Bow Hunting for Beginners: Must Read Guide

Bow hunting has become increasingly popular in the last couple of decades. Many people are showing interest in this adventurous game and are collecting information to be successfully involved in this process. Bow hunting is challenging and exciting. Bow hunting for beginners might be more difficult as it requires proper techniques and knowledge to enjoy this game.

Bow hunting demands more skill and patience than gun hunting. For successful bow hunting, you need to follow some basic rules. You need to maintain a reasonable distance from the prey and position yourself in the right place to ensure a fast clean kill of the animal.

What Do You Need to Start Bow Hunting?

To make the process easier, you first need to do research about the animal you are going to be hunting. You should know about their speed, their hiding places, their food, their sensitivity to sound and smell, and their main source of attraction. With all this information, you will be to lure them close to you to get a proper shot.

What Do You Need to Start Bow Hunting?

For bow hunting, the first requirement is a bow. For a beginner, it is strongly recommended to use a compound bow rather than any traditional bow. With compound bows, the beginners will find it easy to learn the techniques in a relatively shorter period. Another advantage of a compound bow is that it requires less strength to hold the draw. The compound bows are characterized by peculiar cams or wheels on the lower and upper limbs.

The maximum force that is required to draw a bow to the full extent is called draw weight. The cams enable a compound bow to be drawn fully with a fraction of draw weight only.

The fraction that is expressed as the percentage is known as the letoff. The let-off of most compound bows varies from fifty to eighty percent. In brief, while using a compound bow, you need to use full draw weight, but suddenly the draw weight will be reduced to the letoff fraction when it is fully drawn.

Compound bows are coming for both right and left hands. If you are a right-hander, you should not buy a left-hander compound bow. Remember that a right-hander bow is drawn with the right hand and sighted with the right eyes. If you buy a left-hander compound bow, it cannot help you much. Experts suggest choosing the bow according to your dominant eye rather than your handedness. You can also use your both eyes while shooting.

While choosing a bow, you should focus more on drawing weight. The minimum draw weight should be 45 lbs. The maximum draw weight is 50 to 70. The maximum bow weight is considered good for successful shooting. When buying a bow, you should get the one that can be drawn quickly and easily.

Another thing is that you might find it easy to draw the bow while practicing, but when you go for shooting it can create complications while drawing or it might require more strength. In that case, you might adjust the draw weight. Some draw weight is adjustable. You only need some practice and expertise to know the resetting and adjustment process.

What Gear Do You Need?

In addition to a bow and arrows, you need some other equipment to make your bow hunting comfortable and successful that including spare bows, bow sights, release aid, and hunting gear. If you are a beginner, you need to have all the requirements to protect yourself and kill your target without affecting you much. You need to have all the following equipment with you while going hunting. You do not need to carry them all the time. You can keep them in your vehicle or camp and use them whenever required.

You need a compass, flashlight, rope, a plastic bag, a dressing kit, and a sharp knife for hunting. You need to buy camouflage gear depending on the time and season of the hunting. Without all this equipment, you should not go hunting. These devices are required to protect yourself from any unwanted situation and to successfully shoot your target.

Tips for Successful Bow Hunting for Beginners

As a beginner, you need to do more research about everything before going ahead with your plan. You should take the advice of some experts about the hunting and about how to make the procedure easy and successful. You might take some time to understand the techniques and to get success in your hunting.

Tips for Successful Bow Hunting for Beginners

Before going for bow hunting, you first need to inquire about the place and animals. This is important to understand the difficulties and to make plans accordingly. You should visit the area before finalizing the plan.

You should know the haunting posts, food sources, about the animals and their weakness. Your hunting will be easy if you make the plans much before with all the required information about the place and animals. Once, you have all the required information, and then you can concentrate on the equipment and gear.

For a beginner, it might be frustrating in the first stance. But if you want to get success, you will have to deal with this with patience and wait for the right opportunity. It requires more practice both off the field and on the field to master this art.

Bow Hunting Physical Exercise

Bow hunting requires more effort. Your back and shoulder are the most affected areas for bow hunting. Hence, if you are going bow hunting or returning from your adventurous trip, then follow regular workout plans to strengthen your back and shoulder. You can do some exercises to strengthen your back and to increase its efficiency. Take the help of an expert to know which exercises will be helpful for this purpose.

Bow hunting is an art. If you want to enjoy it the most you will have to be mastered this art and understand the techniques to make the process easier. To get the best results, choose the right bow and practice it regularly with the advice and suggestion of some experts in this field. With proper knowledge and dedication, you can enjoy it more.

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