Zodiac Ranger Pool Cleaner Review – What users saying?

Above ground pools need special care to keep them for a long time. But there are not too many pool cleaners for above-ground pools, moreover, most of them are expensive. However, in this review I’ll introduce you to a pool cleaner that is cheap and at the same time work excellent- Zodiac Ranger pool cleaner. This cleaner is easy to set up, energy-efficient, and materials are sustainable.

Zodiac Ranger Pool Cleaner Review

Furthermore, it doesn’t need an additional booster pump or anything to operate. Thus, this suction pool cleaner can be a cost-saver for you. But will it really be? To know that you have to read this article. So, without wasting any of your time, let’s move on to the main topic.

At A Glance Zodiac ranger pool cleaner

  • This pool cleaner is suitable for all kinds of above-ground pools but not recommended for old vinyl pools. 
  • One moving part technology of this cleaner reduces the replacement cost of this cleaner. 
  • Equipped with a unique deflector wheel helps it to overcome sticking on the steps and ladders. 
  • It comes pre-assembled for easy installation. 
  • The AG Disc of this cleaner allows it to move the pool surface easily.

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Compare Zodiac Ranger with Vivohome Upgraded Automatic Pool Cleaner

Zodiac Ranger Pool Cleaner Vivohome Upgraded Automatic Pool Cleaner
Zodiac Ranger Pool Cleaner Review Vivohome Upgraded Automatic Pool Cleaner
Zodiac Ranger Pool Cleaner is designed to clean small to medium-sized pools up to 33 feet at a fast rate. VivoHome Upgraded Automatic Pool cleaner can clean up pools up to 30 feet long without any hassle.
This suction side pool cleaner can absorb all types of debris; mostly it is good at cleaning agile. It removes all kinds of debris and dirt from the floor and wall of your entire pool.
As a suction side cleaner, the ranger connects with your skimmer to operate and clean your pool. It also connects to your pool skimmer to clean your pool with 1000 gallons/hr filtration speed.
It is featured with one moving part technology, which eliminates all kinds of the annoying sound. It operates quietly in your pool. The design of this pool cleaner allows it to eliminate the hammering sound and create a silent operating environment.
It comes with a flow keeper valve and Insta-skim compact self-adjusting flow control valve which can automatically regulate water flow for peak performance. You can control the water flow of this pool cleaner with the regulator with a minimum flow of 1000 ga/hr.
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What Users Are Saying About Zodiac Ranger Pool Cleaner

Zodiac pool cleaners are one of the top-class pool cleaners. They are reliable, great performers, and worth your money. Same with this pool cleaner. 

Zodiac ranger automatic pool cleaner is an outstanding pool cleaner at an affordable price. This suction-side pool cleaner has a flow keeper valve that helps to regulate the water flow. Thus, it allows the pool cleaner and pool pump to run smoothly. And, it doesn’t need a booster pump in order to vacuum the pool bottom floor. 

One thing best in this model is it has only one moving part – the diaphragm. As a result, you won’t face hardship to maintain the cleaner and it also reduces the audible noise significantly. 

But the problem starts with the ladder. It sticks in the ladder often. So, my advice would be to remove the ladder while cleaning if possible. Or, you need to be with it and guide it until the cleaning is over. And, only one moving part also makes it impossible to replace if you damage other parts except for the diaphragm. 

Overall, the cleaner is worth buying. It saves a lot of money. Although replacement may cost a little bit, you won’t complain about the materials it made of. As a cheap cleaner, it is offering everything it can.

Key Features Of The Zodiac Ranger Pool Cleaner

Key Features Of The Zodiac Ranger Pool Cleaner

Sole Moving Part

This above-ground pool cleaner only has a single part. This means that it’s simple to operate and won’t be as noisy as other mechanical pool filters. It also cleans dirty pools fast and since this works quietly, you can still enjoy your serene weekend off.

And because there is only one single moving part, it is easier to assemble. No need to use tools or special equipment just to operate the Zodiac Ranger suction pool cleaner.

Deflector Wheel

A very prominent feature of this suction cleaner is the wheel found near the end of the machine. This is known as the deflector wheel; a wheel that will guide the Zodiac Ranger out of obstructions. With this simple feature, your pool cleaner won’t be caught on steps, corners, and ladders. It will glide efficiently at the bottom of the pool without stopping. 

Feed Hose

Another impressive feature of this pool cleaner is it has a very long hose that will suck out dirt, grime, and even algae from dirty pools. The hose is 32 feet and thus enough to move across a regular-sized above-ground pool.


One of the most common worries of DIY pool cleaner users is that the equipment will arrive in a disassembled state. Assembly takes time and often leads to the poor performance of the machine. But the Zodiac Ranger automatic pool cleaner comes pre-assembled so there’s a minor thing to do. You can install this cleaner than soon as it arrives so you can clean your pool fast.

FAQs About The Zodiac Ranger Pool Cleaner

Q: What kind of pump does this cleaner require operating?

It works with all normal sand filter pumps. 

Q: Can I sue Zodiac Ranger in my in-ground pool?

The ranger is designed for above-ground pools. But, some users used it in-ground pool as well. However, it can harm the pool cleaner and pool in the long run. 

Q: How long is the hose?

The Ranger pool cleaner comes with a ten 1 meter long hose, which means it’s 10 meters.

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Final Verdict

At the end of this article, it is safe to say that Zodiac ranger pool cleaner is one of the best suction pool cleaner without a doubt. It is designed for budgeted pool owners with moderate pool sizes or even a small pool.

Its performance is excellent, well-built, and a great money saver. Thus, there is no way you will get this type of cleaner that usually. So, with all things regardless, I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much money on their pool, but still wants it to be sparkling clean.