Sony Alpha A6400 Review – Is it truly best for photography?

Sony Alpha A6400 Review

The camera is an important thing for those who like to do photography. In order to do good photography, photographers are aware of the features and qualities of the camera.

Today we are reviewing the Sony Alpha 6400 camera with advanced features for all these photographers. About 3 years after the A6300 announcement, the Sony Alpha 6400 compact 24MP mirrorless interchangeable lens camera was released. Featuring an APS-C sensor, this camera looks a lot like the A6300 camera, but it has improved autofocus performance.

The Sony Alpha a6400 camera has a new processor that enables ‘real-time tracking’ autofocus. So this camera is suitable for use in sports-shooting flagship A9. This functional autofocus is easy to use once set up. Also, the Sony a6400 camera has reliably good quality images and a fast hybrid AF system.

We discussed the details of the camera in our Sony Alpha a6400 review. After watching the reviews about Sony a6400 Camera you will understand why the Sony a6400 camera is so popular. So without wasting time we started watching the review.

At A Glance Of Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera

  • The camera has an Excellent Real-time Eye and Real-time Tracking autofocus system.
  • Acquisition of the world’s fastest autofocus 0.02 seconds with 425 phase-detection AF points
  • The camera has a new generation BIONZ X image processing engine
  • There is a high-resolution 4K movie recording system that allows serious video production
  • The camera’s LCD touch screen is fully 180-degree tiltable for easy self-portrait and high and low-angle shots.
  • Sony Alpha a6400 camera has advanced programmable buttons
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Compare Sony Alpha A6400 and Canon EOS M50 Mark II Camera

In the Sony alpha a6400 review, we are comparing two mirrorless cameras from Canon and Sony so that you can get a clear idea about the 6400 camera in Sony. The Sony A6400 comes just 21 months after the Canon M50 hit the market. So there is not much difference in technology between these two cameras. A brief comparison of the main features of these two cameras is given below.​​

Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless CameraCanon EOS M50 Mark II Camera
Sony Alpha a6400 mirrorless camera for filmmaking
Canon EOS M50 Mark II Camera
The size and weight of the camera is a big decision when choosing to purchase. The external size of Sony alpha a6400 is 120 x 67 x 50 mm and weighs 403 g including battery.The Canon M50 cameras have a relative dimensions of 116 x 88 x 59 mm along with the front, back, and top and weigh 387 grams with the battery.
The Sony Alpha a6400 camera features a tilting screen, which is Effective for good shooting from waist to head level.The Canon M50 camera has a full articulated screen that plays an effective role in taking selfies and videos.
Sony A6400 camera has 127 lenses for e-mount. However, since this camera does not have stable features, you have to buy a lens with stable features.The Canon M50 camera has 23 lenses for EF-M lens mount. And this camera has sensor-based image stabilization (IS).
Sony a6400 camera has APS-C size 24.0 MP resolution sensor. The larger sensor controls the depth of the field and the blurred background.The Canon M50 II camera also has a 24.0 MP resolution sensor like the Sony A6400. This sensor controls blurred backgrounds at short focal length apertures.
The weather-sealed body of Sony Alpha A6400 is suitable for use in any situation with confidence.Canon 50 Mark II carries the risk of being used in water and dusty environments.
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What Users Are Saying About Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera

The Sony A6400 is a great camera with good features. Users are fascinated by the real-time tracking AF capability and fast focus feature of this camera. Sony a6400 has updated the camera’s APS-C system technology.

However, users feel that Sony needs to focus on the camera body and user interface. Users think that by updating the body and interface, it is possible to take this camera to the enthusiastic level for photography and video making.

Key Features of Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera

Key Features of Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera

Sony Alpha A6400 Performance

The Camera Performance section gives you a good idea about the full-size sample photos, ISO test images, video quality, and much more, along with the image performance of the Sony a6400 camera. The Sony Alpha a6400 camera delivers the image according to the needs of the photographers. The images captured on this camera create quite a vibrant color that appeals to most people.

However, the Sony a6400 camera has one thing to note, silent shooting mode should be avoided when panning or capturing in fast motion, otherwise, the correct image will not be available due to the shutter effect.

Image Quality

The Sony Alpha camera has a large sensor and the latest image-processing engine that allows you to shoot authentic and clear images of certain moments in your daily life.

This camera features copper wiring and extended circuit processing with APS-C sensors. This camera has an image-processing algorithm to guide the reproduction of life-giving colors.


Like the Sony A6300 and A6500, the Sony Alpha A6400 has a 0.39-inch type 2.36 million dot electronic viewfinder (EVF).

There is an option to increase the frame rate from 60fps to 120fps by entering the menu option. 120fps gives a smoother view than standard settings but consumes battery power faster.


The Sony Alpha a6400 camera has all the necessary key controls. Using the touch-screen to quickly determine the AF point. There are many ways to customize the controls of the Sony A6400.

There are three sets of custom settings to quickly change multiple settings. Quick access is also available by changing the settings and controlling the silent shutter and aspect ratio.

Lens Performance

The 18-135mm lens on the Sony Alpha a6400 camera offers a useful range from 27mm to 202mm. This camera has an option that solves any lens-related problems including shadow compensation and distortion compensation. Also, the built-in OSS feature in this camera helps to keep the stable shots uninterrupted.

Body and Handling

Magnesium is used to make the A6400 body strong and lightweight. The grip is rubberized so that it can be held well. The exact size of the a6400 camera is 120mm x 67mm x 60mm. The grip is small but quite comfortable.

You can take the Sony a6400 camera out in the rain without any worries as this camera is resistant to “moisture and dust”. The Sony Alpha a6400 camera’s electronic viewfinder is huge and responsive. However, reviewers have some bad experiences with the ergonomics of these camera controls.


The Sony Alpha a6400 camera has an autofocus system. This autofocus processor uses 425 F points. In general, the higher the AF point, the better the focus.

If the AF points are high, it gives a good chance to stay in the position of interest in a scene in challenging situations or when panning the camera. There is also a manual focus for capturing creative photos independently with the Sony Alpha a6400.


The Sony A6400 camera can use SDHC and SDXC cards for image storage. Images can also be saved using Sony Memoristics. The 32 GB memory card will hold an average of 2670 images with a size of 12 MB.


The Sony Alpha a6400 camera features a flash that ranges up to 6m (20 feet). This range is sufficient to work in most situations. If you need a flash remotely you can connect a flash or trigger to Sony’s hot show.

Battery life

Sony Alpha a6400 camera battery life is quite decent. According to the Sony / CIPA test results, the battery life of the Sony a6400 camera is rated at 410 shots when using the LCD screen or electronic viewfinder.

MicroUSB cable is used to charge the battery. The battery is also charged separately by connecting it to an adapter that is not included in the base package.

FAQs About Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera

Does Sony A6400 have image stabilization?

No, the Sony Alpha a6400 lacks internal image stabilization. If you need the stability feature, you can buy the new Sony A6600 camera instead of the Sony Alpha a6400. But in this case, you have to spend more money to buy a Sony A6600 camera.

What is Sony A6400’s crop factor?

This camera has a crop factor of 1.5x which is compared to a full-frame sensor camera. This means that if you attach a 24mm lens to the A6400, you will get the same results as a 36mm lens on a full-frame camera.

Is Sony A6400 a DSLR?

Sony Alpha a6400 has no mirror in front of the camera sensor. It is more compact as there is no mirror in front of the sensor. This camera uses an electronic viewfinder to preview user exposure, field depth, and many other things that do not fall into the features of DSLR. So the Sony a6400 camera is not a DSLR.

Which gimbal should you get for Sony A6400?

Since the Sony alpha a6400 camera lacks stability features, the gimbal is required to avoid cluttered footage. If you need to shoot video with a Sony  a6400 camera, you can get better results using small gimbals like DJI Ronin-SC and Xian Webil.
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Final Verdict

The Sony Alpha a6400 is the best camera for filmmaking, volcanoes, and individual content creators because there is so much to choose from. Great image quality, 180-degree screen, sharp focus, and single-handed 4K video perfect for capture.

While it’s a great camera for travel, family, and everyday adventures,I don’t recommend the Sony a6400 for professional photographers. Featuring a variety of features, this lightweight camera is perfect for capturing special moments during weekend activities.