Top 8 (Provider) Buy Here Pay Here No Credit Check Cars 2023

Car financing is everywhere, and it’s not hard to get approval for car financing. But, the issue arises when you have less-than-stellar credit. However, after reading this article, you can get a buy here pay here no credit check cars.

In buy here, pay here loans, the car dealership is both the seller and lender for a car. It’s also known as in-house financing, sometimes advertised as the “no credit check” loans.

In typical cases, you borrow money from third parties (banks, institutions, and other financial institutions). But, in-house financing or buy here pay here no credit check loan exterminate the involvement of third parties and end everything between buyer and seller.

This process has both its advantages and disadvantages. And your credit score plays a significant role in determining the approval. As you expected, even without a great credit history, you can still get approval; but, it requires a price to pay.

What is Buy Here, Pay Here And How Does It Works

To get buy here pay here no credit check cars, you need to know how the process works. For that, let’s look first at the traditional way of financing.

You usually buy a car from a car dealership; you choose a car from a dealer. Then, the dealership provides all your information to a potential third-party lender. If one of them agrees to provide you with a loan for a car, you then make a monthly payment to pay off the financing.

Or, another way is you get a pre approval loan from a bank, credit union, or other financial institution. This could be considered a better way till this day, as the interest rate is the lowest here.

Buy here, pay here loan flipped the usual way of financing a car. Now, the dealerships sell and finance cars on their own. Most of the time, those cars would be used cars; but you can also purchase a new car.

The dealerships mainly prioritize income and employer; rather than checking your credit. Thus, even if you don’t have sufficient credit but have a stable, well-paying job, you can get a loan from them quite quickly. You’ll also need to pay a down payment.

Top 8 Buy Here Pay Here No Credit Check 2023

Below are the few buy here, pay here companies that have an excellent reputation. One thing to mention is – all of the companies don’t prioritize credit scores. Although some have a credit check, that’s for formality.


Buy Here Pay Here No Credit Check Cars - MyAutoloan is a leading online marketplace for bad and good credit people. It tries to get up to four lenders on the behalf of applicants. The lenders on the website offer a variety of auto loans, including – car purchase loans, private party purchase loans, lease buyout loans, and cash-out refinancing.

The provider has been running for a long time. They don’t need a high credit score to provide a no credit check car lots near me.

Transparency on its website lets you all the necessary information – interest rate, qualification guideline, and so on. The website is suitable for two things –

Multiple Loans Offers: With only one application, applicants get up to four lenders’ offers.

Fast Approval: The lenders are very quiet to provide approval for a loan in less than an hour.

Informative Website: myAutoloan provides outstanding transparency with their website – posting rates, adding charts, payment calculators, and detailed information.

Why I prefer this provider

  • You can get up to four lenders with almost no credit requirements.
  • Provides most of the time to provide approval within 30 seconds.
  • One of the lowest rate online marketplaces.
  • Few lenders also offer rate discounts if you choose auto payment.

Why I discourage this provider

  • May require to contact multiple lenders and give them your information.
  • The Website does not present much information.
  • Customer service is somewhat limited.

2. Capital One Auto Finance

Capital One Auto Finance

While banks don’t provide auto financing without a high credit score, Capital One Auto finance doesn’t have this requirement. Actually, it doesn’t even look for a minimum credit score. As it doesn’t have a credit requirement, your monthly income at least has to exceed $18000 each year, and you have to be 18 years or above.

But, if your credit score is low, then the yearly annual income requirement can be up to $21,600. The dealership offers one of the three loans – New-car, used car, and auto refinancing.

Features of Capital One Auto Finance

Multiple choice of dealerships: Capital One has a vast number of dealerships working with them, which is more than 12,000 participants. So, you can go around any dealership and choose a car with no money and bad credit.

Safe Score: The pre-qualification process has a soft credit pull which doesn’t affect your credit score.

Responsive Service: Customer service is pretty responsive; replies come in less than a few minutes whenever you ask a question.

Why I prefer this provider

  • Pre-qualification doesn’t have a hard credit inquiry.
  • Find cars directly from their web tool.
  • Has an extensive array of dealerships.
  • Prove application pretty fast, within hours.

Why I discourage this provider

  • You have to shop from the selected dealerships.
  • Final loans terms are hidden until you apply; lack transparency.
  • Has an annual yearly requirement. (amount depends on your income).

3. Auto Credit Express

Buy Here Pay Here No Credit Check Cars - Auto Credit Express

Auto Credit Express is also a marketplace for lenders and borrowers. But different from the previous marketplaces, you can’t get loans from them directly. It links you with dealers or lenders across the country, who may provide you with a car loan. And, thanks to that, you have a vast range of loan options.

The website doesn’t have any credit requirements. But, although Auto Credit Express has more than 900 dealers, different deals have their minimum requirements.

So, sometimes, it becomes pretty hard to get buy a car with pre approved loan. Anyways, the loan amount can vary from $5000 to $45,000.

Here are the highlights:

After Bankruptcy: You can find many lenders that offer specialized loans for bankrupt people, even available during bankruptcy.

Customer Service: Auto Credit Express has an A+ customer rating from many trusted sides.

Don’t Depend On Credit Score: You can get loans without worrying much about your bad credit history. But, your current income plays a great deal in determining the exact amount.

Why I prefer this provider

  • People with low credit are allowed.
  • Don’t require a substantial down payment.
  • Qualification requirements are pretty minimal.

Why I discourage this provider

  • Loans rates and terms aren’t fixed, depending on lenders.
  • Must work with a dealership and participate in their network.
  • Overall, interest rates are higher than usual.


Car.Loan is one of the oldest finance companies that is helping people with bad loan situations. And their interest rates are among the lowest.

Similar to some precisely mentioned sites, it will match your information to a dealer when you apply on the site.

Whether you have bad credit or no credit or are in bankruptcy, you can find a car loan from them.

The interest rate and requirements are fixed. So, no matter what provider has chosen you, you will get the loan at a low rate.

The application process is also simple; it doesn’t require much time and affords. And, once you apply, within a few hours, you can get an answer. Let’s look at the highlights :

Easy Application: After meeting the company’s requirements, it only takes three-minute to apply for a loan.

Diversify Lenders: As the provider isn’t a direct lender or dealer, they have a vast number of dealers in their network. So, users have a large number of choices.

Good For Bad Credit: As the company doesn’t require any credit check and heavily depends on income.

Why I prefer this provider

  • Willing to work with both little to no credit.
  • The approval comes pretty quickly, which is less than 30 minutes.
  • Standard lease time varies from 36 months to 72 months.
  • Co-applicants are allowed with every type of loan.

Why I discourage this provider

  • Auto loan options are limited.
  • Need to work with a handful of dealers.

5. Ally Clearlane

Buy Here Pay Here No Credit Check Cars - Ally Clearlane

Ally Clearlane instantly offers multiple financial options like new and used cars loans.

It also helps you refinance existing car loans to reduce your payments, decrease interest rates, or upgrade your vehicle’s title.

Anyways, Ally Clearlane isn’t a lender, instead of a marketplace that connects applicants with the national, regional, and local auto finance loan providers.

Although they won’t completely disregard your credit check, even do a soft credit pull, you can expect to get a loan with your bad credit.

It’s interest rates aren’t fixed as different providers have different demands. Also, the website doesn’t provide crystal clear information. Still, you can get a response from them within an hour.

Less Information: While Ally Clearlane’s website offers limited information, the website also doesn’t ask for many details from you. They will check your income, expenses, debt, credit history, and your car’s value.

Co-applicant: You may get a lower interest rate by adding a co-applicant to your application.

No down payment: The provider doesn’t require a down payment with your loan. But, if you do so, it lowers your interest rate and offers better terms.

Why I prefer this provider

  • You can pre-qualify for a loan.
  • Some states can take advantage of gap insurance and extended repair coverage.
  • Co-applicant is allowed.

Why I discourage this provider

  • Funding takes from several days to a few weeks to arrive after approval.
  • Limited information on the website about requirements.
  • Interest rates are variable.

6. LightStream


One of the most trusted lenders online offers different types of loans, from a personal loan to refinance. It’s a division of SunTrust Bank.

One of the selling points of this provider is its various auto loan options. Firstly, you can ask for a new or used car loan from a dealer or a private party.

Or, you can also browse their website for unique options, including unsecured loans for a car purchase.

As a single lender, LightStream charges a low-interest rate, which is lower than the competitors. You can find all the information on their website, including a loan cost calculator.

Your credit score won’t affect the approval, but it will determine your interest rate. Anyways, once you get approval, loan funds will reach your bank account within a day. Here’s the highlight of LightStream –

Fixed interest rate: LightStream only offers its Rate Beat program on fixed-rate loans from other lenders.

Autopay Discount: You can get a 0.50 percentage discount if you opt-out of autopsy.

A tree planted: LightStream plants a tree for each loan they offer. So, by taking a loan from them, you are planting a tree.

Why I prefer this provider

  • Lesser interest rate compared to its competitors.
  • Offers both secured and unsecured auto loans.
  • Don’t have any prepayment penalties.

Why I discourage this provider

  • Interest rate heavily depends on credit history.
  • You can’t apply through phone and email.
  • Don’t offer pre approval facilities.

7. LendingClub


Online loan providing a marketplace, LendingClub offers fixed-rate unsecured loans for purchasing vehicles. Its loan amount varies from $1000 to $40,000 and offers good deals.

Again, you can get no credit check car lots with a low credit score, but the interest rates heavily depend on it. So, you can take advantage of the co-applicant, get a lower interest rate and better loan terms. Let’s look at the highlights –

Instant Funding: LendingClub delivers your loan funds within 24 hours; although, it says to fund you as little as 48 hours.

Co-borrow: The provider allows you to apply with another person if you want. If your co-borrower has solid credit, that will also help you to lower the interest rate.

Easy Apply: The application process is much more straightforward with the LendingClub.

Why I prefer this provider

  • Offers a vast range of loan amounts from $1000 to $40,000.
  • Provide a prequalification application so that you can get your potential loan rate beforehand.
  • It allows co-borrowers.

Why I discourage this provider

  • Charges an origination fee.
  • Has two loan payment terms from 36 months and 60 months.
  • Sometimes, loan funding takes more time than promised.

8. CarMax


CarMax is a car buying and selling marketplace and offers car financing. They have more than 200 stores around the US. Like most other large retailers, CarMax offers auto loans for used cars.

The retailer doesn’t provide a loan; it takes the fund from a third party but manages the loan themselves.

While there aren’t any minimum credit approval requirements, your credit score will undoubtedly affect the interest rate.

So, the better your credit profile, the more likely you would qualify, the terms will be more favorable, and the interest rate will be high. The highlights of CarMax –

Versatile loan repayment: The loan repayment terms vary from 36 months to 72 months, depending on your loan amount and terms.

Instant Decision: After your application, you will likely get an answer within 20 minutes.

Switching Options: If you find a better financial loan within three business days, CarMax allows you to switch them without any additional cost.

Co-borrower Allowed: You can co-borrower with solid credit to get better terms and lower interest rates.

Why I prefer this provider

  • Has versatile financing options.
  • Applying for Pre Approval is allowed.
  • Good credit isn’t a must, but lower your interest rate.
  • The lower interest rate with co-borrower.

Why I discourage this provider

  • The car must be purchased from CarMax to get the financing.
  • Refinancing options aren’t available.
  • Sometimes, lenders aren’t available for financing.

Is Buy Here, Pay Here Is A Good Option?

Buy here, pay here loans are the easiest option for the people with bad credit to get a loan. But, as you can expect, they have many disadvantages and are pretty expensive altogether.

Most Expensive Financing Option

Buy here pay here no credit check cars is among the most financing options. The dealerships won’t let you get the loan without charging a massive interest loan.

According to a study in 2018, the average interest rate for the buy here pay here no credit check cars is around 20%. This rate is much higher than any other type of loan. Moreover, in some car dealerships no credit check no down payment can trick into a 35% interest rate loan.

And, if you compare them with banks’ auto loans is 5.32%, and credit unions’ auto loan is 3.24% (the data are from the National Credit Union Administration of 2020’s third quarter), you can see the vast differences.

That’s not all, you may require to pay other fees. So, these high costs can worsen your financial situation more than it already is.

Some Dealers Install Tracking Device

Dealers need to make sure they can repossess the car as soon as they stop making payments. So, most dealers install trackers in your device or some mechanism to prevent cars from starting; according to data, the number of dealers is 45%.

Although it may be necessary as they are playing with fire, that may be a nonstarter to giving up your privacy.

Anyways, when you need a car desperately and aren’t finding any other ways, then buy here pay here no credit check cars are the only option.

  • Alternatives to buy-here, pay-here financing
  • Still, before you finalize your decision, check out the following options.

Browse Different Options

If only buy here, pay here financing you considered so far, search for other options. Start comparing your credit history with auto loan requirements at banks and credit unions. It’s best if you can get a loan from a credit union.

Check the lenders offering auto loans for bad credit if your credit score is poor. They usually charge a high-interest rate, but overall all your negative marks on the credit report. Also, shop online for more affordable options.

Purchase A Used Car

You won’t need any credit or financing if you save and purchase with cash for some time. Used vehicles cost much less than brand-new cars in all cases.

Many dealerships sell used cars. So, if you can be a little patient and save some money, you can get rid of the bad credit or financing issues.

Get A Co-signer

A co-signer is a person who will sign the documents on your behalf. So, if you fail to make any payment, the co-signer has to pick up the slack.

And will affect both of your credit scores. Your Co-signer needs to have a healthy credit history. As for co-signer, ask a close friend or relative who has faith in you.

Pay Down payment

Another good way of overlooking a bad credit score is by paying a down payment. Moreover, it can also qualify you for a low-interest rate. Saving for a down payment won’t take much time.


Buy here pay here no credit check cars may not be the best option, but you can still consider it if you have a poor credit history. But, you make sure you will pay monthly payments; these providers are pretty strict on this case.

Again, before you finalize your decision, check all the other options as the interest rate is the highest here. Moreover, some providers’ protective measures may hunt your privacy.

I mentioned some top providers who offer auto loans with bad credit in this article. With this, let’s end today’s article – buy here pay here no credit check cars.