool.
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Compare Pentair 360302 and Hayward W3PVS20GST Pool Cleaner​

Pentair 360302 Pool CleanerHayward W3PVS20GST Pool Cleaner
Pentair 360302 ReviewHayward W3PVS20GST Pool Cleaner
A suction pool cleaner is convenient for the users because of its lightweight, and that same with this version. It weighs only 16 pounds.Hayward W3PVS20GST is compact with its lightweight. It is only 12 pounds and very few cleaners are that light like it.
They design Pentair 360302 in two-wheel, which makes it fast and agile. It shows impressive performance even in tight spaces.The 2-Wheel Suction design makes it compact and with that, it can reach any corner of the pool.
It is an all-terrain expert which masters at cleaning tile, gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl pools.It is suitable for every kind of pool regardless of Gunite, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Pebble or Tile- no matter what.
The Roller Skirt helps it to maneuver up over obstacles and rough surfaces.The Patented tire treads of this pool cleaner enhanced the climbing ability of the pool cleaner and obstacle maneuverability.
With the warrior’s Quick-Release Latch, Servicing is quick and quite easy. Operating it is also hassle-free.Hayward patented adjustable roller skirts ensure the cleaner can maintain optimal suction on uneven surfaces.
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Key Features of Pentair 360302 Pool Cleaner

What Users are Saying Pentair 360302 Pool Cleaner

Programmed steering cycle

The programmed steering cycle of Pentair Kreepy relies on the two wheels. This steering process makes the warrior easily go to anywhere on the pool’s surface, conquering 90-degree floor-to-wall angles, deep to shallow bottoms, and hard to reach corners. With this cleaner, the pool gets cleaned from every angle.

Peerless Maneuvering

It is designed for peerless maneuvering across the complete pool that maintains the 90-degree angles while cleaning the floor to wall and any hard to reach corners. The wheel has an excellent grip, and it never slips from the surface, even when climbing the wall.

Easy Installation And Set Up

The installation process of Warrior Kreepy Krauly is absolutely easy, and you hardly need any repayments. So, you just need to attach the hose to the suction system, and it will lower your time and effort.

No moving parts will become an obstacle when setting up the cleaner. All you need to do here is to bring it out from the box and clean the surface after 15 minutes.

What Users are Saying Pentair 360302 Pool Cleaner

Manufacture companies and sellers always show you only the best side of a product. But you know those are not entirely true. And that is why it is important to take users’ and experts’ opinions. Here, you’ll know what users actually think about this product with my view. So, let’s move on.

The Kreepy Krauly series is famous among pool owners for a long time. And Pentair continuously offers excellent products in this series. Same with this product. Most of the users have favorable opinions about it. 

Most of the users loved how silently and effectively it works. Your neighbors will never know you are cleaning your pool now. Moreover, the fast cleaning speed cleans a large pool in 2-2.30 hours. 

Because of its slim figure, it is an expert for cleaning the corners. The overall setup is easy. With some adjustment, it can climb up to the tile-line. Also, the wheels are best for its performance and work effectively. 

The parts of this cleaner are well made. But that doesn’t mean it with no flaws. The tires will most likely give you some pain. Like they’ll run slow if you make a minor mistake when installing. And if you replace them, you will hardly get to the actual speed. Some users complained about it sticking in the drains. 

Without the tires, I don’t find any noteworthy difficulties with Pentair Warrior. With proper installation, you can also avoid the tire issue. Also, I didn’t face the problem while testing. Although, it stuck sometimes, but overcame it by itself. 

However, with no doubt, this cleaner is one of the best suction pool cleaners in the market, which is at the same time affordable. It’s worth your every penny. 

FAQs Pentair 360302 Pool Cleaner

Do I need to buy the leaf canister separately?

Yes, you have to buy it on your own. It won’t come with the box. And there are several canisters out there, perfectly suitable for it. 

Will it work in my 6 ft. deep pebble tec pool?

Well, it works well with deep pools. But some pebble tec pool owners are complaining it sometimes gets stuck in the deep ends. 

What should I do with the hose when not in use?

You can put the hose into the pool and it will stay there. If you have trouble while swimming in the pool, then detach the hose from the side of the pool connection and the suction will hold the hose to the wall out of the way.
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Final Verdict

People love suction-side pool cleaners for their effectiveness and low price. And, that is what Pentair 360302 Kreepy Krauly Warrior Pool Cleaner is fulfilling. It’s affordable at the same time provides a great cleaning performance.

The features, easy setup, wall-climbing ability, and the most cleaning of both shallow and deep ends make it different from other thousands of pools clean. You don’t even need to touch it after you put it into the pool.

That being said, your pool is a medium or large size and you are looking for affordable items which create a good value for your money, then without a doubt, this cleaner is for you.