Intex 10 X 30 Metal Frame Pool Review

Intex 10 X 30 Metal Frame Pool Review

Are your kids telling you how their friends have a pool but you don’t?  In the hot summer, it’s fun to have a pool to swim especially for the kids.

But the cost of building one and maintaining is not something in everyone’s budget. However, there is an alternative if you fall in this category ‘temporary above-ground pools.

They are affordable, don’t need additional cost to maintain, and ultimately let you enjoy swimming. In this article, I accompanied Intex 10 X 30 Metal Frame Pool. This temporary pool is affordable, durable, and simple.

So, if you are interested in this pool cleaner, keep reading. There is a lot of interesting information to readout.

At A Glance of Intex 10 X 30 Metal Frame Pool

  •  The Intex above-ground pool is a family-size pool, so everyone can enjoy it. 
  • The frame of this pool is rust-resistant and UV protected, which ensures its longevity. 
  • Comes with a 330 GPH Filter Pump to keep the water clean. 
  • Draining water is possible even with a garden hose. 
  • All necessary maintenance kits and filter pumps come with the cleaner. 
  • You can fill the pool in less than 30 minutes.
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Compare Intex 10 X 30 And Summer Waves 10 x 30 Metal Frame Pool

Intex 10 X 30 Metal Frame PoolSummer Waves 10 x 30 Metal Frame Pool
Intex 10 X 30 Metal Frame Pool ReviewSummer Waves 10 x 30 Metal Frame Pool
To keep the water of your pool crystal clean, Intex Metal Frame Pool uses a filter pump, comes with it.The Summer Waves 10 x 30 Round Metal Frame Pool comes with a SkimmerPlus SFS350 filter pump.
The size of this family pool is 10 ft x 30 in.It is as big as an Intex 10ft metal pool – 10ft x 30in.
It takes about 30 minutes to fill the whole pool with water.The pool takes less than 30 minutes to fill with water.
It can hold up to 1500 gallons of water inside it.Summer Water 10ft pool has a capacity to hold 1100 gallon water.
The frames are rust-resistance and UV protected which ensure your pool’s longevity.The materials are robust to last season after season and liners are puncture-resistant.
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Key Features of the Intex 10 X 30 Metal Frame Pool

Intex 10 X 30 Metal Frame Pool Review

Easy To Set

Setting up a temporary pool can be burdensome.  And, it is not a one-time job that you can work hard to set up once and that’s it, enjoy it for a lifetime. You need to set them up when you need and remove them when not necessary.

With how easy Intex 10ft x 30in metal frame pool with filter pump is, you don’t need to worry that much about it. All you have to do is level the ground where you’re going to put this intex pool 10 x 30 metal frame, bed the ground cover, and set the frame. And, in 30 minutes your pool is ready to dive in. 


The Intex 10 x 30 metal frame pool provides enough space for your whole family to have summertime in a pool.  The pool offers a 10 ft × 30 in the surface that is good enough to swim, sit and relax. And it takes only 30 minutes to fill the pool with water. 

Necessary Includes

You don’t need any additional purchase with the pool to maintain it. This pool comes with a filter pump, which helps you keep the pool water clean, and maintenance kits. The maintenance kits include – a wall brush, skimmer net, vacuum head, and a 94″ telescoping aluminum pole.


The best Intex pool is made from a robust metal material.  This makes the pool very durable compared to other pools on the market. For many summers, you can store the pool as it is easy to maintain as well. 


If you want to buy a temporary above-ground pool, it most likely the price does matter for you. And, if a temporary pool also costs gold, then it does not fill its purpose. Fortunately, the Intex pool is less expensive so you can easily afford this pool for your family.

What Users Are Saying About the Intex 10 X 30 Metal Frame Pool

Intex Metal Frame pools are quite famous among people. And, 10×30 metal frame pool with pump is the smallest and most affordable one. People mostly love this pool because of the easy setup on the ground. 

It doesn’t even take you 30 minutes from having no pool to enjoy swimming in a pool. Besides being a low-budget pool, it is quite durable for its not rust metal parts and UV-protected materials. Thus it can last for a long time and color doesn’t fade away. All the necessary maintenance kits come with this. 

It is easy to move and store during the winter months. Maintenance is also easy. So, overall this is perfect for family fun. However, some users think that the pump that comes with this is not powerful enough.

So, you may need to buy another filter pump if you want to keep your temporary pool water crystal clean without changing water more often. 

FAQs  About of the Intex 10 X 30 Metal Frame Pool

Can I Remove the ladder of this cleaner?

The Intex 10ft x 30in Metal Frame Pool has that powerful ladder and you can remove it easily. The removable ladder comes with high-impact slip-resistant measures that will protect you from unwanted slipping.

What is the length of the ground cloth that comes with it?

The ground cloth of the pool is made of durable material. This 10 x 10 ft size ground cloth is sufficient for use under the pool.

Can I use a salt system filter with this pool?

Yes, you can use a salt system filter in the pool for your needs.
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Final Verdict

In this article, I shared with you all the benefits you are going to have with Intex 10ft metal frame pool. It is a splendid pool indeed. But, you have to carefully use it. As sharp objects can easily puncture it. And, store it properly also to avoid any unnecessary harm to the pool.

That being said, this pool is an excellent temporary replacement for real pools. However, there are also other Intex pools which are as good as it if not better.