Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Review – How it’s worthy enough?

DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Plus Review

The Dolphin CC models are fast cleaners. The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is the most advanced and fastest in the Dolphin Nautilus robotic pool cleaner trio, including the original Nautilus and Nautilus CC.  The Nautilus trio has similar build and share some similar features. But …

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Polaris 360 vs 380 – Why Polaris 360 The Winner?

Polaris 360 vs 380

Polaris suction-side pool cleaner journey was started with Polaris 280, and Polaris 380 and Polaris 360 are continuing that now. However, the problem occurs to us when choosing which one to buy. Both of them have tons of similar features. And, customer opinions are pretty …

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Dolphin Quantum Review – Is it worth buying in 2021?

Dolphin Quantum Review

The pool cleaner has become way advanced these days. They are not only offering dozens of features but also providing fast speed and great performance. And, one of these pool cleaners is Dolphin Quantum.  The Dolphin Quantum is one of the premier top-notch pool cleaner …

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Aquabot X4 Review – Consider users opinion & FAQ

Aquabot X4 Review

[penci_ads id=”penci_ads_1″] Among various methods, a robotic pool cleaner is quite a famous one to clean dirty pools. This type of cleaners is effective and time-efficient when cleaning pools. For in-built schedule cleaning, you don’t need to stick to them all the time. They scrub, …

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10 Best Dolphin Pool Cleaner Reviews 2021

Best Dolphin Pool Cleaner Reviews

To ensure that you get the best dolphin pool cleaner for your needs and budget, we put up a list of top dolphin pool cleaners reviews. All pool cleaners on this page have been carefully chosen from the finest available on the market, taking user …

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7 Hayward Navigator Troubleshooting (Update Guide 2021)

Hayward Navigator Troubleshooting

Hayward is one of the renoted pool cleaners manufacturers. Their recent product, Hayward Navigator pool cleaner, is one of the most successful pools clean, perhaps one of the best suction pool cleaner. [penci_ads id=”penci_ads_1″] And, I already explained all about Hayward Navigator Pro including its …

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Aquabot Breeze IQ Review – Does it users satisfied?

Aquabot Breeze IQ Review

[penci_ads id=”penci_ads_1″] Cleaning your pool is essential, you already know that and that’s why you are looking for a pool cleaner. But, finding a suitable pool cleaner is not that easy, With hundreds if not thousands of pool cleaners out there. But, I found Aquabot …

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Hayward W3925ADC Review – Does It Durable As Affordable?

Hayward W3925ADC Review

[penci_ads id=”penci_ads_1″] What comes to your mind when purchasing something? For me, it’s reliability, as anyone can make empty promises. If you buy a product and it is incapable of doing its very job, then it is a complete loss for you. Even if you …

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Dolphin C5 Pool Cleaner Review – How Does It Fare?

Dolphin c5 pool cleaner Review

[penci_ads id=”penci_ads_1″] Although the market is packed with pool cleaners for small and medium-size pools, you won’t see that competition in the case of large pools. Then, what about commercial use? Very few. And, most of them aren’t even suitable for use. But, there comes …

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