How To Buy A Car With Pre Approved Loan in 2023

Pre Approved loan puts you on the main seat when getting a loan. And, it also makes the process pretty quick and straightforward. So, there’s a common question on buyers’ minds, how to buy a car with pre approved loan.

The pre approved loans are provided by the lenders with estimated conditions, like, as the max amount of money that can be borrowed, its interest rate, and the loan term. Some dealerships offer pre-approved loans to finance the purchasing of a car.

This type of loan tells you the overall cost of a loan beforehand, and you have a budget before you start shopping. Moreover, it shows the deals you have done your research, and they won’t take advantage of your situation.

Moreover, pre-approved loans mean you won’t need to rely only on a single dealership or even only on dealership financing. Thus, you have more options in your pocket, which gives you a better negotiation option.

Anyways, today I will tell you how to buy a car with pre approved loan and its benefits.

How To Get A Car With Pre Approved Loan

Usually, when you set your heart to getting a new car, you may go to a dealership and negotiate for the car. The pre-approved loans are different as you first get the loan and then go to the deal for the car. This has many benefits, which we will talk about later.

How To Buy A Car With Pre Approved Loan

Now, let’s see the process of getting pre approved loan:

You can get a preapproval loan for automobiles from several many places. But, as you have a relationship with your current bank, it’s the best place to start. To apply for the loan, you can go in person or talk over the phone.

Different institutions have different applications for pre-approval. Anyways, try to get preapproval from two or three different providers to get the best offer. Keep in mind, pre-approval requires an excellent credit pull and other things.

After the approval, revalue all the terms and conditions to check for errors. This loan for cars isn’t considered until you submit it to a dealer, and you can decline your pre approved offer.

Where Can You Get Pre Approved Loans For Cars

Plenty of financial organizations are available for pre approved loans if you meet the criteria.

Credit Unions

Local credit unions are the first place to check for any loan, as it provides the lowest interest. Same for automobile loans, credit unions offer a cheaper rate compared to banks. But, to get a car with no money down and bad credit a loan from them, you first need to be a member of the organization.

The requirement for credit unions can vary from organization to organization. Some have lenient membership requirements, whereas others require you to live in a specific area, work in a specific job, or be a part of a particular trade.


Banks are the most traditional and common place for people to borrow money. If you are not in any credit unions, your second best option is banks.

Their offers include outstanding convenience. Like, Capital One provides credit cards, saving and checking accounts in addition to loans and preapprovals. But, without meeting specific criteria, you won’t get any loans from them.

Online Lenders

With technological improvement, the number of online lenders and trading has nowadays increasing exponentially. And, some of the marketplaces, companies, and platforms keep reliability between lenders and borrowers. But, you can’t expect lower interest rates from them. Anyways, some online platforms offer loans even to people with bad and no credit.

Steps To Consider To Get A Car With Pre Approved Loan

Take the few steps to improve your chance to get a car:

Credit Score: For pre-approved loans, the credit score is an essential factor. It helps the lender to predict the probability of you repaying the loan. Review your credit before you want to the provider to avoid any surprises.

Gathering necessary information: A lender will ask for a lot of information before providing pre approval for car loans. After reviewing credit history, they might ask for your – social security number, driving license or state ID, employment status, and income statement. So, it’s recommended to take all the necessary papers before requesting the loan.

Receive Different Offers: When getting pre-approval from dealerships, accepting the first offer you get is not a smart way nor recommended.

Having approval from different lenders puts you in the driving seat while negotiating for a car. Try to get a car with no money and bad credit those offers in different loan features ( like interest rates and loan terms).

Start Shopping: Once you get preapproval from two to three lenders, it’s time to select the best deal and buy your desired car. In this case, you shouldn’t wait for too long as those pre-approvals are highest valid for one to two months. When it comes to paying for the car, you need to submit the preapproval application.

But, before buying, make sure to check if the dealer allows pre-approval. Also, some deals have restrictions on the vehicles they want to finance.

Benefits From Pre-approved loan

Having A Budget

With the pre-approved loan for a car, you have an idea of how much you can spend. In the pre-approval, the lender mentioned a quote of the amount you can borrow, sometimes also including the car’s brand, taxes, and other fees.

You also have an idea of what will be the interest rate and loan term. Thus, you can find out the monthly payment and overall loan cost before you go for the car. Keep in mind that you don’t need to spend the whole amount you preapproved for, as you will only pay for the amount you spent.

Main Focus Stays On the Car

When financing dealerships, you need to keep your focus on the numbers, thus most often researching a car lacking. The mind stays on – how much will monthly payment will be and whether it would be affordable or not.

But, for preapproval, as you did your homework from before, you keep your entire focus on the car, its benefits, and disadvantages.

Better Negotiating Power

As always, the more option you have to more power you have on hand. When you go to a dealership without any pre-approved loan and find a car you like, the dealership can take advantage of your fear of losing it. In that case, they can pressure you with higher interest rates and long loan terms.

Pre Approved loans let you lose from the pressure as you negotiate everything beforehand. Moreover, when you have multiple pre-approval from different lenders, you can choose the best among them.

Final Verdict

A pre-approved loan is the best option when it comes to car financing. It lets you control the steering wheel when purchasing a car. With it, you know how much you can spend on a car, offer you more flexibility on choosing a dealer, and give you better negotiation power.

When applying, you will need to provide your personal, financial, and employment information. Depending on your credit history and lender, you can receive a conclusion in minutes. That’s all for today’s topic – how to buy a car with pre approved loan.