DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme Review – Why Most Users Consider It?

DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme Review

Are you sure about the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme pool cleaner worth investing in it? Just how many pool cleaners in the market, begging you to buy it?

Forget it, I know it’s hard to count. All those pool cleaners are promising reliable, convenient, and cost-effective pool cleaning, but most of them are faking.

However, in this article, I have accompanied Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme, which has a stunning array of advanced features.

It offers filtration in all pool conditions, active brushing, all-surface climbing brush to maximize your pool hygiene.

Nautilus eliminates your back-breaking manual labor with advanced cleaning, long-lasting performance, and easy maintenance.

So, you, your friends, and your family can enjoy your swimming with full confidence in a completely clean pool.

This programmable little robot ensures you a clean pool even if you are not around to monitor it. And, in this article, I will give you every positive and negative information about it which can help you to decide whether to buy it or not. So, without further ado, let’s see what feature it can offer you.

At A Glance Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Pool Cleaner

  • Its basic structure makes it extremely easy to set up. 
  • Can clean any large pool up to 50 feet. 
  • The clean pool at a fast standard speed of 1.5 hours. 
  • To maximize surface coverage, it has a dynamic dual-drive.
  • Its top-loading filters make cleaning them easy for you. 
  • Filter all toxic elements from your pool with a dual filtration system.
  • You don’t need to guess when the filter is full as it has a full filter indicator.
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Compare DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme With Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner​

DOLPHIN Nautilus CC SupremeDolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner
DOLPHIN Nautilus CC SupremeDolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner
It weighs 44.9 pounds and has a handle for your convenience to pull it out from the pool.Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner has a basic design and weighs quite light as a robotic pool cleaner. I weigh only 35 pounds.  
To maximize the coverage of your pool cleaner DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme comes with a Dynamic dual drive that has 360-degree turning mobility.Sigma comes with powerful Triple 24 volt DC motors which powered it up to clean your pool more efficiently.
Nautilus CC is equipped with center scrubbing brushes which push its limitation further for wall and water lines.The dual brushes of Dolphin Sigma Robotic cleaner scrub off all debris from your pool.
The patented swivel power cord prevents it from tangling and thus ensures interruption-free cleaning performance.It comes with an anti-tangle swivel cable so that it doesn’t hinder the cleaner when cleaning the pool.
Instead of wheels, it has three scrubbing brushes to clean the bottom, walls, and steps of your pools thoroughly.Its four large wheels help it to climb walls and scrubs the walls and timelines with pinpoint precision.
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Key Features of the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Pool Cleaner

Key Features of the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Pool Cleaner

Ultimate Scrubbing

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme is equipped with a center scrubbing brush which enhances its cleaning performance several-fold. This cleaner broke all limitations of cleaning the wall and waterline of your pool. And, the programmed schedule ensures your pool is clear even if you are not there. 

Simple But Powerful design

Nautilus CC no need additional stuff to clean your pool. This means you don’t need to attach an additional booster pump or extra hose to operate it properly. And the design is very simple which makes it easy to set up. Just plug in the power cord, drop it into the pool and work away. It will do its job. 

The clean pool from anywhere

The Dolphin nautilus cc supreme robotic pool cleaner has a wireless connective option. You can control it without touching it by through MyDolphin Plus App for interactive cleaning from anywhere. You can also program a schedule for the cleaner by it.

What users are saying about Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Pool Cleaner

Marketing made a product like gold without flaws. But you can find thousand of defects when you hear the user opinion of that product. So, in this section, I will tell you about users’ opinions and my experience with this product.

Maytronics are providing industry best robotic pool cleaners for about 35 years. Their robotic pool cleaners clean the pool most efficient way. And, same with this product. Users love this product for its fast and effective cleaning.

People praised it so much that I don’t know where to start. The easy setup took only 5 minutes for me after unboxing it. It was super easy. For a dual filtration system, your main filtration system will be much more clear than before. The majority of users recommend it for those who don’t turn on their pump so much.

The super-effective clean becomes much easier with customizable scheduling. It is cost-effective, scrubs bottom well and everything makes it the best pool cleaner for most users.

However, there are some shortcomings in it too like everything in this world. The most annoying one is it trouble while ascending stairs. As it doesn’t have large wheels, it is not good at adjusting to abrupt changes in terrain.

Also, it doesn’t have a remote control. Like other pool cleaners, it doesn’t come with a caddy. Some users found it don’t clean shallow tanning ledges. And, it only comes with a digital owner manual, but it was not a problem for me and I believe it won’t be for you too if you just have little knowledge about digital media.

FAQs Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Pool Cleaner

What makes this Dolphin nautilus cleaner on top of other models of this line?

The thing that made it different from supreme line is that it has three brushes. As a result, it doesn’t get stuck in the drains. Also, it comes with two types of filter which is not in pool cleaner let alone supreme lineup. Even more than that, this model support WiFi.

I have a square type pool. Will it climb 90-degree walls?

Yes, this model can climb 90-degree walls for its scrubbing wheels but it troubles with stairs.

Which type of filter I have to buy for Nautilus?

It supports dual filtration which means it needs two filters to operate. It comes with 4 filters in the box.
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Final Verdict

Robotic pool cleaners relieve you from hard back-breaking efforts to scrub off the stubborn algae and biofilm from the walls of your pool. And, no other cleaner can do this job better than Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme.

Nautilus offers everything for your convenience. You can’t wait to jump in the pool but the pool is not crystal clear, it offers you three choices to choose from. You can have a quick standard cleaning in a short time.

And, if your pool is too much dirty you also have other options. Then you may check out the Best Dolphin Pool Cleaner Reviews guide and choose the perfect one.

Like this, there are many convenient features that come with this Dolphin nautilus supreme. But, it also has some coming. And, what doesn’t have. However, now it is up to you to decide what you want to do.