Summer Waves 15ft Quick Set Pool Review

Summer Waves 15ft Quick Set Pool Review

Isn’t it cool to have a large pool on your patio? But it is nothing but a luxury for most of us who have a small courtyard or living in an apartment. And, of course, the cost. But that doesn’t mean, we can’t have a pool. 

We need an above-ground pool which we can build and make whenever we need it in summer. Moreover, it has to be portable so that we can move it if necessary. The best answer for us is the Summer waves 15ft quick set pool.

This 15ft x 36in will be suitable for your family to dive in this burning summer. And the easy setup will let you and your family do that anytime. After reading this review, you will finally be able to decide whether you should get this pool or not. So, with further ado, let’s see.

At A Glance Of Summer Waves 15ft Above Ground Pool 

  • The 15ft x 36in dimension of this pool has enough room for your whole family to enjoy. 
  • Build with puncture-resistant triple-layer polylaminate PVC to increase durability. 
  • Drain plug with garden hose connection allows you to empty the pool faster. 
  • The easy setup takes less than 10 minutes to set up the pool. 
  • To clean your pool water crystal cleaner, it comes with an RX1000 cartridge filter pump. 
  • Can contain 3400 gallons of water.
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Compare Summer Waves 15ft With Intex 15ft X 42in Easy Set Pool

Summer Waves 15ft Quick Set PoolIntex 15ft X 42in Easy Set Pool
Summer Waves 15ft Quick Set Pool ReviewIntex 15ft X 42in Easy Set Pool
Summer Waves 15ft Quick Set Pool is 15ft wide and 36 inches deep, providing enough space to swim.Intex 15ft x 42in as the name says, 15ft wide and 42in deep, enough for adults to swim.
It has the ability to contain 3400 gallons of water which is the highest number for a low-end inflatable pool.It has a water capacity of 3, 284 gallons which contains 80% space of the pool.
To set up and ready this pool including the filter pump you only need 10 minutes.If the ground is flat and ready, you only need 15 minutes to set up the Intex 15ft pool.
RX1000 cartridge filter pump comes with GFCI to ensure the safety of all swimmers.The box-in 1000 GPH filter pump can filter up to 1000 gallons of water per hour.
It comes with a SureStep ladder, pool cover, and ground cloth for the owner’s convenience.It also comes with a removable ladder, debris cover, and ground cloth inside the box.
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Key Features Of the Summer Waves 15ft Quick Set Pool

Summer Waves 15ft Quick Set Pool Review

Powerful Filter

Summer Waves 15ft Quick Set Pool included a powerful filter pump, RX1000 cartridge filter pump which can operate at 110-120V electricity. It can filter up to 1000 gallons of water in an hour. And, with a GFCI plug, it ensures the safety of all swimmers swimming in the pool.

Easy to Assemble

If it is your first time above ground pool, then the preparation (planing the ground) will take some time and energy. But, once it’s done, just inflate the top ring, fill the pool with water and it’s time to enjoy swimming. Use the ground cloth (come inside the box) if you are setting up the pool on concrete.


In the case of above-ground pools, you have to care about security. It is important as most of the time kids swim in the pool. Moreover, the electric pump can create issues too. But not with Summer Wave. It comes with proper protection.

What Users Are Saying Summer Waves 15ft Quick Set Pool

The summer waves pool is quite famous these days for its excellent above-ground pools at a reasonable price. The inflatable above-ground pools of summer wave are also famous among above ground pool owners obviously for their low-expense and premium features.

The summer waves quick set pool 15 ft is a middle-size above-ground pool. Users love this product for its durability and high-quality materials. It is easy to set up. Fill and drain water from the pool faster than most other pools. The in-boxed filter is also robust and quick.

But, some users have complained about receiving faulty units. Although some of them manage to return to the pool. However, the manufacturer said, they are trying to tackle this issue.

FAQs about the Summer Waves 15ft Quick Set Pool

Can I leave this up in winter?

You can. But you have to take care of it when you’re not using it. However, it is recommended not to leave in winter.

How long the electric cord is and is it safe?

The cord is 12 ft long. And, the electric filter uses a GFCI plug, so it is safe from any electrical issue.

How many chlorine tablets do I put in my 10ft pool?

I will say to use 360 grams of chlorine 3-inch table into this 15ft dia pool and the number will vary with size.
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Final Verdict

If in-built pools are not your option, you have portable inflatable pools. They are cheap, portable, and easy to maintain. Even though these types of pools are inexpensive, you want to last them long and have some safety measures. And, Summer Waves 15ft Quick Set Pool is providing quality materials with enough safety.

If you are one who doesn’t have enough space for building a pool but want to enjoy your summer with your family, then Summer Waves 15ft Quick Set Pool is the best option for you.