12 Buy Now Pay Later Cell Phones No Credit Check No Deposit 2023

Phones are a significant part of our life, and I don’t think there is any need to explain their importance in this era. You may want to buy a new phone or exchange the old phone.

For that, you need to pay or lease one with a minimal deposit. But, if you are low in cash but desperately in need of a phone, then I’m here to help you out. Today, we’ll talk about some providers who buy now pay later cell phones no credit check no deposit.

Buy now, pay later or the BNPL program is quite popular on almost all online shopping sites. Some well-known sites even don’t require a deposit for regular items. But, the key here is, that you need a good credit score.

However, some sites are also offering to buy now pay later cell phones no credit check no deposit. Their interest rate will be a little higher than usual, but you can buy whatever you want, including smartphones.

Top 12 Buy Now Pay Later Cell Phones No Credit Check No Deposit 2023

Now, we will know about the top providers offering the buy now pay later option without any credit check or payment. And, after that, you’ll know how to apply and answer all the questions you have on your mind.

But before we start, what are the requirements for approval from the websites. As most of them as similar requirements, I’m mentioning them here –
Firstly, you must be more than 18 years old. American regulation doesn’t allow leasing and lending for those who are below 18 years.

Secondly, If you want to get a lease from any American country, you must have to be an American. And, as proof, you should have a valid Social Security Number (SSN).

Lastly, as you are taking the lease, you need to be able to pay the payment each week/month/quarter-month. As proof, you must submit your employer details along with your pay stub or income statement.

These are the most common requirements almost every provider will require. Without that, some providers may check if you have a credit or debit card, your current residential address, or your checking account (in case you don’t have a debit or credit card).

1. Luther sales

Buy Now Pay Later Cell Phones No Credit Check No Deposit - LutherSales

Luther sales are one of the leading industries with buy now pay later plans. The financial company has various plans and flexible pay-off options.

Moreover, it’s one of the reliable companies, which has been operating for more than a decade.

Not only phones, but you can also buy anything now and pay through installments later. The list includes TV, mattress, cellphone, designer handbags, and whatnot.

Moreover, Luther sales partnered with some of the top brands, including Apple, Sony, Samsung, Kenmore Appliances, Stanley, and more.

You can purchase items from their website, and after approval, you can select what way you want to pay. The approval depends on job history rather than credit history. But, still, the credit score will determine the term and interest rate. The terms can go up to 36 months.


  • Getting a lease doesn’t solely depend on credit scores. An excellent job history also ensures approval.
  • Payment terms have pretty good flexibility.
  • A wide range of products is available on the Luther Sales website.


  • Only available online, and no physical store.
  • Can’t purchase different types of items at a time. Like, while buying a cell phone, other phone-related equipment is purchasable; but kitchen appliances or other instruments aren’t allowed.
  • Although a credit score won’t affect arrival, still a credit check is required.

2. Phones.Credit

Phones. Credit is another reliable place to get a phone in installments. The website is only for phones, and it offers loans through Electro Finance. As for other electronic devices, like laptops, computers, headsets, etc., you can get them from FinanceApply, run by the same provider.

You simply apply for an unlocked phone without having to pay any security deposit, and after approval, you can order the phone you want. There will be a credit check, but the finance company also allows low credit and no credit.


  • A wide selection of phones and offers.
  • Quick and responsive customer service.
  • They offer service nationwide.
  • Payment terms go up to 12 months with an early buy option of 53% and 90 days off.


  • A credit check isn’t required, but a credit check is essential.
  • You won’t get any phone calls from them, which is limited to your credit history.
  • The purchasing term is pretty short compared to the other providers.

3. Electro Finance

Electro Finance

As the name suggests, Electro Finance is a finance company that lets customers buy electronic products today and pay later. The company has a variety of electronic devices from several large companies.

You can find phones from some large brands, like iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, OnePlus, and so on.

The good thing about the website is, you can ask for different products in a single ticket. For example, you can purchase kitchen appliances along with a cell phone on a buy now pay later program.

The installment and terms can vary depending on your job history and credit check. But, you don’t need to worry, as they allow laptop payment plan no credit check.


  • Has a vast selection of different electronics.
  • Allows you to buy several types of items at once.
  • The BNPL program comes with a bearable interest rate for bad credit.
  • Fast delivery upon confirming an order.


  • Don’t have any return policy; still allows to return defective products within 24 or 36 hours.
  • The official website lacks information on the exact terms and interest rates.

4. Rent Delite

Buy Now Pay Later Cell Phones No Credit Check No Deposit - Rent Delite

Rent Delite is a rent-to-own online store that has almost all types of products – electronics, home decoration, appliances, furniture, and fashion. You can buy now, pay later cell phones no credit check no deposit.

On their online store, they have more than 50000 branded products and flexible payment options for both customers with good and bad credit. The company allows loans up to $2500.

Moreover, the application process is pretty simple, and they are quick to approve. Once your request is approved, you can discuss the term and interest rate.


  • Has everything one needs for their house and daily life.
  • Pretty reasonable interest rate.
  • Don’t have a long-term contract.
  • Applications get approval pretty quickly.
  • All the installments are affordable.
  • Payment frequency options are divided into monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly.
  • Direct shows home many payment requirements, and thus customers can calculate total payment.

5. Affirm


Affirm is among the most popular BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) tools providers. The main reason for its popularity is – it is available at two large retailers – Walmart and Amazon.

Moreover, the company is among the few BNPL providers who have extended payment options. Customers can pay on three, six, or twelve months payment plans.

Also, you are getting a massive loan for shopping, which stacks up to $17,500; so, it’s a good option when purchasing large items. You don’t necessarily need a good credit score, but it will affect your interest rate and approval.

You can get any model from the retailers, Affirm available, and pay installments through the company for buy now pay later phones.


  • Available at many retailers, including big shots like Walmart, Amazon, and Target.
  • Has a personal app, which makes payments with one click.
  • Not any extra fees before or after the plans start.
  • Fast delivery after the order was confirmed.


  • Credit Score plays a massive role in determining the interest.
  • Interest rates can be quite high for customers with bad credit.

6. AfterPay

Buy Now Pay Later Cell Phones No Credit Check No Deposit - AfterPay

AfterPay is pretty different from the BNPL program providers. Unlike others, the only option that comes with AfterPay is to pay for six weeks.

You need to put down 25% up-front with the selection and then pay small installments bi-weekly.

So, as you can see, it isn’t the non-down payment option. But, there isn’t any credit check required with them.

Moreover, you won’t need to pay any discount if you complete the balance within six weeks.

But, if you are late, you will be charged up to 25% depending on the price of your purchase meant.


  • No interest if the customer paid off over six weeks.
  • No credit check is required.
  • Available with thousands of retailers, including some well-known online retailers.
  • Has a variety of options with product selection.


  • Require a hefty down payment.
  • If it is late in paying, there will be huge interest.
  • Doesn’t allow purchase in large volumes.

7. Klarna


Klarna is known for its versatility both in payment method and payment frequency. It offers users two options – first, “Pay in 4’’ which allows customers to pay in four payments, including a $500 down no credit check, payments once every two weeks, and interest-free purchasement.

Second, the “Pay in 30” lets you buy without any down payment and won’t charge any interest if you are willing to pay the full payment in 30 days.

There is also a monthly installment option for the large purchasement, but there will also include a considerable interest rate. Klarna doesn’t run any credit checks for the first options.


  • No interest will be charged for the first top payment options.
  • Different types of products are available.
  • No credit check for the first two payment options.


  • Check is required for large purchases.
  • Charge a late fee of up to $35, depending on your payment plan.

8. Sezzle

Buy Now Pay Later Cell Phones No Credit Check No Deposit - Sezzle

Sezzle is another unique finance company, but at the same time, similar. The company lets you select it at checkout, which is currently physical or online by more than 44,000 brands.

Similar to Kalrna, the pay-in-4 payment option doesn’t have any interest if you pay within six weeks. But, there will be a down payment upfront.

The unique thing about Sezzle is – provides users the ability to push out their bi-weekly payment.

So, if you are currently going through any kind of financial crisis, push the weekly payment one more week without any additional charges. From the next, each push will cost $5, which is still worth it, as there aren’t any late fees.


  • Pretty much approve instantly.
  • No interest will be charged for the payments.
  • Available at both in-store purchase meets and online shopping.


  • Limited to a few brands and retailers.
  • Not enough flexibility with the payment options.
  • Down payment is required.

9. Zip


Zip is one of the financial companies that offer a unique BNPL model. As usual, you can pay through their official app, for buy now pay later smartphones. Then, Zip offers a virtual Visa Card for checkouts where their app isn’t available.

So, it means you can purchase anywhere and pay through the Zip at checkout. But, if Zip isn’t available there, then it generates a single-time Visa card for the users.

The company lets you pay four payments without interest and only charge $1 in each installment fee.

There will be a small down payment, as you need to make the first installment payment in place. But, they won’t necessarily require good credit.


  • Can be purchased online and in-store, where a Visa card is accepted.
  • There won’t be any interest fee for the on-time payers.
  • As it produces Visa cards for payment, a large number of possibilities.


  • A late fee will be charged up to $7.
  • Will be a credit performance.

10. Verizon

Buy Now Pay Later Cell Phones No Credit Check No Deposit - Verizon

You may or may not know – you can buy now pay later cell phones no credit check no deposit, from the buy now pay later cell phones plan providers, like Verizon Wireless and so on. But for that, you need to purchase the ultimate individual or family plans.

Moreover, you need to sign a contract with the provider, which can be from one year to two-year.

There won’t be any additional fees, interest, or credit check. If you continuously pay the monthly phone bill, Verizon will charge from that.

Verizon has a large number of compatible phones with its network. You can choose almost any phone but now pay later options, but few phones will require a small amount of down payment.


  • Huge phone collection, including the latest model of iPhone, Samsung, and so on.
  • No interest rate will be charged
  • No down payment is required.


  • Need to sign a long-term contract.
  • With the termination contract with Verizon, you also need to pay the full price.

11. T-Mobile


T-Mobile also offers phones at buy now pay later plan with their cell phones. Actually, almost all the providers offer installment options with their mobile phones.

So, the new customer switches to T-Mobile 5G plan or existing customer for adding a new line to purchase those phones.

Just like Verizon’s plan, you won’t be required to pay any additional interest rate and down payment.

But, here also you will need to sign a contract with T-Mobile, which can vary from one year to two years. If you leave T-Mobile before the contract ends, you have to pay a termination fee and the price of the phone.


  • Large selection of cell phones from popular to new brands.
  • No interest rate and down payment is necessary.
  • Plans are more reasonable than other providers.


  • There isn’t any other option without the long-term.
  • Need to purchase a 5G unlimited phone to get the benefit of the program.

12. AT&T


AT&T also offers cell phones on installment with their unlimited prepaid plans like the other providers.

This provider has the most extensive collection of cell phones among all the providers. And, of course, you won’t require any sufficient credit or any down payment.

But, AT&T’s unlimited plans are among the most expensive. Also, you will get plenty of premium perks to enjoy with their plans.

Considering AT&T’s network and perks, it’s one of the considerable options if you also switch your carrier.


  • Largest selection of plans among all the carriers.
  • Any latest model of the famous brands adds on their store instantly.
  • A credit check and down payment won’t be required.


  • Plans are pretty expensive.
  • The benefit is only with unlimited plans.

Meaning of Leasing A phone Without Any Credit And Down Payment

Leasing a mobile phone is similar to leasing an automobile. From the contract and terms to leasing requirements, everything is the same, except you don’t need to provide your job credibility, as the amount you would lease here is small.

Also, leasing a phone costs you in monthly installments, which costs you less at the end of the contract term, as you won’t own the phone in the end. But, in most cases, companies offer rent to own, where you will pay the full price of your phone with installments.

Here, in most cases, you need to pay interest depending on the terms and your credit score. The longer terms you go with your plan, the higher the interest fee. Also, your credit score affects your interest a lot.

Things You Should Consider Before Financing for a Phone

Cell phones are becoming more and more affordable as time goes by. But, they are still expensive for a few people, and why do you choose get to buy now pay later cell phones no credit check no deposit. So, before you decide to purchase a phone, here are a few things you should consider –

Smart phone’s Brand, Model, Specs, And Price

I don’t think I need to say this as those are the most common things you should check out first when you are buying a smartphone. As you are getting a phone for no starting money, you shouldn’t just purchase a phone without any consideration.

Check for the manufacturer’s reliability, product quality, and individual phone performance on review sites. A phone’s model is also an essential factor. You can use thousands of devices, from an essential cell phone to an advanced phone with lots of features.

Depending on what you are going to do with your phone, you should choose a model. Some models are small, and some are large, some are good for gaming, whereas others are excellent for taking pictures.

Specification of the phone also depends on your use. If you are going to use heavy apps and play games, you need a pretty decent specification. As a travel lover, you need a better camera and battery life.

And, based on all this, your price will be decided. Don’t go with an overpriced phone when you don’t need it, just because it’s a trend now.

Provider’s Reputation

It’s a pretty essential factor when you are going to buy here pay here no money down bad credit a phone now, pay later, more so when your credit is low. You should choose a reputable seller that offers phones at a reasonable price.

Instead, a seller can rip you off with interest rates, hidden fees, and late fees. To check providers’ reputation, you can google it and see what other people’s options are on the provider.

Product Availability

It’s better to choose a provider who offers a variety of brands so that you can choose one that best fits your needs. All the providers I mentioned earlier have collaborated with several retailers and brands. So, you can take BNPL from any of them.

Payment Options And Frequency

Always introduce yourself to all the payment options available from the seller. Look for monthly financing, yearly financing, any discount, and special offers. Read all the terms and conditions, including how it will take you to pay off the entire balance.

Keep in mind that the longer it takes to pay off, the higher the interest rate will be. So, check if the provider has any hidden condition or fee. Sometimes, those are so well hidden that regular customers can’t catch them. This is why it’s necessary to make deals with reputable sellers.

Interest Rate

The interest rate is the amount you need to pay with each payment. It is generally calculated on percentage, and the provider charges this additional amount for letting you take the loan.

The interest rate solely depends on the seller; they can offer from no interest to a very high one ( up to 30%). The leasing term and your credit score determine the interest rate from a provider. So, customers with bad credit always need to pay a considerable interest percentage.

All the Buy Now Pay Later Options For Cell Phones

Although, you already know the providers that are offering the BNPL program with no credit check and deposit. Now, I will give all the methods.

But, the most obvious option for people with bad credit is to pay up-front. Anyways, as you are in this article, that means you don’t have enough credit to purchase one. Here are all the options –

Though Prepaid Plans

By getting a prepaid plan, you can purchase a phone from any provider on the buy now pay later option. But, this method has a lot of restrictions, like – you need to sign a contract, purchase an expensive unlimited plan, and so on.

Large carriers, like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, offer these plans. Moreover, few MVNOs serve BNPL phones without any contracts, including Cricket Wireless and Boost Mobile.

Financial Companies

All the companies I mentioned before are financial companies. They offer a variety of plans and payment methods in different payment frequencies. Most of the plans include some kind of interest; but, a few short-term options don’t include any interest rate or down payment.

Enroll For Family Plan

It’s one of the hassle-free ways to buy now pay later cell phones no credit check no deposit from the cell phone plans provider. The family plans accommodate up to 10 lines, but only the account holder needs to have a good credit score. Thus, others with low credit can pass any credit check requirement and get a phone on installment with no interest.

Get A Co-signer

You can get a cell phone on installment from any provider if you can find a co-signer with good credit. In most cases, your family members or friends can be your cosigner.

In that case, it ensures that you or the co-signer will pay the installment each month. But, the account will be under the name of a co-signer, and you need to turn in money on this account each month.

Lend For Your Friends Or Family

It’s one of the easiest options for people with bad credit. You can get a loan from your relatives and pay them on a monthly basis. But, in this case, you need to keep your words, or it can create a trust issue between you.

FAQs About The Buy Now Pay Later Cell Phones No Credit Check No Deposit

What company offers the lowest interest rate to buy now pay later cell phones no credit check no deposit?

Quite a few companies don’t charge any interest if you pay on the signed date. Also, the phone plan carriers also don’t include interest in some cases.

Why are retailers so credit-focused?

A good credit score ensures that you have always paid on time, and they hope you will do the same this time. It works as reliability, where bad credit works as a threat.
So, most retailers don’t want to take much risk and refuse to provide loans to customers with bad credit. But, there are still few provides to buy now pay later cell phones no credit check no deposit.

Can I buy anything with the BNPL program?

Technically, every product has a BNPL program. But, some companies don’t like to provide tickets for large purchases.

Final Verdict

Buy now, pay later companies have been here for more than decades. If you have good credit and are willing to pay a down payment, you can quickly get any product on installment. But, the story is different when you have bad credit.

Still, quite a few providers are willing to install cell phones on installment, but there will be a little extra interest. And, it’s much better than nothing. That’s all for today’s article of buy now pay later cell phones no credit check no deposit.