How To Protect Dogs From Cold Weather

Unlike any other season, winter is a season of bitter coldness and numbing wetness. In this bitter cold of the winter season, we usually tend to stay inside the house and wear warm clothes for saving ourselves from the severe coldness of the winter season. Otherwise, we may catch cough, cold, or fever. So as our four-legged pets also need the care for keeping them safe and healthy from the severity of the winter.

We know you have come here to grasp the answer to the question, “How to protect dogs from cold weather”. By the way, some of the pets don’t want to go outside in the winter because of the cold environment.

But most pet owners have to stay concerned for their pets so that they can protect their pets from the cold of the winter. Here are a few tips about how to protect dogs from cold weather, so that you stay trouble-free with your pet.

10 Ways To Protect Dogs From Cold Weather

To keep your pets safe and sound there are some facts a pet owner should care about. If you are having trouble getting outside without a winter coat just because of the severe coldness of the outdoors, then it will be as cold for your pet dog too. So, it is time to look after the behaviors of your dog while you are outside of the home. Below we will note some tips so that you can protect your pet from cold weather.

How To Protect Dogs From Cold Weather

1. Buy A Coat For Your Dog

There are some species of dogs that are gifted with thick fur and it keeps them warm even if it is in the cold weather outdoors. On the other hand, some have a thin coat that can not protect them from the severity of the winter. For protecting him from the cold weather of the winter, you may need to purchase a coat or sweater for your dog.

Before choosing a good coat or sweater, you should look for it if it covers from the neck to the base of the tail and also protects the belly. Still note that the cozy coats can not prevent the thin-haired pet dogs from frostbite or other cold diseases, so don’t keep them for too much outdoor. 

2. Go Outdoor After Sun Shines

If you have observed a little bit of coldness within your pet dog, then it is high time to take some steps for protecting it. To save your pet from the cold weather, while not sacrificing the roaming of the outdoors, you can take it to the outdoors when the sun shines, which means late in the morning. 

In short, you should avoid your dog from walking outside in the early morning or the late evening. Play with your pet and spend time with it outdoors, when the sun shines and the weather is sunny enough. Good news for you that sunshine will bring added benefits of Vitamin D for you and your pet dog. 

3. Limit Your Outdoor Walk In The Winter

You along with your family members and pet dogs will love to spend time outside, but in winter the perspective is different. It doesn’t matter if your pet dog is thicker in fur or thinner in fur coats, they can easily catch a cold if you take it outside for a longer time in the winter season. Even if you take it outdoors wearing cozy sweaters or jackets, hypothermia or frostbite can catch the outer parts of ears, paws, and tail. 

When the temperature drops usually in the winter, you can take your pet outside for a little walk, exercising or playing, but don’t keep it outside for too long. Take your pet with yourself, so that it can easily return when you’re entering home. If he goes outside in your yard by himself, check often to make sure he is not showing the signs of feeling cold or sneezing.

4. Make A Cozy Bedding

If you care too much for your pet dog, it won’t be a better option to let him sleep on the floor in the cold weather. Since your pet is roaming outside in the winter, and if you make it sleep on the cold floor, it can have a negative effect on his health. For keeping your pet dog warm and risk-free, you can ensure cozy bedding instead of flooring. 

With warm blankets, your dog will stay warm and feel comfortable while sleeping. Additionally, if you put the bed above the floor it will be further better for the health of your pet dog and heated pet beds can support keeping the stiffness out of aging joints. Lastly, you can place your pet’s bed in a familiar place where it regularly goes for sleeping so that it won’t feel uncomfortable or irritating.

5. Check Your Heaters

When your pet stays too frequent in the cold winter weather it may feel a little bit frozen or snuggling and it will search for hot or warm environments, like heaters or furnaces, etc. If you are the one who is using space heaters, it may be a risky option for your pet, because your pet may be burned if it gets too close to the heater in search of warmth. 

So, it will be a better option for your dog if you replace the space heaters and bring a baseboard radiator that will keep your lovely dog safe from being burned. Fireplaces that you have put for warmth can be a great threat to your pet, so it is better to keep all of the parts of your home pet friendly so that your heat-seeking pet doesn’t get harmed. 

6. Keep Away From Water Sources

It may look simple to go near the water when it is summer, but in winter that can be a dangerous spot to go both for you and your pet dog. If you are living near any water sources like a pond, lake, or swimming pool you will notice that the waters have become frozen or icy. If you roam near the icy water with your pet dog, it may jump to the spot when leashed.

Like humans, animals can fall into those icy water spots and it is not an easy task to keep your pet retained from that cause it is an attractive place to go for. If it really happens, then you may find it very difficult to rescue your pet dog, cause the ice remains slippery and sharp. So, it is better to keep your pet away from the water sources for preventing any unwanted accidental issues. 

7. Don’t Leave Pet Dogs In Car

Suppose, you are in the task of running errands in the winter season and you have your dog with you in the car. Keeping your dog in the running car can be a dangerous thing, it can cause poisoning or other health issues to your pet. In winter, it can be further devastating, keeping your dog for a couple of minutes in the car can make your dog freezing cold.

In winter, cars can be super freezing cold like a refrigerator within minutes, so it is not a good choice to keep your pet dog with yourself in the car. For the betterment of your pet, and to protect dogs from cold weather it is better to keep him at home while you are running errands. 

8. Observe the Playing Spot

It is a common thing that your pet dog will love to play outside of your yard rather than the indoor spots of your house. For warming and other heating purposes, take little indoor breaks so that your pet gets healed from the coldness of the outside. Furthermore, don’t stay outside for a longer period to keep your dog warm and sound. 

It is also a great option to have a look after your pet, it means to keep him on the leash when you are outside. When you go playing in unfamiliar areas, it is crucial to take care of your pet dog and keep him close so that he doesn’t get lost. It is easy for your dog to jump onto unsafe surfaces such as frozen ponds or lakes as well as sharp bushes that are covered by snow and not be visible in common eyes. 

9. Remove Snows

In winter, snow is an element of fun and playing both for the peoples and animals. Playing in the snow can also be an issue of sickness for your pet dog as well as it is dangerous for your dog. Snow gathered near your house walls and fences offers your dog escape routes that sometimes even well-trained dogs can not resist going. 

To keep away your dog from running, you can clean the snow off your fences, barriers, and walls near your household. Accumulated snows and ice pieces on your rooftops can slide and drop in the ground and make your pet dog injured when the temperature is rising a little bit. If you are unable to clear the snow from the rooftop, then keep your dog away from the roof extension for preventing unwanted accidental injuries.

10. Keep Your Dog Moisturized

When your pet moves frequently outside in the winter, it can have reversible impacts on the skin of your pet. In winter, your pet’s skin may get dry and rough because of the severity of the coldness in winter. To keep your pet dog moisturized you can apply some beneficial oils or health supplements with his food. Support your pet from preventing dry, flaky skin by supplying a skin and coat supplement to his food.

Coconut oil can be a good natural moisturizer for your pet, that can aid to keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy. If you observe that your pet’s paws, ears, or tail are dry or damaging, you can also apply coconut oil topically when it is needed. Keep your dog groomed, clean, and perfectly polished for keeping itself away from catching diseases in the winter. 

Final Verdict

To make your dog live better you can check pet insurance cover spaying to keep them spayed and neutered. Having a dog in the winter can be a great option for spending happy time in the snow. But it is a matter of concern if your dog gets sick or catches a cold. That’s why it is a crucial option to take care of your adorable pet friends otherwise, you may not be able to keep the pleasure that you are looking for. 

Keeping your pet warm and protected is the only option for keeping them healthy. Hope you may have got the answer to the question, How to protect dogs from cold weather with less effort. Keep in mind those winter care advice and tips for enjoying everything winter is going to offer you.