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Top 5 Summer Waves Elite Pool Reviews 2021

Beating scorching heat and humidity this summer won’t be a problem anymore if you consider bringing home an above ground swimming pool. If spending quality time in the backyard oasis is something that you have always dreamt of, the ​Summer Waves Elite pool reviews​ will certainly help you make a selection of an above ground pool that’s feature-packed, affordable, and suits your lifestyle perfectly.

Above ground pools are just ideal for the homeowners who do not have a spacious backyard or a sufficient budget to build an inground swimming pool. Many individuals who stay on rent do not have the right to install a permanent pool and which is why to cater to the requirements of such individuals, several brands manufacture and sell an above ground swimming pool. It is the ultimate option for anyone and everyone who wishes to possess a swimming pool in their backyard.

These days, above ground swimming pools, are available on the market in different sizes, shapes, styles, and designs. Hence, getting your hands on the right pool within your budget may become a bit challenging if you aren’t well aware of the useful features that an above ground inflatable pool must-have. However, we are here to make you aware of the ​Summer Waves Elite pool,​ which is considered the best above ground swimming pool presently, and ensure that you find the perfect pool where you can splash, swim, cool off, and chill out with your friends and family this summer.

We have conducted a comparison of myriads above ground swimming pools available on the market at present to ensure you make an investment in the right one. If you are eager to know about the best overall above ground swimming pool from Summer Waves, according to us, it is Summer Waves Elite 16’X48” Frame Pool with Skimmer Plus Filter Pump. If you want to make a purchase of the most user-friendly above ground swimming pool, it is Summer Waves 24’X52” Elite Wicker Round Above Ground Frame Pool. Here’s what you should know about both of these pools and the aspects that make them stand apart.

Comparison Summer Waves Elite 16’X48” Frame Pool and Summer Waves Elite 24’X52” Wicker Round Pool

Summer Waves Elite Frame Pool Summer Waves Elite Wicker Round Pool
Top-quality steel frame construction that helps increase the durability and strength of the entire pool enables it to stand out. The frame can withstand rigorous use for years. Galvanized steel frame construction increases the overall strength and lifespan of the swimming pool. The metal frames are highly durable and less likely to corrode because of the presence of a rust-resistant coating on them.
It is less likely to become susceptible to abrasion damage. because rust and the corrosion-resistant coating are applied on it beforehand. Besides the steel frame structure that is capable of withstanding rigorous use, the pool also consists of a triple layer highly sturdy polyester mesh and heavy-duty PVC composite material that fortify the pool’ sidewalls and improve the structural integrity.
It consists of a tear-resistant and heavy-duty 3-ply PVC material that fortifies the sidewalls of the pool and maintains structural integrity. The appearance of this above ground pool is unlike other pools. It features a grey wicker herringbone print that increases the elegance of your backyard where you set up the swimming pool.
This productive above ground swimming pool features an efficient Skimmer Plus Filter Pump System with GFCI functions that helps keep the pool water clean and swimming-friendly. The filter pump includes an A/C filter cartridge. Anyone who will visit your house will feel instantly attracted and invited on taking a glimpse of the exquisite above ground swimming pool.
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Top 5 Summer Waves Elite Pool Reviews 2021

We have conducted research and reviewed each Summer Waves Elite pool in the best way possible to ensure that you obtain comprehensive knowledge about the features and usefulness before getting one for yourself. We sincerely hope that the list of above ground swimming pools from Summer Waves we have compiled fascinates you and helps you find the right pool out of the listed ones. Without further ado, let’s check out.

1. Summer Waves Elite 14’X42’ Above Ground Swimming Pool

Beat the intense summer heat in the ultimate way possible by bringing home this premium frame above ground swimming pool from Summer Waves. It’s just the perfect pool for people of all ages. Ask your friends to come over to your place on weekends to chill out and hang out in the swimming pool that’s right in your backyard. We were compelled to list this pool at the very first position because of its high-standard frame design. The manufacturer has used top-quality metal for designing the frame of the best selling swimming pool. The stability and durability of this pool are higher than other above ground pools available on the market at a price equivalent to this particular pool.

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To keep rust formation in check and protect the swimming pool from harmful Ultraviolet rays, top-quality corrosion, and a rust-resistant coating is applied on the metal frame. Users are fond of the highly durable yet lightweight PVC material that plays an instrumental role in reinforcing the pool and maintaining its structural integrity. No matter how long the swimming pool remains directly exposed to the sunlight, the heavy-duty material won’t fade. You can keep using this above-ground swimming pool for many summers.

The portable and easy setup aspects of this pool have enticed many people and compelled them to make a purchase of this pool. You need not use any extra tools for completing the installation process of the swimming pool. Within a half-an-hour, you can complete the setup of the pool easily. The premium-quality pool cover keeps the water in the pool cool, clean, and clear. The filter pump of this swimming pool works efficiently, and the flow control drain valve helps users emptying the excess water from the pool effortlessly. One of the perks of purchasing this above ground swimming pool is that you get a set comprising valuable and deluxe accessory.

  • The superior frame design of the pool increases its overall strength and ensures that it lasts longer.
  • Highly sturdy yet lightweight PVC material improves the structural integrity of the pool and comfortability.
  • The filter pump system works efficiently without creating any noise.
  • You can carry this pool with you in an SUV whenever you go camping.
  • The rust-resistant coating prevents the metal frame from abrasion damage.
  • Users find the ladder a bit less sturdy and unstable.

  • Water spews out around the plug where the pool liner is attached.

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2. Summer Waves Elite 16’X48” Frame Pool with Skimmer

Now you can own an above ground pool that has uniquely shaped frames and has a longer usable life than a conventional metal frame swimming pool. Bring home the ​Summer Waves Elite frame pool ​at a reasonable price and beat the scorching summer heat like never before. It is one of those swimming pools that can accommodate the whole family comfortably and help you all indulge in fun and frolic while you cool off.

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Kids will simply enjoy swimming and splashing in this above ground pool. The metal frame construction adds to the durability and overall strength of the swimming pool. Owing to the application of top-grade rust and corrosion-resistant coating on the metal frames, chances of abrasion damage minimize significantly.

Users like the spaciousness and superior strength aspects of this pool. They are also fond of their possession because it requires only a few minutes to set up without the need to use any additional tools for completing the installation process. A resilient and puncture-resistant 3-ply material is used for the construction of the sidewalls of this pool. Hence, one can even sit on the walls without worrying about causing any damage to the pool.

What makes this above ground pool stand out is its 1500 gallon Skimmer Plus filter pump. The water in the pool remains clear and pristine owing to the efficient functioning of this productive pump. This pool also comes with a top-quality cover that ensures ultimate protection to the water in the pool from dirt, debris, and leaves. You will be able to maintain the swimming pool without putting in much effort because of the presence of deluxe accessory kits. This above ground swimming pool from Summer Waves will certainly entice you by its look. It has neutral colors and mosaic tiles.

  • Innovatively-shaped metal frame construction increases the strength and longevity of this above ground swimming pool.

  • The sturdy and tear-resistant 3-ply material fortifies the pool.

  • The Skimmer Plus Filter Pump System with GFCI functions productively to keep the pool water fresh and healthy for swimming.

  • It comes with a well-built ladder and a large ground cloth.

  • An A/C filter cartridge comes equipped with the filter pump.

  • The ladder is prone to corrosion.

  • Cleaning the swimming pool’s bottom portion without a vacuum is a tough task.

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3. Summer Waves Elite Metal Frame Swimming Pool

Summer Waves Elite Metal Frame Swimming Pool

Want to enjoy splashing and swimming experience right in the backyard of your house this summer, make a purchase of this well-designed and heavy-duty metal frame from Summer Waves. The sturdy metal frame structure increases the overall strength of the pool. It is one of the Pro series pools that are capable of withstanding rigorous use.

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These swimming pools are up to 80 percent stronger and durable than other metal frame structure-based above ground swimming pools.

This pool is made of highly durable and long-lasting PVC composite material and fortified with an inner layer of polyester mesh that adds to the overall strength and stability of the pool. The metal frames of this pool are less likely to suffer from wearing and corrosion due to the application of a rust-resisting coating on them during the pool manufacturing processes. With 30 to 40 minutes, you can complete the pool set up process easily without even any need to use additional tools. All you need is support from two or three people while you begin the installation process. The large pool can fit many people comfortably and allow you to chill out with your friends and family on summer evenings just the perfect way.

The super-productive skimmer plus filtration system increases the overall value of the swimming pool. In comparison to other above ground swimming pools, this one has an efficiently functioning surface skimmer that renders this pool free from debris, bugs, twigs, and leaves. You will find the water in the pool clean and pristine. The skimmer plus filter pump can accommodate 1-inch Chlorine tablets. You can add the tablets in the integral cartridge to ensure that the swimming pools’ water remains free from toxic particles and ideal for swimming. You won’t experience any hassle while removing and cleaning the cartridge and skimmer basket. Assembling this above ground swimming pool can be done in less time, and you need only 2-3 people to complete the pool setup process.

  • The pool comes with maintenance kits that allow users to maintain and keep the pool in top-condition effectively.

  • It has a premium-grade pool cover that keeps the water protected from dirt, dust, and leaves.

  • The PVC composite material reinforces the wall of the pool and maintains structural integrity.

  • The sturdy ladder of this swimming pool comes with a safety barrier.

  • The pool has a weak filter system.

  • The top and bottom part of the round skimmer is too narrow to work efficiently.

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4. Summer Waves 24’X52” Elite Wicker Round Above Ground Pool

Summer Waves 24’X52” Elite Wicker Round Above Ground Frame Pool

If you dream of splashing a hot and humid day away in the comfort and privacy of your residence’ backyard, you should bring home this Elite Wicker round above ground swimming pool from Summer Waves. It is a family-sized pool and therefore, spending summer holiday this time in your backyard oasis with your family and friends will be fun. This ​Polygroup Summer Waves Elite​ above ground swimming pool is known for its superior metal frame construction that helps increase the durability of the pool. Due to the application of the high-quality rust-resistant coating on metal frames, they are less likely to suffer from abrasion damage.

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Since the launch of this above ground swimming pool on the market, a considerable number of people have purchased it. The pool is constructed of a durable triple-layer polyester mesh and heavy-duty PVC material that reinforces the sidewalls of this pool. The steel frame construction, polyester mesh, and PVC material collectively increase the above ground swimming pool’s strength and withstand heavy use. Splash, swim, cool off and hang out in the pool in your backyard this summer evenings like never before. The Polyvinyl Chloride material possesses the capability to endure UV exposure for a long time without turning fade and which is why more people have been purchasing this particular above ground swimming pool.

Besides striking features and the durability factor, the appearance of this pool also makes it stand out from the crowd. It consists of a grey wicker herringbone print that adds a stylish and elegant look to your backyard where you place the swimming pool. The assembling process of the pool takes relatively less time, and you need to use any additional tools to complete the setup. You can haul this pool in a truck or SUV whenever you go camping or outing with your friends and family members. If you feel that the pool’s water level is more than what you need, you can effortlessly remove the excess water because it includes a flow control valve.

  • Superior galvanized steel frame construction increases the usability life of the pool.

  • Tear-resistant triple-layer polyester mesh and heavy gauge PVC material add immense support to the sidewalls of the pool.

  • Both pool cover and ground cloth keep this above ground pool clean and protected for a longer time.

  • The low-maintenance Sand Filter pump keeps pool water refreshing and pristine.

  • The ladder that comes with this pool is not sturdy enough.
  • It does not have a Chlorine dispenser.

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5. Summer Waves Elite 16’X48” Elite Wicker Frame Pool

Cool off and stay rejuvenated this summer like never before by installing the ​Polygroup Summer Waves Elite Pool ​in the backyard of your house. This above ground swimming pool from the brand Summer Waves enjoys great popularity on the market owing to its salient features and affordable price. Users can spend the summer months with their family and friends while cooling off and chilling out in this spacious and comfortable pool. Place this exquisitely designed swimming pool in the backyard that has mosaic tiles and neutral colors and witness how interestingly the aesthetic appeal your outdoor space increases.

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This pool has everything that you need to beat the summer heat while having fun with your near and dear ones. Premium quality and ultra-durable metal frames are used for the construction of this pool. To prevent wearing and abrasion damage, rust/corrosion-resistant coating is used on the frames. Also, owing to the application of this specific coating, the metal frames’ strength and longevity increase to a great extent. A puncture-resistant and three-ply PVC band surrounding the base of the above ground swimming pool helps provide immense stability to the pool. Even the material has the capability of enduring direct exposure of UV without turning fade. Hence, you can use the pool for years without any worry.

One of the best things that most users like about this swimming pool is the easy assembling process. You need only two or three people to complete the installation process of the pool successfully and that too without using any additional tools. It is one of most competitively-priced above ground swimming pools that you can get for yourself before the onset of summer. You can carry this pool with you in a truck or an SUV when you go camping and outing. Draining away excess water from the swimming pool is a hassle-free task owing to the existence of a flow-control drain. You will always find the pool water clean, pristine, and free from debris, bugs, and leaves due to the Skimmer Plus Filter pump’s presence.

  • The pool features a 1500 gallon Skimmer Plus Filter pump with GFCI.

  • It comes with a sturdy ladder that has a safety barrier.

  • The ground cloth, cover, and premium-standard maintenance kits enable users to maintain and protect the swimming pool in an ideal way.

  • The filter pump of the pool consists of an A/C filter cartridge.

  • The filter pump doesn’t work efficiently after a certain period.

  • The pool assembling process requires more than two and a half hours.

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Final Verdict

All the above ground swimming pools mentioned above from the brand Summer Waves are the highest selling ones at present. Prior to coming up with this ​summer waves elite pool reviews​, we have diligently conducted research on feature-loaded and budget-friendly above ground swimming pools on the market. We could compile the list of cost-effective above ground swimming pools for you only because of our hard effort. Hopefully, now, you won’t have to spend hours searching an above ground pool online anymore as we believe that you will be able to choose one out of the pools that this list features. We have conducted research, comparison between pools, and finally included the best ones in this review article keeping your minimum budget and decent lifestyle in mind.

You can pick any pools out of the mentioned five above ground swimming pools from Summer Waves. However, if you are interested to know our recommendation, it is Summer Waves Elite 16’X48” Frame Pool with Skimmer Plus Filter Pump. Without delaying any further, bring a Summer Waves Elite above ground swimming pool home and beat the scorching heat this summer like never before while indulging in fun and enjoyment with your family and friends in the backyard.

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