Hayward Phs41cst Aquanaut Suction Pool Cleaner Review

Hayward Phs41cst Aquanaut Suction Pool Cleaner Review

The pool is filthy now. What are you going to do? Are you going to spend your next few hours cleaning the debris and dirt manually? Or will you dive into it caring nothing? Of course, you won’t, I know. 

And that is why I bring this review of Hayward Phs41cst Aquanaut Suction Pool Cleaner to you. In this review of mine, I’ll tell you everything about this handy pool cleaner.

And, you’ll know whether you should buy it, if you already decided to have it then what to expect and if not any of this, at least you’ll learn what to look for before buying a pool cleaner.

Then, I should stop this chit-chat and move to the crucial point. Let’s start with a glance at its features. 

At A Glance of Hayward Phs41cst Aquanaut Suction Pool Cleaner

  • With V-flex technology, Aquanaut can handle any type of debris with no clogging. 
  • Easy to change rubber tire treads whenever they wear off. 
  • Keep suctioning on uneven surfaces and obstacles with their patented adjustable roller skirt.
  • Comes with three easily interchangeable suction inlets which enhance cleaning performance.
  • Clean both the bottom and walls of your swimming pool. 
  • 4-wheel drive enables it to clean large and deep pools with ease.
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Compare Hayward Phs41cst  And Hayward PV896584000020 Suction Pool Cleaner​​

Hayward Phs41cst Pool CleanerHayward PV896584000020 Pool Cleaner
Hayward Phs41cst Aquanaut Suction Pool Cleaner ReviewHayward PV896584000020 Pool Cleaner
The weight of this model of Hayward is light to carry, weighing 19 pounds only. You can easily pull it out of the water.Same as most of the Hayward pool cleaners, Hayward PV896584000020 is quite light and weighs 19.1 pounds.
The patented robust tires make it possible to overcome any obstacle while cleaning your pool, and with four wheels it can climb walls effectively.With a look, you can see the patented tire treads enhanced this cleaner wall climbing ability and obstacle maneuverability.
The 40 feet swivel hose on the top part, supports it to work with no interruption.The top part of this model has a 33-feet hose.
New Aquanaut’s V-flex technology provides maximum power in any flow and allows even larger debris to pass easily through the cleaner.Patented self-adjusting turbine vanes provide maximum power at any flow and situation, so they can facilitate the passage of large debris.
With the assurance of multiple pre-programmed steering sequences, Aquanaut cleans every type of pool, shallow ends, deep ends, and walls efficiently.Hayward PV896584000020 has multiple pre-programmed internal steering sequences to ensure full pool coverage and efficient cleaning.
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Key Features Hayward Phs41cst Aquanaut Suction Pool Cleaner

Key Features Hayward Phs41cst Aquanaut Suction Pool Cleaner

Leave No Inch

The Aquanaut Suction Cleaner comes with sticky and first-class rubber patented tire tread wheels. These robust tire treads qualify it to navigate all obstacles and inclines. 

The 4-wheel drive technology makes sure that the cleaner can cover and clean even the deep end of the pool. The robust tire allows superior climbing power on any surface and skillfully maneuver around obstacles such as main drains.

Filter Everything

The Aquanaut pool cleaner has the capability to capture large amounts of debris without clogging. The self-adjusting turbine vanes of the Hayward phs41cst allow dirt and debris of various sizes to pass through the cleaner.

The V-flex technology offers maximum power at any flow. Whatever it is – dust, muddy sediments, leaves or even the roughest and toughest debris, this cleaner can expertly clean up the surface of the pool. 

Consistent Suction At All Flow Rates

The Aquanaut 400 featured three interchangeable throats to handle the cleaning in varying flow rates of your pool. The design of this model is unique so it can navigate and clean pools with variable speed pump techniques. 

You choose from the three throats based on which type and size of the filtration system is in-built in your pool.

Obstacle Conqueror

Most pool floors are filled with drains, pebbles, and more. So, they built the Aquanaut Pool Cleaner with an Adjustable roller skirt that allows it to provide consistent suction despite uneven surfaces and obstacles.


The Hayward Phs41cst Aquanaut Suction Pool Cleaner has multiple pre-programmed internal steering sequences guaranteed to clean both deep and shallow ends, even walls. This feature covers the full pool and cleans efficiently.

What Users Are Saying About Hayward Phs41cst Aquanaut Suction Pool Cleaner

Hayward has offered some exceptional quality pool cleaners in its long history. And, most of its products are well in quality. Same with this one too. But not everyone agrees with me. Some users have extremely criticized this product. Most of it was because of the rubber tires. As most of the time, those kinds of tires wore off after some use.

And that’s why I took my time with this product in the test. But it didn’t happen to me. And, I have to agree with other users’ about Aquanaut material qualities could be better.

And maintenance could be more user-friendly. However, about the 2 years warranty, I don’t know why they stopped responding for a period. But now it seems they are responding properly, and I talked with their customer service about that.

With so many drawbacks, it still shined because of its wonderful ability to clean rough surfaces. And it doesn’t even miss a single inch. It can climb about 1 foot on the side walls. The thing most of the users love is it rarely needs any repair and hardly stops when cleaning.

I have to accept it is not the best suction pool cleaner in the market, but you are not paying that much for it. In my and most of the users’ opinion, it offers a reasonable price with enough features.

FAQs About Hayward Phs41cst Aquanaut Suction Pool Cleaner

Do I get a warranty replacement for the wheel and other maintenance parts?

Aquanaut Pool cleaner warranty covers for defects in materials and workmanship, but it does not cover for wear items like tires unless its defects.

Will it be able to climb steps to clean the Baja shelf?

The Hayward Aquanaut can climb walls, so it may get on the steps or shelves, but it doesn’t clean steps. If the shelf is rather shallow, then the pool cleaner has a chance to lose its momentum.

Will it be fine to use it on plaster-coated pools?

Yes. You can get it for cement pools. It performs well with this kind of pool. Most of the plaster-coated pool owners are happy with its performance in their pool.
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Final Verdict

Hayward Phs41cst Aquanaut Suction Pool Cleaner may not be the best pool cleaner in the market, but it still offers many excellent features, and it is worth your money. There are numerous advantages and modern mechanisms that made it famous between the pool owners. 

From the above, you see both the advantages and disadvantages of this pool cleaner. I don’t need to tell you any more about it. But, when buying a pool cleaner, remember every product has its own benefits and flaws and the actual value depends on its cost. And this pool cleaner gives an ideal value in that case.