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Emerson CF205GES Ceiling Fan Review – What Makes it Best

There are ceiling fans out there in the market, and there is the Emerson CF205GES. A ceiling fan of excellent quality having a modest yet an elegant look to add a touch of authenticity to any room. The ceiling will let you enjoy a cool breeze, in the hot afternoons when the heat is unbearable.

Emerson CF205GES Ceiling Fan Review

The CF205GES Ceiling fan is made of high-quality materials which guarantee you of durability. It comes in a couple of finishes that you can choose from depending on your home décor. This ceiling fan boasts of a powerful yet quiet motor, efficiency in air flow and low energy cost.  The more reasons users speak highly about it.

A great ceiling fan should have more benefits than disadvantages. It will surprise you with its array of features and functions. You will love its three blades with different finishes, high-speed motor, two down rods, includes halogen bulbs, etc. There is more than that. Read more here to get to know more about this incredibly amazing ceiling fan.

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  • Comes with a lighting kit with 2-50 watt halogen bulbs
  • It has three blades
  • Has a light cover that you can opt to use or not
  • There is a remote control
  • You can only manually reverse the switch on the fan

Features and Benefits of the Emerson CF205GES Ceiling Fan

Two down rods

In the package, there is a 6 and 12 inch down rod that enables you to do a standard installation of your ceiling fan. A down rod ensures that there is a safe distance between your ceiling and your fan’s blades. In turn, it aids in the proper circulation of air which directly affects the amount of air you feel from your fan.

Whisper Quiet Motor

This ceiling fan has a motor which is very powerful and operates quietly. The settings are adjustable from the included remote control.

Efficient Airflow

The Emerson CF205GES Ceiling fan is capable of circulating 5,678 CFM of air. This rating is average, and so, you shouldn’t expect an incredibly strong breeze from the CF205GES. However, it’s entirely satisfactory to most people especially those who haven’t experienced a ceiling fan more robust than this one.

4-speed remote control

The remote control lets you control the amount of light and speed of your fan. You can operate with the remote from a distance of up to 30 feet. It will offer you the convenience of making your preferences with just the touch of a button.

Three blades

This ceiling fan integrates three blades with a chocolate finish that hang at the height of 16.5 inches. I wouldn’t be surprised if you questioned its air movement and efficiency due to its number of blades, you are not alone.

Most people tend to think that a fan with many blades is more efficient than a three bladed ceiling fan. The sad truth is that it’s not. In fact, the optimum number of blades required for maximum air movement and efficiency is three.

Electricity usage

It will only consume 66 watts of power while running. Being an energy efficient unit, then you won’t have to worry about high energy bills at the end of every month. You will pay less and get more.

Two-50 halogen bulbs

For added lighting, this ceiling fan includes two 50 watts mini-candelabra halogen bulbs. They don’t offer much light, but it’s enough for general lighting. Moreover, it creates an ambient environment in your room.

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What makes the Emerson CF205GES, best ceiling fan in the market?

It has a wind factor of 3.08 MPH. This gives you a feel for a right amount of breeze, enough to cool down a baking hot room. Emerson, having over 125 years of experience in the ceiling fans industry give their best to make design quality products.

The Emerson Ceiling fan parts are made of the finest materials to ensure that it runs smoothly in its operation. So, you will never have to worry about its motor wearing out too quickly for years.

It’s ideal for a ceiling with height is at least 99 inches. A flush mount adapter will be required for use if your roof doesn’t meet the minimum height. And since this ceiling fan is UL listed for indoors and so, you can’t use it for outdoor areas where there are harsh weather conditions.

FAQs Of Emerson CF205GES Ceiling Fan

Q: Is the light bright enough for use as an alternative to the main lighting?

Q: Cn you use a LED bulb to replace the halogen bulbs?

Q: Is its motor DC or AC? And what’s size is its fan motor?

Q: The light cover glass is made of which material?

Q: Does it include a remote control?

Q: Would be okay to install it on a cathedral ceiling?

Q: For a ceiling that is 10 feet tall, will I need to buy an additional 12 inches rod?

Q: Can you install it in a manner that the remote is not used i.e. have it wired with just the light switch?

Q: Can be used in a covered patio, sunroom or any outdoor setting?

Q: Does it have a reverse switch?

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Final Verdict

What better way is there to enjoy a wind-like breeze effect at the comfort of your living room? The Emerson CF205GES Ceiling fan lets you relish that experience and even more. Well, it doesn’t sell at a throwaway price, and neither does it cost all your fortunes.

It’s reasonably priced, and you will only dig a little deeper into your pockets to have it in your home. It’s without a doubt that the CF205GES will give you good value for your money. Grab yours today and relax in a serene environment, every time, every day!

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