The 10 Best Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards 2021

If you regularly drive to work or to run errands, you’re likely to be interested in an instant approval gas credit card. With this type of gas card, you don’t need to have a good credit history to get approved. You also get to enjoy special discounts and rewards every time you use your card. The more you gas up, you earn points, and these may be used on your next visit to the fuel station or to pay for other purchases.

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There are so many gas cards for bad credit instant approval that it will surely be difficult for a beginner to find exactly what he needs. But we’ll help you get a card that will work right for you with our list of the ten best this 2020.

10 Best Instant Approval Gas Credit Card of the year

The following are the top instant approval gas cards that you should be using this year.

1. Discover Instant Approval Gas Credit Card

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Discover IT Secured Credit Card

Discover is one of the most widely recognized credit companies in the US and the world. It offers one of the most convenient secured credit card that will help you build your credit history. The Discover IT Secured Credit Card is a secured card that has no annual fees. It comes with tons of perks like BP gas credit cards including instant approval and cashback offers when you use it to pay for gas or to dine out. You can also earn cashback for other purchases. With Discover’s Cashback Match, you automatically get a dollar-for-dollar match or all your cash backs earned during your first year.

The best thing about a secured credit card like Discover IT is that even people who have a poor credit history or those new to using a credit card can apply. You can use a secured credit card as a tool to improve your credit history. Discover IT cards have no annual fee and come with a 22.99% standard variable purchase APR.

Great things about the Discover IT Secured Credit Card

  • With no annual fee
  • You’ll get 2% cashback when you gas up or dine out.
  • Cashback up to $1000 in combined purchases for every quarter.
  • Unlimited 1% cashback when you use the card for other purchases.
  • Get a dollar-for-dollar match for all cashback in a year.
  • 22.9% standard variable purchase APR.
  • Free Social Security number alerts, Freeze it feature, accepted nationwide.
  • Get 100% customer service
  • The lost card will be replaced and shipped overnight

2. Capital One Secured Mastercard Gas Credit Card

Capital One Secured Mastercard Gas Credit Card

Capital One is another popular financial company that aims to help you control and improve your credit score. As soon as you get pre-approved with Capital One, you can apply for a Secured Mastercard right away. This Capital One card is more than a gas card. It is a credit card with no annual fees ideal for traveling and for buying all kinds of retail items.

With the Capital One Secured Mastercard, you only need to make a refundable minimum security deposit that can vary from $49 to $200. Your deposit can provide a $200 credit line. Add more money and you can increase your credit line. Stay with Capital One for 6 months and you will be automatically considered for an automatic upgrade.

Applying for a Capital One Secured Mastercard is easy and you will get your card as soon as 3 weeks. APR for purchases and cash advances varies and currently, it is 26.99%.

Great things about the Capital One Secured Mastercard

  • You can apply as soon as you are preapproved.
  • Considered one of the instant approval gas cards
  • Purchase and cash advances variable APR is 26.99%.
  • With a minimum required security deposit (from $49 to $200) – this is refundable.
  • High initial credit line. Increase your credit line as soon as 6 months.
  • Easy application. Your card is shipped and will arrive as fast as 2 to 3 weeks
  • Get 24/7 customer service.
  • With easy account management, fraud coverage, mobile apps. Rewards and retail/travel benefits.

3. SunTrust Prime Rewards Credit Card

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SunTrust Prime Rewards Card

SunTrust is a credit card that rewards you with unlimited cashback up to $6000 spent yearly on groceries and gas money. With this card, you can maximize your cashback money with recurring bills payment including internet, phone, cable, and other utilities.

SunTrust will keep track of your spending and help you develop healthy financial habits. It is also easy to get a SunTrust credit card. Once you get approved, you must open your SunTrust Secured Savings Account and make a refundable deposit that’s the amount of the approved limit. Every time you use your card, your deposit earns interest.

The Secured Credit Card from SunTrust has many features. You’ll get Loyalty Cash Bonus from 10% to 50%, rewards that you can use as cashback, travel, gift cards, and many more and deals. You also get free access to your FICO Score, easy Lock and Unlock, and easy Chip Technology.

Great things about the SunTrust Prime Rewards Card

  • Get a three-year introductory APR on your balance transfers in the first two months (60 days).
  • You can use this card to build credit.
  • You can earn unlimited cashback: 2% up to $6000 annually for grocery and gas.
  • Get 1% cashback on other purchases you make
  • This credit card helps you control your spending habits.
  • Earn rewards using just one card.
  • Easy applications with a SunTrust Secured Savings Account.
  • You can earn interest when you use your new credit card.
  • You can access your FICO Score
  • Enjoy other features including cash bonus, rewards, deals, unlock/unlock, and many more. 

4. Aeromexico Visa Secured Gas Credit Card

Aeromexico Visa Secured Gas Credit Card

The Aeromexico Visa secured credit card for travelers looking for rebuilding or developing their credit and at the same time, collect miles on flights. Use this secured credit card to get 3500 miles plus a Complimentary Comparison Certificate. With the Aeromexico Visa, you can also get Auto Rental Insurance for free.

With the Visa credit card from Aeromexico, you can rebuild or build your credit. This card is a bonus for car owners as this lets you earn twice the miles when you use this for gas and to pay for your groceries. This is one mile for every dollar spent on qualified net purchases. The miles that you earned when you use the Aeromexico Visa may be used through Aeromexico or at carriers that are partners with Sky Team such as Delta, Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and many more.

To get an Aeromexico Visa secured credit card, you must print the application form found at their site and mail in your deposit in the form of a money order or cashier’s check of $300 to $5000. This deposit will also serve as your credit line. This money will also be used to enroll in a US Bank Secured Savings Account and will continue to earn interest through regular payments. 

Great things about the Aeromexico Visa Secured Card

  • At first use, you will get 3500 bonus miles plus a Complimentary Companion Certificate.
  • This Visa credit card will help you rebuild or build credit.
  • You can get rewards and double miles when you use this card on groceries and gas.
  • You can get additional Auto Rental Insurance for free.
  • Miles may be used in Aeromexico and other Sky Team partners.
  • Application process easy and guaranteed approval as long as you provide a deposit.

5. Credit One Instant Approval Gas Credit Card

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Credit One Instant Approval Gas Credit Card

Credit One Platinum Visa is best for gas and your everyday purchases. Because Credit One is one of the most trusted credit cards it is accepted in many stores online or offline. There are many benefits of using this credit card.

With the Credit One Platinum Visa, you will get 1% instant cashback rewards for your purchases especially groceries and gas, and even when you pay your monthly utility bills like cable, internet, satellite TV, mobile, and more. You will get rewarded whenever you use this credit card and you will even qualify for a higher credit line when you pay for your credit on time. You can select your due date so payments will work with your schedule.

This Visa card will let you check your Experian credit score and has guaranteed protection against unauthorized use with Zero Fraud Liability. Also, Credit One has an easy to use the app so you can review your account on your smartphone no matter where you are. If you are looking for other types of credit cards like a 24-month interest free credit card, check out other products from Credit One.

Great things about the Credit One Platinum Visa

  • Easy to see if you pre-qualify
  • Get 1% cashback on your every day purchases
  • Use this to pay for groceries, gas, and your utility bills and get instant cashback.
  • You can increase your credit line as long as you have good payment standing.
  • You have an option to select your due date.
  • You can get more rewards or up to 10% cashback when you shop at partner stores.
  • Easy access to Experian credit score.
  • Features like Zero Fraud Liability, Credit One Bank app, and many more.

6. Milestone Instant Approval Gas Credit Card

Milestone Instant Approval Gas Credit Card

Milestone Mastercard is the credit card that you need to give you full Mastercard rewards and perks. This is one of a few instant approval cards with no security deposit and you can keep your cash. It is easy to see if you pre-qualify for this credit card and it only takes minutes to find out. When you get pre-approved, you can immediately apply. Pre-qualification won’t affect your credit score.

The Milestone Mastercard won’t ask for a deposit and will help you build or rebuild your credit as it reports to three major credit bureaus. Milestone has Account Management, a website that you can access 24/7 where you can pay your bill, or check your account status. Your account is also protected against fraud as it is covered with the Mastercard Fraud Protection feature. To apply for a Milestone Mastercard, simply visit their official site to begin your pre-qualification process. 

Great things about the Milestone Mastercard

  • Easy and quick pre-qualification process which will not affect your credit score.
  • No security deposit needed
  • You can check on your account or pay your monthly through the Account Management website.
  • With Fraud Protection feature.
  • Reports to three major credit bureaus.
  • Honored in many stores online and offline

7. Indigo Platinum Mastercard Approval Gas Credit Card

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Indigo Platinum Mastercard Approval Gas Credit Card

If you have problems getting approved with some credit cards and gas cards then you will find good luck with Indigo. The Indigo Platinum Mastercard offers fast and easy pre-qualification even for people who have less than perfect credit scores. Even checking if you qualify won’t hurt your credit standing. This Mastercard credit card also reports to all three major credit bureaus so all your timely (and missed) payments will be noted and reflect on your credit history.

The Indigo Platinum does not require any security deposit. It is an uninsured credit card that you can use to pay for gas, groceries, utility bills, and many other items that you want to purchase online or offline.

If you’re on the go, Indigo will help you access your account through the Indigo Account Management website. This is where can make payments on your bill, check on your transactions, and your balance. If you already received your new card, you may activate this from this online site as well. Indigo guarantees fast credit card approval once you pre-qualify and it won’t take too long to get your credit card from the mail as well.

Great things about the Indigo Platinum Mastercard

  • Fast and easy pre-qualification process. Once qualified, you can start applying for the card right away.
  • No security deposits
  • You may choose from different card designs for free.
  • Easy account access from your PC or smartphone 24/7.
  • With Secure Fraud Protection feature using Chip Card Tech.
  • This company reports to 3 credit bureaus monthly for rebuilding your credit score.
  • You can contact customer service anytime if you have any questions about your account.

8. Netspend Prepaid Instant Gas Credit Card

Netspend Prepaid Instant Gas Credit Card

With the Netspend Prepaid card, you have a choice in managing your finances. You have access to prepaid products so you can handle your money according to your needs. This prepaid debit card gives you a faster tax refund compared to a paper check as you use direct deposit for your refund using your Netspend Prepaid Card.

If you’re new to using a credit card or you’re trying to rebuild your credit then this Netspend prepaid debit card gives you the freedom when managing your finances. There are no credit checks too so you won’t have to worry about further ruining your credit history.

The Netspend prepaid card also gives you a chance to get cashback offers every time you use your card. You can use this to gas up, pay for groceries, and pay your utility bills. The application process is easy and everything can be done online. You don’t need to get pre-approved as well.

Great things about the Netspend Prepaid Debit Card

  • No deposit required.
  • No credit checks are needed. You can apply even when you have poor credit or no credit.
  • You will get faster tax refunds.
  • Use this card and get instant cash backs and rewards.
  • You can use this card to pay for gas, groceries, and utility bills.
  • It’s so easy to apply, no need to get pre-approved.
  • Application is easy and it’s done online

9. Bluebird American Express Instant Gas Credit Card

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Bluebird American Express Instant Gas Credit Card

The Bluebird credit card from American Express is a prepaid debit card that will help you save money as you shop or gas up as it comes with no fees. This credit card is more like a checking account and thus, you can use it as an alternative to a bank account. And if you already have a bank account, you’ll surely find Bluebird’s financial management tools very helpful in rebuilding your credit or establishing credit.

The Bluebird American Express also works like a traditional credit card as you can apply for a linked account for your family member or your kids. It can also prevent any negative or overdraft fees. If you have had any problems opening a bank account or you want to use a better, affordable alternative then the Bluebird credit card is for you.

Bluebird Card has no monthly fees or transaction fees. To use this card, you must add money to your account. You can add money through direct deposit, linked debit card, or an external bank account, mobile check, and reloads through Walmart outlets. This card may be used at any MoneyPass ATM but it does not allow cashback.

Great things about the Bluebird American Express

  • This is a prepaid debit card and thus, there are no fees.
  • It is like a checking and banking account.
  • You can use Bluebird’s money management tools to rebuild your credit.
  • There are no monthly fees or transaction fees.
  • You can immediately use your card the moment you add money to it.
  • It is easy to reload this prepaid debit card.
  • Application is easy and everything is done online.

10. Chase Instant Approval Gas Credit Card

The Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card from Chase

Do you frequently dine or order at Starbucks? If you do then the Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card is for you. This is a reloadable prepaid card that rewards you not just when you eat or order at any Starbucks outlet but also when you shop at participating stores and retail outlets. You will earn Stars, an exclusive point system from Starbucks which you can save and use for any kind of purchase from any store that accepts Visa credit cards. You will get a Star for every $10 spent using this rewards card.

It is easy to use a Starbucks  Rewards Visa Prepaid Card. Just load up your card and you’re ready to go. You will be able to automatically receive rewards under the Starbucks Rewards program as soon as your card is approved.

There are so many ways to earn and enjoy your rewards. You will immediately receive 150 Stars as a bonus when you first use Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card with a load of $10 or higher. Afterward, you will get 1 Star for every $10 that you spend using your card. This is valid for any Starbucks stores and in any stores that accept Visa payments. Meanwhile, the rewards you collect may be redeemed when you pay for any drinks, or food ordered via the Starbucks app.

Great things about the Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card

  • It is easy to get a Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card.
  • You can use this to pay for your purchases in any store that accepts Visa credit cards.
  • You will automatically be a part of the Starbucks Rewards Program.
  • You can earn Stars which you can use to pay for food and drinks that are ordered using the Starbucks app.
  • You can earn Stars no matter where you shop.
  • There are no annual, monthly, or reloading fees. 
  • You can easily monitor and manage your card balance through the Chase Mobile app.
  • This card has security features like Zero Liability Protection to avoid unauthorized transactions.

Final Verdict

Have you found your instant approval gas credit card yet? Before you decide to take any gas credit card, debit card, or secured/unsecured credit card, or when you’re looking for the best medical loans for surgery, take time to check all the card features, pros, and cons and terms and conditions. Take note that credit card terms and conditions vary and considering these details will help avoid any problems in the future. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact a representative.