10 Best Banks That don’t use Chexsystems 2023

Chexsystems is one of the biggest account screening agencies in the United States. It collects data and reports it to banks for further usage before granting access to banks for any new individuals.

If you have any bad credit or banking history, Chexsystems will delist you for that; you may be searching for the best banks that don’t use Chexsystems.

Individuals that Chexsystem is blacklisted can’t open a bank account for as long as five years, which is a long time to stay without any bank account.

Chexsystems uses large databases and reports them to financial institutions and credit unions. Banks use the database from Chexsystems before opening a bank account with a new consumer.

Several banks offer second chance bank opening benefits, but they charge an average annual fee of 15 dollars. So, you should check the best banks that don’t use Chexsystems since they offer viable solutions with bank account opening for consumers with Chexsystems records.

10 Best Banks That Don’t Use Chexsystems In 2023

We have included banks of multiple categories in our top listing of banks that don’t use ChexSystems. Here we will discuss online-only, national, regional, and local banks. Thus, you can pick one that fits your conditions and preferences well.

1. Chime Spending Account

Best Banks That don't use Chexsystems

Chime is a leading online banking service provider that offers banking services with effortless requirements. If you are suffering from a bad credit history or adverse reports by Chexsystems, you can easily open a checking account with Chime.

Chime Spending Account is the brand name of the checking account of Chime that functions with a debit card.

The Chime spending account is a checking account that doesn’t require any deposit for account opening. Besides, this account can be opened by any US citizen aged 18 or more.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a credit card for your lousy credit, Chime also has an option for no credit check card from Visa. Let’s discuss the features of the Chime checking account!


  • Charges no monthly or overdraft fees.
  • Get daily balance updates.
  • Around the country, get access to more than 60 thousand ATMs without fees.
  • Provides Chime Visa Debit card.
  • You can spot up to 200 dollars on purchases through your debit card without any overdraft fees.
  • You can receive payment two days earlier before paydays through the direct deposit service.
  • Get up to 0.50 percent Annual Percentage Yields with an alternative savings account.

With a Chime Checking account or Spending account, you can transfer money, pay your bills, send and deposit your checks, and do much more.

They also offer Leniency for consumers who have any prior account or banking history checking issues. Chime credit cards don’t charge any interest or annual fees. Moreover, the report card histories of all three leading credit bureaus.

2. Acorns Checking Account


Acorns is an online banking system that provides mobile banking services with debit cards, credit cards, and much more. Through their checking account, you can now save, invest or earn whatever you want, whenever you want.

They offer Visa debit cards to subscribers made with heavy tungsten metal & have a light matte green covering finish for signature Acorns service.

Acorns Spending or Checking account operates without any periodical, monthly, or annual fees for maintenance and overdraft issues. Moreover, Acorns’ smart-looking debit card is accessible at ATMs nationwide.

Signing up for an Acorns Spending account is fast and straightforward through their mobile application. Let’s have a look at the attributes of the Acorns checking account!


  • Allows the bank to bank transfers without any fees.
  • You can now pay your bills automatically through credit card sync with the mobile app.
  • Make round-up payments with the card and invest in the spare changes.
  • Get your paychecks two days before through direct depositing with your Acorns checking account.
  • Provides fraudulent protection of up to 250K dollars since their checking accounts are FDIC insured.
  • Make mobile check deposits and direct deposits, and send checks digitally through the mobile application.

With Acorn’s spending/checking account, you can now receive more bonuses if you fill out the requirements. They offer up to a 75-dollar bonus within the first 45 days of the activation of your account.

To receive this bonus, you must receive two direct deposits worth at least 250 dollars in your Acorns checking account within the set timeframe.

3. Nearside Business Banking

Nearside is one of the fastest developing banks that don’t use Chexsystems for account opening. They provide banking benefits for businesses and small entrepreneurs to grow with specific profits.

Its mobile banking provides all the best banks, no Chexsystems benefits of online banking without charging any monthly maintenance fees, and doesn’t require opening deposits.

They also provide cashback rewards for consumers when they swipe the card for any payments or transactions. If you are a small business holder, you can grow your business platform by using the cashback rewards, savings, and discounts provided by the Nearside Business banking system. With the Nearside mobile app, you can easily make deposits, pay bills, and overall control your account.


  • It charges no monthly fees and requires no minimum opening deposits.
  • You don’t have to pay any fees for card replacements or balance transfers.
  • Get access to more than 55 thousand fee-free ATMs across the country.
  • Provides free MasterCard and Visa debit cards for usage in businesses.
  • You can get up to 1 percent cash back on gas, 3 percent cash back on business vendors, 4 percent on hotels & dining, and 5 percent on rentals.
  • Control transactions, payments, and overall functions of accounts through an online site or digital mobile application.
  • They charge no NSF fees, ACH transfer fees, and periodical fees.

If you want to apply for the Nearside Business accounts, you must provide your required personal information like Social Security Number, Name, address, ZIP code, tax ID number, etc.

You may need to send copies of your business formation and license documents if you have any LLC businesses. However, they don’t check your reports or history from Chexsystems.

4. SunTrust Checking Account

Best Banks That don't use Chexsystems - SunTrust Prime Rewards Card

If you are looking for the best banks that don’t use Chexsystems, SunTrust is the one you can trust. It is a national bank of the US, which provides banking services for people of almost all categories.

They have personal and business accounting services available, and you can also choose from savings and checking accounts as well.

If you are new to SunTrust, you can check out their Truist Platform, which includes a comprehensive banking service.


  • Regardless of the new and old users, they provide a Loyalty cash bonus from 10 to 50 percent.
  • They charge a 0 dollars monthly maintenance fee for eligible members.
  • You can also earn interest ranging from 2 to 5 percent of the account balance on the checking balances.
  • Get up to 25 dollars instant rewards discount on any size safe deposit boxes.
  • They charge no fees for the first three ATM transactions per monthly banking session.
  • Receive up to 50 percent cash back on the starter pack of 100 checks, regardless of the check style.

With the proper checking account, you can take your business confidence level to the next horizon.

From the checking accounts, they offer multiple checking services. They are Essential Checking and Advantage Checking, and both of them require a minimum opening deposit of 100 dollars.

The Advantage Checking accounts come with a monthly maintenance fee ranging from 0 to 20 dollars, whereas the Essential Checking account charges from 0 to 7 dollars monthly.

They waived the monthly fees for up to four monthly essential checking accounts to help you designate money toward your objectives. SunTrust waives fees on incoming wire transfers, free money orders, and official checks.

5. SoFi Money Mobile Banking

SoFi Medical Loans for Surgery

SoFi Money is a banking service provider that is an online-based banking system operated by SoFi Securities LLC, a registered broker-dealer of FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).

With direct deposit or checking accounts from SoFi money, you can receive greater rewards and grow up your financial career.


  • You can now get your paychecks two days before your payday without paying any overdraft fees.
  • They charge no monthly fees or require minimum account opening deposits.
  • Get up to 0.25 percent interest APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on every transaction, which is 8 times more than traditional banks with no credit check to open account.
  • After opening the account with an opening fee of 10 dollars, they will provide up to 100 dollars welcome bonus.
  • Get overdraft coverage without paying any expensive charges or maintenance fees.
  • Enjoy ATM-based transactions to more than 55 thousand ATM locations across the country without any ATM fees.
  • Provides fraudulent protection of up to 150K since their checking accounts are FDIC insured

You can sign up for SoFi within just 60 seconds through the mobile app. For the approval of accounts, SoFi money mobile banking doesn’t use the records or reports from Chexsystems. They provide checking account benefits of steroids which also offer a decent interest on monthly transactions.

Moreover, they offer up to 8 times more interest than traditional checking accounts in the US. With Sofi’s Vaults and Roundup services, you can now set your money-saving goals. You can get up to 15% daily cashback when making payments with SoFi money apps.

With the click of an app from your smartphone, you can now get your debit card within a few days after opening your account. Moreover, SoFi banking checking accounts provide automatic savings benefits for qualified users through their Vaults via mobile applications.

6. First American Bank Checking Account

Best Banks That don't use Chexsystems - First American Bank Checking Account

If you have lost track of your financial growth for the adverse banking or any reports through the Chexsystems, you can use First American Bank checking accounts for a fresh start to your financial growth.

For the account approval, they don’t consider the reports of the Chexsystems. Moreover, it is one of the best banks that don’t use Chexsystems considering the benefits.


  • Transfer money and pay bills from 55 thousand charges accessible ATM locations across the nation.
  • They provide free debit and credit cards from Mastercard for all new applicants.
  • For monthly account maintenance, they charge up to 9.99 dollars.
  • Get unlimited check writing and e-Statement services free of cost.
  • Provides online mobile banking access with physical account sync without any charge.

With more than 50 physical locations in Florida, Illinois, and Wisconsin, they offer banking benefits for users struggling to get approved for their bad Check history.

This checking account doesn’t offer any monthly interest but activates without a minimum opening deposit. They have digital banking benefits offered by mobile apps for transfers, bill paying, and general management.

First American Bank is a full-service bank that operates with chartered accounts, and they have award-winning 24/7 customer service. For your check writing, you can get unlimited free images to attach with your checks and access through their online team. They don’t apply any set deposits to waive the monthly maintenance fees.

7. Renasant Checking Account

Renasant Checking Account

Provides active services in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee; Renasant Bank is a local physical bank that doesn’t use Chexsystems for account approval.

Even if you have a bad credit record from Chexsystems, EWS, or telecheck, they will offer you a comprehensive banking benefit.

Checking accounts from Renasant Bank offers mobile banking access with free bill pay and transfers.


  • Provides safe and easy access to your funds with their free Renasant Debit Mastercard.
  • With the digital bill pay services from Renasant Bank, you can now pay any bills from your smartphone.
  • The Renasant Checking accounts offer unlimited check writing without any monthly charge.
  • If you have a daily account balance of 1000 dollars, you can waive the 10 dollars monthly maintenance fee.
  • Charges a low 50-dollar opening deposit for the first time during the account activation
  • The debit card from Renasant Bank is accessible to ATM locations throughout the country.

However, they may require an opening account charge of up to 50 dollars if you have any bad or adverse credit histories. Renasant Bank has several services named- Renasant Checking, Rewards Checking, Student Checking, Rewards Extra, etc. It has mobile applications for digital banking and appreciates services like Zelle, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

You can effortlessly open a checking account with Renasant Bank by checking your validation. For that, you may need to provide your address, name, and other personal info with your Social Security Number for the validity check. If you find out Renasant Bank is one of the best banks that don’t use Chexsystems, click on getting started without any delay.

8. Sable Second Chance Checking Account

Best Banks That don't use Chexsystems - Sable Second Chance Checking Account

Sable is one of the first online-based banking systems to provide a second chance at secured bank accounting benefits without credit checks.

The main motto of Sable Banking is to provide a chance to recover people for financial recovery. The FDIC also accredits Sable Bank and is recognized by prominent organizations like Forbes, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, etc.


  • With the Sable Double Cash bonus offer, you can get a dollar for spending a dollar in the first year.
  • Sable doesn’t require any credit checks or credit history for US residents.
  • Get up to 2 percent cash back reward for your regular purchases at renowned shops and brands.
  • Provides fraudulent protection of up to 150K since their checking accounts are FDIC insured.
  • They charge no yearly fees for maintenance and fees for card replacements.
  • If you get dissatisfied with a purchased product within 60 days, Sable will cover the major costs.

The checking account from Sable Bank is now available without any credit checks or monthly maintenance fees. Besides, you can get up to 1 percent cash back on regular purchases or balance transfers.

Sable offers mobile banking or digital banking benefits through its dedicated mobile application. Add your second chance credit card to your digital wallet, and you are ready to move on!

Non-US residents who want to open a bank account with Sable may not be required to provide the SSN as well. Sable will provide a premium benefit for eligible purchases by doubling your credit card warranty.

However, for opening a new bank account for the users with Chexsystems, reports may need to deposit an initial amount of 25 dollars.

9. Douugh Spending Account

Douugh Spending Account

Douugh also offers banking benefits with checking accounts that don’t require banking or credit history checking. It is best if you want to start your financial growth process slowly and build your credits with checking accounts after adverse banking history. They offer premium banking benefits but charge a small fee for the overall maintenance of the account.


  • Your account is now safe and protected with the FDIC fraudulent protection of up to 250000 dollars.
  • Make payments and other transactions through more than 38k ATMs nationwide without fees.
  • They require no overdraft fees and provide thorough protection to your account.
  • Within the first week of your account opening, the master card will appear to you.
  • They charge a minimal monthly maintenance fee of just 4.99 dollars.
  • Through their jar system, you can now save money automatically even after paying your bills and making other purchases.

The mobile application of Douugh bank is pretty simplistic, and you can manage the overall account tasks from your smartphone. For account sign-up, you may need to provide your name, address, ZIP code, DOB, and especially your Social Security Number. You can save money automatically after paying bills and making other purchases through their unique Jar-based systems.

With many new automated money-saving options, you can also get the benefits of any traditional checking account from Douugh. Through the mobile application from Douugh, you can check your monthly insights and overall updates of your account from just one place. Besides, the application also checks your fitness goals by measuring your Pulse.

10. Navy Federal Checking Account

Best Banks That don't use Chexsystems - Navy Federal

If you are looking for banks that don’t use Chexsystems for account approval, you can check the Navy Federal Bank.

It is a Credit union bank that is mainly a regional bank that provides benefits for the military, their family members, and government contractors of the United States. The NFCU bank is a trustworthy bank providing many benefits for approved users.


  • For the overall account protection coverage, they offer dedicated Checking Protection Options.
  • Across the United States and Canada, you can access more than 30000 ATM locations.
  • Provides fraudulent protection of up to 250K dollars since their checking accounts are FDIC insured.
  • The credit cards from NFCU offer Zero Liability Protection for any fraudulent or unauthorized activities.
  • You can now make Direct Mobile Deposits or Pay Bills with digital banking.
  • Charges no monthly fees, and the dividends are credited with monthly values
  • Offers traditional name only checks with effortless online ordering free of cost.

The approved category for the NFCU bank is the active members of the air force, army, military, Coast Guard, Space Force, Navy, and Marine Corps.

Some veterans and retired family members of these service holders can also get banking benefits from NFCU. For all the applicants of the NFU bank, they provide a debit card specially designed by Navy Federal Credit Union Bank.

You can now easily join the banking services from Navy Federal Credit union bank by applying through the eligible sectors with qualified requirements. Since it is an FDIC-insured bank, you don’t have to worry about your account security or fraudulent protections.

Several checking account services from the NFCU bank are – Free Active Duty Checking, Free Campus Checking, Free Easy Checking, Free Every Day Checking, Flagship Checking, etc. If you are planning to grow with a small business, they also have Business Checking Accounts.

Alternative Banking Way outs For Users With ChexSystems Reports

We have discussed the best banks that don’t use Chexsystems, but there are some alternatives if you don’t qualify for the above banks. Let’s talk about some choices for banking after getting reported by Chexsystems!

Secured Credit Cards

You can use a secured credit card to make the best online bank with no Chexsystems or in-store purchases. Second-chance credit cards are mainly offered to enhance the user’s credit score.

However, these credit cards may have some significant drawbacks. For any collateral activities of the account, you may need to employ your cash. Moreover, you may need to pay interest on card balances not paid in full.

Foreign Bank Accounts

If you live in the United States near the border areas of Canada and Mexico, you can try opening a bank account in these other countries.

However, you may find this way as intensive, but foreign banks come with particular eligibility requirements that you can use for receiving privileges.

Second Chance Checking

Several banks or credit unions offer banking benefits to consumers with adverse banking histories through their checking accounts. You can call this sort of account a fresh start checking account or an opportunity checking account.

A few banks, such as the First American Bank or the Wells Fargo Bank, offer second-chance checking account services under specific conditions.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Similar to standard debit cards, prepaid debit cards also offer banking benefits. However, you may have to pay nominal monthly fees for prepaid cards, whereas standard cards don’t charge fees.

For depositing money into your prepaid card, you can visit major retail shops like Walmart, eBay, Amazon, etc. Moreover, you can insert money into your prepaid card through online platforms.

Online Services

Online e-wallet services like Paypal provide wallet services for saving and paying anything online. These popular e-wallet services also provide debit cards for users. One thing to mention about online services is they won’t insure your money through FDIC. Therefore, make decisions after considering this fact.

FAQ About Best Banks That Don’t Use Chexsystems

What are the differences between second chance banking & non-Chexsystems banks?

Banks with non-Chexsystem requirements require no to a minimum monthly fee for maintenance. But second chance banking requires a set monthly charge for account functionality.

Which online banks are best for users with Chexsystems reports?

Several banks offer banking services for consumers with Chexsystems reports. For online banking, some of the best banks that don’t use Chexsystems are- Chime, SoFi, Varo, Capital One, Go Bank, GO2 Bank, etc.

What are the advantages of non-Chexsystems banks?

Banks that don’t use Chexsystems reports offer debit cards, no fee or deposit banking, digital mobile banking, and check writing benefits. Moreover, they provide great FDIC insurances, access to large ATM networks, and zero liability protection.

Final Verdict

As you’ve comprehended so far, standard banks and banks that don’t use Chexsystems offer identical consumer benefits. The key reason to switch to these non-Chexsystems banks is to re-enter the banking cycle and rebuild credit scores for users with adviser banking history.

As mentioned earlier, you can also check out second chance or no credit checking accounts as an alternative way if you don’t get approved for these banks.

You may need to switch to these banks for a few transactions or mortgage loans as they check a banking history for providing these financial services.