Dolphin Triton Ps Plus Review – How its worth the money?

Dolphin Triton Ps Plus Review

How refreshing it is to dip in a crystal clear pool on a sweltering summer day. But, what is not wonderful is the work that needs to be done to keep the pool in that state.

Even with a pool cleaner, it is annoying how much you have to work with it like maintaining the cleaner, moving it when stuck, etc. 

However, in this review, I am going to introduce you to Dolphin Triton PS Plus, a crewless submarine for your pool.

This handy-dandy bot is a recent incredible invention by Maytronics, one of the reputed robotic pool cleaner manufacturer companies.

Its robust suction, intense scrubbing power, and other modern updates will make your mind blow if you didn’t use a modern pool cleaner or if it is your first pool cleaner. 

With its yellow and black shell, it looks like a subaquatic bumblebee sucking all the fine and ultra-fine dirt and debris of your pool.

It is highly demanded by customers. So, without stretching the introduction any more, let’s look at what features it has. 

At A Glance Dolphin Triton Ps Plus Pool Cleaner

  • To reduce sound pollution, it operates without making any noise. 
  • Powered by a very strong state-of-art water jet propulsion system.
  • Modern advanced algorithms enhanced its cleaning pathways selection.
  • Comes with waterline cleaning ability. 
  • Super handy to carry for its lightweight. 
  • Clean In-ground large pool up to 50 feet.
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Compare Dolphin Triton Ps Plus and Dolphin Proteus DX5i Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Triton Ps Plus Pool CleanerDolphin Proteus DX5i Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Triton Ps Plus ReviewDolphin Proteus DX5i Review
The design of Dolphin Triton Ps Plus is compact, 22.9 x 20.2 x 14.3 inches of WDH, and weight is also super light, only 16.1 pounds (robot only).Dolphin Proteus DX5i Robotic Pool Cleaner is a small bot with 22 x 17.8 x 13 inches dimension and 28 pounds weight.
Triton is forced by a state-of-art water jet propulsion system to move around your pool.Proteus pool cleaner powered by Dolphin’s PowerSteam Mobility System and navigate through your whole pool.
To scrub your pool clean properly, it comes with 2 brushes and one of them is an active brush.It has 2 brushes one is front and the other is in the back. The front brush is an active brush that ran 2x faster than the rare.
It has a swivel power cable that is 60 feet long and works without tangling while cleaning.It comes with a 60 feet anti-tangle swivel power cord for your convenience.
Dolphin Triton is best for an in-ground large pool and can clean up to 50 feet long pools with ease.I work better with in-ground Vinyl and Fiberglass types of pools up to 50 feet in length.
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Key Features of the Dolphin Triton Ps Plus Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Triton Ps Plus Pool Cleaner

Great Scrubbing Power

Dolphin Triton Ps Plus pool cleaner is powered by Dolphin’s PowerStream technology. This technology of dolphin enhances the adheres of pool cleaner to the pool walls and all other vertical surfaces with ease. 

Extra-large Filter Basket

The extra-large filter basket of Dolphin triton plus can pick up larger debris which are too much for lesser machines to handle. And it’s top-loading feature makes it easy to open the filter basket. It comes with top parts removable filter parts which make cleaning it quite easy. 

Exceptional Waterline Cleaning

The waterline cleaning ability of this pool cleaner is quite exceptional. Most of the best dolphin pool cleaner have waterline cleaning abilities but Maytronics has enhanced their bot’s waterline cleaning ability with an active brush on the front part of the cleaner which moves two times faster than the rare one. With their powerful scrubbing, they can clean any stubborn dirt with ease.

What Users Are Saying about Dolphin Triton Ps Plus Pool Cleaner

As I said before, the majority of users love this labor-saving machine for its advanced cleaning system. And, here I am going to tell you, what specific feature users love about this product and what is troubling them with this. 

Before we dive in, I want to inform you of one thing, the early days of dolphin triton ps plus robotic pool cleaner with wifi maytronics manufactured some defective units of this model which ran for 15 to 20 minutes well but then stopped working. However, they rectify this problem and now rarely that happens. 

The first thing both users and I loved, how easy the setup is. You don’t need to do anything. Just unbox the machine, load the filters, plug the power cable in, put the robot in the pool and that’s all.

It is the best pool vacuum cleaner for you. If you are a peace lover and absolutely hate the machinery sound, you will like the noiseless operation system. And, the best thing is that monkey-like agility with advanced algorithms, this little bot really fast on climbing the walls. 

Without those, there are many features users and I both liked. However, the last thing I want to mention here is the exceptional waterline cleaning. Its front brush moves two times faster than the rear which provides extra efficiency when cleaning waterlines. 

However, there are some issues with this cleaner too. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry with this problem, sometimes it stuck over a shadow, trying to clean it thinking it’s a dirty spot.

But, it’s not happening all the time as after a few times its advanced algorithm understands it is not something it can clean and move on. However, it has some serious trouble with stairs. It can climb them but can’t clean them properly and sometimes hopelessly hang up on them. 

FAQs about Dolphin Triton Ps Plus Pool Cleaner

Does Dolphin Triton Ps Plus clean up sand?

Yes. Dolphin Triton picks up sand and cleans up micro-level debris. 

Does Triton leave marks on white finish pools?

No, it doesn’t leave any kind of marks on pools. Several users with white finish pools said that they can’t find any type of mark on their pool surface. The brushes are made of soft and flexible rubber material. 

Does it come with a swivel power cable?

To work uninterruptedly, this cleaner comes with a swivel anti-tangle cord. It won’t got tangled up in the middle of your work.
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Final Verdict

A dirty pool is unsightly and poses significant health hazards at the same time. And pool cleaners are meant to keep your pool crystal-clear. And, Dolphin Triton Ps Plus does that perfectly for you.

It is made with modern technology and comes with a bunch of modern features. The noiseless operation, advanced algorithms, and exceptional waterline cleaning ability makes it on top of other robotic machines. It adds great value of your money. 

If you have a large pool and you want a complete hand-free cleaning service then there won’t be better for you than Dolphin Triton Ps Plus. That being said, we come to the end of our review. Making the choice is up to you.