Paxcess Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

Paxcess Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

Many pool owners find it difficult or annoying to maintain their pool and many pool owners are unable to clean their pool properly due to lack of time. So pool owners need an automated pool cleaner that keeps their pool healthy by cleaning it regularly.

Today we will talk about a pool cleaner that keeps pool owners out of renting professional pool services to scrub and clean the scheme. The Paxcess automatic pool cleaner is based on quality features as well as smart, innovative designs.

This pool cleaner has a programmable timer for smooth cleaning which can automatically keep your swimming pool and pool water clean.

In the Paxcess automatic pool cleaner review we have discussed in detail the features of this time-saving pool cleaner, which will play a special role in helping you clean your pool.

At A Glance  Paxcess automatic pool cleaner

  • The Paxcess automatic pool cleaner can clean the length and width of your swimming pool with great artificial intelligence.
  • This pool cleaner has a timer system that helps to schedule a time for thorough pool cleaning.
  • The cleaner uses 4 polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) sponge roller brushes to ensure deep cleaning of the pool.
  • The Paxcess automatic pool cleaner is designed to work well in ground-to-ground swimming pools up to 40-feet deep.
  • The cleaner has a tangle-free cord for cleaning every inch of the lee effortlessly.
  • There are extra-large-sized filter baskets to handle a lot of dirt and debris before cleaning.
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Compare Paxcess automatic pool cleaner With Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus  Pool Cleaner

For your convenience, we have compared the details of Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with paxcess automatic pool cleaner in our review to get a better idea about the cleaner.​​

Paxcess automatic pool cleanerDolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pool Cleaner 
Paxcess Automatic Pool Cleaner ReviewDolphin Nautilus CC Robotic Pool Cleaner
Paxcess automatic pool The cleaner cleans the vacuum debris from the floor with the front scrubbing brush. This means that the cleaner trouble-free both the floor and the walls of the pool during the cleaning work.Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pool Cleaner has CleverClean coverage and this advanced navigation system is powered by scanning software. This allows the cleaner to clean the walls and floor of the pool using the most efficient route.
This cleaner has a programmable timer feature that allows you to set the time. The pool cleaner then automatically cleans the pool using 3 settings- 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours.You can use 3 settings of this cleaner every day or every third day to automatically clean your pool.
This cleaner has a tangle-free swivel cord to move around your swimming pool easily and efficiently.This Dolphin pool cleaner has an anti-tangling patented swivel wire which helps the cleaner to move around the pool easily and efficiently.
This pool cleaner has extra-large top access filter baskets that clean the water by collecting leaves, dirt, and fine debris.The filters attached to the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus pool cleaner remove dirt, debris, and algae for easy cleaning.
Paxcess automatic pool cleaner is ideal for swimming pools up to 50 feet. The manufacturers offer a 2-year warranty on the pool cleaner.This hassle-free and easy-to-use cleaner is ideal for pools up to 33 feet. The manufacturers guarantee 1 year on the in-ground robotic pool cleaner.
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Key Features Of Paxcess automatic pool cleaner

Key Features Of paxcess automatic pool cleaner

Unique Features

The Paxcess Automatic Pool Cleaner has a variety of functions to make pool cleaning easier and more effective than ever before. When the user sets the cleaner, it automatically cleans the pool and allows the user to enjoy his free time.


The biggest problem with automatic pool cleaners is their cord. Think of a solution to this problem: the Paxcess pool vacuum cleaner creates a tangle-free swiveling cord that helps the automatic pool cleaner navigate around the pool without being tied up. This cord helps in dipping and turning the cleaner in the process. It also reduces the frequency of stopping completely due to tangling.

Cleans Floors and Walls

The paxcess automatic pool cleaner cleans the floor as well as the walls of your pool. This cleaner has wall mounting features that allow the cleaner to easily clean the dirt that sticks to the walls of the swimming pool. The design of this pool cleaner is made in a very perfect way so that it can go from the pool floor to the walls without any defects.

Auto-Cleaning Modes

The Paxcess automatic pool cleaner features 3 automatic cleaning modes that are divided into one, two, and three hours. You can start the work of the pool cleaner by setting your required mode.

If you want to clean your pool deeper you can set the cleaner’s mode option to 3 hours for cleaning. If your pool doesn’t have a lot of dirt, you can choose the 1-hour cleaning option.

1.85-GPM Suction

The Paxcess automatic pool cleaner has dual inlets on the underside which helps in pulling water at the rate of 1.85 GPM. In the absence of an active scrubber, a separate automatic pool cleaner, such as a suction-side creepy crawler, may be required with this cleaner to perform a good cleaning job.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

If you want to keep this cleaner usable for a long time, you need to maintain the warranty. It is usually recommended to replace the rolling brushes every two years to provide longer cleaning.

What Users Are Saying About  paxcess automatic pool cleaner

The paxcess automatic pool cleaner is highly rated by most of the users and got a respectable four out of five stars in the Amazon review. The build quality of this pool cleaner affects the users more. This cleaner is neither too light nor too heavy.

Considering the features, Paxcess pool cleaner is less expensive than other cleaners which give the user an affordable solution. The best pool vacuum cleaner is much easier to operate which is another reason for user satisfaction. The Paxcess automatic pool cleaner has been praised by users for being easy to clean and empty all pool debris.

FAQs About Paxcess automatic pool cleaner

Who Should Buy the Paxcess Automatic Pool Cleaner?

The Paxcess automatic pool cleaner can be used in all types of pools, but for those who want to keep their pool clean with multiple scheduling options, this cleaner is more useful. Also, the sponge roller brushes of this cleaner can clean the floor and walls of deep pools without any problem.

Does this  Automatic pool cleaner clean the corner and walls of the pool?

Yes, Paxcess Pool Cleaner can clean pool corners and walls very easily. This cleaner efficiently climbs the pool walls using PVA sponge roller brushes and removes all traces of dirt from every corner.

How often do the Paxcess automatic pool cleaner filters need to be replaced?

Filters and other wearable parts of any pool cleaner need to be replaced if damaged. However, the number of times it needs to be replaced depends on the use and maintenance of the cleaner. It is therefore advisable to wash the filter after each cleaning cycle to ensure that the filter lasts longer.

How long can sponge rollers last?

The duration of sponges depends on the use of the cleaner and the size of the pool. If the size of the pool is very large and the cleaner is used for cleaning every day, then the sponges should be replaced every 3 – 4 months. With less use, according to user experience, they can last up to two years.

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Final Verdict

We have come to the conclusion of Paxcess automatic pool cleaner review and looking at all the things we can say that this automatic robotic pool cleaner is one of the best robotic automatic pool cleaners for sucking and scrubbing dirt at the same time.

Compared to other robotic pool cleaners, Paxcess pool vacuum is the least expensive Supplied with a two-time warranty. If you want to clean your deep pool in a comfortable way then we suggest you to use the Paxcess automatic pool cleaner. We hope you have benefited from learning about the cleaner from our Paxcess automatic pool cleaner review.