Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow Review

Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow Review

One of the common hunting tools or devices is a bow. A good bow will help you enjoy your shooting experience. The Samick sage take-down recurve bow is one of the tops recurves bows that are specifically designed for a beginner. With this bow, the user will find an easy time as they shoot at their targets.

This bow is an ideal choice if you want a budget-friendly bow. It is 62 inches long, making it stable enough. It also has a draw length that gives you a smooth and steady shooting. You can exchange the limbs for varied draw weights. It is a perfect choice for a beginner. The bow can also act as a backup bow when you are out in the woods hunting.

Advantage of the Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow
It has a height of 62 inches and a draw range of 28 inches.
The riser has a hard maple lamination, with an Olive Dymonwood.
There is a Handle Cut Past Center, which has a crowned arrow shelf, a bass plunger, sight bushings and a stabilizer.
It comes with a B-50 bow string to get you started immediately.
The Limb tips are reinforced with a FastFlight Phenolic.
The limbs are made of a hard maple, along with a black fiberglass.
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Key Features of the Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow

The grip

The bow has a grip that is of an average size, which is ideal for a small to a medium size hand. The grip also has an ergonomic shape. You will not experience any pain as you draw the string to the maximum length. Even though it doesn’t have padding on the grip, it still feels comfortable enough.

The Riser/Handle

The riser is made of 100% wood that is laminated with Olive Dymonwood and hard Maple. This makes the riser elegant and super-beautiful. The riser also comes with a cut-past-center shelf. With this, it becomes easier to tune the bow and accept different types of arrows. It also has a shiny and exquisite finish that is super elegant.

The limbs

Another area of attention is the limb, which can be disconnected by the riser. To detach it, you will need to unscrew the bolt using your fingers. The limbs are perfectly laminated to make them twist-resistant. Also, there is no layer separation with the limbs. The tips of the limbs are reinforced with a Phenolic plastic that enhances the durability, especially if you are using the FF bow strings with the bow.


The bow has a decent string that is super-fast. It can stay strong after using about 10,000 arrows. It might not be as strong and efficient as such for hunting. That is why it is the perfect choice for a beginner.

The Shooting Precision

Another common feature to consider with this bow is its shooting accuracy that it has. It has a 62-inch length that enhances precision. It might need you to get used to the bow, due to the slight heaviness that it has. The grip is comfortable enough to enhance your aiming accuracy. You can hit targets that are 30 to 40 yards away. For a beginner, the bow is super reliable and accurate.

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How Do You Assemble the Bow?

It is easy to assemble the bow, even for a beginner. To assemble it, you will start by attaching the limbs to the riser. Every limb will attach through a single bolt, which comes in the package. You will not need a key to attach the limbs. After that, you will need to attach the string to the bow. A stringer will be used to fix the string to the bow. Even though you can attach the string using your bare hands, you are advised to use the stringer to avoid injuries.

This bow is designed with elegance, and it has an attractive finish. Other than the finish, it has a good quality that lasts for long enough. The material used is strong and steady enough. This makes it able to last for a long time. With the precision and strength that it delivers, this bow is a good choice for a beginner.

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