Top 7 Guaranteed Startup Business Loans No Credit Check Required

Guaranteed startup business loans with no credit check may be all you need to make your dream come true. But, you know, getting a business loan for startups with bad credit or no credit is not easy, particularly when you have the heat to generate revenue.

But, many lenders advertise to offer bad credit loans for startups with guaranteed approval. However, they just take advantage of your situation; all reputable lenders will evaluate applications before approving them.

There are still few trusted lenders that offer guaranteed startup business loans no credit check. So, in this article, you will see 7 highly rated or decent lending services for startups where you would have a perfect chance of getting a loan. So, without spending any more time, let’s start.

Top Three Recommendations

FundboxLoans can be pretty expensive, and repayment terms are short, but qualification is simpler and fast to fund.
LendioIt doesn’t provide loans directly but connects borrowers with its 300 business funders.
OnDeckLoans are easy to get and available for small startups with decent personal credit.

Top 7 Guaranteed Startup Business Loans No Credit Check 2023

Sometime getting a loan become crucial for your startup business to handle the critical situation and keep the production running. Hence, if you look for a guaranteed startup business loans no credit check, you’ll find plenty of options but which one you should choose. To help you on this matter, I have list down the top 7 loan providing firms that offer guaranteed startup business loans no credit check.

1. Fundbox

Fundbox - Guaranteed Startup Business Loans No Credit Check

Fundbox is an online lender offering guaranteed startup business loans no credit check, which is suitable for businesses that need quick cash flow to fill up.

The terms and conditions of this lender are pretty simple, have flexible eligibility requirements, and the application process is quite fast, allowing small businesses to get a loan even the next day of their business startup loan no credit check.

Their revolving business lines of credit go up to $150,000 with 12 or 24 weeks of repayment time. They are also taking the initiative to launch a business term loan, but it will still be available soon.

Who Should Take the Fundbox loan:

You need quick cash: you may complete Fundbox’s application with minimum documents and get a verdict on the same day. Funds are accessible as soon as the following business day after your application is approved.

If you can afford weekly payments: Fundbox has options for weekly payments over a 12- or 24-week term.

Has a bad credit score: Fundbox allows customers with a credit score of at least 600. Fundbox checks your business checking account and/or pulls a soft credit check, in addition to your credit record, while underwriting your loan to gain a complete picture of your financial performance.

Just started a business: Usually, lending services demand that your company has to be for at least one year in the business before applying for funding. On the contrary, Fundbox requires only six months in operation to qualify for a line of credit.

Fundbox standout features

Fundbox offers some exclusive features for its clients. Have a look at some of them:

Quick Cash

Fundbox is an excellent choice for firms that want quick access to run the business. You may apply for a line of credit online by entering basic company information and connecting your Fundbox account to your business bank account or accounting software.

You can obtain cash as soon as your application is approved. Fundbox will send the funds to your bank account, and you will get them as soon as the next day.

Easy Requirements

Compared to other mid-size lenders, including offline and online lenders, Fundbox offers less stringent qualification standards.

Whereas many lenders demand a minimum of one year in a company to qualify for funding, Fundbox only has six months of operational requirement, making its line of credit an excellent alternative for new firms.

Similarly, if you have poor credit (around 600 scores), you still are eligible for a Fundbox line of credit. Fundbox requires a minimum credit score of 600 and evaluates your application using data from your credit report and financial services that you link, such as your company checking account and accounting software.

Flexibility Requirement

You can return your line and credit early with Fundbox if you want to save some money on costs, and that comes without any prepayment requirements.

In addition, Fundbox doesn’t impose a fee for inactivity, account maintenance, or other origination fees.

2. American Express

American Express

American Express is one of the top choices regarding business-type loans. The good thing about it is American Express has multiple financial services, including small business startup loans with bad credit.

Their loans are divided into three options: merchant Financing, Working Capital Terms, and Business Loans.

Though the loan rates and benefits are somewhat similar, these options are only for merchants who have an American Express business Credit card or accept American Express card payments.

Depending on your business qualifications, you can get a massive loan from lenders ($3,500-$75,000). Even if you have a low credit score, you will still be eligible.

American Express Features

Some of the top American Express features are mentioned below.

Only For Members

American Express only accepts no credit check business loan applications from currently qualified cardholders. If you don’t already have an American Express card or don’t take payments through it, you can consider getting one if you apply.

Before applying, know that American Express loans do not have the rewards programs and other perks that an American Express credit card might provide. But you will get some benefits depending on which option you choose.

Versatile Payments

If you qualify for Merchant Financing, you will be given a set percentage fee. The loan amount multiplies this percentage. So, if you accept a $10,000 loan with a 10% interest rate, you’ll owe $11,000 in total. In addition, it offers an early payment incentive in the form of a refund. You can pay the payment in three different terms:

  • Six-Month Term: Provide a 25% rebate if you fully pay within 90 days; 10% for paying in 135 days.
  • 12-Month Term: Provide a 25% rebate if you fully pay within 90 days; 10% for paying in 270 days.
  • 24-Month Term: Provide a 25% rebate if you fully pay within 90 days; 10% for paying in 540 days.
Competitive Interest Rates

Cardholders of American Express can get competitive loan APRs. When reviewing your application and deciding on the conditions of your loan, the lender examines at least nine months of account history and other variables such as your credit history and current financial situation.

If you are pre-approved and later decide to apply officially, your offer APR may differ from your pre-approved APR. However, Amex claims it will not go over the maximum APR you were pre-approved for.

While there are no credit score requirements for acceptance by American Express, you must have been accepted for at least one of its credit cards before applying for a loan. Cardholders with higher credit scores typically qualify for reduced APRs, which can help them save money in the long run.

3. Lendio

Lendio - Guaranteed Startup Business Loans No Credit Check

Unlike the previous two lenders, Lendio is a financial platform that establishes connections between consumers and funders.

Although Lendio does not provide loans directly, its network of 300 companies makes it a one-stop shop for finance.

Again for clarity, Lendio doesn’t originate business loans. Contrary, it works as a matchmaker between lenders and business owners. You provide all the information about who you are and what you are searching for, and Lendio does the rest.

Aggregators like Lendio can be beneficial in various ways. They do all the background work of finding financing for you (thus saving your time), offer multiple offers (provide versatility), and offer free service.

Different Loans Types In Lendio

Lendio is a marketplace that matchmaker loans and lenders for business loans. It provides all of your information to suitable lenders and assists them in making a proper decision.

Thus it has a wide range of financial options and terms. Your availability for the criteria will be determined by several factors: your credit score, the business you are running, etc. Here are the options you can get,

Short-Term Loans:

The installments for the best credit unions for personal loans stay for one year or less. You will be charged a flat fee instead of a compound interest rate. Payments are primarily on a weekly basis.

Term Loans:

It’s a classic loan option where the lender offers you a large sum of money, and you repay the borrowed amount with accumulated interest. The payment period varies depending on your agreement. Payments are made monthly, weekly, or even daily.

Merchant Cash Advances:

In this case, funders buy a percentage of your future card-based sales for a certain amount. This is similar to investment.

Lines Of Credit:

The lender gives you a credit limit against your borrowed amount rather than a lump sum payment. You can use your credit line as often as possible if the total amount borrowed does not exceed your credit limit.

SBA Loans:

Term loans and other services backed partly by the Small Business Administration. These loans offer several advantages over most other loans regarding term duration, APR, and possible loan amounts.

Equipment Financing:

Loans and leases are meant to support purchasing or leasing physical assets.

The loan interest rate and loan terms vary depending on your loan. But, these business line allows you to take $1,000-$500,000, which mostly have a one to two years term period.

4. OnDeck

Ondeck - Guaranteed Startup Business Loans No Credit Check

OnDeck is pretty famous for online small business loans no credit check. The company now provides two types of business loans – traditional short-term loans, and revolving lines of credit.

But, the requirements are comparability high; your business has to be in operation for two years and earn at least $250,000 per year. But, thankfully, you can get guaranteed startup business loans no credit checks. If you meet the requirements, it will be quick to get a loan and has various financial options.

However, the loans for OnDeck can be pretty expensive. Its interest for short-term loans can go up to 98%, while the average rate is around 50%.

As usual, the rates are determined by the strength of your business. Besides, you have to repay the loan within 24 months at max, so it may not be the best option if you are looking for long-term loans.

OnDeck Features

Check the prominent features of OnDeck from the section below.

Straightforward And Quick

You can complete the OnDeck loan applications as fast as 10 minutes over the phone. To apply, all you will need is basic information such as your business tax ID, three months of bank statements, your Social Security number, and your driver’s license number.

After approval, an OnDeck loan adviser will contact you, which usually takes one business day to submit your application. The adviser will evaluate your offer and allow you a loan.

Similarly, you can get the loan amount quickly, mostly the following business day.

Less Requirements than Banks

It’s common for people to prioritize banks for a loan. But, traditional bank loans require collateral, like your house or other personal assets, to get a loan. And you also require a good credit score, 720 or other. On the other hand, even if your credit score is 600, you will get a credit union for auto loans from OnDeck.

The typical requirements are – credit scores of 680 to 720 for a personal loan, an annual review of $500,000 or higher, and business operation has to be more than two years.

Lower Interest Rate For Repeat Customers

On your first loan, OnDeck’s term loans carry a one-time origination charge ranging from 2.5 percent to 4 percent of the entire loan amount. This cost is reduced to 1.25 percent to 3 percent from your next loan and 0% to 3 percent from the third and subsequent loans.

5. BlueVine

BlueVine - Guaranteed Startup Business Loans No Credit Check

BlueVine is also an online loan provider that offers loan services to assist merchants in overcoming cash flow issues.

Although it began with invoice factoring, it was later restructured to focus on its line of credit product, as well as a new business checking product.

Their clients, who have previously used factoring, have switched to fund through. But the loans are pretty expensive on BlueVine.

However, along with the hefty price, it provides excellent and transparent services, which are fast, convenient, simple, and valuable for customers facing low cash flow issues.

You can get start-up business loans with bad credit up to $250,000, which is an excellent start for small-business owners looking for short-term loans. Like short-term loans, you need to repay them in six or twelve months.

BlueVine Features

Before applying loan from BlueVine check some of their core features from the below section.

Fast Funding

For those in need of quick cash, BlueVine is an outstanding alternative. Its application process is simple; you can apply online fast. All you need to provide is basic information about you and your business and add your business bank account or financial statement report.

After approval, the lender may provide you funds on the following business day, if not the same day. The money will be directly transferred to your business account. But, if you are willing to pay $15 for a wire transfer, you will get the money in hours.

Flexible Requirements

BlueVine’s service has loosened qualification standards than the other traditional and online lenders. It offers a line of credit even for customers with bad credit (600 credit score), so you can get guaranteed startup business loans no credit check.

It is also eligible for companies that are in operation for six months or more, making it an outstanding alternative for startups. Rather than the other things, it prioritizes your company’s cash flow, so you need to add your bank account details in the application or send bank statements.

Sufficient Credit Lines

BlueVine provides a line of credit up to $25000, which is a more outstanding maximum loan than some of the nearest competitors. Moreover, you won’t need to be charged monthly maintenance fees, account closure fees, or any penalties if you are on time with the payments.

6. National Business Capital

National Business Capital - Guaranteed Startup Business Loans No Credit Check

National Business Capital is an aggregator based in Bohemia, New York, connecting small businesses looking for loans with one of its 75+ lending affiliates.

Similar to other programs, it also saves time by letting your application reach many lenders simultaneously. But, you must pay the price for the convenience and time saved.

The amount of loan you can get depends on your credit score, the company’s strength, and how long you are in running it. The loan terms and amount vary greatly depending on which lender you choose and what type of loan you are offering.

Different Loan Type In National Business Capital

National Business Capital comes with plenty of loan facilities for its clients, so you can choose any of them according to your preferences.

Business Term Loan:

The traditional loan type, where you get a lump sum amount from a lender, then repay it with interest over a specific time frame. This is the most common loan there.

Lines Of Credit:

This loan type is similar to the previous one, but instead of giving you a lump sum amount, there you get a credit limit, which indicates how much amount of money you can borrow at a specific time. So, you can borrow as much as you need, while the total amount cannot exceed the Lines Of Credit limit.

Equipment Financing:

These loans are provided to business startup loans no credit check to help them to acquire tangible, productive assets. The equipment you purchase also acts as collateral.

Merchant Cash Advances:

In this loan, you get how much money you need in exchange for a percentage of your future credit sales. Here, your business reputation and annual sales matter a lot. Getting this is relatively easy, as the requirements are lower and high interest rates.

SBA Loans:

This is a favorite type of loan that the Small Business Administration partially guarantees. Here you receive better rates and terms than other options would provide.

7. Upstart

Upstart - Guaranteed Startup Business Loans No Credit Check

Upstart is known for its unique method of qualifying its customers. It uses AI (artificial intelligence) to check and evaluating non-traditional data, such as your education, job history, and residence, to determine whether you qualify for a loan or not.

Thus, sometimes, even with awful credit, the company offers applicants no credit business startup loans.

You can expect guaranteed startup business loans no credit check from the lender. It allows lenders to change their payment date if problems come, and you can’t pay the payment. If you need a fast fund and don’t like to manage income from your mobile phone, then Upstart is a great option.

Upstart Features

If you’re planning to get loan from Upstart, don’t forget to check their features that are mentioned below:

Quick Funding

According to Upstart, borrowers may pre-qualify and see the APRs quickly, and approval won’t take more than one business day. The organizations prioritize most of their loans to be funded within one business day after borrowers sign a loan agreement.

If you can deliver all the necessary documents in a single day, the procedure shouldn’t take more than two business days.

Adjusting Payments

Upstart allows users to adjust their payment time as often as they use Upstart’s web portal. However, changing your payment date does not affect the original due date, and the 15-day grace period for late fines applies to the original due date.

Let’s explain it through an example. If your payment date is the 10th of the month, but you change it to the 15th of the month, your payment will not be delayed, as it is still in the France period of the due date. But if it changes the date to the 28th, you will need to pay a fee for being late.

Final Verdict

Getting a loan with a low credit score is tricky for startups. But with some sacrifice, you can get guaranteed startup business loans no credit check.

All the lenders I mentioned above are the best options for loans with bad credit. The application process is quick, painless, and online-based, without a few of them. Here are a few tips to make your trip a little more straightforward,

  • If you don’t meet minimum requirements, don’t waste time and energy applying for those.
  • Apply for multiple loans which meet minimum requirements and choose them after a thorough comparison.
  • If your credit score is low and you aren’t getting a satisfying option, it is best to improve your credit score and make a stand.

Generally, getting a loan even with bad credit won’t be an issue if your business has a good stand. Moreover, you can sell shares if you don’t see any other option.