Minka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave Review

Minka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave Review

Want to effortlessly cool your room stylishly and efficiently? How about you try the Minka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave. This 52-inch wide ceiling fan is an excellent way to provide a cooling effect in a hot room while saving on energy.

It integrates an array of functions without compromising its overall design. Once you install it on any indoor space, expect nothing less in regard to its functionality and beauty. This centerpiece comes fully packed with features such as LED light kit, down rods, three blades, and a powerful motor.


  • Has an optional wall control
  • Includes a remote control for added convenience
  • The LED lights are adjustable to suit the mood of the room
  • There is an integrated light kit with an etched glass diffuser.


  • You can only reverse your fan’s direction manually from the switch on the motor.
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Made of quality materials, it guarantees you of many years of use without wearing and tearing off. The F844-DK Light Wave’s three blades are robust and will circulate enough amount of air. When you use the down rod to install it, this fan hangs at a height of 13.5 inches from the ceiling.

Generally, it works well with high ceilings and so, it comes with a remote control. This remote enables you to adjust nearly all the settings to your preference.

Of all its benefits, its energy-saving capability gives it an upper hand. Imagine having a unit that lights up at your convenience without the worry of having to change the bulb. Crazy, huh? The Minka-Aire F844-DK is that unit. It uses LED light bulbs that are extremely cost and energy efficient and will last for years.

Features and Benefits of the Minka-Aire F844-DK Ceiling Fan

Features and Benefits of the Minka-Aire F844-DK Ceiling Fan

Design and beauty

It’s not always that beauty wins the hearts of many. But, with the F844-DK, you have no choice but agree to the saying. Why is that? It comes in a state-of-the-art design that incorporates a distressed Koa brown finish. This makes it a sight for sore eyes and a good conversation piece.

This fan has a traditional yet gorgeous design that matches any home décor. It’s circular in shape and is made of metal and glass. Meaning, that besides the overall fabulous cosmetic design it is also durable. A feature that gives it an added advantage.


Its three blades each with a 52-inch blade span are not only attention-grabbing but quite capable. The blade pitch is 48 degrees to allow for maximum airflow in any mid-sized room.


The motor is 172 x 14 mm and runs in whisper quiet mode. You will not even notice that it’s there and the only movement you are likely to hear is that of moving air in your room. The icing on the cake is that the motor has a lifetime motor warranty.

Remote Control

You will not even struggle whenever you want to adjust the speed and light settings. There is a three-speed handheld remote control that lets you choose from 3 fan options: high, medium and low. If you like, you can even set a full range to dim lighting option.

Down rods

To install the Minka-Aire 52″ Ceiling Fan, you will have to standard mount it on your ceiling. To do so, you will need a down rod. And this fan includes two down rods:  4 inches and 6.5 inches in the package. So, if you have 8-10 feet high ceilings, the installation will not be a hurdle.


This ceiling fan is capable of distributing 5024 CFM of air in an average sized room. Due to its 52-inch blade span, this unit spreads out air over a large area to create a cooling effect.

Energy efficiency

One aspect that users are triumphal with about this fan is its effectiveness. As much as it runs on electricity, it doesn’t consume much power. It will only consume 65 watts of power which is below the average. The cost of operation is low, and hence it will cost you less to get a ton of benefits.

Air Flow Efficiency

At high speed, the fan is rated with an efficiency of 77 CFM/ Watts. Airflow shouldn’t be confused with Air flow efficiency. The latter is defined as the total amount of air flow that your fan produces divided by the amount of power it consumes at high speed. Efficiency is crucial when you want to operate many ceiling fans simultaneously.

What makes it, best ceiling fan in the market?

The ceiling fan comes with a lighting kit that can also be used to your primary light source. With this light, you can comfortably perform general house chores. Furthermore, it’s an excellent way to create an ambiance and calm atmosphere at the same time.

What makes it, best ceiling fan in the market

This fan is UL listed for in indoor setups. And hence, you cannot install in in your sunroom, patio, deck or any outdoor area. Also, areas that produce large amounts of moisture such as bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Additionally, you can only install it on a ceiling with a minimum height of 92.75 inches. So, if your ceiling is lower than the required height, then you may be needed to use a down rod or flush mount adapter. You can utilize one of the two down rods that come with this fan.

Setting it up is as easy as pie. You can do it yourself or call a professional to install it on your ceiling. It connects to a standard 120-volt power. That is just how easy it is to relish a fresh environment at your comfort.

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Final Verdict

No one enjoys resting in a hot room when the surrounding temperatures are extremely high. Of course, there’s no fun in that. But when you invest in a ceiling fan like that then worry will be a rare word in your vocabulary.

The best part of this model is that it’s beautiful, robust, and functional and has an exemplary performance. Not forgetting to mention, its affordability. With the Minka-Aire F844-DK, LightWave, you will never have to sacrifice looks over the design. This fan has two crucial features incorporated one to bring to you one of the most amazing ceiling fans on the market.