Hunter Fan 59135 Key Biscayne 54-inch Ceiling Fan Review

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All hunter’s models never disappoint with their performance and the hunter fan 59135 key biscayne 54″ weathered zinc ceiling fan is no exception. It will add a stunning feel and look to any large room with a low ceiling. It’s a ceiling fan that will offer you so many benefits that ensure you remain calm and relaxed at all times.

Hunter Fan 59135 Key Biscayne 54-inch Ceiling Fan Review

The 59135 has a beautiful design that you can’t help but stare. The blades have been meticulously crafted and finished with an aged Beachwood touch. And its light kit has a state of the art design which incorporates a weathered zinc finish. Its overall look brings to you a coastal feel right at your house. How amazing?

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The hunter 59135 key biscayne is not all about beauty. Exploring it further, you will be fascinated by its rich feature set. Install it in 3 different positions depending on what you prefer. Then relish maximum air flow with its 54 inches 5 blades and a powerful motor. Use the light kit for added lighting in your room. And the list of is endless.

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[mks_tab_item title=”Pros“]

  • Easy installation
  • Efficient in air movement
  • Has a stunning design
  • Easy to operate

[mks_tab_item title=”Cons“]

  • Lighting is a little dim


Features and Benefits of the Hunter Fan 59135  54-Inch Ceiling Fan

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Features and Benefits of the Hunter Fan 59135  54-Inch Ceiling Fan

Powerful motor

This ceiling fan’s motor is powerful and will deliver rapid air movement to cool a large room of 485 square feet. Also, it runs in what we call ‘whisper wind’ quiet mode. So, you can relax in your room without any disturbance from annoying and loud noise.

This motor can run in a reverse direction. In the winter, change the direction to updraft to let your fan move warm air down from your ceiling to the floor. And in the summer, let it run in the downdraft direction so as to break the hot air pockets to cool your room.

Pull-down chain

The hunter fan 59135 key doesn’t come with a remote control. However, if you would like to change both your light and speed settings, the pull chJain lets you do so easily. It has a light or speed socket for on and off.

Three mounting angles

Installing the Fan is a breeze. However, whenever electricity is involved, it’s advisable to call for assistance from a professional. You can choose to install it in 3 different positions: flush, low-ceiling mount or standard mounting, depending on your choice.

Includes 2 down rods

In the package, there are two down rods included: a 2 and a 3 inch down rod. A down rod comes in handy for standard mounting your ceiling fan. It ensures an optimum distance between your ceiling and the fan. Thus making it possible for it to maximize air flow efficiency at your preferred blade height.

Stainless steel parts

The 59135 54-Inch fan was designed for use mostly in damp areas for outdoors such as sunrooms and porches. Thus its parts are made of high-quality stainless steel so as to resist rust. This makes it robust and durable.

5 Gray pine blades

A ceiling fan’s blade define its dimensions. In this case, each blade is 54 inches in diameter. They are very efficient, and you can position them in a  13 degrees angle for maximum air movement and performance.

Light kit

The kit integrates a cased white glass. It uses 2-14 watt, standard-medium Base CFL bulbs.


Its motor has a limited lifetime warranty cover

What makes the Hunter 5309 the best ceiling fan in the market?

The hunter fan 59135 key Biscayne has a good number of useful features and functions. But one aspect you will appreciate more about it is its ease of operation. This ceiling fan is close to perfection. While operating at its highest settings, it is silent.

What makes the Hunter 5309 the best ceiling fan in the market

It’s also great at circulating air in any room. When the room temperatures are too high, and there is poor ventilation, powering this fan on will instantly create a cooling effect in the chamber.

This ceiling fan also features 2 CFL bulbs that warm up to their maximum brightness in a few minutes. And at their peak, they give off a decent amount of light, which is enough for use in doing house chores. However, if you want to study, then you would need a little more lighting. The dim light shouldn’t be a problem since lighting from a ceiling fan is more for ambiance than utility.

FAQs Of Hunter 5309 Key Biscayne Indoor & Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Q: Is the reverse side of the blades burnished or plain gray in color?

Q: Can you use it for outdoors and is it water proof?

Q: How long is the piece that is directly mounted to the ceiling?

Q: From the user’s reviews, they say that the lighting is dim, is there a way you can improve or correct that?

Q: When you use the 2 inches down rod, how far down the ceiling are the blades?

Q: Can I install it on a low profile ceiling with the stem?

Q: How do you mount the bulbs without the cover of the light kit?

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Final Verdict

The hunter fan 59135 key Biscayneis efficient at providing a calming and cool effect in any of large room. You could even use it in smaller rooms, just tweak around with the speed settings and relish the moment. It’s affordable, and for its price, it offers more than a unit in its class. Speak of quality, performance, functionality, warranty, design, name them all and the hunter 59135 has an upper hand than most of its contenders. With less than 200 bucks you have this beautiful unit in your house.

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