Top 5 Bottle Labeling Machine Reviews 2023

Finally, are you thinking of selling your homemade brews? If you are, then welcome to this new trend. As I also did my small homemade Tomato Sauce selling a business, I remember making a couple of mistakes in the early stage. The biggest one was trying to do everything by myself and not getting a bottle label machine early.

Homebrewing is becoming a notably popular hobby, and people are taking this seriously more than ever. And, thanks to online selling, it is getting a boost too. But this topic is for another day to talk about and will start with top bottle labeling machine. Here remember one thing, your product’s appearance will influence many people to choose it or not. So, you have to properly design your logo and label. Also, apply it properly.  To apply every label properly, in this article I have listed the top 7 bottle labeling machine for you.

However, before moving to the list, I would recommend you to get Primera AP362 as I’m using it for some time, and really performing well. So, let’s know why I prefer this one most.

 Why is Primera AP362 Better Than Other?

  • The setup and operating are super easy for most people with little technical knowledge. Users find this one of the easiest machines. 
  • AP362 is perfect for medium-high demand productions. It can label up to 1200 labels in a single hour. 
  • It is featured with the semi-automatic operation and can apply labels to bottles, tubes, jars, and cans. In simple words, it ca+n apply labels on cylindrical type containers.
  • The accuracy of this machine is also excellent. It accurately applies 1 or 2 labels to the front and back of any container. 

The Primera AP362 is an excellent companion for your brewing business. It relieves a heavy workload from your back. Moreover, it is simple to use. But, this is not for every business. Or rather, the price tag lets it not be for every business. The price of this machine is pretty high. But, it is worth the cost. It’s not only my opinion, but the users also believe that. Also, the materials of this machine are top-notched, so it can last for 10 years easily. 

So, this machine can be brought for any mid-production business. And, believe me, you won’t complain about its efficiency. 

Top 5 Bottle Labeling Machine In 2023

Bottle labeling machines are still not that common. And, it is hard to find some good entry-level machines. But, hey, this is my job to do. Here I have listed 5 other bottle labeling machine from low to high-cost order. 

1. TAL-1100MR Bottle Label Applicator

The TAL-1100MR label applicator is suitable to label any round and cylinder product. It is perfectly adequate for any low-demand production business. And, it’ll also cost you low.

TAL-1100MR Bottle Label Applicator
Machine Dimensions20”L x 9.5”W x 11”H
Machine Weight15 lbs
Labeling Speed30PCS/min
Applicable Product Diameter1 inches – 5 inches
Max. label size5 inches
Min. label size1 x 1 inch
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Key  Features:

  • You do not require any tool for this machine.
  • The unwind tension is fully adjustable. 
  • Comes with a waste rewind spindle to collect backing paper. 
  • Coated with a durable all-steel frame along with powder coat finish. 
  • Simple and easy-to-use labeling machine. 

The TAL-1100 is not a fully automated bottle labeling machine. You have to manually turn the handle to apply labels. Loading products into the applicator is easy with the unique open carriage design. And, its top wipe-down brush ensures labels are fully applied. 

The whole machine is built with a solid steel frame and assembled with stainless steel fasteners. Thus, it can last for years. The price of this product is the lowest in the market now. If you just have started your brewing business and have a small investment, there won’t be any better option than this.

2. Maxwolf Bottle Label Applicator

Maxwolf LabEL Applicator is a better version of previous bottle labeling machines. It is a semi-automatic machine to address higher demands. With 50PCS/min efficacy, your company will be able to address the demand on time.

Maxwolf Label Applicator
Machine Dimensions24.6 x 14 x 13.5 inches
Machine Weight55.12lbs
Labeling Speed50PCS/min
Applicable Product Diameter12-90mm
Max. label size1 inch
Min. label size5 inches
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Key Feature

  • Suitable to apply labels on round bottles of different sizes. 
  • It composes the main body, sends paper, receives the paper, and orient bottlos. 
  • Putting the bottle in orientation is manual and you can fix it anytime. 
  • All the parts are made of standard stainless steel, guaranteed with high quality. 
  • The design is compact and easy to operate.

This machine can apply labels on a large range of bottle sizes and different types. It is fast, accurate, and easy to use. For labeling, you have to place the bottles manually, and it will label them automatically. Moreover, the materials it is made of are stainless steel which ensures its durability. 

Although you won’t have a problem using it, the assembly is not that simple. And, it became more complicated as it doesn’t come with a proper guide. But, if you look through Youtube, you will find video guides. If you still find it hard, ask for help from someone who has good technical knowledge. Once you assemble it properly, you are sure to be pleased with its performance.

3. START International LAB01 Bottle Label Applicator

Up until now, we have seen three excellent bottle labeling machines which are great to apply labels to the beer bottle size. But, what if you need to label a larger bottle than that? Start International LAB01 is the solution for that. This machine is pretty reliable with its low price tag.

START International LAB01 Bottle Label Applicator
Machine Dimensions13.5 x 11.5 x 22.5 inches
Machine Weight13.1 lbs
Labeling Speed50PCS/min
Applicable Product Diameter13 to 165 mm
Max. label size5 inches
Min. label size6.5 inches
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The Start International LAB01 manual bottle label applicator applies labels on bottles, cans, jars, and other cylindrical container-type objects. It can cover a huge range, from small tubes to a one-gallon container. The label placing is accurate and consistent on it. Moreover, you can adjust it without tools for different label sizes.

This USA-based machine comes with a step-by-step guide for you to set it without any hassle. You won’t have a hard time operating either. Also, the durability of this machine is absolute as it is made with powder-coated aluminum. So, you can say this machine is suitable for short runs of bottle labeling. 

4. TAL-2100ER Electric Bottle Label Applicator

The Older sibling of TAL-1100MR, TAL-2100ER has the same design. But the 2100ER has advanced by adding an electric motor and a footswitch activation. Thus, this machine became a semi-automatic machine. Also, labeling speed is way faster than 1100, makes it worthy for mid-production businesses.

TAL-2100ER Electric Bottle Label Applicator
Machine Dimensions24 x 16 x 14 inches
Machine Weight35 lbs
Labeling Speed50PCS/min
Applicable Product Diameter25mm – 127mm
Max. label size25 x 25 mm
Min. label size120 mm
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Key Features

  • It has a photocell sensor to stop labels automatically when needed. 
  • Offer a broad product size range that most likely covers your demand. 
  • Built with a heavy-duty all-steel frame with a powder-coated finish. 
  • Made with a heavy-duty motor to protect it from overload. 
  • You need no equipment to change the label size. 

TAL2100ER is an excellent machine with completely different features from the above-mentioned machines. It has the most advanced technology and automatic features up until now. The electric motor and footswitch made it more simple to operate and fast at the same time. Photocell label stop systems are also going to be handy for you.

However, the setup can be a little hassle for you. But, they have an excellent manual for guiding you. So, be patient and follow the manual; you will have the 2100ER ready in 20 minutes.

5. MT-200 Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine

If you are in search of a real automatic bottle labeling machine, then MT-200 is the one for you. A fully automatic machine with superb speed and accuracy, MT-200 is for high-demand productions. This machine is simple, robust, and accurate at its work.

MT-200 Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine
Machine Dimensions200x 110x 135 cm
Machine Weight330 lbs
Labeling Speed30-150 PCS/min
Applicable Product Diameter20-100mm
Max. label size150mm
Min. label size10mm
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 Key Features

  • Operating the MT-200 is simple and has a large touchscreen and PLC control. 
  • Thanks to the touch screen, you can adjust the setting only in a few touches.
  • This device is equipped with a photocell sensor. 
  • Able to work at high precision. 
  • It has an Automatic Damaged Label Detection System. 

MT-200 is a fully automatic bottle labeling machine for large productions. Thanks to its large display, operating this machine is quite easy. But, the assembly will take your all out. And, you will need a technician for it. Once the installation is done, you are good to go.

It covers a diverse range of products. Most likely, you can apply level on any round bottle starting from 20 mm to 100mm in diameter. Thus, it is suitable for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and foodstuff industries.

Final Verdict

Even though homebrewing is increasing, bottle labeling machines are still not that many. But, hopefully, in recent years their number will increase and the price will decrease.

However, the machines I mentioned are the top-notched industry these days. Among them, as I said before, I personally prefer Primera AP362 which I’m still using. Without that START International LAB01 is also a reliable machine. And, you won’t find an alternative for MT-200 if you have high demand. That’s all for today’s article. Stay healthy, stay humble.