7 Hayward Navigator Troubleshooting (Update Guide 2023)

Hayward is one of the renowned pool cleaner manufacturers. Their recent product, Hayward Navigator pool cleaner, is one of the most successful pool cleaners, perhaps one of the best suction pool cleaners.

In my earlier post on this site, I explained all about Hayward Navigator Pro, including its features that stand out and the drawbacks holding it back. But some of you may have faced other issues which I didn’t mention in that review.

Simply because they are not product flaws but instead some little assembling issues. 

However, in this article, I’m going to address those issues and tell you how to do Hayward navigator troubleshooting. So, without stretching the introduction any longer, let’s direct move on to the problem and solution part.

Top 7 Tips For Hayward Navigator Troubleshooting

You may face complexity with your Hayward Navigator pool cleaner for different reasons. Below I’ve mentioned some pro tips that will assist you in troubleshooting and overcoming the issues.

1. Hayward Navigator is not moving

Hayward Navigator Pro depends on numerous factors to operate properly.

First, check if there’s enough water flow past the turbine. To do that, use the vacuum gauge adaptor or flow gauge to calculate the vacuum in the cleaner hose.  The vacuum per section of the hose should be 1″.

Second, look if the small shoes are worn out or if they can grip the pool surface. Make sure they are not worn out, and the pool is not extremely slippery because of the algae. Also, ensure Hayward Navigator have the correct shoes according to your pool surface, as they differ from pool to pool.

Third, find out if debris, rock, or anything is stuck inside the cleaner. To do that, disable the cleaner. Dislodge any inter debris and reassemble again. But don’t do it by yourself if you don’t have enough technical knowledge. Ask for help from a professional.

There are other issues, like the drive train cloud parts being worn out. For that, I’ll recommend you to contact your Hayward Authorized dealer for repair or contact a technician for that, as they’ll take the troll out of you if you try to fix them on your own.

2. Hayward Navigator going in a circle/ in one direction

This problem arises from the obstruction in the connection of the hose. To solve this:

First, Thoroughly look at the hose to find any knots or kinks in the hose. They might not be visible yet, but there are chances for them to show sooner or later.

Second, Check the cord or the throat. This problem could cause by having a potential blockage in either of them.

Third, You should also check the return, which may allow too much water to get to the cleaner. And you might need to change the rear tension flap, as too much tension could be the reason for your problem.

Lastly, make sure the wings and shoes are properly installed. 

3. Cleaner is moving so slowly or so fast

If the cleaner can’t clean your pool because it’s moving too slowly or so fast, then there may be a blockage, or the shoes and wings wear out. To fix this,

First, You need to see the debris and dirt accumulate inside the turbine or vacuum chamber.

Second, remove the hose from the skimmer. look for any blockages inside the clean them if you find any.

Third, Check if the shoes and wings are worn out. If they do, replace them with new ones. Remember to set the correct order and match it with your pool type.

4. Pool cleaner not staying at the bottom of the pool

Hayward Navigator Troubleshooting

The Hayward navigator pool cleaner is heavier than water. So, it should not float. Follow the steps to solve this problem.

First, ensure all the air is removed from the cleaner head and hoses while assembling.

Second, the hose should be able to extend in two full sections to pass the farthest point in the pool.

Third, measure the vacuum in the hose using a gauge adaptor or flow gauge. The ideal vacuum per section is 1″. Fourth, Check if the return line(s) are affecting the cleaner or the hoses. If it is, take the necessary steps. like.

If air is returning to the pool through return lines, you will notice air bubbles around the head and hoses. First, you need to release the bubbles from the hoses and find the source of air leaking to correct it. Your problem most like is solved by solving the air bubble issue.

5. Cleaner is twisting and tangling

The main reason behind twisting is maybe the cleaner is moving in one direction. Solve moving in one direction issue, and you will find this problem to solve. After doing that, if the cleaner still continues tangling, follow the steps,

First, learn to store the hoses properly. If you fail to wind the hoses properly, they start getting tangled while used.

Second, before using the cleaner, lay the hoses on the ground and stretch them out. 

Third, the reason for tangling could be stiffness. So, I often laid the hoses straightening and baked them in the sun.

Fourth, another cause of hose tangling is the hose’s length is longer than your pool size. Then, the additional hose tangles up while cleaning.

6. Why does my pool cleaner get stuck in corners or steps?

First, check if the hoses are too short. The hose extends in two sections and should pass the farthest point in your pool.

Second, ensure the return lines do not affect the cleaner or hoses in their operation.

Third, measure the vacuum in the cleaner hoses. Correct the setting following the manual. 

Fourth, Check the wings, shoes, and flaps. If they wear out, change them.

Fifth, check the flap adjuster and move it to a preferable position.

7. Pool cleaner not climbing walls

If the navigator has stopped climbing walls, there could be a problem with the cleaning pattern or the cleaning speed. So, to solve this,

First, Make sure the cleaner’s cleaning pattern is current. Making some adjustments will allow the cleaner to approach the wall better.

Second, the speed of the cleaner can also cause the cleaner to fail to climb walls. It needs a great deal of traction and suction to climb walls. If the cleaner moves slowly, it will fail to provide proper traction.

Third, be sure there is no leak or suction loss in the hose connector of the cleaner. Also, make sure the hose is not coming in the way of the climbing wall.

Final Verdict

Hayward Navigator is well known for collecting debris and dirt with SmartDrive technology, allowing it to navigate precisely. Despite some shortcomings, users greatly appreciate this cleaner for its competency in speed cleaning and high coverage.

In this Hayward Navigator Troubleshooting, I have solved the 7 most common problems with Hayward. In some cases, you need to perform some technical issues. If you don’t feel confident doing all by yourself, ask for help from your friend or someone expert in this field. That being said, Happy Troubleshooting!