The 7 Best Shoe Stores With Credit Cards 2023

If you are a frequent shopper and a shoe lover who loves to add new shoe collections, you may ask for the best shoe stores with credit cards. Because there are specific shoe stores available that offer excellent discounts and even free shipping if you pay through credit cards.

At the top list of shoe stores with credit cards, we recommend DSW, Amazon, and Target as the top three. They take around 15 to 24 percent of the credit card as APR when ordered online with credit cards.

Moreover, DSW and Target may charge up to 38 dollars as a late payment fee, whereas Amazon charges from 15 dollars to 37 dollars for the same.

We have enlisted the top seven shoe stores with credit cards and discussed them in thorough detail in the following section. So, without delay, let’s enter into the main discussion!

The 7 Best Shoe Stores With Credit Cards 2023

While searching for the best shoe stores with credit card offerings, we have contemplated several factors. First of all, we have kept in mind the added APR and contract for payment with credit cards. We have also looked upon the fact that stores charge because of late payment.

Therefore, some shoe stores have unique credit card options available, which you can use for specific stores only. Others have payment options with both their unique credit card or Mastercard & Visa card. Stores with Mastercard and Visa or other renowned credit card options are great for use anywhere for any sort of purchase.

However, there was too much talking at the entrance. Let’s dive in!

1. DSW

DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) is an American shoe manufacturing company that sells ready-made or redesigned shoes and other fashion accessories. It is a shoe chain store with more than 500 stores or outlets across the United States, and they have an e-commerce website.

In our list, DSW is the only shoe or designer shoe brand that offers a credit card with many benefits. DSW charges about 15 percent to 26 percent APR depending on your creditworthiness. With a DSW Rewards Visa or the DSW Rewards Signature Visa, you can get a credit card for large purchases.

You can use the DSW Visa cards anywhere for paying gas bills, restaurant bills, phone bills, etc., where Visa is accepted. If you purchase shoes, sandals, boots, handbags, and other fashion stores from their official site(, you can get free shipping and free returns on all orders.

Benefits Of a DSW credit card: You must be a DSW VIP member to make a credit card, and the credit card procedure requires credit checks.

However, making membership to DSW VIP is now free of cost! DSW Visa and Signature Visa both have a wide variety of benefits.

Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Purchasing anything from DSW(2 points) or outside(1 point) will add reward points.
  • You can get up to 5 dollars reward with 100 DSW points(DSW VIP members only)
  • Get return shipping free of cost(for orders at
  • Receive up to 25 dollars off for the Application fee when your card appears in your mail
  • Get Up to 25 dollars bonus offer if you spend 500 dollars outside DSW(within 90 days of first purchase with DSW Visa)
  • Receive up to 3-5% off on your purchases up to 40-70 dollars Amazon gift card(if approved)
  • With a DSW Visa Signature credit card, you can get VISA perks including emergency card replacement, zero liability, and purchase safety
  • You can get 2% cashback on purchases at drug stores, restaurants, and gas stations and get 1% cashback on purchases over other products/shops

When you first sign in to DSW to receive emails, you can get a 10 dollars discount for one time. Remember that DSW credit card offers are available for US-based issued cards only.

If you are in the DSW VIP & GOLD, you can get 2 points at DSW, and 1 point outside, for each dollar, spent. In DSW VIP ELITE, you can get 3 points at DSW, and 1 point outside, for each dollar, spent.

Restrictions or Eligibility: Before you go for any DSW offers, you must be a VIP Reward member at DSW with qualifying requirements. It means you must be at least 18 years old or more to qualify for application at DSW.

2. Amazon


Amazon is one of the world’s most widespread e-commerce platforms, and one of the five most prominent companies in the United States. You can get shoe stores with credit card purchases from Amazon.

They have a comprehensive variety of credit card options available. For instance, Prime Shopping Card, Visa reward card, VISA Signature Reward card, etc.

With Amazon Visa rewards Signature card, you can shop anything from anywhere that accepts a VISA card. But with the Amazon Prime Card, you can only shop from their official e-commerce platform (

Shopping with both sorts of cards will benefit you with greater rewards. If your initial approval comes, you can get online store credit cards guaranteed approval from Amazon for each card type.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Store Card: The Amazon Prime store card is usable for shopping anything from It provides a wide range of bonuses, benefits, and discounts for verified customers or cardholders.

  • Upon the initial approval, you can get up to a 100 dollar free gift card from Amazon(usable for Amazon services)
  • You can buy now and pay the prices later with 0% APR charges (for qualifying purchases over 150 dollars)
  • Requires no annual fees, and you won’t be charged for any hidden fees from unauthorized purchases.
  • Get up to 5% cashback on your daily purchases(available for Amazon Prime Members only)
  • You can also shop for products with reliable Monthly payments or Special Financing from Amazon.

The 5% cashback on purchases will be applied to any Amazon services. For instance, Amazon Go, AWS, Audible, Amazon Bookshop, Alexa Skills, Amazon Play, Amazon Fresh, etc. It charges no annual fee but up to 40 dollars as a late fee. The average purchase APR rate per year will be approximately 25.99 percent.

Benefits Of Amazon VISA Rewards card: Amazon Visa rewards card has two variants, one is the basic Visa rewards card, and the other is the Amazon Prime Visa rewards card. The benefits of Amazon Visa cards are discussed below:

  • Upon instant approval, you can get a 100 dollars gift card for a Visa rewards card and 200 dollars gift card for Amazon prime Visa card.
  • With a Prime Exclusive Visa card, you can get up to 5% cashback on whole foods(Prime membership required) and 3% cashback for a basic Visa card.
  • You can get 2% back at dining, gas stations, and medicine shops, and 1% back on other purchases like utilities, rideshares, etc.
  • You don’t have to pay any annual credit fees or any foreign transaction fees.
  • On some selected items, you can get up to 10% cashback(limited offer).
  • Shop now and pay later with 0% APR for the first 6-18 months, and afterward at just 14.24% to 22.24% APR.

Moreover, you can avail yourself of some excellent signature Visa perks and up to 24/7 coverages. They offer benefits and other privileges on unexpected setbacks and traveling across the world. It charges 5% of the money or 5 dollars as an annual fee but charges up to 39 dollars as a late fee.

Restrictions or Eligibility: Before you go for any Amazon credit cards, you must be a member at Amazon with qualifying requirements. It means you must be at least 18 years old or more(19 in Alabama & Nebraska) to qualify for an application at Amazon.

Besides, you need to have a valid Social Security number and a clear credit past free from insolvencies or any seriously doubtful accounts. Last but not least, you can’t apply for it previously within 90 days or more.

3. Target

Best Shoe Stores With Credit Cards - Target

Target is a retailer of brand products regarding shoes, apparel, beauty accessories, groceries, electronics, furniture, etc. With excellent offers and a comprehensive collection of products, they are now the second-largest discount retailer in the USA. This is also one of the best shoe stores with credit cards which you can check out.

For payment at Target, you can use Credit cards, REDcard, and other Visa or Mastercards from any third-party store. However, REDcard is usable for only authorized Target stores. You can get plenty of benefits and advantages from Target shops by shopping with a RED card.

Benefits of REDcard: From target stores of any type, you can shop with a RED card and get numerous bonuses, discounts, etc.

  • On every purchase, you can save up to 5% from your daily billing or shopping(in-store & online)
  • Upon the first approval or your credit or debit card, you can get a 40-dollar saving for orders over 40 dollars or more.
  • On most of the items at, you can enjoy free shipping at your doorsteps.
  • Provides you an extended 30 days period for returning any products without any extra costs
  • With REDcard, you can save up to 675 dollars on groceries and up to 500 dollars on baby care items.

The 5% discount applies to groceries, restaurants, top deals, Disney cards, clearances, Starbucks, etc. You can make payments with a RED card in four ways. Visit their site, Contact by phone at 800-659-2396, Pay in-store at Guest Service Counter, or by mail with a specified billing address.

Restrictions or Eligibility: You must have a US address or have US citizenship. You have to be at least 18 years old or more. Target charges 24% on all purchases as APR with a credit card but doesn’t charge anything for a debit card. The target applies no annual fee for the card and services. But they take about 40 dollars as a late payment fee.

4. Nordstrom


Nordstrom is one of the most prominent luxury department chain stores, which has more than 470 stores and outlets across the USA.

Initially, it was based on shoes, but now they have become a full-department retailer with clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, handbags, footwear, perfumes, and other accessories.

Benefits of Nordstrom Visa Card: With Nordstrom Visa Card, you can get great rewards by acquiring points by purchasing more and more. Let’s find out the features of the Nordstrom Visa Reward card!

  • If you’re a new cardholder at Nordstrom, you can get up to a 40 dollars bonus upon the first approval.
  • At per dollar spent, you can get three reward points for Nordstrom Exclusive Card, 2 points for Nordstrom purchases with the basic card, and 1 point for orders elsewhere.
  • You can redeem 5 dollars for 500 points, 10 dollars for 1000 points, and 15 dollars for 1500 points from Nordstrom IOS exclusive app.
  • Nordstrom provides up to 20 dollars bonus on every 100 dollars you spend on their shops.
  • Get notified for their exclusive Anniversary sales before any other basic users to the public.
  • Requires no annual fee for the usage of the Nordstrom Credit cards

Restrictions or Eligibility: First of all, you have to be 18 years or more and a valid US citizen. The age restriction is 19 for Nebraska & Alabama and 21 for Puerto Rico & Mississippi.

According to your creditworthiness, they will require approximately 24 months of interest-free credit card for purchases. As a late payment fee, you have to pay up to 38 dollars.

5. Bloomingdale’s

Best Shoe Stores With Credit Cards - Bloomingdale’s

Founded in New York, Bloomingdale’s is one of America’s most renowned luxury retail chain stores with more than 60 stores & outlets across the country.

Bloomingdale’s comes with a vast collection of shoes, clothes, designer products from brands, handbags, and other home & lifestyle accessories. With Bloomingdale’s card purchases, you can churn out excellent deals and discounts.

Benefits of Bloomingdale’s Credit card: Bloomingdale’s credit card is used for purchases at their in-store or from the online site.

Bloomingdale’s also has American Express Cards, which you can use at both Bloomingdales and other brands/third-party stores accepting American Express Cards. The privileges of Bloomingdale’s Credit card are:

  • You can receive free shipping for verified purchases and returns
  • Earn reward points for purchases on both in-store or outside alternatives
  • Get double reward points for orders on shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, and other similar accessories
  • You can use reward points for getting extra bonuses and redeemable dollars
  • Enjoy exclusive traveling services, and other premium offers with an American Express card

Restrictions or Eligibility: For applying at Bloomingdale’s credit card benefits or membership Cards, you must be at least 18 years older or more.

The age restriction is 21 for Puerto Rico. According to your creditworthiness, they will require approximately 26% APR for purchases. As a late payment fee, you have to pay up to 38 dollars.

6. Walmart

Walmart has credit card options and Mastercard options. Their Mastercard is usable at other third-party stores where Mastercard is accepted. The Walmart credit card is usable for both Walmart and Sam’s Club store purchases.

Benefits of Walmart Credit card

  • You can get up to 5% cashback on purchases at Walmart stores
  • Provides up to 2% cashback on purchases at Walmart stores, fuel stations, restaurants, and other travels
  • Get 1% cashback on purchases and shipping fees for orders at third-party stores where Mastercard is accepted
  • With reward points for each purchase, you can get up to 600 dollars redeemed from Walmart every year.

Restrictions & Eligibility: You must be at least 18 years older or more to apply for Walmart credit card benefits. According to your creditworthiness, they will require approximately 14% to 24% APR for purchases. As a late payment fee, you have to pay up to 38 dollars.

7. Kohl’s


Kohl’s is a chain department store based in the US with more than 1160 store locations around the country. You can use Kohl’s My Charge Card, which you can use at their authorized shops only.

Benefits of Kohl’s Credit Card: With the Kohl’s shopping credit card, you can unlock a bunch of extra benefits and other privileges by shopping from their shops only. They are:

  • Get up to 30% off from your first order when you have opened a verified Kohl’s account.
  • Provides more than 12 offers with exclusive discounts each year
  • Upon the arrival of your card, you can get up to a 15% discount on initial orders
  • With Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You, you can get extra privileges per day on each purchase
  • Receive up to 18 special discounts yearly if you spend up to 600 dollars on your Kohl’s My charge Credit card.

Restrictions & Eligibility: First of all, you have to be 18 years or more and a valid US citizen. The age restriction is 19 for Nebraska & Alabama.

According to your creditworthiness, they will require approximately 25% APR for purchases. As a late payment fee, you have to pay up to 37 dollars as a penalty.

Final Verdict

Now you know about the 7 Best Shoe Stores With Credit Cards, which you can check out for great privileges. But before you go for the final decision, make sure you are acquainted with the picked stores, their offerings, terms & conditions, and other necessary factors.