Hayward 2025ADC Review – How it’s worthy enough?

Hayward 2025ADC Review

How many times have you cheated by pool cleaner companies? It happened to me many times. They (pool cleaner manufacturers) advertise a product to be the best, but in reality, they are worse or even more. But I found Hayward to sell what they say. And that’s why they are lasting more than 80 years in the pool cleaning industry.

In this article, I will review Hayward’s one well-known pool cleaner, Hayward 2025ADC.

This automatic pool cleaner, in a unique design, comes with some unique features. It is an eco-friendly cleaner as it doesn’t create sound pollution and saves energy. So, without wasting time on the introduction, let’s start with the features of 2025ADC. 

At A Glance of

  • Hayward 2025ADC offers a programmed manuvarance to cover the entire pool. 
  • Its powerful suction captures all types of dirt and debris. 
  • Easy to set up, just need to connect directly to the pool’s skimmer. 
  • No need to hassle with emptying the debris bag as there isn’t any.
  • The advanced design ensures it doesn’t make an annoying noise.
  • It comes with a 40 feet long horse.
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Compare Hayward 2025ADC With Dolphin Advantage Robotic Pool

Hayward 2025ADC Pool CleanerDolphin Advantage Robotic Pool Cleaner
Hayward 2025ADC ReviewDolphin Advantage Robotic Pool Cleaner
Hayward 2025ADC needs a separate machine to clean gunite and vinyl pools.The Dolphin Advantage Robotic Pool is suitable for all types of the pool, including gunite or vinyl.
It comes with a 40 ft hose, which means it can clean around 36 ft. size pools.This smart robot can clean up to 33 ft size pools with ease.
This model of Hayward model 2025adc uses less suction power than the previous versions and saves energy.It has an energy-saving system, thus consumes a fair amount of energy to operate.
You can schedule it in the daily cleaning cycle to clean your pool automatically.Schedule Dolphin Advantage to clean automatically in 3 settings- every day, every other day, or every 3rd day.
2025ADC directly connects with the pool’s skimmer, so don’t need any additional filter bag.The large top-loading filter basket is easy to access. Cleaning is hassle-free.
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Key Features of the Hayward 2025ADC  PoolVac XL Pool Cleaner

A Suction Side Pool Cleaner

The Hayward 2025ADC is a vacuum pool cleaner. But to operate itself, it uses the pool’s main filtration pump powered by a suction system. All the debris and dirt it captures went to the pump basket. The spinning turbine powered by the pump’s suction system helps it to do that.

PH Balance Maintainer

Every concrete pool owner has to face the problem of Microscopic pores, the biggest enemy of concrete pools. They cause your pool’s chemical imbalance. Thus, you need to take heavier filtration methods to keep your pool’s PH level in check. The Hayward 2025ADC is best in this case, which comes with SmartDrive technology. This programmable steering system automatically detects all types of debris and suction them.

AquaPilot Technology

This is a programmed steering system to systematically cover the entire pool including the floor, walls, and coves of your pool. According to some users, its cleaning ability is second to none. 

Energy Efficient

The Hayward 2025ADC model is uniquely designed to directly transfer all debris and dirt to the main filtration system your pool has. Thus it is able to save energy and reduce the operating cost also. In the long run, it’ll benefit you the most. 

What Users Are Saying About Hayward 2025ADC  PoolVac XL Pool Cleaner

Hayward has been active in the pool cleaner industry for a long time. Their cleaners are well known for longevity. Furthermore, with their long-researched technology, pool cleaners are very effective at cleaning.

Hayward 2025ADC is one of the famous products from Hayward. The unique design, easy controlling, and effective cleaning made it popular among pool owners. It is simple to use and you will notice cleaning streaks as soon as it starts working. Moreover, the SmartDrive System ensures it chooses its path precisely and systematically.

From assembling to operating, everything is child’s-play of this pool cleaner. You don’t need any tools to set it nor does it need additional equipment ( like a booster pump) to operate. And the design is also quiet for the most part. Lastly, it requires very little energy to operate. 

So, this cleaner comes with strong features for people to want it.   users love this product. On Amazon, it has a 4.3 rating which is splendid. But that doesn’t let it lose its shortcoming. The most annoying problem is – the hose tangles up most of the time and altogether the cleaner stops working.

And you occasionally need the cleaning parts to replace. If leaves stuck up in the clean, that will also affect suction power. Sometimes it also gets jammed up by rocks and acorns. As some users complained, materials are not top quality, especially the hose head.

But compared to its price and performance, the shortcomings are excusable. Its competency in cleaning is enough to prove its worthiness.

FAQs About Hayward 2025ADC  PoolVac XL Pool Cleaner

Will it work with my pebble tec pool?

Yes, it works perfectly with pebble tec pools. But, the only drawback you are going to face is wearing out the replaceable parts faster than normal pools.

How long will it last?

There is no direct answer to this question. Normally the replaceable parts are worn after 2-3 years of use. And, the system can last from 7-10 years, according to your use.

Will it work with above-ground pools?

The Hayward 2025ADC is specifically designed for in-ground pools. So, I recommend you not to use it on above-ground pools. It will be harmful to both the cleaner and the pool.
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Final Verdict

From this review, you can say without a doubt Hayward 2025ADC is quite an excellent pool cleaner for in-ground pools. But, it has some drawbacks too like low-quality materials and a tangled-up hose.

In my recommendation, if you have a medium size pool concrete or vinyl pool where accumulate sand, agale or other small debris then the Hayward 2025ADC is the perfect choice for you. The price also is not that high. However, everything up to you now.