Which Rental Car Company Does Not Require a Credit Card?

When a lot of people are renting a car for various purposes, many of them are also using credit cards that provide additional points and fundamental rental coverage. Unfortunately, not all people have an available credit card in their pocket. If you see yourself to be in this kind of scenario, you can get rid of the worries because there are actually several rental car companies that do not require a credit card. But which rental car company does not require a credit card?

You might encounter several obstacles such as restrictions on the vehicle and additional ID – however, it is can be done! A lot of the big rental car companies honor the use of debit cards in replacement to credit cards. There are certain warnings involved. Beginners, a lot of them need to be at least the age of 25 years old and should go through a credit check before being permitted to do the car rental.

Make sure to first assess the distinctive rental company before using a debit card when booking. There are several companies to choose from. You will just have to conduct an evaluation on each of them to make sure that you will be transacting with the most efficient and practical one.

Top 9 Rental Car Company Does Not Require a Credit Card 2022

1. Alamo credit card to rent a car

Alamo credit card to rent a car

Which car rental company does not require a credit card? Alamo Rent a Car has several payment options. However, those who do not have a credit card, they will love the fact that the company does not require it.

Check and debit cards are non-credit cards and they are honored by Alamo as long as they bear the logo of Mastercards, Visa, or Discover. Non-credit cards that do not bear any of the mentioned logos are not allowed.

Good points to remember about Alamo Rent a Car

  • Introduces an easy-to-understand membership program
  • Easy rental procedure
  • Has more than 1,500 locations throughout 78 countries

At airport venues, deposits through debit cards are only recognized during rental if tagged along with a ticketed return travel itinerary, Driver’s license will be checked as they have to make sure that information indicated on it such as name and address match the present address of the renter. Nevertheless, renters who are active military personnel are excused from these requirements. 

Aside from the spouse or the domestic partner of the renter, no other person is allowed to drive the car. During the rental, the debit card is being charged which deducts the existing funds in the associated account with the debit card used. In case there will be overdraft fees, the renter shall be responsible for the settlement of the payment. 

2. Avis rental car company does not require a credit card

Avis rental car company does not require a credit card

You could have been told that you cannot find a car rental company that does not require a credit card. This is true to many car rental companies but not with Avis Car Rental. You can go to any Avis location and rent a car without presenting a credit card. 

Avis does not ask for a deposit when reserving a car. Nevertheless, you should present an Avis honored charge card during the time of rental.

Good points to remember about Avis Car Rental

  • Offers the Avis Preferred Program
  • Has 5,500 locations in more than 165 countries
  • Provide an easy-to-navigate website with discount codes

There are various charge cards accepted. You can present Avis Charge Card, AT & T Capital, American Express, Diner’s Club International, China Union Pay, GE Capital, Discover, MasterCard, JCB, Visa, and Sears. In many cases, Avis will carry out a credit check for renters who will use a debit card to discern their creditworthiness during the moment of rental. 

You can pick up your rented car by using your debit card. Normally, Avis will ask for authorization to charge your account for the approximate rental charges. This hold is kept immediately after the card is shown. Avis keeps its right for its exclusive discernment to ask for additional value based on particular elements as regarded suitable. 

After the period of car rental, the held funds shall be everted and released. However, remember that it may take days for the bank to post the funds back to your account.

3. Budget rental car a credit card

Budget rental car a credit card

Renting a car without using a credit card would seem troublesome, but not with Budget Car Rental. You can use a debit card provided that you are at least 25 years old.

Moreover, you must first check the regulations in your location since there are certain locations that do not honor debit cards during the pick-up of the rented car.

Good points to remember about Budget Car Rental

  • Affordable car rentals
  • Offers various Lincoln and Ford products
  • Easy online reservation process

Upon pick-up, renters are required to show their debit cards. At this time, the company will put a hold on a specific amount from their account. The usual hold is equal to the overall approximated cost of the car rental, although there is also a chance that it can go lower or higher.

For instance, the least amount that is held from an account is $100. This certain hold refers to the amount that is normally applied to prepaid rentals or insurance replacement rentals. Keep in mind that hold on the debit card restricts the funds that are available in the associated account. After settling all the fees and returning the car, the hold is finally removed.

Debit cards that are accepted in Budget Car Rental are Budget Charge Card, American Express, Discover, Budget International, MasterCard, Japan Card, PHH, Optima, and Visa. Please know that honoring of these cards may differ at non-US locations.

Despite the fact that a certain Budget location permits the use of a debit card when renting a car, this is not always accessible to all kinds of drivers. The budget only permits drivers aging 25 and above to use their debit cards when making a car reservation. Moreover, the Budget carries out a credit check each time a driver tries to book a car through a debit card to make sure that they are creditworthy. 

4. Dollar car rental not requiring a credit card

Dollar car rental not requiring credit card

Are you planning to rent a car without using a credit card? Dollar Car Rental makes it possible by offering an array of payment options to provide customers several choices and help them decide based on what is most suitable for them and their family.

Dollar Car Rental is a prominent family brand in the industry of car rental and it is presenting a debit card policy, making it more manageable to book a car by utilizing a debit card.

Good points to remember about Dollar Car Rental

  • Aims value-oriented renters
  • Operates in over 600 locations in roughly 65 countries throughout the world
  • Introduces the Dollar Express Rewards program

The said policy will get rid of the check checks, lessen ID requirements and proof of return travel, while simultaneously reducing the age limit of the renter from 25 years old to 20 years old. 

With Dollar Car Rental in US locations, you can use a debit card when renting a car. Discover, MasterCard or Visa debit cards that draw funds straight from the linked bank account of the cardholder can be used during the outset of the rental once the reservation of the car rental was initiated 24 hours before the pick-up of the car.

However, if the reservation is not done 24 hours before the pick-up or you plan to rent a convertible, premium, or luxury car, the use of debit cards is still allowed provided that you are able to present your driver’s license along with your other identification card. You should also present your return travel ticket as proof to jibe with the rental.

Dollar does not carry out a credit check for renters who use debit cards. Nevertheless, honoring certain debit card is conditional upon meeting the imposed requirements. The debit card should also have sufficient funds to cater to the approximate charges plus $200. Remember that these amounts will not be accessible. 

5. Enterprise rental car company does not require a credit card


Some locations of Enterprise Rent-A-Car honor prepaid cards, debit cards, and other means of payment to finalize a rental deal. If you want to reserve a car without using a credit card, you should directly get in touch with the local office.

Enterprise permits car rental at airport locations through debit card granting that you can present your return travel proof and you can pay the whole cost and $200 for the deposit. No other drivers are allowed, although your partner or spouse can drive the car.

Good points to remember about Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  • Offers advance check-in
  • Brings in a loyalty program
  • Introduces the Enterprise Plus program

During the rental, you should present your debit card with sufficient funds in the account. Aside from the expected rental cost, an added amount intended for the security deposit can be required. To know the amount for the security deposit, you can directly contact the location. Enterprise will check if the signature affixed in the back portion coincides with the signature and name indicated in the rental agreement.

Once the rental period is over, if you are qualified for a refund, the funds will be immediately released by the location. However, because of the processing time of the bank, the refund may take days although customers will normally get their refund within the length of 15 days,

6. Hertz car rental company does not require credit card

Hertz car rental company does not require credit card

Hertz will let you rent a car without using a credit card. The use of a debit card is acknowledged if it is saved in your profile.

However, a certain rental location may perform a credit check. When at airport locations, renters are required to submit two valid identification cards and proof of their return travel.

Good points to remember about Hertz

  • Excellent rewards program
  • Special discounts are offered to AAA members
  • Picks up and drops off at the location of the rental car

If you cannot follow these measures, you can use your debit card if you can show a credit card during check-in. Knowing that Hertz imposes a deposit that ranges from $900 to $2,000, it could be ideal if these funds are not taken from a checking account. 

It would be good to learn ahead too that Hertz does not honor debit cards during the pick-up, hence you should show any acceptable credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Diner’s Club, American Express), or the Hertz Charge Card to be used for the security deposit. Nevertheless, debit cards can be used when paying after dropping the car.

Hertz has altered their payment policy to offer customers more resilience and convenience. Many people can now easily rent a car with them because of the accessibility of debit cards during a rental transaction.

7. National car rental company does not require a credit card

National car rental company does not require a credit card

If you want to rent a car from National Car Rental and you do not want to use a credit card, then you will be asked to do the cash qualification method. Debit and check cards are deemed non-credit card and should be Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. Any other kinds of credit cards are not honored.

When at any airport location, debit card deposits can only be honored during rental if there is a return travel ticket.

Good points to remember about National Car Rental

  • Has 1,500 locations throughout the world
  • Provides a broad selection of vehicles
  • Offers competitive rates

The driver’s license of the renter should have a name and address that jibe the current address. Some personalities such as active military personnel are excused from the said requirement.

Aside from the spouse or partner, no other people are permitted to drive the car. Upon rental, the debit card shall be subjected to charges which depreciate the existing funds in the attached account. Renters will take the responsibility in case there will be overdraft fees acquired. Alighting passengers are asked to show a funded debit card or credit card to shoulder the rental cost. Renters who cannot present a return travel ticket will have to secure a credit card with enough funds to cater to the rental cost plus the $200.

8. SIXT car rental company does not require

SIXT car rental company does not require

Are you planning to rent a car but don’t want to use a credit card? With SIXT, it can be carried out. Not owning a credit card shouldn’t be an issue when renting a car! SIXT offers numerous options so customers can settle the payment of their car rentals with the kind of payment method they are most comfortable using.

Customers can use their debit card at distinguished SIXT car rental venues depending if they are out-of-state or in-state renters.

Good points to remember about SIXT

  • Offers a premium fleet of American and German cars
  • Offers the most affordable rates
  • Has more than 60 offices all over the U.S.

Most SIXT locations allow debit cards. For you to use a debit card as a payment method, you have to obey the additional requirements and you can be subjected to certain limitations. 

You should present a valid debit card during the day of pick-up and it should be under the name of the primary driver. SIXT accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club Debit Cards. Furthermore, this is only accessible for the “Pay Later” option. You should have two government-issued IDs and obviously sufficient funds. 

Non-local renters can get a debit card when renting a car. However, they cannot rent luxury or premium cars, except for pick-up and vans. The renter should show roundtrip flight during pick-up. Local renters, on the other hand, should show his latest utility bill that jibes the address and name indicated on the submitted driver’s license.

9. Thrifty rental car company does not require a credit card

Thrifty rental car company does not require a credit card

Thrifty Car Rental does not require a credit card although there are some measures that have to be observed and complied with by renters.

The good thing about Thrifty is that there are no age limits applied which means that even young renters aging 20 to 24 are allowed to use their debit cards.

Good points to remember about Thrifty Car Rental:

  • Ideal car selection
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Loyalty and rewards programs

When in airport locations, young renters can use a debit card along with their proof of return flight booked ahead by 24 hours. Furthermore, they should present proof of their travel itineraries to jibe with the rental and show two valid identification cards.

To become eligible for the rental, the renter should show the similar debit card that was used during the settlement of the reservation fee and a driver’s license under the name of the renter and should jibe on the name listed in the reservation. 

The debit card policy will apply to any corporate location. Please know that there are important requirements when it comes to the debit card policy of Thrifty. Only non-prepaid cards issued by MasterCard, Discover, or Visa will be honored.

There are requirements attached when employing a debit card upon renting a car with Thrifty. But as long as you are ready with the documents and funds, you might just find the entire process more manageable than before.

Final Verdict

It is now possible to rent a car even without the use of a credit card. However, you might have to relinquish essential deals and protections with several wrangles. For instance, if you are traveling locally, you may not have two valid IDs with you.

If you are doing an extravagant car rental, you will have to meet with the whole cost and another amount for the security deposit taken from the checking account. Finally, you will not have the kind of protection that is obtained when using a credit card. Nevertheless, this can save you money, time, and effort if you are concerned about an accident while running the rented car.

Surely, you can rent a car without a credit card. However, it is peculiarly easy. The fact still remains that allowing someone to rent without using a credit card can be precarious. Not requiring a credit card can be very risky. Nonetheless, there are prominent car rental companies that value customer satisfaction. They allow car rentals through debit cards – only you should condition yourself to encounter more squabbles and more time spent at the counter.

The complexities that you will encounter while attempting to rent a vehicle through the use of a debit card differs from one rental company to another. They could also differ from location to location. You may also want to check cars for $500 down no credit check if you want to buy a car.