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The 5 Best Wired Multi-Room Audio System in 2021

If you’re the type who wants his favorite music everywhere, to fill your home with rich music then the best wired multi room audio system is for you. A wired audio system is preferred by more people as it preserves audio signals and ensures that there is no signal interruption from the source to the speakers.

Most multi-room speaker systems are versatile as these can work in a wired or wireless system. Also, set up has become easier even if you want to install a speaker in two, three, or more rooms. You can also bet that most audio systems can work with different setups like a home theater system, gaming system, personal computer or laptop, or audio mixing system. Find the best multi room speaker for you from our list.

The 5 Best Wired Multi Room Speaker Systems 2021

Here are the five best multi room audio system models to check out this 2020.

1. Bluesound NODE 2i BLK Wireless Multi Room Audio System

The Bluesound Node 2i is a multi-room wired or wireless high-resolution audio system. It can be installed through stable, wired connections or you can hook it up wirelessly. It is also one of a few audio systems that are compatible with voice command/voice-assisted devices such as Siri and Alexa.

Bluesound NODE 2i BLK Wireless Multi-Room Audio System

Bluesound NODE 2i BLK specifications

  • Dimensions – 24.61 x 9.84 x 12.51 inches, 0.71 ounces
  • Type of Speaker – hi-fi speakers
  • Connectivity – dual-band Wi-Fi and wired connections
  • Input/Output – analog and digital input and output
  • Special Features – online music streaming services, digital music, internet radio, BlueOS Controller app, AirPlay 2 compatible,
  • Sound Quality – high fidelity sound

Enjoy digital and analog input and outputs

The NODE 2i multi room speaker system lets you connect and enjoy a variety of analog and digital inputs and outputs. You can connect this to your smartphone, PC, laptop, tablet, MP3 player, and other digital devices. It is also compatible with old-school turntables, amplifiers, receivers, CD players, and audio systems. It also plays your favorite internet radio music, lets you listen to podcasts, and more.

Easy to setup

You can set this up easily through wired connections or use dual-band Wi-Fi which boosts wireless signals even in a very tight and crowded spot. It is also equipped with enhanced Bluetooth through the latest aptX high definition codec from Qualcomm. This will let you stream sound from a tablet or phone to any Bluetooth enabled speaker or headphone.

Compatible with voice recognition services

Ask voice assistant Siri or Alexa to play music, to check out podcasts, or to access online music streaming services. You can access your voice assistant no matter where you are in the room as well.

Easy to carry anywhere

Because NODE 2i is a small and lightweight multi room audio system, weighing less than a pound, you can take it anywhere to play your music no matter where you are. If you need a convenient, easy to carry speaker to take with you when you travel then this portable audio system could be the one you’re looking for.

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2. Audio Pro Addon C5 High-Fi Wireless Multi-Room Speaker

Audio Pro Addon C5 is a small, compact easy to take anywhere wireless and wired multi room speaker. These Bluetooth multi room speakers can play all kinds of music sources using a stable wired connection or you can go wireless with Bluetooth or hi-fi Wi-Fi. This speaker has a retro vibe and is available in black, white, or cool pink. This may be the multi room speaker you’ve been looking for.

Audio Pro Addon C5 High-Fi Wireless Multi-Room Speaker

Audio Pro 00158302 Speaker specifications

  • Dimensions – 12.40 x 8.90 x 8.50 inches, 5.84 pounds
  • Type of Speaker – multi-room speaker
  • Connectivity – wired or wireless (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, voice control)
  • Special Features – four presets, connect to online music services, you may add other multi-room speakers from Audio Pro
  • Sound Quality – rich hi-fi audio in every room, great bass

Hi-fidelity sound in one room or different rooms

You can play any music you want in your room, in one room or play a different tune from different rooms. This multi room speaker will produce hi-fidelity sound no matter where you’re listening, and no matter what sound/audio you are playing.

Pair with other multi-room speakers

The Audio Pro Addon C5 can be a wall or a multi room ceiling speaker system works best with other multi-room speakers. You can easily create a multi-room setup and upgrade your home’s audio system by using the C5 with the C-sub for bass or pair your older high fidelity stereo system equipment using LINK to create a multi-room speaker system.

With a retro design

You’ve probably fallen for the Addon C5’s cool retro look. Most users claim that this is the highlight of using this multi-room speaker. It has a sleek and portable design, with a handle on top so it’s easier to handle and take anywhere inside your home.  It also comes with stable feet and may be placed on a shelf, table, computer table, kitchen countertop, etc.

Connect wired or wireless

You may connect an old system to the Addon C5 using a wired connection. You can connect your laptop or PC via wired connections as well. Use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect your device with ease. You can connect your smartphone, tablet, or portable music player through Bluetooth and enjoy listening to your favorite tracks through this multi-room speaker.

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3. Bose Wave SoundTouch Multi Room Audio System

Bose Wave is the best multi room speaker that will enhance your music listening pleasure. It is a speaker that works using wired or wireless connections or you can control this speaker through your voice assistant (Alexa or Siri). You can enjoy rich, room-filling audio with this speaker and it works with a variety of audio formats. You can also use this with different music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, or Amazon Music. The Bose Wave could be the best multi room audio system speaker you have been searching for.

Bose Wave SoundTouch Multi-Room Audio System

Bose 738031-1310 SoundTouch Music System specifications

  • Dimensions – 8.7 x 14.49 x 19.29 inches, 14.65 pounds
  • Type of Speaker – multi-room speaker
  • Connectivity – wired or wireless via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Special Features – with info display, compatible with voice assistants, dual alarms, station presets,
  • Sound Quality – crystal clear sound quality

Can connect using wired or wirelessly

You can connect to the Bose Wave SoundTouch using wired connections or you can also go for a wireless connection. Connect your favorite device like your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer to this speaker using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and enjoy total audio convenience.

Easy to use multi-room speaker

Connecting is easy and using this multi-room speaker is easier as you can control it using voice control (Alexa) or use a remote control that comes with the best floorstanding speakers under 1000. The remote control lets you access the 6 preset stations that you can designate for your preferred FM or AM radio stations. You can also use the remote to use the SountTouch feature, to control volume, select tracks, set up alarms, and many more.

Use the SoundTouch app

The SoundTouch app is special software that controls all the SoundTouch speakers. These are wireless speakers that you can use to create a multi-room audio system setup. All speakers that belong to this type of speaker may be used with your home theater system, a stereo system, or an older audio system.

Use Alexa to control this speaker

Command Alexa to control this speaker.  You can turn the volume down or turn it up really loud, change the tracks, or ask Alexa the details of the song or track. You can also command Alexa to control the particular speaker from a specific area of your home (ask Alexa to power up the volume of the bedroom speaker when you’re in the kitchen) and so many more. And through Alexa, you can access your favorite music streaming site like Pandora, Amazon Music, Spotify and so many more.

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4. MEGACRA Soundbar BESTISAN Wireless Home Theater System

The MEGACRA soundbar multi room sound system is capable of producing multi room audio using wired or wireless connections. It has a 5.0 home theater speaker set up so you can experience true to life audio when you watch movies and TV shows or as you play video games. It has a sleek and modern design that will match your modern living room. You can mount it on a wall or just place it on a table and this will match any smart TV.  This may be one of the best soundbar for hearing impaired.

MEGACRA Soundbar BESTISAN Wireless Home Theater System

MEGACRA S6520 Soundbar specifications

  • Dimensions – 28 x 4.00 x 4.10 inches, 6.76 pounds
  • Type of Speaker – with 3-inch drivers, double bass support, multi-room, soundbar
  • Connectivity – wired using standard audio cable connections, optical audio, and RCA and wireless using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 5.0
  • Input/ Output – with multiple connections, inputs/outputs
  • Special Features – different equalizer modes, multiple setups, with remote control, comes with Digital Signal Processor or DSP preset audio settings
  • Sound Quality – impressive bass, minimal distortion, great clarity

Uses the most updated Bluetooth version

This speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0, the most updated Bluetooth version which allows multiple devices to connect all at the same time. Also, Bluetooth 5.0 allows farther reach and much more stable connectivity.

Impressive audio

This speaker produces improved bass because of its dual-patented curved ports and bass-enhanced features. These allow you to listen to clear and intense bass for music, movies, and games. Meanwhile, the dual full-range drivers also produce amazing highs and lows. These are possible even when the volume is up. You can control bass and treble to fit your sound or use the Audio Memory to take all the settings back to the initial audio setting.

Can connect with multiple devices

Because you can connect wired or wirelessly, you can pair this multi-room speaker with many devices at the same time. This soundbar will connect using wired Bluetooth or through optical, AUX, or RCA connections. This can also be the best soundbar for Samsung TV.

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5. MEGACRA Sound Bar BESTISAN Wired Multi-Room Audio System

MEGACRA’s soundbar is also available as an 80-watt soundbar model ideal for connecting to a home theater system or flat-screen television. You will be blown away by its impressive bass and updated  Bluetooth 5.0 which allows you to connect more wireless devices and operate the speaker even from afar.

MEGACRA Sound Bar BESTISAN Wired Multi-Room Audio System

MEGACRA S8520 specifications

  • Dimensions – 34 x 3.90 x 4.10 inches, 7.09 pounds
  • Type of Speaker – multi-room, soundbar, full-range speakers, two tweeters
  • Connectivity – wired and wireless
  • Input/Output – multiple inputs and outputs available, optical, RCA, and 3.5 mm audio connections
  • Special Features – Integrated DSP
  • Sound Quality – with theater-sound audio,

Connect to your devices wirelessly or using wired connections. Wired connections include optical, RCA and through a 3.5 mm port to connect your laptop, PC, old audio receiver, player, and many more. You can also connect through Bluetooth as this is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 that offers four times better wireless range, better bandwidth, and enhanced data speeds. 

Home theater experience

This speaker is one of the best companions when you’re watching a movie, listening to your favorite music, or playing a game as this offers premium audio thanks to its integrated DSP feature. You’ll be immersed in what you’re watching, or playing, with this soundbar.

Versatile soundbar

Connect to any device using a wired or using a wireless connection. There are many ways to go wired: using optical connections, RCA, or using a 3.5 mm wire. When you go wireless, Bluetooth will handle your connectivity up to 33 feet or 10 meters.

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Final Verdict

There are so many impressive wireless and wired multi-room audio systems but the best one has to be the NODE 2i from BlueSound. There are so many reasons why we chose the NODE 2i; it lets you connect to analog and digital inputs and outputs and setup is simple and easy. You can connect using a wired connection or through wireless Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

This is also compatible with Alexa or Siri and thus you can sit back and control your audio system from your sofa. And probably the best thing about the NODE 2i is that it is small and lightweight, weighing less than a pound, you can take it anywhere at home, at work, or on the go. We recommend the BlueSound NODE 2i as the best wired multi room audio system and if you think that this is also the one for you, check this out at this link.

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