Brother DS-620 Review – Who is the best Brother or Doxie

Brother DS-620 Review

For executing any job or academic scanning tasks accomplished on the go, you tend to go for such a scanner that is compact, portable, and will allow you to effortlessly scan your documents within a short time. If the above circumstances resemble you, concerning a portable scanning device you can go for the Brother DS-620 scanner.

Brother dsmobile 620 will make your scanning tasks pretty much inexpensive, reliable and it can digitize 5 to 10 document pages several times a day. For delivering shorter documents it has a decent speed and quality scanning that can efficiently scan and manage your file at an attractive price. To get your low volume scanning project done, this Brother DS-620 Mobile can be a simple, productive, and economical alternative. 

It does have more to deliver in front of your desk or workspace. Without further delays, let’s move into Brother DS-620 Review that will enhance the concept of it. 

At A Glance Brother DSmobile 620 Scanner 

  • An ideal mobile scanner for capturing Documents, Receipts, Cards, laminated identification cards, invoices, photographs quickly 
  • Since it is less than 12 inches and it weighs just 1 pound, you can put it inside your briefcase or business bag and move smoothly anywhere you want
  • Included with a worthy package of scanning software to aid you to manage and share information as well as lessen the need to store and reference hard copy files
  • As it features industry-standard drivers, including TWAIN and SANE, it helps you to enable easy assimilation for scanning documents into an extended variety of famous applications
  • Offers one-year limited support on the DS-620 and stands behind your purchase with phone support for the lifetime of your scanner

Compare Brother DSMobile 620 With Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi Smarter Scanner

Compact and lightweight scanners are pretty much productive in terms of efficiency and portability but all are not the same. Present here a comparison chart between two smart mobile scanners to let you choose the suitable one.

Brother DS-620Doxie Go SE DX255
Brother DS-620 Scanner for Quickbook
Doxie Go SE DX255 Wi-Fi Smart Scanner
Brother DS-620 provides pretty much faster scanning of documents as it can scan up to 8 pages per minute whether it is black or color.Doxie Go SE DX255 can scan document pages pretty much fast as it takes just about 8 seconds to digitize a single page.
It is super portable and compact because it weighs less than 1 pound and the total area dimensions are just 2.1 x 11.4 x 1.4 inches.With an overall dimension of 12.25 x 2.25 x 1.75 inches and weighing just 2 pounds, it can be easily placed in bags or drawers for going anywhere.
Comes with an easily detachable USB power cord that doesn’t require any wall outlets to connect and a comfortable temperature zone 41°F – 95°FAs it is made with 1 lithium-ion-powered battery, it can last up to 400 scans within a single charge.
Has a maximum daily duty cycle of 100 pages at maximum, and media weights a maximum of 28 single sheetsIt can scan up to 400 pages per charge and can store up to 4,000 pages before it needs syncing.
Compatible with A4 sized papers and scans with a resolution of 1200 dpi which is far better at this costGo anywhere you want without any paper, as it can scan up to 400 pages with mobile scanning through 600 dpi resolution
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What Users Are Saying About Brother DS-620 Compact Scanner

From unboxing till completion of the scanning task, the Brother DS 620 has been awesome and flawless. It runs with great apps like BR-Receipts or Presto!PageManager and scanning a variety of documents has been like a blow of wind in front of it. Since it does not support automatic multiple-page scanning, you can look at the best multiple page scanner instead. 

In terms of the scanning speed it may lag behind any other competitors, yet seems perfect since it is a portable scanner and users don’t tend to scan a lot from it as they are on the run. It is one of the best portable scanners that you can consider purchasing if you are searching for a scanner that is suitable for moderate volume scanning as a transportable or on the desktop tool, with one-sided scanning. 

Key Features Of Brother DSmobile 620 Color Page Scanner

Key Features Of Brother DSmobile 620 Color Page Scanner


The Brother DS-620 has been as excellent as they have announced. For a compact scanner, the Brother DS-620 outshines in the performance section including a scanning velocity of 8 PPM with an average rate of 11 seconds per page. Although it doesn’t have a document feeder, however, it can scan multiple pages into one file.

Brother DSMobile DS-620 is launched with a variety of image scanning features including JPG and PDF image formats. It can handle normal texts with the utmost originating and the delivered scanned documents are rich in color as well as the text is bold and clear. The scanned files can also be organized, sorted, and sent within various file-formats including RTF, image PDF, and searchable PDF format. 

Easy Usage

In the term user-friendliness, Brother DS-620 comes with some tools that have made the usage a bit comfortable. Firstly, the installation process can take up to 15 minutes starting from unboxing till the setup. Besides, the user interface and the software are pretty much intuitive that has kept the usage more convenient and it manages all within the touch of a switch. 

Design And Build Quality

The Brother Mobile DS-620 is the perfect scanner for individuals that are on the go because it’s little, light, and comfortable to carry. It weighs just 0.88 pounds and comes in at only 11.5 inches long body. Its usual optical scanning resolution remains at 600 x 600 dpi, while inserted resolution sits at 1200 x 1200 dpi.

Comes with a Button Manager software that makes it easier for scanning different scenes at a touch of a button as well as it comes with bundled scan software like Nuance PaperPort 12 SE and Presto! which is nearly the same as the Doxie Go SE DX255 Smart Wi-Fi Scanner.

FAQs About Brother DSMobile DS-620 Color Page Scanner

Does it allows to make folders and save documents on the computer to keep it all organized?

As it is a basic scanner one can easily create folders on the computers and it also allows you to save scanned files within a sorted file folder for further usage and convenience. 

What comes in the box?

It comes with a Scanner, USB cable, cleaning pad, calibration sheet, Quick Set-up Guide, and Drivers CD for Windows and Mac. It is as easy as loading the software, plugging the cord into the unit, and plugging the other end of the cord into a USB port on your computer. 

Does it scans in color and supports scanning art?

Brother DS-620 does scans in color. This scanner targets mostly business users, but it can be used to scan artwork, as long as you are satisfied with the 600ppi resolution that it supports.

Final Verdict

The Brother DS 620 Scanner is the lightweight and compact scanner for your documents, ID cards, and business cards. It has a resolution of 600dpi and it can scan up to 8 images per minute. It can scan news articles, school papers, and written notes, business cards, and plastic ID cards with high precision. It’s powered through a USB cable and it’s quite compact at 11.5 inches in length and less than 1 pound of weight.

From our Brother DS-620 Review, we can wrap up things by saying that The Brother DS-620 Mobile scanner provides a cost-effective and reliable scanning choice for those that scan slightly infrequently and low volume documents. This scanner is good for professionals who are usually on the go and wanna get their scanning job done when they require it.