Canon Pixma G2200 Review – Why Canon PIXMA G2200 Noteworthy

Canon Pixma G2200 Review

Are you having a troublesome time finding an efficient printer for your home or office tasks that cost low on ink? For your convenient usage and hassle-free printer selection from myriads of printers, we have demonstrated here the Canon Pixma G2200 printer.

Canon PIXMA G2200 is an entry-level printer that can work as a scanner and copier also. It is a printer under Canon’s MegaTank releases which has a great attribute to mention. It is the MegaTank ink system that saves ink cost greatly when used for a longer period. It can deliver documents with smooth and definitive texts, without any smudges. 

Besides that, it originates with a low and minuscule cost for each print, but there are some lackings since it is a budget printing tool. For its scattered configurations and inner build, it stands inferiorly for just homely usage. Let’s have a deeper look at this MegaTank G2200 printer of Canon Pixma.

What is the Key Features Of Canon PIXMA G2200 Megatank All-In-One Printer

  • Canon PIXMA G2200 is an all in one device which is capable of printing, copying, scanning with quality features, all your needed utilities under one device.
  • For your easy and trouble free checking of the ink status, it is built with clear mounted ink reservoirs displayed at the exterior.
  • Ensures a mess free ink refill or toner replacement as it comes with easily refillable and integrated ink tanks that pass ink straight into the cartridges. 
  • It is packed with huge ink tanks which is equal to any usual ink cartridges 30 times more, which lasts for up to one year even after heavy usage.
  • PIXMA G2200 can print borderless photos with great clarity and the documents also came out with sharp black texts as it uses pigment inks.

Compare Canon PIXMA G2200 With Epson EcoTank ET-3760 Supertank Printer

Printers that are made with the tank based ink system are pretty much effective for money saving in the long run. These printers can ensure quality documents and low ink cost per print also. Thus here we have mentioned two SuperTank printers and placed a comparison between them so that you can choose one of your preferences. 

Canon PIXMA G2200 Megatank PrinterEpson EcoTank ET-3760 Supertank Printer
Canon Pixma G2200 Review
Epson EcoTank ET-3760 Supertank Printer
The Canon PIXMA G2200 is packed with so much ink that it can print up to 6000 black pages and 7000 color pages and the ink lasts up to more than one year.Epson EcoTank ET-3760 is built with sets of replacement ink tanks which is decent enough to print up to 7500 black pages and 6000+ color pages.
This all in one printer scanner and copier can scan pages smoothly at a resolution of 600 X 1200 dpi (dots per inch) and delivers sheets with Sharp Black Text.For smooth and detailed document printing, it uses PrecisionCore, Heat-Free Technology, Clara ET pigment black ink, and a High-resolution flatbed scanner.
The G2200 is made with a faster printing speed of up to 8.8 ipm for black & white pages and 5 ipm for color page prints.It delivers faster prints at 15 ppm for black pages, 8 ppm for color pages, 6.5 ppm for Black Duplex, and 4.5 ppm for Color Duplex.
It is packed with a plain paper rear tray of 100 pages and for photos, it has a 20 pages tray for 4 inches X 6 inches photo paper.For immense paper handling, it has a dual sided paper tray of 250 sheets and for more productivity, it has a 30 sheet capacity auto document feeder.
PIXMA G2200 has an overall dimension of 13 inches in height, 17.6 inches in width, 6.5 inches in depth, and weighs just 12.7 pounds.Epson ET- 3760 has an overall dimension of 10 inches in height, 16.4 inches in width, 19.8 inches in depth, and weighs 19.30 pounds which is a bit bulky.
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What Users Are Saying About Canon PIXMA G2200 All-In-One Printer

If you have been searching for the best printer for waterslide decals then this printer can do some work for you since it prints just superbly on both black and color pages. Not to mention the best thing about this printer is, it runs pretty low on printing costs and with a set of ink cartridges, you can print thousands of pages easily, doesn’t matter if it is black or color prints. The amount you are going to spend on 30 usual ink cartridges will cover up all within just a single ink Tank set.

What Users Are Saying About Canon PIXMA G2200 All-In-One Printer

This printer has a couple of shortcomings starting with it cannot print wirelessly, you have to print from the USB connection cable. Another part is, it also lacks an LCD panel, rather it just has a set of buttons for controlling all printing tasks. It claims to be an All in One printer, but has a restricted number of features for scanning and copying. If you require a professional quality printer for official tasks then check the best printer for notary signing agents.

Key Features Of Canon PIXMA G2200 MegaTank Printer

Key Features Of Canon PIXMA G2200 MegaTank Printer

Inexpensive Ink

For a heavy printing volume each day, your printer needs to have a better ink cartridge, and the G2200 has it particularly. It is made with a set of bottles instead of ink cartridges, which Canon claims as MegaTank. For easy ink refill, it has rubber capped integrated bottles and these bottles are made in such a way so that the ink doesn’t spill while refilling. 

These included ink tanks produce huge page yields and the running cost remains surprisingly low. For each printed black page it costs 0.3 cents and for color pages, it costs 0.8 cents. Canon launched it with a yield of 6000 black pages with a pigment black ink bottle and 7000 color pages with 3 color bottles. If you compare the ink costs, the PIXMA G2200 will stand in the first row in terms of savings. 

Design & Attributes

This is an All in one printer it means you can perform prints, scans, and copies with it but it doesn’t support faxing. We have mentioned earlier amongst one drawback is the absence of an LCD display, which could have been a better addition for this printer to ensure convenience. 

In the footprint, it has a bit of a compact one to suit your office or home environment easily. It measures 6.4 inches, 17.5 inches, and 13.3 inches in the Height, Width, Depth format. There is a set of a few buttons for the overall printer management. The power button is a tiny one, the other buttons are for setup, printing start & stop, etc.

Great Printing Performance

With the praiseworthy ink system, the G2200 also stood strong in the printing quality sector. Though the printing speed is a bit sluggish, it prints some sharp black text documents which will surely impress anyone. For a budget inkjet printer like the Canon PIXMA G2200, the print quality is just awesome. 

The color prints with average graphics are properly delivered but for the higher graphic it seems a little bit faded. In short, the printing speed is slow for any official usage. You can smoothly use it for your home office tasks. 

FAQs About Canon PIXMA G2200 All In One MegaTank Printer

Can it print borderless images?

Yes, this printer can print borderless images or photos. Since it supports envelopes, plain paper, and photo paper, you can stay assured that it prints borderless. It cannot print High-Resolution Paper, T-Shirt prints, Photo Stickers thus you can check the best printer for vinyl stickers. 

Does it print cardstock paper?

Since it comes with a straight paper feeder thus you can go for cardstock prints with it. Moreover, it can also print any business cards without issues. So we hope that it will work with both lightweight and regular cardstock papers. 

How long does it take to print a color photo?

This printer mentions that it has a printing speed of 5 ipm for the color pages. In the actual printing from our observation it stands just 3.1 ppm for color photo prints.

Final Verdict

Right, if you have come up to this point of our Canon Pixma G2200 Review, we hope you have got all the conceptions about this printer. This is the printer for someone who is looking for a decent printing tool that will be economical for prolonged usage. In the features stack, it has some great ones but also lacks some crucial ones. So, go for it if you are looking for an economical printer with good output quality and particularly low cost per sheet.