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Haiku Home L Series Review – Best Wi-Fi Enabled Ceiling Fan

The Haiku Home L Series Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Enabled Ceiling Fan has been designed with functionality and style in mind. It comes in a matte black finish to give it an interesting modern and sophisticated look that blends in perfectly with any space. In regards to functionality, this one undoubtedly meets the standards of a modern ceiling fan.

Haiku Home L Series Review

It includes a remote control, the Amazon Echo and mobile app that lets you control both the light and fan settings. There are also ten different control levels, 16 brightness settings and symmetrical airfoils for optimal air circulation. Being an Energy-Star certified fan, it is extremely energy efficient. It’s four times as efficient as the required minimum standards and thus will save you money on your energy bills.

The Haiku L Series has three robust blades, which are light enough to create minimal stress on bearings. It has an ultra-efficient Axial Flux Magnet Motor with a chain-free design and sound tested to ensure total silence in its operation.

Its quality is impeccable hence guarantying you many years of service without worrying about wear and tear. Furthermore, it has been tested in a thermal chamber with temperatures at a range of -4°F to 122°F so as to ensure durability in both in and outdoors.

  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Its motor runs smoothly and quietly
  • Works with the Amazon ECO (Alexa) for voice control
  • Includes a free mobile app for changing light and fan settings
  • Users struggle with the connectivity of the app

Features and Benefits of the Haiku Home L Series

Features and Benefits of the Haiku Home L Series

This ceiling fan includes a slim-line remote control that enables you to adjust the light intensity and your fan’s speed. The one-touch control capability makes it easy for you to customize your fan’s settings to changing temperatures of the day.

Ten unique control settings
These settings let you adjust your fan’s speed, timer, whoosh mode and sleep mode. The whoosh setting simulates a natural breeze flowing through your room. If you want to set the maximum speed of the breeze, you can do so with the Haiku mobile app. And this ceiling fan will provide you with gusts of the wind for added comfort.

The sleep mode options allow you to choose the temperatures that make you comfortable while sleeping. And the ceiling fan adjusts its speed to maintain it at your preferred level.

Haiku Home mobile app
This free app is available for iOS and Android.  If you want to control the fan and light settings using your cell phone, your package must include a Wi-Fi module. This app also enables you to adjust your fan settings using the Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo
Alexa is a great feature that lets you control your fans settings through voice commands. To get started, say “Alexa, turn on my fan” and then you can explore a lot more at a hands-free comfort.

LED lighting
The integrated LED lighting kit uses about half the energy of a standard 40-watt incandescent bulb yet produces twice as much light. You can even adjust up to 16 settings of LED lights to set the perfect mood in your room. LED bulbs are not only efficient but also durable and will last more than 30 times as long. Thus, you will never worry about replacing the bulb let alone its performance.

The Airfoils are aerodynamically engineered so as to provide greater air movement than the standard flat-bladed fans. Each airfoil is factory-balanced to eliminate any chance of clicking, wobbling, and rattling.

Noise level
The Haiku fan features a high-speed DC motor that runs quietly and efficiently. It so silent that you won’t even notice it’s there. The only sound you are likely to hear is that of air moving around your room.

Also, there are Seven-speed settings in the fan which you can pick from for maximum comfort.

What makes the Haiku Home L Series, best in the market?

What makes the Haiku Home L Series, best in the market?

The Haiku Home L Series breaks the monotony of the traditional designs of residential fans to achieve a more contemporary look.  It incorporates a pendulum attached motor that is connected directly to the Airfoils to achieve the right balance which prevents wobbling.

You can set it up in an indoor or outdoor space that is 15 ft. x 15 ft. with a sloped or flat ceiling. Installing this ceiling fan is a breeze, but in case you get stuck along the way, you can make use of the step by step instructions included.

The L Series is Energy Star Certified meaning that it is 60% more efficient than other conventional ceiling fans. In fact, it even exceeds the efficiency requirements by 450%. This feature makes it shine brightest when compared with its contenders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does the remote use both IR and RF?
Q: Can it work with Samsung SmartThings?
Q: Is this an AC or DC motor?
Q: What is the required minimum fan height from the ceiling? Can you reduce the down rod to 9”?
Q: What is the CFM of this fan at the highest speed?
Q: How many fan speed does it have?
Q: Can you flush mount this fan without a down rod?
Q: What happens to the fan if you hook it up with a standard wall switch and turn it off?

Final Thought

The Wi-Fi Enabled Ceiling Fan has the bells and whistles that you would want in a ceiling fan. Its exquisite design allows it to fit in perfectly with most modern home decors. Thus making it a great option for anyone looking for an efficient way to cool their home with an added sense of style.

Its multiple controls, mobile app, remote control and many of its other features brings it from being a good fan to a great ceiling fan.  Therefore, making the Haiku Home L Series is a worth-while investment.

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