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Intex 15ft Prism Frame Pool Set Review

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Pools are extremely fun and provide comfort in this hot temperature. Moreover, swimming is also a heavy physical demanding exercise. 

But pools are not so cheap that anyone can afford them. Furthermore, space and maintenance time also could be an issue for many. So, temporary above-ground pools are extremely useful in this case. They are affordable, portable, and don’t need that much maintenance.

Intex 15ft Prism Frame Pool Set Review

In this article, I’m going to review a premium above-ground pool – Intex 15ft Prism Frame Pool Set. This pool costs a little high as a temporary pool which should be cheap, but the robust built, strong filter pump and in-coming accessories make it worth the price-tag.  

So, without wasting any more time, let’s see what makes it worth getting five stars from over two thousand users. 

At A Glance of Intex 15ft Prism Frame Pool Set

  • The pool offers a space of 15ft x 48in. 
  • A Krystal Clear filter pump comes with it which can filter 1000 gal/hr water. 
  • The materials are durable with picture-resistant 3-ply. 
  • The easy assembly doesn’t even take 30 minutes to finish. 
  • Intex 15ft has the capacity to hold 4400 gallons of water. 
  • It comes with a hi-impact slip-resistant removable leader. 

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Compare Intex 15ft Prism Frame Pool Set with Bestway 12752E Steel Pro 15ft Pool

Intex 15ft Prism Frame Pool Set Bestway 12752E Steel Pro 15ft Pool
Intex 15ft Prism Frame Pool Set Review Bestway 12752E Steel Pro 15ft Pool
The Intex 15ft Prism Frame Pool Set is for large family fun in the summertime which offers a 15ft(4.57 m) x 48in(1.22m) surface. Bestway 12752E Steel Pro 15ft Pool designed for small swimming parties with 15ft x 48in the round surface.
This pool has the capacity to hold 4400 gallons of water. Like Intex Prism, this pool is capable of holding 4400-gallon water.
The materials are high quality and puncture-resistant which ensure its longevity for seasons after seasons. It is rust and corrosion-resistant, and UV protected. Thus this pool is quite long-lasting.
A Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump comes with the pool which can pump 1000 gallons of water per hour. A powerful filter pump comes with this model of Bestway to keep the water of your pool sparkling clean.
This pool is fast to set up which only takes only 30 minutes to get ready. Like all the Bestway pools, this model is also easy and quick to assemble.
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What Users Are Saying About Intex 15ft Prism Frame Pool Set

Intex is a well-known brand for temporary pool manufacturers. Their products are reliable and well made. And,  the Intex Prism Frame Pool Set may be the most famous series of Intex. Up until now, it got more than 2500 reviews on Amazon

On the review section of Amazon, you find thousands of people rated it five stars. Most of the people are satisfied with its materials. The materials of this pool are robust and sturdy. The liner is made with puncher-resistant 3-ply materials. This model is easy to set up and the filter is not bad either.

It comes with all the necessary accessories you need. Like, a removable ladder that is slip-resistant, debris cover, and ground cloth. And, there are also several maintenance kits that come with this. 

However, the Intex prism 15 x 48 pool is a premium pool that costs quite much, so the pump expected to be better also. It disappoints you in that case. And to add another big pump, you need to cut the liner as their hoses are also bigger than the existing one. So, I won’t recommend you to do that. 

Overall, everything makes it worth calling – a premium pool. 

Key Features of the Intex 15ft Prism Frame Pool Set

Intex 15ft Prism Frame Pool Set Review

Kristal Filter

The Intex 15ft Prism Frame Pool Set comes with a Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump. This filter pump is very efficient to keep the water of your pool crystal and sparkling clean. This needs 110-120V to operate and filter 1000GPH. This filter pump is UL and CLE approved, so it is safe to use.

Easy to Set Up

Only in three steps, you can assemble this pool. The pool can be prepared by spreading the pool and filling it with water. If you are two people, this will take around an hour to get ready. So, if you are looking for a pool with easily integrated features then Intex 15ft x prism frame pool set is ideal for you.

Effortless Maintaining

The Maintaining process of the Intex 15ft Prism Frame Pool is very easy. You will also be able to install the pool in just 45 minutes by following the instructions on the DVD that comes with the pool. This means that you do not need to hire a pool specialist to install the pool.


Everyone should check the safety measures before buying his pool set or other things. If you want to be sure about your pool then Intex 15ft x 48in prism frame pool set brings you the right features. The pool has safe swimming facilities for both adults and children. It comes with one year warranty from Intex.

FAQs of the Intex 15ft Prism Frame Pool Set

Q: Is the ladder removable?

The ladder comes with an Intex prism pool set that is removable. And, this removable ladder comes with high-impact slip-resistant measures that will protect you from unwanted slipping.

Q: Is the ground cloth is large enough to take the whole pool?

The ground cloth of the pool is made of durable material. It is 15ft by 15ft, which is enough to use under the pool.

Q: Can this pool be used with a salt system filter?

Yes, you can use a salt system filter in the pool for your needs.

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Final Verdict

In the end, I can only say it is an excellent pool that is made with durable and study materials. However, as I said before, this pool is not for everyone. If you have a high budget for a temporary pool, then this pool is for you. Otherwise, you can look for my other reviews of the best Intex pools

So, that’s all for this review. With Intex’s reputation, I don’t see a reason not to trust this pool. You can buy it without a second thought.