Summer Waves 10ft Quick Set Pool Review

Summer Waves 10ft Quick Set Pool Review

Pools are always interesting and fun to play with. It is especially for the kids. But the price to build it, maintenance cost, and insufficient space make it unaffordable for many people. 

So, in that case, we have temporary solutions which can replace pools – temporary above-ground pools. They are cheap, don’t need additional maintenance, and don’t consume space as you can fold them anytime you want.

Here, I am going to review one of the most affordable pools – Summer Waves 10ft quick set pool.

Despite its low price, the in-built materials are high class, comes with a filter pump, and easy to set up. And, customers are quite satisfied with this pool of summer waves. 

In this review article. I’m going to share with you all the excellent features of the summer wave 10ft pool inflatable above-ground. So, without waiting anymore, let’s start.

At A Glance Of Summer Waves 10ft Quick Set Pool

  • The pool offers a surface of 10ft x 30in. 
  • It can contain 608 gallons of water in a 2.5 deep round shape. 
  •  An RX330 pool filter pump with GFCI comes with this pool. 
  • The rapid installation feature of Summer Waves allows you to set it up in minutes. 
  • The liner is made with super-durable triple-layer materials.
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Compare Summer Waves 10ft With Intex Easy Set Up 10ft Pool

Summer Waves 10ft Quick Set PoolIntex Easy Set Up 10ft Pool
Summer Waves 10ft Quick Set Pool ReviewIntex Easy Set Up 10ft Pool
Summer Waves 10ft Quick Set Pool comes with an RX330 cartridge filter pump to keep your pool water sparkling clean.No filter pump comes with the Intex Easy Set Up 10ft Pool. But you can separately buy Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for it.
The size of this family pool is 10 ft x 30 in which is suitable for children.As the name suggests, the surface of this pool is 10ft by 30 in.
The pool is easy to set up and ready for water in 10 minutes, all you need to do is inflate the top ring.Following its name, this pool is super-simple to set up and ready for water in 15 minutes.
It has the capacity to hold 608 gallons of water inside the round shape.It can hold 1,018 gallons (3,854 L) of water at 80% full situation.
The materials are triple-layer PolyLaminate PVC with polyester inner mesh side all to enhance its durability.The materials of this pool are well made for a low-cost affordable pool.
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Key Features of the Summer Waves 10ft Quick Set Pool

Key Features of the Summer Waves 10ft Quick Set Pool

Easy Assemble

Setting up a temporary pool every time can be troublesome. Moreover, they are not like; you set it for one time and it’s ready. You need to set them up when you need and remove them when you will not swim for a while.

Summer Waves 10ft Quick Set Pool comes with the solution to this problem. You don’t even need ten minutes to set the pool. All you have to do is level the ground where you’re going to put this pool, bed the ground cover, and set the frame. And in 30 minutes your pool is ready to dive in. 

Large Enough

The Summer waves quick set pool 10ft provides enough space for your entire family to have summer in a pool. The pool offers a 10 ft × 30in surface that is large enough to swim, sit and relax. The side walls are high enough to relax your head and back against it.  


Though temporary above-ground pools don’t need too much care, still they need some. However, you don’t need any additional equipment to purchase with the pool to maintain it. This pool comes with a filter pump, which helps you keep the pool water clean, and other maintenance kits. 


The materials Summer Waves quick pool sets made with is not bad either. They are robust and sturdy. This makes the pool very durable compared to other pools on the market. You can use it summer after summer without hassle as it doesn’t need that much maintenance as well.  


People buy temporary pools, most likely because they are having problems with the budget to build a pool for their own. However, if the temporary pools also cost much, there is no reason to buy one in the first place. But, the Summer waves 10 ft pool is quite low in price and low maintenance also makes it affordable.

What Users Are Saying About Summer Waves 10ft Quick Set Pool

Summer Waves is quite a famous brand in the temporary above-ground pool industry. But sometimes their product has to face intense criticism. Although not so much with this 10 ft quick set pool, it also has got some negative reviews on Amazon. 

Overall product is not that bad. The materials are sturdy and they lasted long for many users. The setup is quite easy, which doesn’t take a lot of time even if you are doing all the work alone. Lastly, the filter is also quite outstanding of the best summer waves pool. Cleaning the cartridges at the same time is quite simple. 

However, the problem is many users got faulty products. And this annoying thing happens too often. Although some users said this lasted for them for a long enough time, for many users it didn’t last for even two weeks.

It is quite frustrating if you buy a pool despite all budget things, but it didn’t last for even one season. Moreover, for some users, the pump broke after some users or it was broken inside the box. 

The customer service of Summer Waves is horrible. But otherwise, the pool itself is not bad. Also, you can’t expect too much from a cheap pool away. Here, this fulfills its purpose. 

FAQS About Summer Waves 10ft Quick Set Pool

What filter size should I use?

The filter you should look for is the filters of RX330. The filter cartridge size should be 4.13 x 3.75 inches, which is a D-type filter cartridge. 

What type of heater should I use with this pool?

DX4 is a small pool. So, it really doesn’t need a heater if it’s under the sun. However, if you live in cold areas, just get a solar cover to keep it warm. 

What to do if the cleaner we received is defective?

You might know the return policy of Amazon. Check the pool very first you get it and if you find any issue, use the return policy.
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Final Verdict

Summer Waves 10ft quick set pool has everything you need from a temporary pool. It is cheap, well-built, and comes with a relatively good filter.

Although, there might be some complaints about its materials, really, how can you compare a hundred-dollar pool with its five times pricer pool? That doesn’t make sense. 

So, if you want a pool at a cheap price that can sustain two or three seasons, I don’t know if there is any better pool than this one. However, everything is up to you now.