The 7 Best Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards 2023

We don’t know when a last-minute expense will come up. And, to get access money fast, a credit card cuts the waiting time for paydays. But, applying, approving, and receiving a standard credit card takes weeks.

Best instant approval gas credit cards help you in the process. Some even provide a credit card number and exchange privileges as you get approved.

So, before applying for a credit card, you should do some research. That may take you the whole evening or even more.

So, to ease your already busy day a little bit, I tried with several credit cards and here recommend a few of them. The parameter I have used to select a credit card is – speed of approval, card features, low fees, and credit profiles.

So, without spending more time on the introduction, let’s get started with the main topic.

What Is A Gas Credit Card?

Before you go to do anything, you should know more about that. Here, most likely, you already know what a Gas Credit Card is. By any chance, if you don’t know, I will fill you up.

Gas credit cards are for helping you to enjoy rewards by filling up your tank. But, it can also increase your credit score and qualify you for better discounts and rewards.

In simple words, Gas and oil companies offer instant approval gas credit card to provide discounts on the price tag. Moreover, you get other benefits and rewards as you purchase something.

The rewards are provided on your spending as a percentage, which is also the same as any other cashback credit card. Even if you have bad credits, you can get several lucrative rewards, but that will be less than usual.

You can get two types of instant approval gas credit cards from the companies. They are –

Closed-loop gas card: This type of card lets you purchase gas or products only from one company or brand. They are also known as single-purpose cards and have companies low on them. They also tend to come with pretty high-interest rates.

Traditional Gas Credit Cards: That’s your regular gas credit cards. You can earn rewards on gas and any type of purchase meant with these types of credit cards. And, not only in gas stations, you can use those anywhere to buy anything. So, you can find people having them commonly.

How do Gas Cards work?

Gas credit cards generally help you track your gas expenses and save some money from discounts and rewards. But, they still have a few uses, pros, and cons.

Usually, they are pretty similar to store credit cards, just that these cards are linked to a gas station chain and can be useless to shop in other places, including online marketplaces.

Still, gas credit cards are helpful for those who are having a hard time getting approval for a regular credit card. And, you can quickly get approval for closed-looped gas cards, compared to the rewards credit cards.

The cards reward you for each dollar you spend on gas or other purchases. On the other hand, closed-loop gas cards, which only work on specific companies or brands, offer you a discount on each gallon of gas instead of dollars.

So, the benefits and rewards depend on the card you get approved for. One best thing about these types of cards is improving your credit score with them.

Top 7 Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards 2023

1. Citi Custom Cash℠ Card

Best Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards - Citi Custom Cash℠ Card

The Citi Custom Cash card is the best option if gas or oil is one of the most significant expenses you make every month. The card offers 5% cashback to the cardholder up to $500.

And, after that, you will get 1% for each dollar spent. So, you can get 25 dollars each month if you spend $500 on gas.

For other products you buy, there is only one percent cash back. So, it won’t be very beneficial if you buy products other than gas.

For the first three months, the company gives you a 300 dollars reward in the form of cashback as you spend $100. And, you won’t need to pay a penny for annual fees.

2. Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards credit card

Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards credit card

The Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards credit card is also a great instant approval gas credit card option. The company also doesn’t charge an annual fee similar to the previous one.

The best thing about business credit cards for fair credit, it has versatility. And, you can get a high cashback reward from the option you choose. Yes, the card lets you choose which category you give 3% cash back each month. Those categories include gas, online shopping, offline stores, travel, etc.

So, you’ll first get 3% cashback on your selected category (in your case, probably gas), 2% on groceries, and 1% on all other purchases. So, plenty of rewards you are getting with the card.

But, the issue is 2% and 3% cash back gas rewards credit cards have a spending cap. After a $2500 purchase, you will get 1% in all the categories.

3. Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express

Best Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards - Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express

With the Blue Cash Preferred Card, you can save some at oil pumps and grocery stores. The card offers 3% cashback on any gas station purchases and on any transport, including taxis, buses, rideshares, tolls, parking, and others.

There is a whopping reward of 6% cash back on up to $6000 purchases meant every year.

And, the facilities are limited to U.S. supermarkets and streaming services. For all other spending, you get a 1% discount.

For the new customers, it has a $300 statement credit for spending 3000 dollars on the first six months.

And, for the introductory year, you won’t need to pay any annual fee. But, after the following year, there is a $95 payment each year.

4. ExxonMobil Smart Card

ExxonMobil Smart Card

The ExxonMobil Smart Card is a gas-saving centered credit card. It offers 6 cents cash back on each gallon of gas you need for your vehicle.

But, keep in mind, that the savings are only at Exxon and Mobil locations in the USA. Also, the discount percentage varies depending on the gas price in your area.

One of the most generous offers you get from the ExxonMobil Smart Card for new customers. It let them earn 30 cents per gallon of gas for the first two months.

The good thing about the instant approval gas credit card is that you can easily upgrade to a Triple Rewards Visa card if you need a visa card for more expenses. It won’t charge you an annual fee.

5. Hilton Honors American Express Surpass Card

Instant Approval Gas Credit Card - Hilton Honors American Express Surpass Card

For travel lovers, Hilton Honors American Express Surpass is the best gas credit card. You get six points for every dollar you spend at a U.S. gas station.

When you need food and rest while on a trip, you can go to any Hilton hotel and earn 12 points per dollar purchase meant.

You can either pay for feature stays on hotels or fill up at gas stations with these points.

The card offers 130,000 bonus points for the first three months to spend $2000. And, there is also another 50,000 bonus point on $5000 expenditure for the initial six months of opening the account. The second chance credit card charges a $95 annual fee.

6. Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi

Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi

The Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi is also an excellent alternative to a gas credit card. And, the best thing is, it offers discounts on gas purchases anywhere, not just in Costo.

You get 4% instant cashback on gas purchases, which is capped up to $7000 each year.

After you cross the limit, you’ll only earn a regular 1% cash back on gas. There is also 3% cashback on eligible restaurants and travel expenses, 2% cashback for purchasement on Costco online and offline shopping.

The card doesn’t charge you any annual fees. But, the issue is, you need to be a Costco Member to qualify for the card, and those membership fees start at $60 per year. It is one of the best online store credit cards guaranteed approval.

7. Sam’s Club Mastercard

Instant Approval Gas Credit Card - Sam’s Club Mastercard

Sam’s Club Mastercard also offers vast rewards with their cards. However, like the previous one, there is a restriction for qualifying; you need to be a club member.

Anyways, when you purchase at eligible gas stations, you get a 5% cash back for the first $6000 each year. After that, the usual 1% discount will continue. The good thing is, that many gas stations are eligible for their service.

That’s a considerably outstanding discount as it applies for both Sam’s Club and non-Sam’s Club gas stations.

The card offers a $30 statement credit for making a 30 dollar purchasement for the first thirty days of card opening.

Again, you won’t pay an annual fee for the card; but you need to be a Sam’s Club member, which has a yearly $45 cost.

How You Should Pick A Credit Card

You can find hundreds of instant approval gas credit cards on the market, so shop around for different deals to find the best option for you.

Start with what you need to use the credit card for. Depending on what main expense option, you can get specific purpose-centered cards. Like in this case, you spend most of the time at a gas station with a credit card, so you are selecting the Best instant approval gas credit cards.

Those who pay their balance of each month in full have an interest-free period. Although that might not be so important, you should search for cards with different incentives like cashback.

If you are taking a card for borrowing purposes, and you may pay on time, you should select a card with a low-interest rate. But, make a total of how much it will cost with interest, and you can afford it.

Is a Gas Credit Card Worth it?

The actual value of gas credit cards depends on their use in gas stations. The ride-sharing drivers should consider a gas credit card, as it will save them quite a lot even if there are few handicaps.

Gas credit cards could also be a great option if you go on road trips a lot. Some cards offer discounts on restaurants and other roadside shops.

Get general rewards cards to offer better deals, compared to the specific company cards, if you have low credit.

Anyways, think about your lifestyle, whether you drive a lot, and visit gas stations over and over. If the gas doesn’t fall into your main expenditures, then it doesn’t matter whether you get one or not.

FAQs About Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards

Do I need a high credit score for instant-approval cards?

A high credit score isn’t the only and must requirement for instant approval credit cards. Plenty of options are available, starting from no credit individuals to excellent credit companies. You can find the credit requirement in the guide of your preferred card.

What do prequalification and preapproval mean?

Both terms help you know the chances of your approval without affecting your credit. The prequalification lets you know whether you met all the qualifications or not. On the other hand, if you meet all the requirements, they give you a preapproval, even before applying.

Is the gas credit card easy to get?

Yes, compared to the traditional credit cards, they are pretty easy to get, especially if you want a closed-up gas credit card, which doesn’t have many credit checks or others.

Final Verdict

Depending on use, instant approval gas cards have many benefits. And, they are pretty used to it at the same time. I have listed a few best instant approval gas credit cards in this article.

You can choose any of these cards. Or based on your expenditure and preference. While selecting, first prioritize the basics, following your preferences. With that, let’s end today’s article – Best Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards.