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Best Ceiling Fans 2018
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Best Ceiling Fans 2018 – Reviews And Complete Buyer Guide

Looking for the best ceiling fans to match your home interior or outdoor use? Our experts got it handled for you. We have put together this ultimate ceiling fan buying guide with top 5 in-depth ceiling fans review in 2017.


Time changes and so is mankind’s way of life. With new trends comes elegant home designs. From simple investments to fortune spending, everyone is trying to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. And as it is said small things matter, and so is having the best ceiling fans installed in your home.

Nowadays people are quickly pulling away from the old, ordinary and boring traditional fans. They are going an extra mile to make their homes heavenly or rather, little paradise.

The large investments homeowners are willing to make just to have a fan that complements their home décor is a clear indicator.

Before delving any further, let us have a small insight of what these gorgeous babies can do for you. Ceiling fans have become famous over the years for their efficiency.

Whatever the weather, proper circulation of air is one aspect that is of paramount importance in any room. And a beautiful and efficient ceiling fan will create a great balance in maintaining optimal room temperature, bringing aesthetic value in your rooms and an excellent source of light.

This in detailed guide and unbiased reviews going to make your life easy and going to save your tons of time and energy while helping you to select the one that looks great for your home. Let’s jump into the 5 top rated ceiling fans available in the market right now.

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan Review

Best Ceiling Fans 2018 - Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan Review

  • High performance
  • and has durable parts
  • Comes with beautiful design and color
  • Completely comfortable to use in your bedroom, dining room, kitchen as well as your living room.
  • This size is designed to fit a room of almost any size.
  • Not compatible with Hunter Original down rods

Talk of the perfect blend of the old and new fans technology, Hunter has it all. With unmatched quality, stylish designs and beautiful materials here you are looking at comfortable homes with 47% cooling cost cut down

Delivering high speed more than 5100 cubic feet of air, coupled with Deluxe’s casual clean styling and New Bronze finish, it isolates noise and gives you the comfort you need. Irrespective of your room size Hunter can be used up to 400 square feet. It can also be mounted without lights if desired.

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A three-position mounting framework means you can install its flush, on a standard straightrod from the ceiling. Moreover, it’s very straightforward and safe to mount for even the novice. Worried about air movement in large rooms? How about its large blades that provide air movement that extend to the corners of the chamber?

Here you are with a desire for beautiful design and color, durability and lifelong product to use in the kitchen, living room or bedroom. Why not go for Hunter 53091.

Hunter Fan 59135 Key Biscayne 54″ Weathered Zinc Ceiling Fan Review

Best Ceiling Fans 2018 - Hunter Fan 59135 Key Biscayne 54″ Weathered Zinc Ceiling Fan Review

  • One of the best quiet ceiling fan
  • Can be used in large rooms up to 485 square feet.
  • Has stainless steel hardware to resist rust
  • It contains pull chain that allows for quick and easy on/off and speed adjustments
  • It is not waterproof.

Everyone wants some cooling with minimal or no noise at all. The design of the Hunter-Fan-59135 answers the question right. This fan comes with powerful air movement isolating noise and delivering comfort. With large room in mind, it was designed to accommodate users wider mounting options in 3 positions whether angled, flush or standard.

It comes integrated with four blades. And because it has a powerful motor, together with the blades it is a ceiling fan best for large rooms. Up to 485 square feet, you will enjoy every breeze for as long as you like.

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What is even more about this fan is that it can be run in a reverse manner during winter to move accumulated warm air from the ceiling. Low power consumption of two 14w standard bulbs saves power, stainless steel hardware to keep rusting at bay while providing an easy on and off pace modifications through a blanketed pull chain. It can also be used outdoor since it is ETL Damp-rated and comes packaged with a white glass case painting.

Minka Aire F844-DK Review

Best Ceiling Fans 2018 - Minka Aire F844-DK Review

  • It Comes with Three-speed hand-held remote with full-range light dimming.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • 6 and 4.5 inches rod included in the package
  • Distressed Koa Finishing
  • It has no reversing

Talk of successful designs Minka Aire F844-DK sums it all. A truly unique fan that comes with energy efficient design, integrated light source brings a new level of the company’s modern fan ceiling.

Drawing inspiration from ocean’s tubular and graceful wave formation, this fan was designed with user comfort and care in mind as it comes with a Three-speed hand-held remote with full-range light dimming and a lifetime warranty.

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One aspect you will undoubtedly appreciate about the Mink Aire mild is its gorgeous design. It has three sleek blades that harmonize with most modern homes décor. It may not be ideal for large rooms but for small ones, it will ensure optimal airflow.

Other features making this ceiling fan unique includes 172 x 14mm Motor, 48 degrees Blade Pitch, LED light  in the package, 52 inches blade span reversible and three speeds and ball-socket mounting feature for both sloppy and mount ceiling. Why not sit and let the remote work for you? Acquiring this fan is maximize value for your money.

Emerson CF205GES Ceiling Fan Review

Best Ceiling Fans 2018 - Emerson CF205GES Ceiling Fan Review

  • You can install with or without lights
  • Energy efficient
  • Comes with two downrods
  • Suitable for indoor areas
  • Expensive

For more than 10years Emerson has been top notch in making reliable and high-performance ceiling fans. And today, it has become more of a tradition. The Emerson has introduced the CF205GES to the list of their modern ceiling fans models. The CF205GES Ceiling Fan combines function and form like never before.

It is a fan that will produce that ‘wow’ response at the first glance. This model is just the right type to express your personality and also reflect your lifestyle. The CF205GES has been meticulously designed with high-quality materials that make it last long.

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It includes three blades with 54-inch span to move air in style throughout your 20 x 20 feet room. This unit integrates light fixture that uses 50-watt mini candelabra bulbs for lighting and bringing out a sense of fashion for your living room.

Since it comes with two downrods, 6 and 12 inches, you can fit it on a standard ceiling heights. Thus the CF205GES is a better option for indoors. With a 4-speed remote control with a receiver, which lets you adjust light and speed settings from the comfort of your seat.

Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Enabled Ceiling Fan with LED Light Review

Best Ceiling Fans 2018 - Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Enabled Ceiling Fan with LED Light Review

  • Energy efficient
  • You will never have to change a bulb since it uses LED lights
  • Beautiful design
  • Controllable through wifi
  • Wears and tears after a short period

The Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Enabled Ceiling Fan in white is an elegantly designed ceiling fan. From just anywhere in your bedroom, you will enjoy every cool breeze effortlessly.

The 52 inch Haiku Home L Series will effectively convey airflow and offer good amount of light in equal measure. The most common finishes that you are likely to get in the market are glossy white, caramel and black.

Being an Energy star ceiling fan, get ready to save up some amount of money at the end of every month. In fact, it is 4 times efficient as norm requires.

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If your room is 15 x 15 feet with either a sloped or flat ceiling then the Haiku Home will work just fine. It integrates 16 brightness adjustable settings to suit any occasion. There are also 10 control options that let you choose the speed of your fan, sleep mode, timer and whoosh mode (stimulates natural breezes).

In the package is an IR remote control to control virtually all the light and fan’s settings. If you like, you could use the included free Haiku mobile app on your android or IOS or the Amazon Echo (Alexa) that lets you adjust your fan using simple voice commands.

The Haiku Home L Series is a ceiling fan engineered with factory-balanced airfoils. It is sound tested thus your fan will not rattle, wobble or even click.

Types of Ceiling Fans


Which Type is best for Your Need?

There are just fewer things greater than the feeling of getting a small energy invoice bill at the end of every month? Having a ceiling fan will not only do that but also add a sense of style in your whole living space. Besides, they are great at evenly distributing air to maintain your room at optimal temperatures and fresh at all times.

However, as useful as they seem, deciding on the one that best suits your needs can be a hurdle. Let no one lie to you that the process of selecting the prettiest one out of a catalog is easy. You are going to sweat!

A wide array of types of ceiling fans exists out there, each with each with unique characteristics, pros, and cons. Hence prior knowledge on the concept of fans comes in handy when making the final buy decision. Some factors to consider are your ceilings height, climatic conditions, and your environment’s humidity, etc. The list, however, doesn’t end there, there is much more to factor in.

Therefore, to help you come up with the most informative decision, consider our guide below. It will give you a better concept of variations between exclusive varieties of ceiling fans. This, in turn, will help make an informed selection while you visit your nearest shop to buy one.

Standard Ceiling fans
Standard ceiling fans come in different styles to harmonize any home décor. In fact, visit most modern homes and the first thing you will notice is this type of ceiling fans. Some of the modern finishes you are likely to see are pewter, white, natural, black, auburn, polished nickel, and antique bronze.

They feature five blades and an inbuilt light fixture. Depending on the mood of your room, you can set a light shade of your choice.

Customization goes on to allowing you to fit in add-ons on your standard ceiling fan. For example, you can add more blades, a remote, different light kits or even a pull chain. However, it is important to ensure that all the parts you buy comply with the manufacturer’s specifications.

This type of fan is ideal for indoor rooms that have a ceiling of at least 9 feet tall. It can be mounted on either sloped or flat ceiling. Owing this to its downrod, which is a metal pipe for connecting the fan’s mounting bracket to its metal casing. However, to ensure that your fan fixes well on your ceiling, you will need to buy a downrod that is well compatible with it.

Low profile Ceiling fans
Low profile ceiling fans also go by the name hugger fans or flush mount ceiling fans. And as the name suggests, they are ideal for low ceilings, usually up to 8 feet tall. Unlike the standard ceilings fans that use downrod, this type is mounted directly onto the mounting bracket.

This makes their blades closer to the ceiling than desirable. In turn, it reduces its efficiency in air circulation across a room. However, this isn’t a deal breaker since these fans are powerful in their way.

Because you have a low ceiling and have to use a flush mount ceiling fan, you are not confined on customization options. Just like the standard ceiling fans, you can include many add-ons as you like.

Energy Star rated ceiling fans
This type is available in either low profile or standard options. Energy Star rated ceiling fans are what we would describe as cost effective. How is this? Being extremely energy efficient, these fans will save you a lot of your monthly expenses in the long-term. And hence by virtual, making them environmentally friendly.

Energy Star rated ceiling fans integrate powerful motors and aerodynamic blades. These features help them consume less energy. With a standard energy saving ceiling fan, you are guaranteed of 20% more efficient. And if you choose one with lights, the efficiency goes up all the way to 50%.

Dual Motor Ceiling fans
These are ceiling fans integrated with motors. When compared to other fans, they are best in bringing out a sense of fashion in your living space. Usually, it has two horizontal rods that connect to a central motor casing. And each rod has an adjustable fan head. With the dual motor ceiling fans,

Dual motor ceiling fans are exactly what they sound like ceiling fans with two motors. This type of fan has a central motor housing attached to two horizontal rods. Each rod has its adjustable fan head.

With the Dual Motor Fans, you can set each rod at a different speed. You will find this type mostly set up in outdoor ceilings. This is because they are capable of circulating air over a greater radius than other units.

Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans
Your height shouldn’t limit yours from enjoying fresh air, not if you have a remote controlled fan. If you are short, it could be a challenge for you to reach the ceiling fan’s pull cords. But with this type of fan, you don’t need to worry at all.

With the remote control, you can adjust the direction and speed of your blades to your liking. You can even turn the lights on or off for the fans that are integrated with lights.

Remote controlled fans are ideal for ceilings that are between 40 to 50 feet tall. Even though, they can also be installed on high ceilings with a short downrod or none at all. It is worth of mention that a remote control is usually available for outdoor fans and even standard ceiling fans.

Damp/ Wet Ceiling Fans
Damp or wet fans work best in humid areas although you can also install them in dry interior rooms. You will find this type of fans in attractive designs or contemporary styles as well. Damp ceiling fans have motors that are resistant to humidity and moisture related damages. Their blades are also not affected by warping.

Wet fans have similar characteristic as the damp fans. The only distinction is that they are made of natural components such as palm leaves. This helps them handle snow and rain thus making them a better option for outdoor areas and gazebos.

Industrial, Commercial, and Agricultural Ceiling Fans
If you are looking for a fan to cover a wider radius, the industrial fans will do just fine. Being heavy-duty motors, the industrial fans are capable of high air delivery. Hence can be used in areas such as gymnasiums and warehouses.

Some have curved blades that can be mounted to a maximum height of 25 feet.  While for those with straight blades are best suited for extremely high ceilings.

Commercial fans, on the other hand, fall somewhere between industrial and standard fans. You will mostly find them installed in restaurants, classrooms, offices and retail stores. This is because most of these ceilings range from 10 feet to 25 feet tall, which is the recommended height.

In hot summers, the commercial fans will distribute the heat leaving your place cooler. On chilly days, they also come in handy to push heat throughout the room. The perfect ceiling

In greenhouses, poultry buildings and barns, you would be better off with an agricultural ceiling fan. Their integrated motors push away dust and moisture, and this keeps these fans running continuously.


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Top Ceiling Fan Brands

How do you tell which ceiling fan brand stands out of the crowd when every user talks big on the one they’ve had a first-hand experience on? Worst of it is that the manufacturer’s themselves are at the top of their voices scouting their brands as the best. Well, it is never easy to tell.

If you are shopping for a ceiling fan, for sure the varieties available will overwhelm you. Nonetheless, it is important to know that the best brand is one that offers you nearly all the important aspects that you are looking for.

To help you stay on the right path here is a clear roadmap on the best ceiling fans brands in the market today. The selection was made based on the overall performance, ease of use, functionality, lifespan, and design among others. The guide points out what you each manufacturer has to offer to help you make an informed buy decision.

Hunter Ceiling Fan

The largest population of people fall in the middle class. It is not a walk in the path to develop products that cater to this level. But, considering that they have a bigger influence on the market, Hunter manufacturer’s sees the need to fill them in.

Nowadays, fans are either budget friendly or high end. However, Hunters saw it best to produce products that create a great balance between price and quality.

Hunter ceilings are integrated with energy star certified. This means that they are capable of even air circulation at low cost. Thus making them efficient and powerful fans. During their entry levels, Hunters specialized in fans made of wooden blades and contemporary designs.

With time, they combined the two to come up with what they call Hunter Classic. However, they also have modern looking and exotic fan designs. Hunter’s products are engineered with precision and perfection.

Minka Aire Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a fan with a blend of taste and class, Minka Aire has it all. In fact, most of its reviews are based on their cosmetic designs. Expect nothing less on aesthetic value with Minka Aire fans.

This brand doesn’t stop at beauty. It has approached it in the most elusive manner by not using wacky or screaming colors. Instead, it has combined different shades of colors to cater for various needs for their avids.

However, they aren’t all about looks. What’s more is that they have complimented this with performance. From the various tests done, Minka Aire fans have proved satisfactory in energy efficiency and air circulation capability.

Emerson Ceiling Fan

From the list of brands featured in our list, the Emerson ceiling fans hold the top position for its power. This brand is famous for its heavy duty motors. Most Emerson fan models are usually fitted with K55 motor. A motor that users appreciate and love.

Their motors are of quality hence are durable. If you are looking for a fan ideal for outdoor ceilings, a model from this brand is what you need.

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan

Just like the Minka Aire brand, Monte Carlo fans are distinctive in their styles and design. Most modern homes usually prefer the Monte Carlo fans since they blend perfectly with their home decors. Since their styles come in different variations, the traditional homes are also well catered for.

The Monte Carlo mostly have classic wooden fans that can also double as grand chandeliers. If you prefer sleek blades shapes, then this is a brand you will certainly like. Besides, they are powerful in Airflow and energy efficient. However, you are likely to get torn over the Monte Carlo and Minka Aire if you are looking for an attention grabbing fan.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse has captured a niche for themselves in the ceiling industry and also with other appliances. Their products come with a generous set of features, and they are also energy efficient. And so are their ceiling fans.

No other brand beats the Westinghouse when it comes to quality in their outdoor and indoor fans. Regardless of your ceiling’s height, Westinghouse models will do just fine.

Their fans are fitted with powerful DC motors and innovative lighting technology. Westinghouse fans are the most dynamic so as to provide solutions to various demands in the market.

The Westinghouse boasts of the widest blade-length variations in the ceiling industry. Their fans are space-minded and are incredibly powerful to circulate air evenly even in large rooms. Whether the Westinghouse manufactures a compact, medium-sized or large fan, the quality is in equal measure. Hence you are assured of durability, energy efficiency and power for all their fans.

Casablanca Ceiling Fan

If consistency is what you are looking for over design and other factors, the Casablanca ceiling fan holds an upper hand on that. Guided by the notion that looks win people’s hearts, most brands focus on the overall exterior design of the fans. However, Casablanca has a different approach towards their products.

Their fans are not what you would call a sight for sore eyes. But, one thing they will assure you is durability and efficiency. Their blades are made of high-quality wood and are great at airflow even in larger spaces. Casablanca ceiling fans are priced higher than most brands but it is a sound investment in the long run.

Top Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Guide to Find the Best Ceiling Fans for Your Home


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Here is the most difficult part of your buying process; choosing a ceiling fan that best for your needs. Whether you are on a tight budget or you don’t mind digging deeper into your pockets, there are some factors you can’t afford to ignore.

Air flow and design
The capability of a fan circulating air and its overall design. Depending on your choice, there are various designs such as traditional, contemporary or traditional. Sleek fans go well with modern homes while elegant rustic fans complement traditionally styled homes better.

Blade size
This is a key determinant while choosing a ceiling fan for your living room. Selecting the right blade size for your space contributes largely to the overall efficiency of your fan. For a smaller room e.g. bathroom, a low profile ceiling with a span of up to 36 inches should be used.

In larger rooms like bedrooms or living rooms, a fan with a span of at least 50 inches is the most ideal.  The overall size of your room is also a factor to consider when determining the type of fan you need. A room that is 75 square feet would require a smaller hugger ceiling fan than that of a 350 square foot room.

Ceiling heights
Different roofs need different fans depending on their height. For example, a low ceiling would do well with flush ceiling fans. This is because this type of fans doesn’t require a down rod hence ensuring that your head doesn’t pump against your fan regularly.

A room with a high ceiling, usually at least 10 feet tall, would be fitted with a standard ceiling fan. This is because they make use of down rod that lowers the fan from the ceiling to achieve optimal air circulation.

Other features

Features such as a remote control comes in handy when adjusting the lighting and speed of your fan. It is ideal for outdoor or high ceilings. A fan should also be able to rotate in reverse directions different seasons in a year. In the winter, it should rotate clockwise to burst the hot air pockets on closer to the ceiling and anticlockwise to do the same closer to the floor.

To save up on money at the end of every month choosing a fan that is energy efficient is inevitable.  Energy rated ceiling fans are up to 30% more energy efficient than other types. If you opt for a low-profile ceiling fan, go for the most energy effective with 60 watts usage or lower.

Warranty is one key aspect that you can’t put a blind eye on. Usually, although not always, warranty can give you a rough idea on the quality of your fan.

The best ceiling fans are made to last for long and hence their warranties should guarantee the same. Since a ceiling fan is a long term investment, check if your warranty coves your fan’s motor preferably for at least 15 years.

Why Use Ceiling Fans in Home?

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of using ceiling fans in your home.

Pros of using ceiling fans

Many benefits can be associated with ceiling fans which include

Lowering the ambient temperature and keep you warm
They circulate air leaving your room fresh and at optimal temperatures. Although houses are installed with ventilation mechanisms, they are often not adequate at conditioning air throughout your room.

But if you have a ceiling fan, it will circulate air at all corners of your room eliminating cold air pockets in the winter season. And also produce a cooling effect in the hotter seasons.

They can be used for outdoors
Just as effective as ceiling fans are for indoors, so are they for outdoor areas. The best way of cooling in a semi-outdoor or outdoor areas is a fan. They work by pushing air downwards to create a breeze to calm your skin.

Ceiling fans can also act as a source of light
Many ceiling fans are integrated with an inbuilt light or light kit which can be installed in the center of the fan. A ceiling fan can double as a source of light and for sufficient cooling in any room. There is also an added advantage to using a ceiling fan; adding value to your home

Cons of using ceiling fans

Just like with any product, ceiling fans are not perfect. As much as they have to offer, they come with some flawless. However, some of the pros are not a deal breaker since you can always find an alternative to performing some of those functions.

They don’t produce much light
Ceiling fans provide slightly less light than a standard flush mount fixture. Although they can be used to provide ambient light, ceiling fans may not be a great source of light. So if you are looking for a great source of light, a ceiling fan might not be a better choice for you.

Usually, a modern ceiling fan should operate in whisper quietness. But with time, as the blades continuously rotate, screws loosen up and the fan shifts from a quiet whirr to either a slightly not pronounced motor sound. This could be disturbing especially when you are sleeping or require quietness in a room.

Final Thought

If there is one thing you can’t afford to lack in your home is a ceiling fan. Well, a lot has been said and published on these babies, and that isn’t about to stop.

Holding such importance in our homes, ceiling fans need to be given proper attention, especially when making your purchase. Thus you need to put in mind aspects like cost, blades size, your ceilings height, etc.

Also knowing which type of ceiling is best for your ceiling lets you choose one that is your best match. Always keep in mind that a ceiling fan is a long term investment. You will probably have it in your living room for more than 15 years.

Therefore, always go for one that satisfies your needs. Whether you are on a small budget or you don’t mind digging deeper into your pockets, there is always a better option in any class you choose from.

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