Hayward W3925ADC Review – Does It Durable As Affordable?

Hayward W3925ADC Review

What comes to your mind when purchasing something? For me, it’s reliability, as anyone can make empty promises. If you buy a product and it is incapable of doing its very job, then it is a complete loss for you. Even if you are able to return it back, the time and energy you wasted are gone.

However, here I’ll review a pool cleaner of Hayward, an old and reliable company, Hayward w3925adc. First, let me tell you this – Hayward is in the manufacturing pool cleaner for more than 80 years. So, you don’t have to worry about their product reliability or quality.

But the question is, will this robot be suitable for your pool? Let’s find that out with all the benefits and flaws of this cleaner. 

At A Glance Of the Hayward W3925ADC Pool Cleaner

  • With SmartDrive technology, it systematically travels the pool floor, walls, and coves. 
  • It saves energy by operating through the pool’s existing filtration system. 
  • Offers silent operation to maintain a peaceful environment. 
  • Easy to set up takes less than 10 minutes and you don’t need any equipment. 
  • The enhanced vacuum wings and skirt provide efficient suction power.
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Compare Hayward w3925adc With DOLPHIN E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pool CleanerDolphin E10 Pool Cleaner
Hayward W3925ADC ReviewDolphin E10 Pool Cleaner
The weight of this cleaner is 17 pounds, which makes it easy to lift from the water.Dolphin E1 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is quite lightweight, which is only 14 pounds.
The Hayward Navigator Pro has a different model to clean different types of pool.This model of Dolphin can clean all types of above-ground pool surfaces, including vinyl.
It is energy efficient as it uses your pool’s existing filtration system to operate and clean the pool.It is super energy efficient with an average cost of only 5 cents per hour to clean your pool.
No more hassle of cleaning debris filter bags or baskets with Navigator Pro as it doesn’t have one.The top-loading large filter basket is easy to access, and cleaning is not hard at all.
It comes with a hose, but the hose does not swivel. So, it triangles up in the pool sometimes.The cable of this cleaner is swivel and doesn’t need any hose to operate it.
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What Users Are Saying About  Hayward w3925adc Navigator Pro Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Hayward, one of the oldest players in the pool cleaner industry, offers quality products at an inexpensive price. Same with the hayward w3925adc navigator pro pool vacuum cleaner.

This automatic bot is suitable for large in-ground pools up to 40 feet. On Amazon, it has got quite a high rating which is 4.3 stars. Although, in my opinion, it is not that perfect, however, hundreds of users rated it with five stars.

This little bot is a silent killer for dirt and debris. Your next-door neighbour won’t even know when you cleansed your pool, that how quietly it cleans your pool. It directly connects to your pool skimmer, so you don’t need any additional filter pump or any other equipment. And the most important task – cleaning the pool, w3925adc is a beast in that case.

For the unique design, it is capable of capturing dirt and debris better. As it operates with the help of the pool’s existing skimmer, it doesn’t need too much energy to operate. Thus, it is also an energy saver.

But there is a reason why I said it should not perfectly get this score on Amazon. And the reason is low-quality materials. With this kind of powerful model, it should have above-average materials if not top-notched. But Hayward w3925ADC pool vacuum cleaner is a disappointment in this case. 

However, overall it is a reliable pool cleaner according to many. And, if you don’t use it roughly, the materials should not be an issue too.

Key Features of the Hayward W3925ADC Navigator Pro Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Key Features of the Hayward W3925ADC Navigator Pro Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Silent Operator

The sound when a pool cleaner is cleaning is annoying. But in the case of Hayward w3925adc, whether it is sucking debris from the bottom or cleaning the walls, you won’t hear any type of annoying noise. Thus, you can comfortably do your daily activities without hindrance and your neighbor won’t need to complain as well. 

Easy To Use

When you buy the best suction pool cleaner for the first time, it takes a long time and energy of yours to learn to operate that cleaner. But not with w3925adc, which doesn’t require any learning curve following a long manual of assembling. All you need is less than 10 minutes and the cleaner is ready to go.

Speedy Cleaning

The Hayward Navigator Pro Suction pool cleaner is equipped with SmartDrive technology. This technology allows it to travel the cleaner systematically on the pool floor, walls, and cloves to clean thoroughly. To deep clean an average pool, this cleaner will take from 3 to 4 hours of time. 

Operating Efficiency

It operates by connecting with the existing filtration system of your pool. Thus, it doesn’t depend on any extra-pump as the source of energy. All the systems to maintain your pool already demand high-uses of electric energy. And, a cleaner can be a huge addition to this. So, w3925adc eliminates the chance by using your existing filter power. 

FAQs About the Hayward W3925ADC Navigator Pro Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Does it come with a hose or I need to buy one separately?

Yes, come with a hose which is 30 feet long.

What is the difference between the vinyl model and the gunite model?

There is a difference between these two models which is ‘feet’. The vinyl version’s ‘feet’ only work with vinyl pools, and the gunite version only works with gunite pools. The ‘feet’ wear out occasionally and they are replaceable.

Can I leave it in the pool 24/7?

It can stay in the pool 24/7. Although it is not recommended to do, however, yes, you can leave it.
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Final Verdict

Hayward is a reliable pool cleaner manufacturer and its products are promising. The Hayward w3925adc is an excellent cleaner for concrete pools. It is inexpensive, flexible, easy to use, and most importantly cleans great.

Although there are some drawbacks that come with this, considering everything, it provides a great value for money. However, it’s your choice to decide whether to have it or look for another one.