10 Best Summer Waves Pool Reviews 2023

Summertime calls for pools, and when it comes to the best variety of pools for back yards, nothing can beat a Summer Waves pool. We have gone through every piece of​Summer Waves pool reviews​ available only to list down the very best of the pools for you.

Regardless of your requirement or budget, you will surely find something befitting for you from this inclusive and exhaustive list. Choosing the pool that will be a perfect one for your home is never an easy task.

Keeping the same in mind, we have kept all the considerations you might have while listing down the best Summer Waves Pool 2021. Hence, check the list and settle for one that best fits your requirements.

What Is The Best Summer Waves Pool?

The market has a plethora of varieties for summertime pools, and Summer Waves is undoubtedly the one name that can be relied on, minus any worry. But, we have done thorough research based on the possible reviews of the Summer waves pool.

And the feedback of these pools to conclude that the​ Summer waves 32ft x 16ft x 52in above ground rectangle frame pool and Summer waves 24ft x 52in elite wicker round above ground pool are the two best options you would find reach.

Summer Waves 32ft x 16ft x 52in Above Ground Outdoor Rectangle Frame Swimming Pool.

Here are some of the features that make this pool one of the best available in the market.​​

Summer Waves 32ft x 16ft x 52in Above Ground PoolSummer Waves 24ft x 52in Elite Above Ground Pool
Summer Waves 32ft x 16ft x 52in Above Ground Outdoor Swimming Pool
Summer Waves 24ft x 52in Elite Wicker Round Above Ground Frame Outdoor Swimming Pool
This one comes available in a modish design that makes it look stylish. If you are thinking of revamping the overall look of your backyard, this one can be much help in lending urban makeovers.The peripherals that come with this pool make it one of the top choices among users. ​A pool cover, ladder, aground cloth, and a deluxe maintenance kit come along with the Summer Waves pool, which makes your purchase worthier.
The ladder and ground cloth that this product comes with makes installation and getting into the pool after it is set as simple as you can wish for. The ladder helps every one to get into the pool without any effort and makes it fun for all.No one can question the plush look it flaunts. Once you have installed the pool in your backyard, the area will undoubtedly assume a fresh look beyond any doubt. The exterior texture of the Herringbone pattern of this pool makes it one of the most fashionable choices you can settle for.
As far as the size and the capacity of the pool are concerned, it allows plenty of people to take a bath in it at the same time. Hence, if you’re planning a pool party, this one can be as effective as you think.This pool features sturdy built, ensuring a long service life. If you have decided to settle for this pool, every penny you invest in will be worth it over time. The best quality materials have been used to craft this magnificent piece for your pool time luxury.
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SpaceSummer Waves 32ftx 16ftx52in Above Ground PoolSummer Waves 24ftx 52in Elite Wicker Above Ground Pool
PatternGrey HerringboneGrey Herringbone
Filter Pump12 inch Sand Filter Pump12 inch Sand Filter Pump
Maintenance KitYesYes
Ground Cloth and Fitted coverYesYes

Which is Best – Summer Waves Elite or Metal Frame?

When choosing the best Summer Waves pool, the common dilemma remains whether to choose a Summer Waves Elite or a metal frame. Although either of the varieties has its unique set of events and odds, you should keep your budget and preference in the foreground while choosing between these two.

Summer Waves Elite is undoubtedly one of the best in the market that you can settle for style and utility. On the other hand, metal frames ensure durability and safety. Though the find a choice would remain reliant on your preference, the reviews reveal that possessing any one of these two would never be a deal of low merit.

10 Best Summer Waves Pool Reviews Of 2023

1​. Summer Waves 10ft x 30in Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Pool

Summer Waves 10ft x 30in Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Pool

Want to get away from the direct sun rays of the summer sun? A pool full of refreshing water can be your way to escape. Summer Waves offers some of the best pools, of which this ​Summer Waves Quick Set pool is loved by the most. According to the reviews received by this pool, it is one of the pools that you can install minus any hassle.

Also, the reviewers have commented repeatedly about the quality of the pools that have always been successful in casting an indelible and positive impression on the users’ minds. Check the reviews yourself to be sure of the number of thumbs-ups it has to its credit.

Comes with built-in chlorinator
D-filter cartridge
608-gallon capacity
Easy to install
Minimal Maintenance
Not enough to accommodate a pool party for many people
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Another feature that has helped the pool to earn its fame in the market is its manageable size. Perfect for any family, this one comes in a precise size that you can place at any place without much hassle. Also, children and adults can enjoy a splash inside the pool anytime they want.

Most of the reviewers have posted in favor of this item, and surely it is one of the best summertime companions you can think of. If you are planning to buy a pool for your family or let the kids enjoy their leisure time in the backyard spilling some water, this pool would be ideal for all.

The 8 feet diameter of this pool offers enough space for the bathers inside the pool. With 2.5 feet depth, this pool is entirely safe, and you can leave kids over the age of 5 years in the pool without the fear of drowning.

However, the little ones need your supervision as they plunge into the pool all the time. This one comes with an RX330 pool filter pump with GFCI, making water cleaning easier, safe, and infection-free. Spare a few minutes, and your pool will be set in the backyard minus any hassle.

2. ​Summer Waves P1001030A156 Quick Set Above Ground Pool

​Summer Waves P1001030A156 Quick Set Above Ground Pool

As the reviews unveil, this is another gem from the house of Polygroup. When it comes to summertime fun, pools come to mind at first. Again, when it comes to pool, Summer Waves dominate the thought process most of the time.

What makes Summer Waves such a celebrated option is its quality, durability, and performance. Go through the ​Summer Waves Pool reviews available online, and your opinions will become coincident. Plenty of users consider the Summer Waves pool to be the best available in the market.

Some have also mentioned replacing the other pools with Summer Waves pools, and they regret nothing. One of the reasons these pools are trendy amongst the household is the adequate space it provides for a standard 5 member family.

Easy to maintain
D-filter cartridge
Hassle-free installation
Equipped with filters to keep the water clean
Easy pumping
Not adequate for more than 5 members
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With a diameter of 10 feet and a depth of 30 inches, this pool can accommodate five individuals without crowding the waters. Each one will have enough space to move freely inside the pool, as far as this Summer Waves Inflatable pool is concerned. You can also allow 5-6 kids together inside the pool to have their fun time.

Quality is something that Summer waves pools never compromise on. Several reviews reveal that plenty of the users have been using this pool for quite some time now, and none of them have shown any sign of dissatisfaction regarding the quality of the pools.

Summer Waves manufactures some of the best quality swimming pools that ensure fun time without the risk of drowning or sudden water leakage. The pump of these pools also ensures a smooth inlet and outlet of water in and out from the pool. Choose your Summer Waves pool without any hesitation and be ready for a fun-filled pool experience.

3. ​Summer Waves 15ft x 36in Above Ground Swimming Pool

Summer Waves 15ft x 36in Above Ground Swimming Pool

According to the reviewers’ words, the super-tough walls of this pool make it one of the best choices in the market today. Apart from the roomy pool interior, this pool is known to have one of the best quality walls that ensure zero leakage and complete protection during bathing.

Most users have voted in favor of this item as they have found it worth an investment. As far as the durability parameter is concerned, some have been using this pool for the last few years without any visible depreciation.

Hassle-free installation
Pump featuring GFI
Puncture free walls
Easy to clean
Built-in chlorinator
Not ideal for children below the age of 6 years
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Hence, this is undoubtedly one of the most innovative choices available within reach for a ​Polygroup Summer Waves pool. Another aspect that credits this pool with water clarity is the combined filter system with the Summer Waves pools.

Having too many people inside the water at the same time may cause easy and fast accumulation of dirt inside the pool. Here comes the filters’ role that keeps the water circulating accurately to ensure filth-free crystal clear water for long.

Never forget that the walls are made of 3-ply, strong puncture-resistant material that ensures durability and safety at the same time. Hence, most consumers have found this item to be a smart investment.

When it comes to summertime family fun, nothing can be better than a quaint little pool where everyone in the family could have a great time. Summer Waves understand the value of family bonding and has accordingly shaped some of the best pools, of which this ​Summer Waves above ground pool is one.

Ideal for four adults, this pool comes with 15x15x3 feet dimensions. Also, when the pool is 90% complete, it can hold 2640 gallons of water. If you are looking for a perfect family pool, this one can be your one-stop choice.

4. ​Summer Waves 10 x 30 Round Metal Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool

Summer Waves 10 x 30 Round Metal Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool

What can be a better buy than a pool during the Summer? If you want to turn the scorching summer days into pleasurable ones, the best way would be to spend some fun time with your family and kids inside the ​Summer Waves swimming pools that are durable and accommodative of an entire family most of the time.

This particular pool comes made of durable quality metal, making it one of the safest and most durable ones available in the market. Most of the reviews of this item favor it, and people have specially recommended this pool time and again as it is easy to install.

Durable metal frame
Hassle-free installation
Easy to clean
Adequate capacity
A little expensive for its features
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A 10 feet diameter along with a depth of 30 inches is what you get with this perfect family pool. To get inside the pool, all you have to do is install it minus any hassle and let it be filled with water at least up to 90% of its total capacity and plunge in.

With this pool, enjoying the cold water splashes during the summer season would become easier than you think with this pool in your backyard. It is a highly recommended product and often marked as a summertime essential by many users; this pool features a metal wall that never lets the water pressure puncture the walls.

This pool is light in weight and does not bother you much when you need to accommodate it from one place to another. The superior filtration system that accompanies almost every pool of ​Polygroup Summer Waves​ pools is also available with this one. This is a perfect pool for families who like pool activities; this one can be installed in your backyard without any hazard and is sure to last long as the user reviews state. Make sure to go through the reviews posted by the users before settling for a deal.

5. ​Summer Waves 14ft x 48in Above Ground Frame Outdoor Swimming Pool

​Summer Waves 14ft x 48in Above Ground Frame Outdoor Swimming Pool

With Ladder and Pump If both plush and utility are on your mind, settling for this​Summer Waves 14ft pool​would be a smart pick. Featuring a textured look, this pool can add to the overall decoration of your backyard by making it look more urban. One of the things that the reviewers have mentioned time and again about this pool is its capacity and durability.

Featuring a strong, safe, supportive, and puncture-resistant wall made of superior quality metal, this one comes with guaranteed durability. As far as safety is concerned, very few pools in the market can match the level of safety to the people taking a plunge inside it.

Easy to install
Enough space for every one of the family
Ideal for adults and children over the age of 8
Tripping free filtration
Built-in chlorinator
Does not come with a pool cover
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Plenty of the reviewers have applauded its filtration system and chlorination technique as well. In the opinion of the users, this pool never allows the water to turn dirty, even when the entire family stays inside the pool for hours. The meticulously attached filter of this pool allows the pool to stay free from dirt and filth.

Since the filter remains aligned to the wall of this pool carefully, the chances of seepage or tripping get eliminated. No matter how many advantageous features this pool comes loaded with, it does not cost you heavily and causes no hazard when it comes to installation.

If you want to make your summer days merrier, make sure to bring home this Summer Waves pool that looks smart and acts smarter. Full of utilities and easy to operate, this pool is perfect for family pool parties and kid’s pool parties.

Make sure to be watchful if little kids are enjoying their summertime inside the pool. Featuring a 14 ft radius and 48 inches depth, this pool is a lot bigger than many of the standard​Summer Waves 10 ft pools ​for families. Hence, special attention must be laid when children get into it.

6. Summer Waves 32ft x 16ft x 52in Above Ground Outdoor Swimming Pool

Summer Waves 32ft x 16ft x 52in Above Ground Outdoor Swimming Pool

Summer Waves 32ft x 16ft x 52in Above Ground Pools offer extra fun. When it is Summer, and you are all set to spend some quality time with your friends and family, your intentions must not be obstructed by the size of the outdoor pool.

While most of the Summer waves pool offers enough space for the family members, if you are a person who loves to socialize and invite others to take part in your fun times, 32ft x 16ft x 52in a pool from the Summer waves will suit plenty beyond your family.

Stylish exterior
110/120V sand filter pump
Comes with ladder and ground cloth
Comes with a pool cover
Ideal for big families
The pump is not up to the mark
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Featuring the dimensions of 32ft x 16ft x 52in, this pool is enough to accommodate your family members as well as some of your closest friends at the same time. What makes this pool one of the most opted-for choices amongst the pool buyers is its quality.

Crafted from the most refined quality metal, this pool is sure to last long and offers the best level of safety possible. The perfectly rectangular shape makes it look smart and allows more space for the bathers inside it.

Since the depth of the pool is 52 inches, it is ideal for adults. The 12 inches 110/120V sand filter pump makes it all more valuable to pool lovers. Easy to install and maintain, this pool must be on your list if size and quality are on your mind.

Another feature which most of the reviews have highlighted is its stylish exterior. Plenty of users have mentioned that after installing this pool in their yards, the outdoor décor of the house has assumed a smarter appearance.

High on utility and fashion, this one comes from superior materials that last long and features strong walls that protect the bathers inside it. Make sure to consider this pool before you settle for one and go through as many reviews as possible to be sure if this one is the fittest for you or not.

7. Summer Waves 24ft x 52in Elite Wicker Round Above Ground Frame Outdoor Swimming Pool

Summer Waves 24ft x 52in Elite Wicker Round Above Ground Frame Outdoor Swimming Pool

If a round-shaped pool of adequate size is what you are looking for, this pool from Polygroup Summer Waves comes with an exceptional 24ft diameter and 52 inches depth. Adequate for most prominent families, this pool can be your one-stop solution if you are looking for utility and style at the same time.

With its unusual exterior look, this pool is sure to add dimension to your house outdoor. Set it up in your backyard without any hassle, and get ready for summertime fun hours with your family and loved ones. Most of the reviewers of this item have voted for this pool as it holds an enormous volume of water.

It comes with a ​2-inch sand filter pump, a pool cover, a ladder, a ground cloth, and a deluxe maintenance kit.
It looks stylish
It offers enough space for a family to enjoy the pool hours together
Comes with a pool cover
Features a sturdy built
You can improve the pump quality
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However, there is no reason to be amazed at the capacity and think of the time it might take to get the pool filled. The reviews reveal that the entire task of filling the pool with water gets over within 60 minutes, and you can go straight into the pool to enjoy some of your leisure times minus any hassles.

Hence, no matter how big the pool is, it would not keep you waiting all day to get filled. The walls of this sizeable pool are made of premium quality triple layer polyester mesh that lends durability and texture to this pool. The walls also feature good quality PV material of heavy gauge.

The steel frame of this pool is rust-resistant and hence lasts long. Being galvanized, the steel frame is capable of withstanding the weathering effects for long. Therefore, once you invest in this pool, you are sure to enjoy your summer pool times for years to come. Check the reviews, and you will find it hard to figure out even single negative feedback for this product.

8. ​Summer Waves 14 Foot x 3 Foot Quick Set Pool

Summer Waves 14 Foot x 3 Foot Quick Set Pool

Are you looking for the best quality summer pools that can accommodate your family members without crowding the waters too much? Here is one that you can indeed consider if buying a Summer Waves pool is on your mind.

According to the feedback posted by the users of this pool, this one is durable and is sure to last at least for 5-to 6 years in a row. Plenty of people has also mentioned that this pool demands next to nothing on maintenance makes it one of the most innovative choices available in the market to invest in.

RX600 filter pump with GFCI
Comes with a ladder
Triple-layer polylaminate PVC walls
Replacement filter cartridge
You can improve the pump quality
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When it comes to filling and emptying the pool, this one can be an easy solution for both. Neither does it take longer to get filled to its neck, nor does it keep you waiting when you drain the water after the pool time is over.

The best part is the pipelines attached to this pool that allow easy fill-up and easy water draining. If you are bothered about who would take the hassle of installing a pool in your backyard, setting this pool up is easier than you think. Anyone can follow the instructions provided in the user manual to set up the pool minus any hassle.

Once the pool is set, you do not have to think of how to get into it. The pool comes with a 36 inches ladder that makes your way into the pool obstacle-free. Just step on the steps, and you are almost inside the water. This ladder is of great help for children as well.

Kids can find their way into the pool easily using this ladder. A perfect combination of utility and style, this one is undoubtedly going to add a new dimension to your outdoor appearance of the house.

9. Summer Waves Elite 14’x42 Premium Frame Pool

Summer Waves Elite 14’x42 Premium Frame Pool

Have you been dreaming of owning an Elite Frame pool for your house? If so, this Summer Waves pool can be the best choice for you. Make sure to check the feedbacks and the reviews of the pool thoroughly before settling for the deal.

However, according to our research, the product is worth your investment from every aspect and is sure to last long with its durable exterior. The attention-grabbing blue and white mosaic print makes it one of the fittest if the style is also on your mind, along with the utilities.

The pump comes with an A/C filter cartridge
SkimmerPlus 1000 Filter Pump
Attractive Design
Big enough to accommodate a family with a few more
A bit expensive for the features it comes with
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The filter pump that comes with this pool makes filling the pool easier. If you have scheduled a party with your friends to spend some quality time inside the pool, you do not have to wait long until the pool gets ready to accommodate all of you. Instead, it would be ready within an hour almost.

The best part is that the wall exterior of this pool is made of superior quality metal. Hence, this one ensures the utmost safety and zero possibility of any puncture or leak. The 41’X42″ dimension of this pool guarantees that you would get enough space inside the pool while having fun with friends and family.

In addition to the pool, structure is a handy SureStep ladder to assist everyone in getting into the pool. Without a ladder, jumping into the pool with 42″ walls between
the water and the diver would be a risk-involving task. Also, the kids would fail to get inside the pool easily without a ladder.

Hence, this ladder is one of the best peripheral essentials that come along with the pool. Also, the pool would be accompanied by a ground cloth, a pool cover, and a maintenance kit when it gets delivered to you. Plenty of reviewers have found these items very useful for keeping the pool clean and protected.

10. ​Summer Waves 16′ x 42″ Quick Set Pool

Summer Waves 16′ x 42″ Quick Set Pool

​Summer Waves 16′ x 42″ Quick Set Pool For people looking for a utilitarian pool that will also add to the overall appearance of their backyards, here is a pool from Summer Waves that can be your one-stop choice.

A perfect blend of aesthetics and utilities, this one comes in a perfectly circular shape that adds to its urban look and a durable exterior that makes it one of the safest pools available in the market.

What makes purchasing this pool all more worthy are the peripheral essentials that it comes with.

Big enough for a family and a few friends
Safety is guaranteed with stout exterior wall
Comes with a useful ladder
Easy to set up and maintain
A little costly compared to the rest of the pools of this variety
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A ladder, a filter pump, and a filter cartridge bring with this pool while purchasing. Most of the reviewers have recommended this one for the excellent quality peripherals it comes with.

If you are looking forward to revamping the look of your backyard or outhouse area, this pool can be a smart addition to your plan anytime. With its perfectly round shape and urban look, it would match any modern decoration effortlessly. The textured exterior of the pool also adds to its overall beauty and makes it a smart item for decorating your backyard.

Setting up the pool is easier than you think. All you have to do is inflate the outer ring, and the pool starts to get filled up and rises to stand firm to hold you and your family members safely inside it. The puncture-resistant durable lining area makes sure that you do not have to face any difficulty while having fun inside the pool.

Packed with features, this pool can be a smart addition to your outdoor living space, where you generally organize parties and events to celebrate occasions with friends and family. If arranging a pool party is on your mind this Summer, this Summer Waves Quick Set pool can be a smart pick at any point in time.

Final Verdict

Hence, when choosing the right pool for your home, make sure that you do not miss out on any point that must be kept in mind. You should verify everything thoroughly from the pool wall’s durability, size, quality, pump, package inclusions, and prices. We go through as many reviews as possible to make selection easier for you to bring out only the most popular choices.

Therefore, you can depend on the list mentioned above and choose depending on your requirement and budget at any time. Also, go through the Summer Waves pool reviews to be sure of anyone that you purchase.

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