Dolphin Cayman Pool Cleaner Review – Why It’s Worth The Money?

Dolphin Cayman Pool Cleaner Review

The feeling of diving in a sparkling pool is another level, isn’t it? However, pool cleaners are necessary if you want your pool crystal clean before every jump. 

In this article, I will discuss with you a controversial pool cleaner. ‘Controversial’ in the sense that some people find it extremely trash, where others said it works great with their pool. Yes, as you guessed already, it’s Dolphin Cayman Pool Cleaner.

Dolphin is a reputed company, and most of their products are great in some sense, but sometimes they offer products that can’t even be considered average.

Although Cayman is not that worst, still there are too many flaws with this expensive product. So, without wasting any more time, let’s move on to the key point. 

At A Glance Dolphin Cayman Pool Cleaner

  • Dolphin Cayman is suitable with up to 33 size in-ground pools of any type. 
  • It is equipped with HyperBrush to remove even the toughest contaminant of your pool. 
  • The HyperBrush which spins twice faster than any traditional brush deep cleans your pool at a rapid rate. 
  • The top-loading filter is simple to access and clean. 
  • It captures from fine to large size debris with strong suction power. 
  • The smart newly invented wheels provide more traction to hold the wall of your pool. 
  • It comes with the newly gained SmartNav 2.0 navigation system.
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Compare Dolphin Cayman And Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Cayman Pool CleanerDolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Cayman Pool CleanerDOLPHIN Nautilus CC Plus Review
Dolphin Cayman Pool Cleaner comes with a 2 hours deep cleaning cycle which can cover up to 33 feet pools.Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pool Cleaner can make your pool sparkling clean up to 50 feet long in just 2 hours.
It can capture all types of debris, regardless of fine or large debris, and hold it in the large top-loading filter.With dual scrubbing brushes, Nautilus CC scrub and capture all types of fine and ultra-fine debris with little hassle.
You can schedule it for a short time, which is not for an entire week, but still useful for everyday cleaning.Schedule the CC Plus to clean your pool each week using 3 settings – every day, every other day, every third day.
The weight of this quire light is only 13.7 lbs, and with the water-release technology, it’s easy to lift the cleaner from water.This pool cleaner is also quite light with an 18lbs weight and also featured with rapid water release for easy lifting from the water.
The cord that comes with this is 50ft long and swivel, which prevents it from interrupting it while operating.It comes with a long 60 feet swivel cord which supports the clean to work at its best.
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Key Features Of The Dolphin Cayman Pool Cleaner

Key Features Of The Dolphin Cayman Pool Cleaner


Normal pool cleaners generally clean well but easily give up on stubborn, stuck-on contaminants. However, with the scrubbing Hyper brush, the Dolphin did an outstanding job to make this pool cleaner stand out from the crowd. 

The brush separates the Cayman dolphin pool cleaner from the rest of the competition. It allows the cleaner to reach and remove the toughest debris stuck to the pool wall.

The scrubbing brush spins twice as fast as standard pool brushes and enables deep cleaning of the pool’s surface. It will definitely help you to get rid of that cloudy water, algae bloom, and additional dirt build-up in your swimming pool.

Super Grip

Wheeled robotic pool cleaners usually struggle with slipping while they are cleaning. The water between the wheels and the pool surface can cause the cleaner to lose traction and slip off.

However, this cleaner comes with HyperGrip rubber tracks, for more efficient movement and climbing on the pool walls. These rubber tracks won’t allow the Dolphin cayman robotic inground pool cleaner to slip and are “water-optimized”, as they grip the walls of the pool extra tightly. The highest standards of this pool cleaner’s efficiency simply won’t allow such a thing to happen.

New SmartNav 2.0

The SmartNv 2.0 technology allows the pool cleaning unit to clean the pool in just minutes. The Cayman integrates the SmartNav 2.0 mapping system. This system enables the device to scan the entire pool and decide which way of cleaning is the most energy- and time-efficient.

This technology won’t let the cleaner waste your time by overlapping the clean sections or miss the dirty sections entirely. Moreover, it will have the device completely focused on cleaning the entire pool without any mistakes.

Since this pool cleaner is equipped with such prestigious technology, make sure to remove it from the daylight or heat on time. The intricate tech system of this unit is susceptible to summer heat.

What Users Are Saying About the Dolphin Cayman Pool Cleaner

As I said before, this product of Dolphin has to face some controversy. But don’t get me wrong that everything is wrong with this product, though. 

The Dolphin pool cleaner is a modern inground pool cleaner. The Dolphin cayman pool cleaner offers some up-to-date technology. Some of its features were never seen before.

Like the HyperBrush was first introduced in the Cayman pool cleaner. This feature allows the brush to move twice faster than the cleaner’s movement speed. Thus, allowing the cleaner to remove even the toughest debris. 

Moreover, The SmartNav 2.0 version enhanced its movement path selection. It can now collect debris more accurately than other models. It is also energy efficient, saves a lot of energy. 

However, people are pissed off with the durability of this product. It lasts a really short time, despite being that expensive. The materials are poor in quality. Most of the complaints related to the quality of this product. 

FAQs of the Dolphin Cayman Pool Cleaner

Does this pool cleaner come with a power supply?

Yes, it does come with an external power supply. The power supply is a low voltage supply and safety. 

I wanted to know if it can climb walls?

Yes, it does. The cleaner coverage is decent. 

I don’t find any information about the warranty. Does it don’t have any?

It comes with a 2 years warranty. And you can find these details on the Dolphin’s official site.
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Final Verdict

Dolphin Cayman Pool Cleaner is a modern-day pool cleaner. It cleans fast, deep, and performs well. But its durability is holding it back from becoming one of the most famous pool cleaners in recent days. 

But it came to hear that manufacturers are upgrading the material qualities to push it on the top. So, hope you won’t find any more problems now.