10 Polaris Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting Guide

Going for a pool cleaner is one of the best options for cleaning your pool perfectly. Amongst all sorts of pool cleaners, the robotic pool cleaners will stay ahead in terms of performance and other quality usages. Polaris Pool cleaner is also one of the best robotic pool cleaners that you can look for a better cleaning of your favorite pool in the summer.

Having one of these will always be a great investment to consider, but there is something awful that nobody wants, and it is a malfunction! To tackle the malfunctions you may have to take a lot of suffering or to bring a professionalist if you lack in the concepts of this Polaris pool cleaner troubleshooting. 

Just like any other motor-controlled automated devices, these Polaris Pool cleaners may also have some malfunction, that may ruin your good days on the pool in summer.

Not to mention that these great pool cleaners show malfunctions very rarely. But when you will be in a situation of trouble, you may have to look at some troubleshooting guides to solve it. 

The primary struggling problem that sucks most, is finding out what is the issue. Relax! you don’t have to worry about all the searching and suffering, we are here with our Polaris Pool cleaner troubleshooting guide that will lead you through the exact gateways of solving the malfunction of your pool cleaner.

10 Polaris Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting Guide 2023

Polaris Pool Cleaners are one of the most efficient pool cleaners available in the market that will easily do your sweat-breaking pool cleaning job with fewer efforts and no hassles.

But like any other best pool vacuum cleaner, nothing is perfect in existence. So, these Polaris pool cleaners may also have some issues or malfunctions. Below we will discuss some Polaris Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting problems and Tips to solve them. 

Polaris Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

1. Quick Disconnect Part Broken

Quick disconnect is a small piece with which the returned jet phase of the hose is connected. At this position, there is a small piece of screen or you can say a covering net that separates or filters debris from the coming water that enters into the filter, this part catches debris so that it couldn’t enter into the pool cleaners crucial parts. If this little filtering cover gets stuck with debris or dust, then your pool cleaner responds with it just by getting stopped or freeze in a place.


First of all, make sure if the screening filter is okay or not. Check that if your filter screen is free or it gets jammed with sand or debris. If the filter screen is jammed with debris, then remove it from the hose and the jet. Afterward, you have to clean it, just rinse with water for disposing of and remove all debris. 

Meanwhile checking the screen, you should go for a check if the quick disconnect is broken or not. IF it is damaged, then you have to replace it.

Because a broken quick disconnect will leak water and it will retain the pool cleaner from getting the decent amount of pressure that is needed for proper performance. So, it is better to replace the broken part for further betterment.

2. Float Hose Leaking

The primary task of a pool cleaner is to suck up water and filter debris from the pool water. And all the debris and dust that gets filtered from the water gets stored inside a bag that fills in the trash. And this debris-free clean water gets disposed to the pool throughout the float hose bag. It is moved from the pool cleaner by the return jet. 


For the stoppage problem of the pool cleaners on the running/ tracking period, the leaky float hose is mainly responsible. Because, a leakage in the float hose will usually decrease the overall pressure of the pool cleaner, thus resulting in halting in its path. If any hole gets into your observation, you should try to seal it using waterproof tape.

Note that, this is not a better solution cause this will work for a temporary phase and will leak the float hose again. A better option is just to remove the nozzle and replace it with a new one. 

3. Belts Are Broken

Unlike a vacuum cleaner, a pool cleaner also runs through the drive belts that help to move the wheels of the pool cleaner. When the belts are broken, the machine comes to a screeching pause that also lags performance.

If you are faced with the problem of stuck wheels then you may have to find out if the belt is broken or not! Don’t get afraid, our Polaris pool cleaner troubleshooting will help you out.


Sorting out the issues is one of the main difficult jobs. If your pool cleaner’s backup valves are functioning at the same time the tail is also moving front and back, but the wheels are not moving then this is because of the broken belt. So, if you are with this problem, then you can relax a bit because it is a simple task to solve. 

Before heading forward with the solution, you should check if all the wheels are moving. If all of the wheels are stopped, not moving then you have to open the cleaner and sort out if the belts are broken. If your cleaner’s belts are broken then, unfortunately, there is no repair of it. You simply have to replace it to keep the machine functioning. 

4. Booster Pump Damaged

When you start the pool cleaner the machine will work smoothly and go for a high load pressure, and it just happens because of the booster pump.

Think of your booster pump has become damaged or broken then the main part of the pool cleaner will stop working, thus your pool cleaner won’t be able to perform like the earlier stage. After regular usage, your booster pump will be broken as usual after time.

Booster Pump Damaged


When you will meet up with such problems first you have to check the booster pump or the cleaner if they are working perfectly or not. If you see that it works evenly, then you are recommended to narrow it down nearer to the booster pump.

You can go for repairing it, but it won’t provide services to you for a longer time and then the charges and time will be surplus to replace it at the first crack.

5. Disconnected Internal Tubes

For cleaning your pool, a Polaris pool cleaner contains water tubes in the interior part of the machine and it passes direct pressure to the cleaning unit. Unfortunately, those water tubes are not detachable and it decreases the internal pressure as a result the machine gets to a standstill position. 


To solve this issue, you have to open the pool cleaner and recheck if all the internal water tubes are connected to their exact places where they used to be.

If they are not in their places then the solution is, you just have to reattach them to their initial position. In this case, if the tubes don’t stay in their position you have to use holding hose clamps to keep them in position. 

6. Gets Tangled Up

This issue is not related to any internal issues of your Polaris Pool cleaner, this is just an exterior issue. In reality, when your pool cleaner is running throughout all over the pool and cleaning perfectly, like some unwanted troubles the hose or the power cable can be tangled up or became jammed to a place.

And it gives is not a simple issue as it takes huge time or effort from you to untangle this up again. You can do some following to prevent your pool cleaner from calling this trouble again from our Polaris Pool cleaner troubleshooting guide. 

7. Shorten the Hose Length

As the hose and pipe are a stiff elements they can not move so swiftly as the pool cleaner is moving. So it is a usual issue that they can get tangled while the pool cleaner is moving here and there inside your pool for cleaning.

But this issue can be solved by following some tips. Check out the best pressure side pool cleaner to enjoy trouble-free usage for a longer time.

Shorten the Hose Length


For cutting or resizing the hose in length you have to measure the hose pipe perfectly according to your need. You have to measure the hose pipe according to the length and coverage area of your pool that the cleaner has to cover.

After measuring, if you notice that there is a larger part of the hose that remains extra, then it is better to cut and resize the hose pipe for retaining it from getting tangled. 

Sometimes, the hose and the pipes get tangled because they are very hard and not easily movable elements. So, it is a better option to stretch the hose and pipes for making them flexible and movable.

You can detach and stretch the hose and pipe on a sunny day, so that they may become more flexible. Keep them for a couple of hours under the heat of the sun laying them evenly throughout your yard. After getting a decent level of heat they will get softer and they will now work perfectly and stay untangled.

8. Back-Up Valve

In the hose, there is a large white device attached and this is the backup valve. The backup valve is the main part that keeps the whole pool cleaner moving.

It just splashes large flows of water, that keep the pool cleaner moving. If the backup valve becomes damaged or it doesn’t work perfectly then your pool cleaner will stop moving while cleaning. As a result, your whole pool won’t be cleaned properly. 


If your backup valve becomes leaky or damaged, then your pool cleaner may not move perfectly. If you have found any issues of leakage in it, then like the first aid you can tape it for a temporary solution. But for a better gateway, you have to replace it totally and attach a new one. 

9. Connectors

Assure that, the hose is moving properly and you are avoiding the hose from being tangled. The swivel connectors usually help to connect the hose pipe, and then the hose normally comes to drive. Inside part of the connectors, you will be able to find some small ball called bearings that run the swivel. When the ball bearing is not rotating accurately, then the connectors won’t be able to swivel thus the hose can’t run.


At first, you have to make sure to check out the connectors. If you sport out any problem, then apply the waterproof lubricant oil. If you don’t get help with this method, then the recommendation will be to renew it.

10. Chek Out The Weather

Weather can be a crucial factor when you are doing the Polaris Pool cleaner troubleshooting procedures. If you go for cold or neutral weather then this will not be going to help you out. Try to avoid such types of weather that are going to make your pool cleaner hose tangled. 


The way out is not like complex rocket science. You just simply have to look after the temperature and maintain it under 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if you are living in a place with cool weather, you still have to look for a sunny day to do things. 

Final Verdict

Finding out the issue of your pool cleaner is one of the toughest tasks. After you have sorted out the issue of your Pool cleaner, think that half of your troubleshooting is done.

Cause solving the issues is not so difficult, the main difficulty appears at the time of finding the flaws. Hope this Polaris Pool Cleaner troubleshooting from us will help a little bit to have the concepts more clearly.

When you have sorted out your Polaris pool cleaner’s issues then you can easily solve them out just by observing the detailed guides from the above.

Now no one can stop you from getting your pool cleaner cleaned and flawless. You will be able to tackle all the issues just by using the guides from us and save some money that may have been wasted on troubleshooting purposes.