5 Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting Guide 2023

Zodiac MX8 pool cleaner is a lightweight advanced suction-side pool cleaner that can clean walls, scrub steps and reverse itself if it gets stuck in the corners. This smart robot works on all types of in-ground pools. The materials of this model are light but robust.

There is no meaning in telling you all those things, right? You already have it, and most likely, you faced some issues with the MX8 cleaner, and that’s why you are here. So, in this Zodiac MX8 pool cleaner troubleshooting, you and I will try to solve your problems.

Now, let’s see what problem you have. 

5 Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting 2023

Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

Before moving on to the Zodiac MX8 pool cleaner troubleshooting tips and solutions, you must follow some regular instructions. You can address a lot of problems by just doing them. 

If your pool gets dirty a lot, make sure to clean your pump basket frequently. Or it can hinder the pool cleaner performance. After using chemicals in your pool, don’t put the cleaner in the water for at least 4 hours. And lastly, the hose should not be coiled when you store it. Now, let’s start the troubleshooting solutions:

1. Why My MX8 Doesn’t Move?

While cleaning the pool cleaner may stop its operation suddenly. Many users complained about facing this problem. This is the most common problem to say. It happens possibly because of the engine jamming due to debris or air sneaking into the cleaner.


First, you must check if enough water flows through the turbine. To ensure that, use the vacuum gauge adaptor or flow gauge. If the reading shows 3, there should be other reasons.

See, is the small tire rack worn out, or can it grip the pool surface? If they are, change them, and the pool surface shouldn’t be too slippery for the cleaner to move.

If you don’t find any problem with the previous steps, look if there is debris, rock, or anything stuck inside the cleaner. In this case, disassemble the cleaner. Remove any internal debris and reassemble again.

There are other issues, like the parts in the drive track, that could be worn out. In that regard, it’s better to contact the authorized dealer to solve this problem.

2. Why is MX8 Moving In One Direction Or Moving In A Cycle?

Users also complained about this issue quite often. The main reason for this issue is related to the connector hose. It is quite easy to solve.


Check the hose thoroughly to find out any knots or kinks. They might not be visible yet, but there are chances for them to show sooner or later.

Then, check the cord and the throat. This problem could also be caused by having a blockage in either of them.

Lastly, this problem could be caused by the returner allowing too much water in the cleaner and making sure the wings and tire racks are properly installed.

3. Why is The Cleaner Not Climbing Walls?

There are several reasons for this cause. Some common reasons are insufficient flow and wrong cleaning patterns. The wrong position of the float could also be the culprit.


The first thing to check out, in this case, is – the number of wheel rotations. The number could vary with its flow. Adjust the valve that regulates the flow to a suitable number. Make sure the cleaning pattern is correct. Adjust it in a way that better approaches the walls.

Speed can also affect the cleaner’s climbing ability on the walls as it needs proper traction and suction to climb walls. Slow speed won’t be able to provide enough traction to climb.

Lastly, ensure there is no leak or suction loss in the hose connector of the cleaner. And you may address the issue by positioning the float at 9 inches for the cleaner.

4. Why Is MX8 Stuck On The Corner And Steps?

This problem could also be caused by poor flow in the cleaner and the wrong hose length. However, there could be other issues of this problem too.


Check if the hose length is too short. The hose extends in two sections and should pass the farthest point in your pool. Ensure the return lines do not alter the cleaner or hoses from operating.

You need to measure the vacuum in the cleaner hoses as well. And, Correct the setting following accordingly. Also, check for the wings, shoes, and flaps. If they are worn out, change them.

Lastly, make sure to check the flap adjuster and move it to a preferable position.

5. Why Are The Cleaner Twisting And Tangling?

This mess is related to the cleaner moving in one direction. If you address the ‘ moving in one direction’ problem, this tangling or twisting will likely be solved. However, if it doesn’t, obviously, the main reason for this problem is MX8’s hose.


You need to store the hose properly first. If you are unable to wind it correctly, it will tangle whenever you are using it. And before cleaning your pool, try to lay the hoses on the ground and stretch them out. This allows the hoses to remove bandiness.

Stiffness is also a reason for hoses to tangle. So, lay the hoses straightened and bake them in the sun. Lastly, this could also occur if your hose size is much larger than your pool. So, having a perfect (not perfect, but rather suitable) size is necessary.

Final Word

Finally, those are all the Zodiac MX8 pool cleaner troubleshooting that I wanted to share with you. Another piece of advice for you, inspect your pool for algae growth, as it affects the cleaner’s wall-climbing ability and overall performance.

And note that this cleaner is not that good at picking up fine debris. So, if your pool accumulates fine debris like algae faster, you may need to think in other ways.