Dolphin C5 Pool Cleaner Review – How Does It Fare?

Dolphin C5 Pool Cleaner Review

Although the market is packed with pool cleaners for small and medium-size pools, you won’t see that competition in the case of large pools.

Then, what about commercial use? Very few. And, most of them aren’t even suitable for use. But, there comes the Dolphin C-line.

With the best commercial pool cleaners, Dolphin C-line is the favorite choice of many businesses. They are expensive, well designed, quick and great cleaner.

In this article, I’ll tell you about the 3rd edition of C-line, Dolphin C5 Commercial. You will know all about his robot including the benefits and drawbacks that come along with it. So, delaying any more, let’s start with a glance at the features of the Dolphin C5 pool cleaner. 

At A Glance Of Dolphin c5 pool cleaner

  • Dolphin C5 is suitable for large pools up to 88ft. 
  • Provide heavy-duty cleaning with robust reliability for long-term effectiveness.
  • Controllable navigation with remote control.
  • Offer different cleaning cycles, to clean your pool automatically. 
  • Dual scrubbing brushes scrub debris from the pool’s floor, walls up to the waterline. 
  • Able to catch Fine (90µ) and ultra-fine (50µ) debris.
  • With CleverClean technology, it is able to cover the entire pool.
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Compare Dolphin c5 With Hayward RC9955CUB Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin C5 Pool CleanerHayward RC9955CUB Pool Cleaner
Dolphin C5 Pool Cleaner ReviewHayward RC9955CUB Pool Cleaner
Dolphin C5 pool cleaner can cover up to 88 ft pool surface at 4/6/8 hours cleaning cycles.Hayward RC9955CUB Pool Cleaner cleans up to 50 ft which is much shorter than Dolphin C5.
With dual brushes, it can scrub from large to fine and ultra-fine debris from your pool.Clean all types of debris from large to ultra-fine from bottom to walls, up to the waterline.
The C-line is 90% more energy-efficient than any old model of vacuum and suction pool cleaners.There isn’t any energy-efficient feature that comes with Hayward RC9955CUB.
It comes with remote control and multiple cleaning cycles to clean your pool fully automated.With the wireless handheld remote, you can steer the cleaner into hard-reached areas.
The C5 model is built with durable components, which increased its weight to 27 pounds.The high-end materials of the cleaner made this cleaner quite heavy to lift which weighs 21.5 pounds.
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Key Features of the Dolphin C5 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin c5 pool cleaner Review

Robust Built

As you take the C5 out of the box, you will realize that it is heavier but at the same time durable than most pool cleaners. Thus this Dolphin c5 pool vacuum cleaner will last for a long time and you won’t need to replace the parts. It is able to clean any type of pool with the highest efficiency.

Clean All Surface

The Dolphin C5 can clean the floors, walls, and waterline of any type of pool surface regardless of gunite, vinyl, etc. The CleverCleaner enhances its coverage area and dual-drive increases effectiveness.

Powerful Suction

With its expansive price, it comes with a powerful suction system. It filters and circulates 4500 gallons of water per hour which lets you enjoy your swimming in healthy and sound water.

Precision Navigation

The CleverClean Technology supported with a unique gyroscope system ensures the cleaner delivers accurate and effective scanning. Thus, it cleans systematically and covers the entire pool.

Hand Free Cleaning

The C5 reduces man-maneuver by fully automating the operation and providing multiple cleaning cycles. Moreover, the remote controller allows you to clean a specific place if you want it to.

What users are saying about the Dolphin c5 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin has every type of pool cleaner for all types of pools. The C5 is a high-end dolphin pool cleaner that is expensive and suitable for large pools. Although there are not too many reviews on Amazon, many businesses have this product and praised its performance. 

First of all, the materials of this cleaner are all top-notched and this may make this quite heavy. But it has a pull-out system that ensures lifting from the water is easy.

To control it comes with advanced remote control. With it, you can control the cleaner’s navigation to cleaning cycles which also makes the cleaner easy to use. 

The Anti-tangling swivel cable lets the cleaner operate without any interruption. And, with CleverClean technology, it has an enhanced coverage area. Without those are more features that make this premium robot a true premium. 

However, there are several drawbacks too. The worst one is – its filter bags are at the bottom. Literally, to clean the bags you need to upside down this heavy box.

Second, if you have any problem, it’s better to search for the answer by yourself. As time Mytronics will answer, you can figure out the answer ten times. That’s bad the customer service is. Moreover, it lacks Bluetooth/WiFi features and weekly scheduling. 

However, you don’t need Bluetooth or Wifi on a pool cleaner. And, the weekly scheduler is also useless, if you don’t feel secure leaving the cleaner inside the water for several days which is also not recommended. In the end, it has a few drawbacks with dozens of useful features.

FAQs About the Dolphin c5 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Does it scratch on the fiberglass pool while cleaning?

No, it doesn’t. C5 Commercial’s dual brushes don’t do any harm on any type of pool while cleaning.

is it fine to leave it outside for scheduled cleaning?

First of all, it doesn’t have a weekly schedule feature. You only choose which mode you want to clean your pool out of three choices. And, the power supplier is not waterproof so don’t leave it outside.

It is 6 times more expensive than my previous cleaner. Is it even worth that amount of money?

It’s true that it is quite expensive but if you look at the features and the materials it is made of, it provides more than what you spend.
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Final Verdict

All the Dolphin c5 robotic pool cleaner are expensive. But those are all first-class pool cleaners. They all come with rich features, hard build, and fast cleaning speed. The maytronics dolphin c5 is no different.

Where the home cleaners are not suitable for pools larger than 50ft and other brands also don’t offer that much for large pools. If your pool is around 88 ft, then you won’t find the pool cleaner better than the C5 commercial.