Polaris 9650IQ Review – How Does It Fare?

Polaris 9650IQ Review

Have you seen those old-style films where people have to clean their pool manually? What do they look like having fun? However, pool cleaning has become very simple with pool cleaners these days. And, automatic robotic pool cleaners are more in this comfort. 

With technological advancement, the modern models ensure better convenience. Polaris 9650IQ is one of those modern cleaners. This sports car-like design offers wireless connectivity which supports the iAquaLink app. With this app, you can control up to where to clean, when to clean and how to clean. 

Furthermore, it provides excellent performance with a decent speed. And, in this Polaris 9650IQ review, you’ll know all about this modern smart robot. So, with no delaying, let’s know what other features it has. 

At A Glance Polaris 9650IQ Pool Cleaner

  • The 4-wheel drive design of 9650IQ provides more traction to climb walls and overcome obstacles. 
  • Polaris 9650IQ supports the iAquaLink app for convenient access in the control panel. 
  • A caddy comes with it in the box for convenient carrying and storage. 
  • Vortex Vacuum Technology allows it to capture all types of debris at the maximum suction speed. 
  • To prevent tangling during operation, it has a low-torque, swivel power cord.
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Compare Polaris 9650IQ and Polaris F9550 Sport Pool Cleaner

Polaris 9650IQ Pool CleanerPolaris F9550 Sport Pool Cleaner
Polaris 9650IQ ReviewPolaris F9550 Review
The Polaris 9650IQ is suitable for all types of large medium to large in-ground pools up to 60-feet.Polaris F9550 can safely clean any type of pool including vinyl surfaces up to 60-feet.
Although the weight of this sport-car is a little heavy, about 45 pounds, it has an easy lift system for conveniently pulling out from the pool.Despite the heavyweight, lifting it from water won’t be a problem with the Easy Lift System which brings it to a desirable position on the pool.
The 4-wheel drive allows it to climb 90-degree walls with ease and has the ability to overcome obstacles.4-Wheel Drive Technology allows it to clean the pool floor, wall, and tile lines with a solid-blade scrubbing brush.
9650IQ indicates when the canister is full; Accessing the canister and cleaning is totally basic.The Polaris F9550 comes with a canister indicator to notify you when the filter basket is full.
It supports wireless connectivity and has a mobile app for more convenient use.Although it doesn’t support wireless connectivity, it comes with a remote controller to control it over the water.
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Key Features of the Polaris 9650IQ Pool Cleaner

Polaris 9650IQ Review

Convenient Mobile App

As I mentioned, you can control the Polaris 9650iQ sport robotic pool vacuum cleaner using your mobile phone through the AquaLink app. It supports both Android and IOS. This handy robot allows you to set a schedule like an alarm. In addition to that, it offers features like a dirty canister indicator, a countdown timer, and troubleshooting tips. Moreover, you can control the cleaner with a joystick and has a motion controller. 

Non-Tangle Cable

The 9650iQ doesn’t need any pump or hose to operate the cleaner which makes this cleaner faster. And, the anti-tangle swivel cord is low-torque and watertight. Thus, it prevents the cleaner for tangling while working and hinders the operation. 

4-Wheel Drive

This cleaner machine is supported by 4-Wheel Drive to steer in different directions of your pool. This technology allows it to overcome any obstacle in the way and climb walls better. Furthermore, to clean the tough debris of the walls, it comes with rubber brushes. 

What Users Are Saying about Polaris 9650IQ Pool Cleaner

Polaris 9650IQ is a recent pool cleaner of Zodiac. So, you won’t find a lot of information or criticism about it. However, those who brought it, all loved the best pool vacuum cleaner. Users liked the easy setup. Trust me, it won’t even take 5 minutes to set it up out of the box.

But, the wireless connectivity and mobile app are attracting the most attention. The AquaLink app, which is the app to control it, is user-friendly. You can set up the cleaner with this convenient app. It allows you to secure a schedule of cleaning just like an alarm setting up. You choose which area to clean when to rotate etc from this simple but smart app.

If that is not enough to satisfy you, you can tell it to lift up from the water through the app and it will come in the water surface for you.

It also shows a countdown timer when the cleaning will end and when the canister is full. And, if there is any problem with the cleaner, this super handy-app will notify you. 

At the same time, an easily accessible canister and easy clean is praised by users and experts. It also climbs the wall pretty well. And, performance is something you never want to complain about this car-like cleaner. 

With the sturdy built, it also has a 2-inch LCD display to show the current cleaning cycle, Wifi, web, and LAN connectivity. However, if we talk about the flaws, I still don’t found any in-built flaws without the expensive price. And, if it had to push notifications then there won’t be anything to say against it.

FAQs Polaris 9650IQ Pool Cleaner

Does it also need a booster pump like old Polaris models?

No, you don’t need any booster pump or hose for this robotic pool cleaner. It has an in-built electric water pump to operate it in the water. 

Should I let in the pool or put it out after cleaning?

You can let it be inside the pool if you use a regular cleaning schedule to clean. However, the manufacturer and me also don’t recommend you to do it. There is a chance of an accident, or you also can damage the cleaner. 

Does it also support voice command?

It would be interesting if it did. But it doesn’t support voice command. You have the smartphone app to steer it inside the pool cleaner.
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Final Verdict

Pool cleaning is not a hassle anymore with pool cleaners like Polaris 9650iQ. And, the control you have over the cleaner is also remarkable. 

The Polaris 9650iQ is an outstanding pool cleaner and you should not have any doubt if you have already read this review. The scheduler and cleaning cycles have made it a self-driven pool cleaner.

You don’t need to stick with it to monitor every step. And, thanks to four-wheel drivers, they usually don’t stick in obstacles. Thus, everything together makes it one of the best pool cleaners in the market.